8 Juli
… the Ez.40-48 ‘temple chapters’ really are something ;
48 is corrupt – as Esau’s addition – as far we can see now ,
and so is 3/4th of chapter 45 ;
second problem is .. that we don’t think “there will be sacrificed again”,
neither by context nor by the remained more solid text – but how can we be sure ?

… the problem since a week now is the changed sphere ;
it is like having been picked up and placed upon a new , unknown , racetrack
– where for 4, 5 years now it was more like a guerilla war
as fighting underground in tunnels ,
it has changed … to being on the surface , the latter covered in bleak sunlight ;
everything has changed , as rules familiar but unknown , as … a comatose sphere
… Sir this is more dangerous than underground …
give a dream or any indication where we are or what is going on …


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