probably not posting for a while.
Surpressed the push for cursing – no not against Him ; it’s just no longer doable.
Nothing of His reality shows — and no one the f*ck knows why – cause he don’t tell .
That is fine ; that’s why he is God , right.
But the other world — those f*ckn glyphs — is a Dead language describing a world
around you that constantly changes because of the neverending unclear concepts ,
it is not just depressing but killing
Glad you asked ‘why not quit them’ : because THERE IS F*CKN NOTHING ELSE !!
or you think there is Life to be found by the FEW believers who still have sóme life ,
only to have to read their neverending drivel now about “Russia and Gog and Ezekiel”
which Esau successfully deluded them into ??
That leaves 1 more option — this reality :
with its fckn corrupt insane governments , debile lying media and the masses of which
each prisoner competes at utmost to be the best in Virtue signalling ; and every day
fighting to not get sucked into that sarcastically grinning Void called ‘this reality’ ,
with its neverending push to enter its mesmerizing futile life of vegetation
NO. MORE ! ; let them keep their sh*t society
why You don’t let this silly debile Hell to end for us ?? whát we’ve to do more ?
will you have us die from heartache before you make the decision to finally come to us ?



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