8 may                                                                                                                                              4 DAYS
the ‘crystalline’ seems to be preparing 
a bit crazy log – but that’s what they are there for ;
still pondering this blocking overruling consciousness which only gets stronger   —
that what we call ‘me’ , the soul – or whatever is left of her – is inside the heart ,
as imprisoned in the heart , and shé is the one that listens and waits , right ? ;
…  but the whole region above her – until the top of the head – is like frozen (-ice) ,
      as the region containing the Mind and Ego (or whatever description you like)
      that always were a nasty harassing dark heavy cloud to her , 24/7 … while at 
      any moment they could shoot-off unto her arrows as the most vile thoughts , 
      and she never had any defense against it but just never look to that region  … 
      I hope that makes some sense
however ,
she was forced  to cooperate with the mind since “the words are stored” inthere  
as well as aspects like “overview” etcetera , not just needing those for daily life 
but especially concerning the Scroll theme : and though the mind was her servant , 
this situation always was for her like playing with fire
      it’s the third day or so that this whole region is like frozen , silent ,
      and it is close to a notion that Time has stopped or is about to stop
… the other notion is that this frozen region could suddenly go rule – but Negative ,
as if this frozen state heralds an entity  that will rule this region so that the soul will
be utterly helpless against it — much like one being under the spell of a hypnotist

if you do a search “consciousness shift” you’ll find many videos talking about 
“consciousness changes,  portals and cosmic energies” : but none of them address
these days because they all repeat their mantras without understanding that they
herald the ‘shift’ as the so-called “crystalline” of the Mystery-Babylon realm
        this is the link with that “frozen” state  —
        crystalline is all about ‘a higher frequency’ as carbon 2.0 and the physical
        preparation started already with Esau’s Graphene Jab since a combination 
        of human tissue with graphene will be an excellent receiver ;
        this is the “feet as iron mixed with clay” in Daniel , aka the 666 … 
however , the real goal of the crystalline is [was] “to enclose the soul” so that she
would become a wil-less entity (-and this was already promised by Esau’s stooges 
by mid-2020 , see page) , dwelling in a comatose gray state of being without having
the ability to make any contact with a fellow soul – or with God , for that matter      

 but that’s as far as we can go , really — though we know that their plan failed ,
and that the 4 horses already arrived which , rather certain , have the same type 
“mixed nature” as the consciousness discussed in the Supper page (sic) ,
we cannot know what is going on right now with this theme
        just let’s hope that it is related to Saturday ; and no I didn’t write the above to 
        influence anything but just having tried to phrase what I feel is around
        — all that matters is that He gets us Out , and she can’t wait to be restored in her
         Original – which is a gift , receive feelings – which is a gift , understanding – as gift
         and even memory  – as gift : every touch and move will be a kind gift
                   when this prison is done with



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