8 september
latter rain as poison
… Canaan didn’t execute much occult Rituals
the past month – apart from his ongoing cojona hoax —
his next move is telling :
he convened two of his most famous hoes ,
the lyrics and context we leave up to you

… sure we enjoy nice tunes
– but this raunchy context about discarding
the latter rain for US isn’t one of them .

in olden times they called these women ‘temple whores’
because they made the connection to the evil deity
today we call them “female entertainers”….

curious how this Esau vid
– about the sons not receiving the latter rain –
is the theme of next Hosea 12 ….

(credits in link)


8 september
posted: Hos. 11 “Jacob saved out from the time of Revelation”
(first submission and definitive)
… Jacob (most souls) saved out of the time
of Revelation – then they go to eden and receive their Original
(+the 144,000 as the 2 witnesses)



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