9 august
dream – a familiar male was prosecuted
because people had become ill from his barbeque food ;
then – indoors – a female (of us) next to me said “it were the parasites” :
above the hearth a 2 inch Gremlin-like alive monster was pinned with his
ears to the wall , and empowered (?) a 6-8 inch toy dog , a doll ,
to walk – upright – around the room with his angry face ;
i kicked it away but it turned up again – with two óther dolls ;
it felt creepy : then the girl cried out and started to LEVITATE ,
the same moment I felt a large It (=demon) behind me
– I jolted awake when she was like lifted up in the air a few feet …
… no idea what is this again –
is Adam prosecuted ? and the animal-soul-spirits are angry for that ..?



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7 august 2021
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