9 februari
YOU made your choice , Jacob : therefore , goodbye
literally Fuming with anger —
one of our bravest girls tried suicide today ,
not able to bear the constant ordeals upon her ,
being grinded for years now because of the FKN STUBBORNNESS of Jacob

yes Sir it is at this point we have to make the choice :
it is either them or us — and we know where our loyalty is ;
I will NOT give sweet souls up to be thrown to the lions
being tortured endlessly
simply because Jacob Fkn refuses to give up his childish beliefs
… period .

  My heart just dropped
Thinkin’ about you

The world just stops
When I’m without you

I was on fire for you

You breaking me down
Don’t know what should I do
When you come around
I’m leaving without you, love
I have no choice



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