9 januari
posted : Coffin Text 60 : the stolen words of the eden-tree of life
+ how the Greek Pharaoh Ptolemy introduced hieroglyphs
as ‘reading from left to right’ , in order to conceal their content



9 januari
‘thanks for the memories’ (PDF)
… you know that we very carefully separate truth — the prophets —
from any other content , as not to mingle or distort their concept ;
yet that doesn’t mean we do not consider other information – like this one :
… as far we can see ,
we have no reason to doubt what the woman narrated about her being
a created (‘mind controlled’) ‘slave’ sent to presidents as well as popstars ,
since indeed our dystopian world is one theatre created by Esau —
therefore you will recognize many aspects of the Circus
but her message may emotionally drain you
+ video : similar theme :
a banker speaks out , abandoning his job after child sacrifice

    banker speaking out
       (english subtitled)

these themes are not the job of hR
but we wanted to have these listed



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