9 january
the 144 seem to have problems – your help needed please
… since the past two , three days something definitely has changed ;
as if your and our … position has solidified — searching the appropriate term here —
which must be directly related to the Revelation woman theme at present

– woke this morning with a dream ,
finally a normal and palpable one
yet heavy and complicated —
… three (?) of us decided to leave
the place and walk the final few miles
during the night towards the destination ;
but at a point we didn’t seem to make it ,
and asked locals to show the way back
to this place ‘where the others stayed’ ;
we got back in time – while picking up
items we seemed to have dropped
(read : lost) during the night’s walk

the second one was an office setting where I was the executive , and we had a meeting with
some ten or so coworkers ; I was furious on some who had been uncaring for our work
and had instead , in a very childish manner , trying to descredit eachother
– halfway I saw to my astonishment how the seats of three were empty for they simply had left :
one , a woman , espécially never cared about anything here while two males were of the type
who would only perform things only as long attention was upon them
… then a known Dutch ‘rapper’ with his friend entered the office , asking how they could help ;
the guy is sympathic and became ‘woke’ (colour as ‘became a conspiracy theorist’) ,
and the dream ended
well ,
the first dream is clear : we must take care to not go ahead and lose contact with the others ;
but the reason for that – in the second one – is rather shocking :
really , have the 144 been reduced to 70%by (so many) members having given up …?
sure we know Satan is warring each one , but 3 out of 10 is very .. disappointing
and we never expected it was this bad , see two logs ago
– now
since a week we follow Richie (see few logs ago) collecting ‘testimonies’ of people
(we just didn’t come to post it because of the other current theme)
and quite a number of them are sweet souls , honest and sympathic in their ideas
– and we can’t help thinking that these could be represented by ‘the rapper’ …
so we made a short compilation ,
you understand already , please ask Him to select many out of this group ,
as He said in the parable “… because my house will be full”
and please do not stop praying for the completion and protection of the 144



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