9 july                                                                                                     14 DAYS     [bad case : 24 still]
… daydreaming is allowed , is it not ? 
imagining a huge stadium … God at the somewhat elevated centre stage …
and the one after the other of us is called forward … – and after a brief description of
the Attribute , each walks into him or her Gorgeous … and this would never become
boring , not after the 100th nor the 10,000th , since every moment is New and each
event is unique … it will be like one huge graduation festival …
        many years ago I’d a dreamvision – the world was Dark and on fire and we were
        inside a bunker with those windows preventing looking inside ; every now and then 
        an exhausted soul from outside would open the door and walk in (read : be saved)
        making all of us to cheer , genuinely , each time someone entered   —
        and this event will be similar , just x1000 …
i’m so tired ; we all are … this is really the last option for us : textually there’s no other
timeframe making any Sense … therefore please promise you plead Him for all of us ;
what I described above may be just 14 days away  …



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