9 maart
posted : Ez.16 C (continued) : 144,000 escape this body and receive their Original
+ they are sent back to Jacob who will get saved



9 maart
deleted previous log , because Esau started to make
a link from that theme to that couple intervieuwed by Oprah
(by deleting it the linking has no Legal right anymore)

+ dream
.. a few of us had been building a type wooden shed ,
but the last thing – placing the frontpanel – gave some trouble
Then Sylvester Stallone (I’m not a particular fan) went inside
and sat down to eat things belonging to us (?)
– and the panel suddenly fit , and we put it in place
… roots show *sel “board (sic), beam, threshold” + ‘stable’
so “the threshold of the stable [=flock] is inside”
– then the 144,000 must be complete , by now …



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