9 may                                                                                                                                                   3 DAYS
loose ends
… it’s retreating some , leaving symptoms like an incredible hangover ;
very strange days these , and it is not good that He does not show or say anything … 
           completing chapters won’t succeed anymore — and let’s hope so  — yet there are a few
           requiring at least some Legal restored buildup : like the intro of Ezekiel , because only
           last year we understood that Adam  ordered to corrupt the scroll ; hence ,
Ez.9 : ‘the mark’ – but theme must be ‘the 144 sealed’ — per Revelation 
[so no “6 scribes” at the start here but “the restored scroll” , then the sealing] ;
problem :
to be sure of the right context here one needs to go back all the way to chapter 2 :
so that , 
Ez.2 : ezekiel commissioned :
as prophet to the house ishral  [=potential 144] 
Ez.3 : the scroll :
as ‘eat the scroll and speak my words to the house israel [=potential 144] 
but know that it is a rebellious house’                
[=the theme of the prophets speaking to 500 bc israel] 
Ez.4 : the iron pot chapter
lines 1-3 : introduction of the battle of the evil region [mystery-babylon]  against earth / house ishral :
next :           the ‘490 +40 years laying on the side’ :  
but :            ‘the nations [-of spirits] roundabout’ (see 1-3) is (-only) in 5:5 …. (swapped section?) ;     
but ‘the siege’ is ‘the corrupted scroll’ , so where is that described ? [-and where is Adam?]
[reasoning back:] the end of chapter is “the start of the tribulation” , ‘drink water by measure’ ,
while chapter 5 starts with “the three ways by which Jacob will die” [-in the trib] 
[alike the ‘by the sword , by famine or plague’ in Jeremiah]  ;
concluding that the ‘490 + 30 days’ section is corrupt :
– “water with measure” (line 11) is copied from “water with measure” (line 16) ,
– “the adm-man” [Adam]  in line 12 ,
– section may have been extraordinary well corrupted :                                       [probable restoration :] 
  in 4 , the 2-Tier “left + side” may be “first + father” [=Adam] (tsd + shmali = ab + rsh) , 
              while “the house + Ishral” may be “the garden + eden” ;
  in 5 , “bear [..] the house Ishral” can be “to rule over his people Ishral” (Originals) ? ,
  in 6 ,  “And when thou hast accomplished them,”  must read
              “and in order for him [=Adam] to accomplish that” ..?  — seems probable ;
  in 7 , “and thine arm [shall be] uncovered, and thou shalt prophesy against it”  must read
              “but he will uncover=corrupt the arm=words you prophesied to them [=to house]” per ch. 3 ;
note :
we’ll follow the above proposition but it will be very difficult to restore properly ;
Ez.5 : selecting the final 144 
from “the 3 ways that Jacob will die” [see ch. 4 b above] only a remnant remains as “the hairs” ,
as the final 144 that are De Facto sealed in ch.9
[so that next ch.6 is about “the evil paradise” (‘mountains and rivers’ in 3) Sekhet-Áaru , so that
                                it wrote “rivers, canals and reeds” while the subject is “the sons of Ammon” ;
                          ch.7 about “judging Adam”    [very likely]  ;
                          ch.8 is a re-start (?) , “how the house Ishral [=potential 144] kept the evil realm alive
                                                                       as long as they did NOT understand the scroll” (?)
                                                                       probably : because 9 will start with ‘understanding her’ ;       



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