9 november
[very likely:] found : the attribute of the 4th bay horse
… developing —
in log 6 Nov we had to interpret created aspects
as “one dressed in green in a wheelchair” (=rider !) ,
but today we found a dream of a gentleman
wherein “gate”, “7 plagues” (or trumpets ? seals?)
and “three on a mission + himself” jumped out —
but the main point as “him remóving the blocked gate”

in his other dreams “death” (!) and “gate” also return , and combined with factors such as
his name being ‘North’ (!) – remember , the horses are cardinal points – and other aspects ,
we feel strongly that the man represents the Attribute of ‘the fourth rider’ ;
the entity with the same aspects is at the point of losing It’s grip upon him !
(if you have confirming impressions please let us know – see top bar)

that said – Sir …. this time pléase let it be the final (removed-) blockade … every life has gone ,
we but hold on with our teeth every next dreadful empty day



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