october 9     4 PM
posted : found : the stolen eden pillar of fire [-concept]
which – per prophets – when returning to eden ,
will make this our sun Râ go dark

… we thought it is a very timely theme ;
the contents may seem Insane – but we’re 100% convinced ,
page is posted in top of ‘themes’ section
(actually, according to the spells , their ‘reconfigurated pillar’
is “distributing their Self-awareness in their realm” –
just wondering what yesterday said “I I lost”…)

we cannot stop living so we’ll continue living drunk Sir
please make us die to not have to wake up tomorrow again
– even drunk we understand the themes because you teached us
make it to end Sir
we know that if we die the whole 144 project has failed
then act Sir because the plane is going down



9 oct    1 AM – speechless … feeling totally defeated
don’t even know where to start … – it was not some date we calculated
(that type date-searching is such a 2012 practice , we know all about it) ,
no , this one emerged almost naturally , as if the result of everything ;
after all we learned , it seemed perfect — yet it did not happen
… the bomb went off … spinning the plane into a final freefall
– one can “pick up the pieces” ten times , a hundred times ,
but if a moment of such convergence fails then there’s nowhere to go

it doesn’t matter that , around 1 PM or so , during pleading , kindly was
said to the heart ‘one hour’ – and that an hour later the ‘I’ was pulled away
and a voice started to breathe saying “I… I… I… (it refused to say the
last phrase but finally very silently) …. lost” ,
it can have been Adam , Satan , or even the ‘I’ — but it does not help

this has nothing to do with disloyalty Sir … but all hope got shattered ;
it isn’t anymore about ‘getting through the days’ , that’s a passed station ,
this is… the plane going down Sir

and you sée that but you won’t act … and because we know you do ,
what prayers to send , still …? ; why would you be like this ?
why would you endanger your own gorgious promises ?

we’re most careful to not blackmail you with your promises
– though we know exactly what you said –
because you are the bearer of those promises :
but then where we go ? how we survive ? when every hour is an abyss ?



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