a list of statements which
Christ NEVER has made
(in casu : Luke 12)

… we must now declare a few things what could make you stagger ,
but you knów that we read extremely carefully  —
there are certain expressions which we were told all of our life ,
yet (now-) prove to be false :

.. because grave corruptions show that a number of declarations
which Christ – allegedly – made , are not true  (and you’ll see why) :

please note how the below listed corruptions
were “copied by Esau INTO the other three evangelists”   —
therefore in this case the required ‘cross-reading’ will NOT HELP :
but only when first the cóntext of the (corrupted-) sections are cleared ,
and this is exactly which this page is about ;
we took Luke 12 becáuse it provides a rather solid context buildup ,
and see that page for the explanation about the corruptions ;

(we need to see whether this page will require extension)


1.  declarations Christ has NOT made :     (in casu : Luke 12)

a.    ”the leaven of the Pharisees is hypocrisy”                                               (line 1)
… usually understood as “the nature of the pharisees is hypocrisy” :
but that is the same superfluous as saying “water is wet”     —
instéad , the leaven refers to “how Esau corrupted scripture” ,
since ‘leaven’ is typically “something to be mixed with something else” ! ;
.. this is the réal starting theme of Luke 12 ,
and Esau ofcourse panicked when he SAW (!) that it was about him ! ;

b.  “who denies Me towards the people , I will deny towards the angels”    

… just compare Peter , as well as each one of us ;
Christ knows very well how in-credible weak our fallen nature is
(besides , why are suddenly “the angels” so important ? = Esau’s corruption) ;
these two lines are the first half of a made juxtaposition ,
where this part is
about “the 144,000 who will be forgiven”  after they understood prophets
(as attested in prophets – and in line with the main theme of this chapter ,
since the ‘leaven’ (see a above) wás about “the corrupted scroll” !) ;

c.   “the sin against the holy Spirit will not be forgiven”                          (line 10)

… there has always been much debate about “what could be that sin” ,
and though we agrée that ‘hurting Miss’ is a vile crime ,
here Esau played upon the (almost similar) Greek rootwords ‘son’ and ‘holy’ :
this is
the sécond half of that same juxtaposition ,
as “the (other-) sons who will nót be forgiven”
because “they held on to the corrupted scroll – and will be judged by Me”;

d.   “when you will be brought to (the magistrates , don’t worry what to say)”

… Esau spun further upon his previous holy Spirit corruption ,
to hide the theme “that the sons will be brought to eden” (after b) ;
besides ,
the line itsélf cannot be true : just remember the first generation of christians ,
let alone the approaching grave situation during Revelation ! ;

e.    “do not worry what you should eat or drink , or what your body will put on”

… this not even remótely true :
Paul said “yes I preach – but through my job I provide for myself ;
these verses are much loved by schwärmer (english : spiritual dreamers) ,
but Esau turned around the cóntext of this section :
… you will see that Christ talks about “this body which the soul will LAY OFF” ,
because the main theme is about ‘the Originals’  (=our original eden-body)’ ;

f.  “the Son of man comes at an hour you think not”               (1st saying, line 40)
     “the lord [..] will come [..] at an hour he knows not”             (2nd saying, line 46)

… also originally a juxtaposition
which Esau has tampered with :
the first saying addresses “the group who knóws the time He will arrive”
(because they have understood prophets = the time the countdown stárted) ,
but “the second group mocks the former ones” – and will be judged ;

g.   “I am come to bring division (or: the sword) , to divide the people”   (line 51)

… it sóunds as if it has a deeper meaning
but in reality Esau covered up the “the judgment (=Revelation)”                   (see f. above) :
in line 49 (restored) ,
He says “but áfter I will have arrived , fire will come to earth”
(as attested in many prophets)      —
therefore “the daughter standing up against the mother” are the LEAST of problems ! ;
… then must follow line 51 (restored) ,
saying : “there will be no peace” ,
just like prophets declare how this “second group”                    (=of pastors , see f above)
kept on telling the people “there will be peace !”                      (=read : Christ will save us) ;

and after 4 corrupt-inserted lines
(which were said against the Pharisees – so , anóther type theme) ,
this reading is confirmed by closingline 59 :
“they will not depart (sic!) from there (=the Trib) ,                                    (=as the judgment)
until they payed back the last dime” .


conclusion :

… we (hR) understánd that it’s hard “to let go of long-held opinions” :
also wé grew up hearing the same lies preached each Sunday !
our first question is ofcourse
“have we done justice to Christ – by having understood Him now ..?” ,
and we feel the answer is affirmative :
we did not take away ANYTHING important of what He said ,
because we understood the goal of what He did (and see Isaiah chapters) ;
just removed Esau’s “bogeyman verses”  
because they were Senseless , useless , and have caused lots of pain
(if you are familiar with the so-called orthodox Reformed church ,
you know that the “eternal damnation” is a huge topic there – see b and c) ;

… one can accuse us of “dragging the 144,000 theme into this (-chapter)” ,
but be honest :
Christ starts a logical buildup                                                     (=how can it be else..?)
by first starting with “the Pharisees”                                           (=corruption theme) ,
then “posing juxtapositions”                   (=who understands – and who doesn’t ) ;
ending “with a conclusion” ;
while the entire theme MUST match with what God said through the prophets :
– therefore it is a Silly defense
to dený “that the main theme cannot be about the 144 (and the other group) ,
based upon similar sections in the óther evangelists which do not support this” :
exactly !
… because Esau made d*mn sure to cut up the entire context ,
by copying and pasting his (+corrupted !) sections randomly in the evangelists ,
SO THAT the context would not be found !



[submitted : 3 april 2012 – het Report]
for You : you made the incredible decision to go into this apeframe for us   —