(#A)   Rev. 13: the Beast – as
    evil realm in the solarplane
    causes believers to forget
    that Eden is in another reality
  + the mystery of lawlessness

        (the ‘spiritual mark’ of Ez.)
+ the 666 number (graphene jab)
      [theme: ‘the Other Reality’]

[annex: ‘spiritual effects’ of the jab]
  [final version ; 2022-08aug.31]

                   please : forget a moment what you’ve read a million times in KJV


                         … the meaning of this chapter has been corrupted well by Esau :
                         the Beast is “the evil realm of Mystery-Babylon” here
                         but as passive subject because ruled by ‘the dragon’   —
                         it is this ‘Beast’
                         that ‘blinds believers on earth for Eden being in the other reality‘     

the ‘spiritual mark’ (-of Ez. 9) and ‘the 666 mark’ :
… the first one “trumps” the latter   —
in the Ezekiel chapter ‘the other reality’ is the main theme , and “six (!) scribes
descend from the Gate of the evil realm” in order “to put marks on the foreheads
of people by crossing through this world” — but the 144,000 are exempt from
that because they get a seal of God upon their foreheads” ,
and also in this chapter “the other reality” is the main theme in part I , emending
in the concept “the mystery of lawlessness”, that is : souls that forgot that Eden
is in the other Reality and that we’ve to search her back ; 
this ‘spiritual seal’ (-of Ez. 9 ) on the 144 is also described in (KJV-) Rev. 7: 3

the 666 mark :
… considered the above , this 666 mark is only of secondary importance ,   
and will be mandatory for all the people that will be left behind ; 
though Daniel 11 narrates how the NWO creates wars on earth and puts a
value upon every human being – to can treat them as mere commodity , 
it is all working towards the graphene jab : which is an invasion INTO the body
with the goal to alter the body from inside out 
to turn the body into a crystalline carbon 2.0 with the help of graphene ;      
[better intro will follow
but we first need to post the parts – for Legal reasons]

Revelation 13

fulltext :             [the evil realm (‘the Beast’) within the solarplane :]
then , in a vision , I stand on a beach (‘as earth’) , 
and I see a Beast rise up out of the sea (‘matrix-dimension’)
having seven heads and ten horns ,                
and upon the horns seven crowns ,                                                                   [see note Rev. 12]
and upon its heads blasphemous names ;                                                                      [see note] 
and the Beast which I see is like a leopard (‘mixture’) 
but its feet are like that of a bear (‘boar’?)                                                                [<< solarplane]
and its mouth is like the mouth of a lion ;                                                                [<< matrix-gate]
it is the dragon (‘Satan’) that had devised it
and had given it his power to be his throne ;
but I see that the Beast is not visible to the people
because he conceals himself in his heaven (‘space’) ,
so that the world is not aware of the Beast ;
therefore (factually-) they are worshipping the drágon        +  
which had devised the Beast       +
bý worshipping the Beast , saying :                                              [4a: ‘the high places’ in prophets]
who but Gód could have made these heavens (‘space’) ? ;  
                                                                                                                                            [part II :]
then the Lord says to me :
but they are speaking blasphemy against God ,
while they give authority to the Beast        +                                                            [<< see hR intro]
to continue imprisoning them on the earth ;                                                   [comp. ‘occult Rituals’]
because the saints (‘believers’) do not realize         + 
that God has created their land in the heavens                                                  [<< as ‘other reality’]
as the one        +
to which they will need to return ;                                                       [<< which is God’s covenant !!]  
7                                                                                                         [the ‘spiritual mark’ of Ez. 9 :]
therefore it is given to the Beast         + 
to war against the saints (‘believers’) and to overcome them ,
but he will nót be given authority        +
over the house Judah and the house Ishral ;                                                                [<< as the 144]
but all that dwell (or: ‘all the saints’ ?) upon the earth will worship it (‘Beast’) ,    
who will not have searched to understand the scroll of the words of God      +
concerning the not visible (?) world ;
if any man have an ear , let him hear :                                                                       [‘a mystery here’]  
if someone will lead himself into (‘spiritual’-) captivity ,
he will make to go himself into (literal-) captivity ,                                                         [<< Tribulation]
for if someone clings to falsehood                                                                                           [<< KJV]
he will (physically-) die      +
because of clinging to falsehood ;
this is the mystery of lawlessness concerning the saints (‘believers’) ; 
11                                                                                                                        [part II: the 666 mark :]  
then  I see another beast ,
but as one coming up out of the earth ;                                                     [2nd beast: ‘modern science’]
and it has two horns like a lamb
yet talks like the dragon (‘like Satan’ , sic) ;
and he carries out every (method of-) control          +
on behalf of the first beast before him ,
for it is designed to make the earth and her inhabitants       + 
to worship the first Beast which is not visible to the people ; 
and it does great wonders ,                                                                                                     [nuclear?]    
like making fire to come down from the sky (‘heaven’) to the land 
in the sight of mankind ;
but it (‘science’) deceives the ones dwelling on the earth
through the (‘beneficial’-) miracles which it is given to do in sight of the people ,
because it desires that the ones dwelling on the earth         +
will be made into the image of the first Beast
which desires that the people will become its slaves ;
therefore it is given authority (‘capability’) 
to make the people into the image of the Beast
so that they will become the image of the Beast ,
which will cause that whoever will nót be turned         +
into the image of the Beast will be killed by him ; 
and he will force everybody ,
the little ones as well as the great ones , 
the rich ones as well as the poor ones , 
the free ones as well as the servants ,
to be given an (etchy-) mark         +
on (‘in’?) their right hand                                                   [<< ‘hand’ is often “the actions of someone”]
      related (?) to their foreheads                                                      [<< ‘thinking’ ; perhaps ‘the brain’] 
      c#2 :
      related (?) to their minds ;                                                                          (?)
so that not anyone will be able to buy or sell ,
but only the ones that will have the mark         + 
as the name (‘character’) of the Beast ,
and its name (‘character’) is a number ;
here is wisdom :
let the one having a mind calculate (=’understand’?) the number of the Beast ,
for it is the number of man , 
and the number of it is 666 .                                             [(crystalline-) carbon 2.0 through graphene]

Revelation 13

start : the evil realm (‘the Beast’) within the solarplane :
[=then] , (in a vision) , I stand – on – (a-) – [=beach] (‘as earth’) , 
and – I see – (a-) – Beast – rise up – out of – the – sea (‘matrix-dimension’)
having – seven – heads – and – ten – horns ,                
and – upon – the – horns – seven – crowns ,                                                [see note Rev. 12]

and – upon – [..] its – heads – blasphemous – names ;                                             [see note] 

note :
… b seemed suspicious (=corrupt) , but as the chapter progresses you’ll see
that the “blasphemy” represents “that the Beast is hindering believers on earth
to understand that Eden is in the Other Reality” — in God’s , ofcourse ,
and the not understanding of that is considered ‘blasphemy’ (sic) ; 
and – the – Beast – which – I see – is – like – (a-) leopard (‘mixture’) 
and=but – [..] its – feet – (are) – like (that-) of – (a-) bear (‘boar’?)                              [solarplane]
and – [..] its – mouth – (is) like – the mouth of – (a-) lion ;                                   [<< matrix-gate]
(it was-) the – dragon (‘Satan’) – (that-) (had) give=devised – it
[+and] (had) great=given (-it) – [..] his – power – to and=be – [..] his – throne ;

next : the Beast causes ‘(modern-) Space’ :
[next 3-4 : totally corrupt because totally non-sensical 
but ofcourse – as always – the question is ‘what cóuld it have said ?’ ;
is the concept “deceit” appropriate – because it’s used later on ? :]
b :
Esau wrote here (paraphrased) “the world FOLLOWED the Beast” :
how much is the chance that it wrote “the world did not notice“..? :]
and=but – I see         +                                                                                                         [<< was a clue ?]
one=that – the – heads=Beast        +
[..] (is) as=not – slain=visible – (to-) the – death=people
[reasoning back from c :]
and=because – [+he] death=conceals – [..] blow=himself      +
[+in] [..] [+his] cured=heaven (‘space’) ,
[w/ swapped 1x :]
and=so that – the – world – (is) whole=not – marvel=aware of – the – Beast ;

next : sic ! :
[4a : the ‘worshipping the dragon’ is in prophets termed as
the “offering upon the high places” where (-bmh) is a pun on ‘beast’ :]
and=therefore – (factually-) they (are) worshipping – the – drágon
which – (had) gives=devised – [..1x..] – the – Beast       +
and=bý – worshipping – the – Beast , 
saying : 
c                                                                                                                              [c: said in adoration , per a]
[so what can they be saying ? :]
who – like=but – [..] beast=Gód        +
who=could – (have) able=made – with=these – battle=heavens (‘space’) [..] ? ;  

                                                               part II
next : Christ speaks (-and the theme still is ‘the people’) :
[next : see how KJV line 6 repeats 5 ! = corrupt here :]
[note how ‘mouth’ + ‘speak’ remained as roots :]
and=then – it=the – mouth=Lord (stoma=kurios) – given=says [+to me] :
[w/ swapped 1x :]
[+but] – [+they] (are) speaking      +
blasphemy – and=against – great=God (magas=theos) ,  
[attempt :]
and=while – [+they] give – authority – (to-) [+the Beast]
to continue – months=imprisoning – forty=them – (on the-) two=earth ;

[+because] the – mouth=saints (‘believers’) – (do) and=not – opened=realize
into=that – [..] [..] God – (has) blasphemy=created
[..] him=their – name=land      +
and=in – the – tabernacle=heavens [..]              [<< read : ‘other reality’ ; and see KJV c]
and=as – the (-one) – in=to – the=which
[+they] (will) heaven=need – to dwell=return ;                   [c: which is God’s covenant !!]  

note :
… you see that in KJV a) the “he opened his mouth” is not only superfluous
considered 5a , but Esau did it to conceal an important phrase ; 
next : as ‘the spiritual mark’ described in Ezekiel 9 :
and=therefore – it (is) given – (to the-) it=Beast
to (do) war – with=against – the – saints (‘believers’) – and – to overcome – them ,

[Esau’s triple ‘tribe + language + nation” is suspicious (see intro Rev. 4) :]
and=but      +
[+he] (will) [+nót] (be) given – [..] authority       +
over – (the-) all=house – tribe=Judah     +
and – (the-) language=house – [..] nation=Ishral ;                                   [<< both as the 144]

note :
… we opted for this b as “declaring a legal exemption” from a ,
also because the “corrupted scroll chapters” will follow ; 
next : because this is the ‘mystery of lawlessness’ theme :
[God calls those who forgot his covenant , 
which is about ‘the return of the Eden situation’ , “lawless” 
(Esau made this into some ‘antichrist’ theme) :]
and=but – all – (that-) dwell (or: ‘all the saints’ ?) – upon – the – earth
(will) worship – it (‘Beast’) ,                             [as “offering on the high places” in prophets]
who – (will) not – (have) written=searched – [..] to names=understand    +
the – scroll of – the – life=words of – [..] lamb=God      +
slain=concerning – (the-) from=not – foundation=visible (?) – world ;

if – any man – have – (an-) ear , let him hear :      +        [read: ‘there is a mystery here’] 

[next 10 : still the scroll theme ! :]
if – someone – (will) lead (-himself) – (into-) (‘spiritual’-) captivity ,
he (will make) to go (-himself) – into – (literal-) captivity ,                         [<< Tribulation]

[can hardly be ‘a sword’ here : our best guess , derived from c :]
[+for] if – someone – kills=clings – in=to – [..] falsehood                                             [<< KJV]
[+he] (will) (physically-) killed=die      +
[+because of] must=clinging – in=to – [..] sword=falsehood ;
here=this – is – the – patience=mystery of – [..] faith=lawlessness
[+concerning] the – saints (‘believers’) 

                                                            part III
next : ‘modern science’ is working for the dragon :
[=then] – I see – another – beast ,
[+but] [+as] one coming up – out of – the – earth ;
and – it has – two – horns – like – (a-) lamb
[=yet] – talks – like – (the-) dragon (‘like Satan’ , sic) ;

                                                                                                     (as causing the NWO – see Daniel 11)
and – he carries out – every – [..] (method of-) control           +
on behalf of – the – first – beast – before – him ,
[=for] – it (is) designed to make – the – earth – and – [..] her – inhabitants
[..] to worship – the – first – [..] Beast
which (-is) – [+not] healed=visible – (to-) the – blow=people – [..1x..] ; 

13                                                                                                                                                            [nuclear ?]
and – it does – great – wonders         +
that=like [..] – making – fire – to come down – [=from] – the – sky (‘heaven’)
to – the – land – in the sight of – mankind ;

and=but – it (‘science’) decéives – the ones dwelling – on – the – earth
through – the – (‘beneficial’-) miracles – which – it – (is) given – to do           +
in sight of – the – beast=people ,
c                                                                                                                             [c-d: also syntax is correct]
[+because] (it) saying=desires (that-)                  
the ones dwelling – on – the – earth (-themselves)           +
(will be) made (passive form) – [+into] (the-) image of – the – [+first] Beast
which – had=desires (see c) (that-) 
the – blow=people – (will) live=become – [..] and=its – sword=slaves ; 

note :
… the text demánds this outcome – we’ve addressed this phenomenon before ;
and=therefore – it – (is) given [+authority] (‘capability’) 
to give=make – (the-) spirit=people – (into-) the – image of – the – Beast
so that – [..] [+they] (will) speak=become – the – image of – the – Beast ,
and=which – (will) cause (that-) – whoever – [..] (will) nót
(be) worship=turned (-into) – the – image of – the Beast        +
(will be) killed – (by-) that=him ; 

and – he (will) make=force – everybody ,
the – little ones – and=as (-well as) – the – great ones , 
the – rich ones – and=as (-well as) – the – poor ones , 
the – free ones – and=as (-well as) – the – servants ,

[..] (to be) given – [..] (an-) (etchy-) mark         +
on (‘in’?) – [..] their – right – hand                [<< ‘hand’ is often “the actions of someone”]
or=related (?) – on=to – [..] their – foreheads            [<< ‘thinking’ ; perhaps ‘the brain’] 

      c#2 :
      or=related (?) – on=to – [..] their – foreheads=minds (metópon=nous) ;                 (?)
[=so] – that – not – anyone – (will be) able – to buy – or – sell ,
[=but] – [=only] – the (-ones) – (that-) (will) have – the – mark          + 
or=as – the – name (‘character’) of – the – Beast ,
[+and] – its – name (‘character’) – or=is (e=esti) – (a-) – number ;

here – is – [..] wisdom :
(let-) the (-one) – having – (a-) – mind 
calculate (=’understand’?) – the – number of – the – Beast ,
for – it is – (the-) number of – man , 
and – the – number of – it – (is) 666 .       [(crystalline-) carbon 2.0 through graphene]

end                >>>>



                                           ‘spiritual effects’ of the Jab
… we knew that the goal of the poison jab is “to isolate the soul from God” 
in such a complete way that she will not even réalize that He exists    —
so that the Mystery-Babylon would use them as perfect hostages against God ;
now , her lackeys on earth have admitted that goal already in connection with 
the jab , declaring “free will is over” and “humans became hackable animals”
(see double video halfway link 1 below)   —  
on the Two Timelines page is the video of the possessed girl telling how the
jab is an entry point – a gate – for the demonic : the video is not proof as such
ofcourse but reveals a most interesting aspect linked to the jab ,
as an aspect also shown in the Horus mural at Pfizer HQ – see same page ;
yet it is difficult to get some insight into this ‘demonic connection’ theme   —
though we have found some examples (for example in Reddit threads) 
of people who ‘developed a dark mood’ after they had been vaccinated , 
a direct relation is not provable in many instances 
… however – the below information concerning this theme is interesting ;
but we immediately must make a disclaimer first : 
we trust that you please know by now that we are not out to confuse things
as ‘giving another message as the chapter presented here above’ – not at ALL :
there is nothing wrong with studying themes 
as long they do not conflict with what God says – true ?
energy fields :
… we’ve always kept that “energy fields surround a human” as well as plants
and trees and animals , ‘telling’ the organism how to grow and sustaining the
organism by higher energies — and though we do not know how it functions 
there is nothing wrong with using this as a workable concept 
and actually we leave it at that because the whole theme is rather unknowable ,
and therefore a danger is that one could get snared in ‘Gaia’ concepts ;
then ,
it may happen that God or Christ can lift up the veil for a moment to show the
soul something , but also the other side can do that — many years ago , some 
five feet in front of me opened something like a small round window and a
furious face showed as a face on fire ; only after the scene had vanished
I realized that ‘the face had resembled a locust’ ;
the point here is that indeed this energy-field must exist as if one would be
inside a bubble of say some several feet wide ; yet in your and our case
this field – or ‘fields’ – together with this body are the prison for the soul :
so we reject the ‘Lightworkers’ methods :
… as aspects which you will read in the quotes below   —
though we’re sure that ‘chakras’ exist (why not ?) , it has no sense to be 
busy with them nor with any other dualistic energies for that matter ; 
however this does not mean that the overall message which the therapists
tried to convey is automatically wrong : 

[from link 3 ; bold is ours :]
a therapist :
“I held a session with a person who had received the first and second dose of the vaxx.
I had already treated this person energetically, but I did not know that she had taken
the vaxx. When I started the treatment, I immediately noticed the change, very heavy 
energy coming from their subtle bodies [several fields, hR]. The scariest thing was
when I worked on the heart chakra, I connected with her soul, so she was detached
from the physical body, she had no contact and it was as if she was floating in a state
of total confusion. A damage of the consciousness that loses contact with the physical
part, so with our biological machine, there is no more communication between them.
During the treatment, this soul told me that it no longer felt the body and had the
impression of floating in a deep malaise. The energy I was working with, the energy of
their energy field, was very heavy and you could feel these substances that are very
stressful for the subtle bodies. I continued the treatment by sending light to the heart
chakra, the soul of the person, but it seemed that the soul could not receive any more
light, frequency or energy. It was a very powerful experience for me. Then I understood 
that this substance [the jab, hR] is in fact used to detach the consciousness, so 
that this consciousness can no longer interact through this body that it has in life, where 
there is no more contact, no more frequency, no more light, no more energetic
balance or spirit. Then I started to cry for that soul because it was something that
touched me deeply, a very powerful experience. I didn’t say anything to the person
because I didn’t know how to say it and if they would have understood.” 
[from PDF, 2 :]
black beings and energy fields :
several therapists , having treated vaxxed people :
“I have a client who has been coming to me for a long time. Today she had an 
appointment with me scheduled long time ago. My dogs did not greet her as they 
always do. I thought it was because she was not here for a while. I started my 
usual treatment, but it was different from usual. I just could not get into the depth. 
After half an hour I asked her if she was vaccinated, because I kept hitting a wall. 
‘Yes’, she said, ‘a week ago’”.    
another :
“At the end of the treatment once again I saw a strange, first gruesomeblack, 
rather gray being. At the feet [of the patient, hR] was not noticeable at all, 
completely broken rhythm. Also, in this second session I experienced again a 
formless being, dark, black, which laid itself around the upper part [of patient, hR] 
as if around it, holding on, like a kind of strangulation movement”
another :
“Since early childhood I have been able to see people’s aura colors. I am sensitive. 
I “see” aura mostly as a basic color with different colored speckles. When I meet 
with vaccinated people, my eyes often “search” for aura, but all I can see is a 
smooth gray surface, like concrete. This confuses me, no other color appears”. 
another :
“The aura of vaccinated people often changes. It becomes cracked, broken and 
unprotected from foreign energies. The energies of the vaccinated flow out unfiltered 
and foreign energies flow in”.  
another :
“The vaccine had a space-occupying and constricting effect. It formed a solid armor 
around me, my limbs were bound, immobilized, my body felt like a sticky mass, like tar. 
I had an experience that I am becoming soft like rubber. The head was like a roof 
collapsing into me, everything collapsed, like a skyscraper blowing up, from top to bottom”
another :
“In summary, one can say that first the body elemental being is inactivated and then 
the connection to the angel, to the inner guidance breaks off. An experience of loneliness, 
isolation and coldness then sets in”. 
then ,
the Pfizer-bioNtech jab
tried (-not injected) by a therapist :
“Markus: “I took a used ampule with vaccine residue in my right hand during a “self-testing” 
experiment and wanted to see what would happen. I deliberately got involved with the effect. 
After some time, it began to tingle and sting slightly, especially on the inside my palm, 
where the hand chakra is located. Then slowly a fine ray went through the wrist into the 
forearm and radiated further into the upper arm, changed over the shoulder from the right 
side along the neck to the left side of the neck and went over the back of the head up, 
touching the left sleep area, further into the head. After some time, this ray traveled 
downward through the head, toward the neck, and further through the chest, right past 
the heart into the left abdomen. There, approximately near the stomach, this pressure-pain 
settled, as if it wanted to penetrate the intestines with a gripping arm. I could clearly feel this 
pulsation as it slowly took hold. This pressure and pulsation lasted for several hours, even 
though I tried energetically to eliminate this “something” in me with the help of my body-
elemental-being. Despite this deeply penetrating, throbbing pain, I fell asleep at some point. 
When I awoke in the morning, it was gone.”
another group – two observers ,
“Here are my notes on the two vaccines, Pfizer BioNTech and AstraZeneca. We resonated 
with them and experienced this in our ether and astral bodies. For both of us they caused 
very negative sensations. The spiritual observation showed beings who have connected 
with the highest adversary powers and carry these powers up to the astral and aetheric.”
reason for this post :
… past weekend a long time no see family member came along 
and from the moment this person entered , the crown , top of the head , started to hurt
as if something ‘bright’ was radiating below the ceiling of the room — and it subsided
after the person had left ; she had complained about ‘being tired’ so I sideways asked 
if she had taken the injection to which the response was positive ;
though the link cannot be proven ofcourse – see above – the ‘bright light’ happened
before and was always Negative ; then this PDF came along this morning   
the links below :
… the PDF lists several examples of “distorted and separated energy fields” (pics: p.40)
and somehow to us that makes Sense – so that the soul would remain isolated within
a virtually empty physical body (-becoming a 666 shell) ; 
but then she continues with “souls being stuck on earth after physical death” becáuse
of problems with their energy fields (‘subtle bodies’) : and at that point we stop , 
because it is just as likely that entities are mimicking what is supposedly seen ;
therefore – as usual – please read with discernment :
[2] PDF :

drawings of distorted enery-fields page 40-43
and of (demons as-) ‘biting, dark, attacking and aggressive spherical formations’ 52-53  
used quote