Abraham – the cosmological chaos :

from the land of Eden to this earth

Several themes are so entwined that we need to step back in Time first :
because when we go look at the lives of Abraham and after that of Jacob ,
we can already reconstruct much about a for us rather bizarre concept  —
how our souls moved from living the land of Eden to living upon this earth .

back in Time – around 8000 BC

After paradise fell because of that tree , it didn’t take long until evil spirits
raided the now uncovered and defenseless land ; Ezekiel 24 narrates how
“the king of (Mystery-) Babylon invaded Eden” , and Isaiah how the armies
of spirits “breached through her gate” .
They touched and plundered her , and the result was that the spirits became
even móre grotesque monsters — since they now glued ‘eden aspects’ upon
themselves , as a sinful Mixture ; to such extent that it caused God to declare
that all invaders of the eden-land would be destroyed by a flood .
And this requires our careful reading : at the end of Genesis 8, God (-ieue) 
says “no longer will I destroy the (eden-) ground because of the Adam-man” ,
and “I will no longer destroy the living as I did ”:
but note how the ground (-adm) is here "of Eden", and "living" as "eden-life"
(-chiy , as the root of the name Eve) ; because is important for us to spot
the juxtaposition which the end of this chapter 8 has placed against next
chapter 9 which is about “the gods” (-elohim) .

Noah : from Eden to this earth

In the now invaded and darkened and eden-land Noah stepped into the Ark ,
and a number of days later set foot on dry land — but as our present earth .
Scripture does not use the term “dimensional change” but calls this change
as a whole “the flood” ; we saw previously how ‘sea and water’ already
represent ‘a dimension’ , therefore the term flood is rather appropriate .

Then a number of strange things are described :
a rainbow is shown – as a typical structure belonging to a curved dimension ;
yet this chapter 9 does NOT write that God says to Noah “this is My rainbow” ,
but it says (-elohim) “gods, god, deity”. This is important because the covenant
through that rainbow is four times repeated , indicating that this is a section
we must be attentive to : as another “read closely !" ;
and indeed, it is not until the end of the same chapter that the réal name of
God is used (as -ieue in the root text) .
It are the gods – the fallen ones – making a covenant with Noah and this earth ,
and ofcóurse that must be an “eternal covenant”, because this earth was a
concept created by them , and intended as the penal-colony for us souls !!

It’s true that God nowhere flat out declares “not I made this earth”
(besides , Esau would have deleted the ‘not’ anyway) , but there are enough clues
to understand that He didn’t : in prophets , this earth is “the fortress” (-mbtsr) ,
of “(the adm-souls) far away” – all these type phrases , coupled with the constant
exhortation “to return” are enough proof that the gods made our prison-planet .
Moreover , hieroglyphs , Sumer and Rg-Veda tell emphatically that théir deities
created this world – and apparently the prophets do not deny that !
Another hint is of course Revelation : God does not go against Himself , by first
making an everlasting covenant – and then invalidating it .

The body has also changed : it is stated that “a man’s years will not exceed 120”,
(compare how the hieroglyph H’ENT means “120” and also “product”, sic) ;
then Noah tends a vineyard and gets drunk – because narcotics only work upon
the présent type body we have . How different is this from what Enoch wrote ,
that Noah was so special when he was born (-in eden) , that his father feared
he had begotten a semi-angel . 

the cosmic tree – as ‘abomination of desolation’

A huge change has taken place on this Earth :
petroglyphs (rock carvings) from China to America  
from 7500 BC show the same kind of drawings ,
as plasma explosions and pillar-shaped structures ;
and the places where these images have been found
all have a clear view at the S-East of our atmosphere ,
as the direction of the now darkened land of Eden .

Also Christ addresses this abomination , and links it to
a timeperiod “since this world began” : by which He
refers to the time of the Deluge !
It is therefore not strange that we (hR, in Sept.’20)
wonder whether that phenomen would appear again –
see logs and relevant chapters (especially Jer.10) .


Abraham : the story of Adam and Eve starts anew

We are now sometime late into the third millennium BC .
The situation is that our souls are very , very far away from the Eden land :
for the soul is enclosed inside this present body , and that body imprisoned
within this hostile earth . Therefore we don’t stand a chance whatsoever to
get out of this prison colony — unless the Deity as human should come to us .

Two souls caused the Fall of Eden , resulting in a cascade of disasters ,
which’ horrible consequences only incréase in Time ;
therefore , other souls must ‘cancel’ the previous series of wrong events ,
through conquering attributes – in order to restore the dimensional Timeline .

And God begins the story in Genesis anéw :
but this time on earth , with the souls Abraham and Sarah .
Coming from Ur (as Assyria, read : where Adam is , see previous page) ,
they receive new names because they are installed in their new position as
the representatives of Adam and Eve – but now upon this earth .
Several events in his life show that the above interpretation is true :

the promise of many descendents :

… in Gen.15 Abraham is promised “descendants as many as there are stars” ;
as a promise which originally belonged to Adam , but is now valid for millions
of adm-souls who will be born in the new situation upon this earth ,
and this new covenant is sealed at the end of that same chapter ;


Melchizedek :

… in Genesis 14 , Melchizedek (meaning ‘the righteous king’) represents Christ ,
and Hebrews 7 repeats that Abraham served Melchizedek . In context , the rule
which previously was Adam’s , now has been transferred to Christ (see Is. 45) ;
and though Abraham indeed représented Adam , Abraham is in the new situation
of “all adm-souls imprisoned on earth”, hence the final rule is now with Christ .


the Three Visitors – announcing Isaac’s birth

… Genesis 18 shows that they represented the Trinity ,
and God , as ‘member’ of the trinity , promises Abraham a son in the next year .
Because Abraham still “plays the role of Adam”, the birth of his son Isaac will
represent a concept we term (for lack of better phrase) “the first great division”,
as the division between ‘genuine adm-souls’ and ‘corrupt adm-souls’ ,
as perhaps THE most severe problem after eden fell (see relevant chapters) .

Eve and Adam begat the two sons Abel and Cain ,
and where Abel was righteous (a genuine soul) ,
Cain represented the corrupt type adm-soul
(having ‘inherited an eden-type body , to right) ,
and murdered his brother because of jealousy .
… Abraham álso begets two sons : the first one
with the Egyptian (sic) slave Hagar , but that son
disappears out of view – just like Cain did .
However , his other son Isaac , in contrast to Abel ,
is nót killed and therefore the son of the covenant : 
in this way , the “first great division” is canceled ,
through other souls in a similar situation .

the deity QÂN – as Cain ,
in Book of Gates VII (rpt)

This “working through souls”, in order to step by step cancel the enormous
consequences of the Fall is truly unique and typically God ; and He often has 
to work with revólting souls. We (hR) do see the general idea of this principle ,
but the maximum we can do is observe some features here and there  —
nevertheless we are sure that it will soon be visible to all of us as a grand Mosaic.
This also explains why the lives from Abraham to David and prophets have been
recorded so extensively , with their often incomprehensible incidents
and (to us seemingly unimportant) situations .

Sarah laughs in herself when they are told they will have a son in short time ,
just like the name of Isaac himself , “the laughing one”. We can spiritualize that
by stating how little trust the soul has in God (and ofcourse that is often trúe ) ;
but it it is probable that God on púrpose chose the way of them having a child
at old age , almost as if to cáuse that laughter  —
according to the same Red Thread principle , this laughter can be linked to
“the fallen angels mocking the destruction of Eden” : the hieroglyphs do exactly
the same thing , mocking Eden ; but now , the adm-soul with the attribute “Isaac”
laughs at the spirits , because the covenant has been restored :
we are blind to these kinds of aspects , but this can absolutely have been part of
the Red Thread , when one considers how incredibly hurt God must have been .
For the record : the current sect which also claims to descend from Abraham ,
is so through Ishmael , Hagar’s son – for the root of the name Ishmael is -yasham ,
"desolate" , which can very well be understood as the character of this sect .

the nephew Lot – as ‘souls leaving eden’  + Sodom and Gomorrah

Like Abraham ‘played the role of Adam’,
his nephew Lot played the role of (genuine-) souls leaving to this earth  —
in the chapter of ‘the three Visitors’ , Abraham pleads with God that Sodom
and Gomorrah (situated in the fertile valley which Lot had chosen to dwell in) ,
would not be destroyed “even if they only contained ten righteous ones” ;
adding to the problem was that his own nephew Lot resided in that one city !

Both cities represent the situation of the many evil spirits having invaded Eden ;
since the type of sinners in Sodom and Gomorrah did not care for human women
but wanted “both angels” who came to warn Lot – which is the same theme as
how them spirits wanted (the aspects of-) the original eden-type body ! ;
because afterall , Cain asked “give me a sign or they will kill me”, and those ‘they’
can only be the spirits which had invaded the defenseless eden-land .

Abraham pleaded what Adam shóuld have done : “even if ten righteous ones” ;
and God did not destroy the sinners until making Noah and his family to escape
(and that virtually as 10 members !) —
though the surface of eden was ruined by a flood , and Gomorrah by fire ,
the analogy between both situations is unmistakable !
Lot and his household escaped the inferno , and at a secure distance they hid
themselves in a cave – which may well represent “this earth” as prison-planet ;
and compare how Christ was buried in a tomb (-cave) . 

Many other events happened in the life of Abraham ,
but as events which are not easy to interpret , and therefore could be confusing ;
therefore we leave it at these ones and continue to Jacob , in next page ,
describing the war for us adm-souls to regain all the attributes Adam has lost .

[23.09sept.20 submitted –
from slightly adapted 2018 Dutch original]