Rome’s 2020 ‘nativity scene’
depicting the worldtree
(+ the 4 horses ON their way,
stéaling the crowns !)


(we did make a log about this a few days ago ,
but totally overlooked the related aspect –
probably because the present chapters are so tricky … ;
see above for all the worldtree context)


for your context : the present situation



the ‘nativity scene’ showing the worldtree




to right : the much ridiculed ‘astronaut’
flanking the scene — yet the astronaut
belongs to the ‘space theme’ intended here :
he holds a ‘ball’ , representing “this earth” ,
therefore he supports their worldtree theme ;
… the figure standing next to him
wearing a knight-like black helmet
(having a skull projected on the forehead
while two ‘horns’ protrude at both sides)
may have been added to the astronaut
as representing “the nature of the tree” —
where “iron” is an aspect of the evil realm ;
(CNN , 15 dec)



above right : the worldtree depicted as the ancient Egyptian Djed pillar (TCH-T) ,
which represents a type dimensional-axis ‘in fourfold’ ;
because the worldtree as axis is such an important concept ,
many ‘attributes’ were glued to it — here shown as having the face of Hathor ,
as a goddess (=a construct) representing the torus , as their habitat ,
which has been produced and sustained bý the axis ;

… but the genuine represent of the pillar is Osiris
(see to right) ; he represents the worldtree as their
axis construct of stability and ultimate rule ,
depicted in the whip and crook he holds ;
you see the typical shape of the Djed pillar ,
implying it is some ‘four-fold construct’ ,
and we found that this corresponds immediately
to the concept “the four cardinal directions” ;
which is the attribute of the 144,000 sons ,
but then as “the cardinal directions of the eden-land” ;

we simply cannot post that connection here now
– because it would make this post unreadable –
so please see the main worldtree page ;
however :
directly related to the worldtree theme are ‘the four horses of Revelation’ ,
representing the evil realm’s false (=inverted) [dimensional-] cardinal points ,
the latter immediately linked to ‘consciousness’ ;


the four horses – now arriving at earth

… in Zechariah 1 four coloured horses are introduced as being ‘stationed’
in the place where Adam is – Damascus (long story) ;
while in a next chapter the angel – Christ – who speaks with Zechariah
sends the horses off towards earth , telling ‘they cannot wait to go’ ;
after which they appear in Revelation as the start of the mayhem ;

… now ,
in Revelation 6 the horses appear BEFORE the sun gets dark
(which we interpret as the worldtree showing in space) —
then a tempting question would be : if they relate to ‘the Self’
(see explanation in main page) ,
would they “cause a changed consciousness” when they arrive ?
moreover – are they in the process of arriving right now …? ;

(biblesearchers com)

… the sequence must be important here :
Rev.5 talks about the sealed scroll , and Christ being able to read it –
but also as analogy for “the sons having understood prophets” !
… because in next 6 the horses start out after Christ breaks the first seals
(and compare ‘the sending off’ mentioned in Zecheriah) ,
while this is coupled in this chapter 6 with line 10-11 — about the sons ,
who eagerly wait until they will be completed as 144,000
(as “their fellowservants” , and G3195 is “to be ready“) ;

… it is very difficult to spot what the nature of these horses could be —
perhaps as “the spiritual protection of souls will end at their arrival” ;
because interestingly to the first horse ‘was given a crown’ :
as flagrantly opposed to Rev. 3 “let no one STEAL your crown” ! ;

… that “he goes to conquer” means ‘stealing crowns fróm believers’
(so ‘the crown’ itself may represent ‘protection’ ?) ,
which we interpret as “deceiving them – by the Cojona hoax theme
as the honeytrap” , because once someone believes that , that person
has stepped into a neverending concocted series of forced changes
(we can not know if the rider ‘had a bow’ because Greek -toxon
appears but 1x and has no other valid root , so we lost that clue) ;

… have indeed – at least some – horses arrived already ? ;
see the vaccine theme page ;

[see Jer.10 and all Isaiah sun chapters]