Am.5 : ‘the Double Trap’ :
demon-giants IN earth keep 
our souls here while demons 
  in Mystery-Babylon abuse
   our (female-) Originals —
  ‘the earth as Gaia’ theme

        the Double Trap :
       [contextual section]
+ Narmer Palette explained
Moab : inner earth + giants
     [crossreading section]
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page content :
section : why ‘Moab’ represents “inner earth / giants”
[cross-readings in prophets + comprehensible overvieuw]
section : the Double Trap   [contextual notes following A]
— problems concerning Amos 5 
Amos 5 restored text                                   (click)
— annex : dreams and link

(everytime we think it cannot get móre difficult , it does ….)
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searching the  Amos 5 theme
– it opens with “the fallen daughter of tsiun” , representing the eden-land ,
  but since the context of this chapter is ‘this earth’
  we need to find “a leading demon over éarth” — ‘Gaia’ ;
– in chapter 10 ‘Efraim’ is a subject : this body of us which Gaia makes
  (in prophets ‘she will be exhausted of making 7 (-billion) of them’
  and will mutter and peep like is said of spirits)  ;
– in 7 “the possibility that God destroys all of earth — with Jacob IN it” 
  is told , and destruction of ‘Beth-el’ is foretold (but they dont believe) ; 
now , 
— the house Ishral represents the eden-land (‘land’ in general)
   and this chapter 5 is a lament : so we have to DO something ;
— the ‘Beth-el’ , ‘house of the deity’ was NOT directed to God
   but had a bull (or cow?) statue which was revered as Baal    —
we need to find an earth-deity (-demon) referring to a bull and Baal ;

now – 
if ‘Moloch’ had horns is not sure but his Sumerian counterparts HAD ,
and the important aspect of this type demon was “a mother goddess” 
as in ‘earth-mother’ ; both very violent [-needing bloodsacrifices]
and ““benevolent”” at the same time , often carrying several names ; 
hold on : ‘Moloch’ is méntioned in this chapter – in line 26

when the house Ishral went in exile to Assyria they were ‘distributed’
over several places and one of those was the city-state Kutha
which was the sanctuary of the demon-earth-deity Nergal , where
Kutha is also the capitol of the Sumerian underworld ‘Kirgallu’ ;
2Kings méntions ‘Cuthah’ as the place where this demon was venerated
and was brought to old-Ishral by the Samaritans — the ‘Cuthim’ people ;
we need to see if line 26 here didn’t write ‘Kiyyun’ but Cuthah’ ?
second ,
in acts 7 Stephanus argues with Jews (-obviously) and he mentions
Moloch there , as well ; so he must have pointed at some unresolved 
problem (as the reason why they got angry and stoned him)
but the chapter was corrupted in that section    —
what it dóes mention is “that he saw Christ next to God in heaven” 
which links to that place ‘Beth-el’ : the place of Jacob’s ladder
where he saw God who announced him the promised land ! ;

after posing the idea now how to work it out  — so , what we KNOW :
A)  Mystery-Babylon :
… after physical death , the Esau souls come to Mystery-Babylon
and receive a – stolen – new type spirit-body (‘the Ba-bird’ in Spells)
and their job is “to invoke eden aspects through the eden gate” ;
we have prophets solidly confirming this as well as a host of spells
and this group is called ‘the sons of Ammon’ as enemies of the 144 ;
… this group also abuses the female Originals :
it is not clear if “the bulls on their ivory beds” (Am.6) are ónly those sons
or if also other demons are included as being bulls — but we have solid
spells (especially one CT , very long , full of repeats – not posted)
explaining how they maintain their theft BY abusing the Originals 
(that abuse is also described in Rg-Veda 
but we could not yet find the link to ‘the maintenance’ in those) ; 
then ,
B)  on earth :
… becáuse of the above , the first chapters of Amos warn the 144
against “focusing on sex” because not only that energy is wrong
but will be used by them demons to maintain their concept ;
… we knew that ‘this earth is an evil entity’ – attested in prophets ,
as one “making our type bodies” — but that she will be destroyed ; 
however , from this point onwards 
things get more difficult when “giants” get involved — see below ; 
… we know that Esau’s type deity (-here) are bloodthirsty gods
described in prophets as the iniquity done in the valley of Hinnom ,
the mentioning of ‘the abomination of/as Moloch’ etcetera , while a
list of all Esau people and their gods shows in 2Kings 17:30 vv ; 
now – both he and his deity show a link to the Double Trap 
but to work this out is tricky – see below ; 
secondly , in scripture is said that Esau “was hairy” while interestingly
in the Sumerian epos Enuma Elish the first beings (-on earth) were
the male and female Lahmu and Lahamu – where ‘Lahmum’ means “hairy”
and those names aren’t far derived from Lamasthu , the demon (see pic) ;
… considered 5) , all the book Zephaniah is about the Esau bloodline
kept alive by his deities – and will only cease when “eden’s birthright”
will be restored : no longer hostile souls in an eden type body 
(or even in a body made from stólen eden aspects) ;
C) ‘giants’ :
… everyone knows the Gen. 6 lines — but that was in eden :
the fallen female Originals were seduced by the fallen angels
and giants were brought forth ; the book Henoch describes
how their punishment was that the giants murdered eachother
but that doesn’t mean they did not exist afterwards ! (and see next) ;
… interesting for us is that THIS chapter seems to describe 
rather clear ‘how the demon-giants moved TO this earth’ ;
… because old-Ishral still had to battle their descendants as
(likely) “smaller-sized giants” – Rephaim , Zamzummim etc ;
while Jubilees describes “half-men / half-bulls” and other physical
aberrations — where Sumerian tablets shów these half-bulls ;
however , after 1000 BC these beings ‘dissapeared’ from the earth — 
because the evil realm sought to eradicate knowledge of the past  

             — what we do NOT know (and is speculation) : —

(we think-) a dimensional ‘hollow earth’ :
… we so like to stay away from this theme — for it is too uncatchable ;

we do NOT endorse the ‘hollow earth’ as can be found on the net 
but “a layer of dimensions” certainly seems possible , compare the
concept of ‘nested Platonic solids’ 
(including earth’s atmosphere concerning sun and moon theme) ;
… according to 9) these demon-giants live in a ‘higher dimension’ 
IN earth but could materialize — compare Rephaim , Zamzummim ;
especially since – somehow – they ‘regulate’ our type body 
or at least “know how it functions , in energetic sense” :
it MAY be that Sumerian depictions of beings holding a DNA strain
is related to this concept — but indeed we can only speculate ;
… the concept of these giants can be “the king of the south” in Daniel
but understood as ‘the east’ : Sumer with her giants theme belongs to 
the east , telling how Enki sowed grain in the land and other things
(grain started in Mesopotamia just before Noah came upon this earth
around 8000 BC) ;
and we think that in the Orient the pre-hindu Ramayana is credible ,
talking about “an invasion or arrival from apes to a place” while they 
“took with them all kinds of (fruit-) trees” : the whole story is like the
Sumerian one , where “apes as captains” link to that “hairy” theme 
(while before that , an ape called ‘Hanuman’ set ‘Lanka’ on fire
which we interpret as eden — see also this Amos 5 chapter) ;  
but we still don’t know ‘if Gaia is an amorphal being’ – or ‘as giants’ 
… the daughter of tsiun represents eden (and the 144 are her guardian)
while also “the daughter Babylon” appears in prophets ,
by context representing M-Babylon’s land Chaldea (GEB in spells) ,
therefore ‘Gaia’ COULD be “one entity” representing ‘this earth’   —
also in Sumerian lore shows this : ‘Tiamat’ is ‘the eden dimension’
but it’s very difficult to identify a personalized equivalent for ‘this earth’ 
because their pantheon and attributes overlap – called ‘synchronization’ –
and many deities have several names (identities) and even fórms ,
though the mother-goddess Ereskhkigal is a good candidate for ‘Gaia’ 
but even then the interaction with the rest of the pantheon remains ;
… and finally – the earth / Mystery-Babylon connection
may be represented in the balance of Anubis : its pole – as worldtree – 
standing upon eden , the ‘heart’ in one scale as ‘earth’ and the ‘feather’
in the other as Mystery-Babylon (feather = their ‘justice’) ,
so it is not “that the dead were weighed” but the theme shown next :

         proof of ‘the Double trap’ — the Narmer palette 3000 BC :

… please see link (to spare us the work of pics) :

– the main theme of this palette (and macehead) is “union” 
but then — as far we learned to understand Egyptian depictions —
from this earth with Mystery-Babylon – agáinst eden :
the Recto Side :
… first note the two bulls in top having aspects of Hathor ,
indicating already that two of his ówn (evil-) concepts are at play here
(and compare the balance of Anubis) ; 
the ‘layered’ scenes remind of Amduat and see below as why ;
the main panel shows him in the smiting-pose ‘conquering souls’ 
because the kneeling figure is typically ‘a Semite’ : read : adm-souls ;
so it depicts Esau’s rule upon earth ; 
the guy behind him adds him his sandals – so he will go trável  —
as ‘into the solarplane’ because that is the nature of THEBT ‘sandal’;
the two figures below , likely also semites ,
seem to escape a fortress – likely ‘this earth’ ; we take it that they will
go to Heaven after death (Esau knew that) because they are facing
backwards but are naked : meaning they lost every (spiritual-) war ; 
then ,
the Verso Side : in top he starts his journey to Mystery-Babylon
because above the sandals it writes “furnished , completed” ,
and the female before him is called “the connecting one” TH-T ;
they bring their victory (-on earth) to Babylon shown in 4 standards :
from left to right : the 1st looks like the moon (KHENS glyph) which
is “the copied gate” of Mystery-Babylon ,
the second is UP-UAT (‘Wepwawet’) , the river Nile stealing the 
eden aspects from eden , bringing them tó their copied gate ,
and the first two are hard to determine without legenda —
but clear is that he helped to maintain Mystery-Babylon ;
then , in front of the standards
is a (star-) door and next to that – probably – a Ba-bird which is his
spirit-body waiting for him ; then a boat , probably not ‘bringing him
to M-Babylon’ but whole Mystery-Babylon as ‘the magickal boat’ ;
the ten corpses CAN be ‘our Originals’ (compare the Ba-bird) 
perhaps ‘beheaded’ “because they lost their authority” 
and therefore could be ‘killed’ — read : tortured to steal aspects ; 
mid-register :
prominently “two intertwined Sepopards” : now the sepopard also
appeared in Elam and Mesopotamia so it is “union of west and east”
here as the union shown in the Double Trap 
(and has nothing to do with ‘a union of South and North Egypt’) ; 
both are guided (!) by figures likely representing two Esaus :
as one on earth and one in Mystery-Babylon ; 
and below ,
the bull ‘ramming a fortress’ may be “invading eden” 
(compare everything above) , where the escaping naked figure
could show whére the Original came from whose body was made
a spirit-body for him ; 
in the broken circle you see an object as an upside-down
glyph for ‘box’ – here perhaps ‘throne , seat’ – showing that
the eden dimension is “upside-down” in respect to theirs ;
— the macehead (see top of page) shows a similar theme :
you see Osiris’ throne with the steps , and coming to it the same
connecting woman and the sandal guy ; but from the óther side it
surely looks “as if the Esau soul CAME FROM eden , rose upward ,
got ‘sanctified’ and sits in his shrine to get his new type body ;
but so unclear and without legenda it’s hard to identify the rest ;
[above section may be updated]
         … no joke : THIS ALL we need to understand
          before we can even attempt a translation of Amos 5 !
         that said ,
         even we won’t get all the text details right
         do be satisfied with all the context above Sir
problems  [-with this chapter] :
— we used “the (great-) lion [-and her thousands]” but perhaps 
     the term was “[thousands of-] giants” , we simply don’t know ;
—  several phrases are repeatedly corrupted
     and it’s hard to see (now) if indeed ‘gate’ was intended (in 2nd half) ;
— the ‘Moloch’ lines at the end
     cóuld have been much higher up in the text ;


Amos 5  [-restored text]
Hear ye this word which I take up against you, [even] a lamentation, 
O house of Israel. The virgin of Israel is fallen; she shall no more rise: 
she is forsaken upon her land; [there is] none to raise her up.   
hear – this – word – which – I lift up – over you
(being) a lamentation ,                                                   [<< an unresolved problem]
(you-) house of – Ishral ;                                   [<< 144 but specific the 120,000]
the virgin (-daughter) of – Ishral=tsiun – fell      [<< representing eden land]
[+and] she (can) – not – rise up – again :      +   
she (is) abandoned – upon – her (adm-) ground (‘eden’)
and there-is-none – to raise her up ;

note :
2) : in other prophets the 144 will be her caretakers (guardians) ;
        see spells in index — so indeed ‘she remained in the south’ (?) ;    
next 3 : totally corrupt — we’d need some cáuse for the previous 
                  and possible ‘a reason whý nobody helps her’ :
For thus saith the Lord GOD; The city that went out [by] a thousand 
shall leave an hundred, and that which went forth [by] an hundred 
shall leave ten, to the house of Israel. For thus saith the LORD unto 
the house of Israel, Seek ye me, and ye shall live:   
because , thus – says – myLord – IEUE :
the city=lion (?) (oir=ari)        +              [<< the ‘Ariel’ chapter which is Gaia ?]
went forth – [+with] (?) [+her] (?) – thousands             +
[+through] the (eden-) remain=gate (?) (shar=shor)        +              [<< see 15]
(of-) the hundred=(adm-) ground (‘eden’) (?) (meah=adme) ,
and came – [+to] the hundred=land (?) (‘earth’) (meah=arts)
[+upon] remain=which (?) (shar=ashr)          +
the house – Ishral – (would) ten=dwell (oshr=ishb) ;      [<< came to earth]

[=but] (ki=kn) – thus – says – IEUE – to the house – Ishral :
seek=return (to-) me (dshr=shb) – and (have) (eden-) life !

note :
b) : ‘return’ feels more logical here implying a motion (-to far away)
        also because the ‘seek’ shows a bit too often in these lines ; 
But seek not Bethel, nor enter into Gilgal, and pass not to Beersheba: 
for Gilgal shall surely go into captivity, and Bethel shall come to nought.
Seek the LORD, and ye shall live; lest he break out like fire in the house 
of Joseph, and devour [it], and [there be] none to quench [it] in Bethel.   
[=by] [..1x..] – investigating – Beth-el         +  
[=as] the gilgal=land (‘earth’) – not=which (la=ashr) – [=she] entered ,
pass=dwelling (?) (obr=isb) – and=in (?) the beer=cave (?) (bar=mearah)
sheba=under (?) – the not=land (la=arts) ; 
then – the gilgal=lion – (keeping) you captive – (will be) exposed
[=as] the one 
be=doing – wickedness – [+in] Beth-el ;                 +

and you (will) seek=return (drsh=shb) – [+to] IEUE             +
and (have) (eden-) life ,
lest=then – he (will) prosper=send (tslch=shlch !) – [..] fire        +
[+against] the house=lion – [+and her] joseph=thousands (iasph=alph !) ,
and she
 (‘fire’) (will) devour [+them] 
and there-(will)-be – none – to quench (-it) – [=in] Beth-el ; 

note :
5 : we think the line makes sense — that she is ‘IN’ earth : 
6 : implying that the 144 will escape that trial ,
      in other prophets is the line ‘why would you die , house Ishral ?
next : because they will get what they did to eden :
Ye who turn judgment to wormwood, and leave off righteousness in 
the earth, [Seek him] that maketh the seven stars and Orion, and turneth 
the shadow of death into the morning, and maketh the day dark with night: 
that calleth for the waters of the sea, and poureth them out upon the face 
of the earth: The LORD [is] his name:  
[+because] [+they] (‘giants’) 
(have) turned – justice – [=into] wormwood ,
[=by] (having) stopped – the righteousness – in the (eden-) land ;

                                   [8a : or ‘made their dwellingplace in the north’ ?]
[+and] made – pleiades=Babylon – the orion=great (ksil=gdil !)       +
[=by] inversing – [..] the (eden-) dawn – [+into] [+their] deadly darkness 
[=as] the (eden-) day – darkened – [+by] [+their] night ;  [next : see note]
[+by] calling=sending – (the waters of-) – the sea (‘matrix dimension’)       +  
and it (was) poured out – on – the surface of – the (eden-) land
[+so that] [+she] ieue=became (ieue=eie) – name=desolate (shm=shmm) ;

note :
8 a) : ‘Babylon’ : not sure if that term was used but (-gdil) suggests so ,
           as long “their region nórth of eden (=line 7) is clear ;
8 b) : ‘the eden day becomes the matrix night’ :
          see the Spells for this inversion (here ‘inverse’ -haphak is used)
8 d) : problem :
           the matrix-night IS the (matrix-) sea washing over eden  —
           so the question is “did God call the flood – or did they send it”…? ;
           we learned ‘that it regretted God ‘so’ he ordered a flood’ 
           but is that true ? rather , he ‘allowed’ THEIR flood to come ; 
           secondly , the text buildup suggests the restoration ;
next 9 : completely corrupt — even the roots :
we have but few words now till ‘the eden gate’ appearing in line 10
and somehow this 9 must connect ‘matrix dimension’ to ‘a gate’ :
That strengtheneth the spoiled against the strong, so that the spoiled 
shall come against the fortress.They hate him that rebuketh in the gate, 
and they abhor him that speaketh uprightly   
[+and] [+they] smile=built (balg=bna)        +        [<< ‘to smile’ ?, c’mon]
[+their] (own-) spoiled=gate (shd=shr)                      [<< the copied one]
over=to become (al=eie) – [+their] strong one (-oz = ‘goat-related’) ,
(to make to) come=cease (bo=shbath)       +
the spoiled=gate – on=for (?) – the fortress=(adm-) ground (‘eden’) ;

[+because] [+they] hated – the (eden-) gate        +      [<< see spells !]
rebuking [+them] ,             +
[=as] abhorring – the one (‘gate’) speaking – flawlessly ;

note :
9   : two times ‘ruined’ was suspect as was its root ;
10 : as ‘speaking (-‘light’) into théir realm ;
       see also spells (in index) as their literal quote ; 
       a Sumerian KAR tablet describes “how the Anunna (‘giants’) 
       cried of fear and did not know where to hide because of the 
       brightness of him” — first we thought they ment ‘Adam’
       but it turns out to be the eden gate ;
       continuing “until their hero Marduk came” – destroying eden ;