AMDUAT III : the stolen branch ;
the first and main invasion :
Horus stole it – see book Ezekiel –
fróm eden’s vertical main Vector
(symbol now : UAS-sceptre)

(+creating two ‘pupils’)


             upper register :   the matrix-realm – in prophets ‘Egypt’ – which becomes Mystery-Babylon
             middle register : a ‘border realm of the matrix’ – in prophets ‘Assyria’ – which exchanges
                                                 and transforms stolen eden-concepts towards their north ;
                                                   this register usually “explains what theme the boat of Râ” – first one to left – 
                                                   will execute : this “invasion of eden” is ‘the goat’ in book Daniel ,
                                                   and now you see why “its feet did not touch the ground” !
             lower register :   eden’s influential sphere as “the south land” contáining mt.tsiun which
                                                   carries the eden garden         

the third hour , as the depiction above :
… the mural indeed ‘reads like a book’ , albeit a difficult one ; we neither understand (-yet) every detail 
represented by the many deities and scenes ;
therefore we tried to show you the “main story line”
using coloured characters A , B , C , etcetera :
– in the page below will follow their description at the corresponding coloured character ;
– perhaps it’s an idea to open a new tab for the depiction and scroll through this page ;
– it is really interesting to read along ,
  see all glyphs and the English interpretation of Budge by skipping through the originals ,

the O : their ‘field’ as ‘the place’,
               probably also ‘the eden gate’ (mouth) ,
               and perhaps the place of the stalk                       
the ‘eden ram horns’ in Daniel :
               the shown section of the eden vector is both ‘Q’ and ‘NN’ in glyphs ; the latter as 
               ‘existing out of two axis’ – and compare the ram’s horns growing to the north 
               (namely ‘now as the rudder-axis’ of the matrix) ;
plumbline :
               in prophets the sound eden vector is termed “the (dimensional-) plumbline” ;

short overvieuw 
first ,
by stealing “a stalk” as part of the main eden vector , and by placing that stalk at
a place in théir realm , the eden-axis “will grow tó that stolen stalk” as if finding it :

– the boats show this intent : the first one as Horus executing the steal ,
– the next boat shows whý they want the stalk : 
    because they need the eden-constructs for “speech” and “words (‘air, dew’)  —
    the first as “creational speech” which comes forth from the eden-cornerstone ,
    the second one coming forth from the eden tree of life ,
    and their intent is “to have both work for thém” ;
– the third boat , called “the stalk now flying-up” shows how they succeeded ; 
then , 
… both stolen constructs óf the eden axis are called “the two pupils (-of an eye)”
which they acquired and now will command in their north ,
using them both in order to rule two óther “eye constructs” of eden : 
namely “the sun and moon as eden’s binary system in the south land”  — 
the stealing of the essence of the binary moon will show in next amduat IV ;

[we do not know in how far Adam was involved in this specific event :
Ezekiel mentions Horus “the colourful winged bird” as the main perpetrator]


Amduat third hour
[the Falcon stealing the (eden-) branch]

middle register [their intent] :

entire text below the ceiling
glyphs : start reading from the right towards the lefthand side (start : page 48 Budge) ,
or his English version at page 49 , 
“[in order for] Râ. [to have] (eden-) willpower for the matrix. above (‘north’). ,
the (eden-) speech. [of] he. to know. [and it] to fly-up (‘as eden-speech tó north’). ,
[to become] the things of the (mátrix-) throne. [for] the (mátrix-) speech of hail. ;
       (because Râ – this sun – himself ‘speaks’, R) 
[and this happens]       +,
by [means of] the “T” of the real adm-soul. to know. ,           [<< eden cornerstone ?]
[by-] to become. this. (matrix-) place. to journey to. ,                               [<< see below]
[in order for] the stalk. [óf] the one “T”. to carry-off (‘to the matrix’). ;       +

        the “T” :
        it writes S-T and can mean S-T+stone , edens cornerstone ; but in last line just “T”
        which – in this case , should refer back to the stone ; however often in spells shows
        just ‘a’ “T” and can mean “the one, the thing, the (certain-) place, something” etc ;
[to be] (matrix-) existence. [at] the solarplane shore (‘upper register’). 
[as] the revolving (adj.) – (matrix-) speech.        +                                         [<< serpentine]
[by means of]         +
the boats (‘in this register’). [to] the helpless (double-) (eden vertical Q-) axis (NN+). ;
[for,by] the Ba-spirit birds (‘bodies for corrupt adm-souls’). the “T” to cut off. 
[to become?]  the (matrix-) speech (adj.) – [in this] hour (‘of Amduat’).          +  
[through] this. field. [..] [to be]. the great. this. (matrix-) god. ;             +   

       at some specific place – their ‘field’ – at the bottom of their middle register ,
       they now hover over some eden construct ;
[being] the rudder (‘an axis from eden to the matrix’, H’PT+).     +
[tó] this. (other-) field (-in the north). for. the (matrix-) word to make. to guide. ;
        (so this rudder-axis now connects to their region)
[and so] 
to become the words by the hidden land (‘middle register’).       +
[by means of] the boats. [to] the helpless (double-) (eden vertical Q-) axis (NN+). ; 
[and this] happens.    +
[because of] he. the stalk having come (-to matrix). [of] the word of eden-within. ; 
[and therewith to be] (eden-) willpower for the matrix. ,
[as] Osiris’ (‘the matrix’). [type-] (matrix-) existence.     +
[by means of] the rudder (‘that new axis to north’) (which is-) by decree of law. ;
[because by] this. (matrix-) place. [..] [is] the (matrix-) light (‘going north’).     +
[as] the word standing upright (‘now at matrix-vector’). ,
[and] he. the (matrix-) peace. [as] the great. this. god. becomes. [by] this.       + 
(matrix-) place. [for] (matrix-) speech. [of] Osiris (‘the matrix’). ;      + 
[through] the rudder (‘axis to north’). [by] hé. to make (ÁR !, by eden). ,
[in order to be] the (matrix-) land. [of] the words of eden-within. ;

      he makes :
      they created “a detour” : but the eden axis is still powering that ! 
[and (or: but) by] the boats. he (‘the words’). to ferry-over (‘tó matrix’). ,
[and by] this. to make the things of (matrix-) quality and nature (SKHR). ,
[by]    +
to transform (adj.) – the offered aspects (‘by eden’). [to be] the divine One. ,
[as] the (matrix-) dimension. [..] [being] the great. this. god. ,
[by means of] the journey.”                                                                          [<< end?]



the boat with ‘the double horus’ :
(the sequence of the boats isn’t that relevant here since it’s one theme)
Horus :
in Ezekiel called “the bird with colourful wings” who “took a stalk from the
cedar tree” : in this case the cedar is “the vertical main vector of eden” ;
though not mentioned in Ezekiel , Horus – as demon – acquired an
eden type body and thát was the reason he could steal that stalk
(long story but not for here) ;
the depicted two hawks : 
… unlikely as some ‘a female’ BÁKT and a ‘male’ BÁK as “dualism” :
he is represented here as “having aspects of eden ánd of the matrix”
shown by the rightside hawk facing to the left , 
meaning either that ‘eden is GIVING something’ or ‘an eden aspect’ ;
because his real form is the hawk – to their left – standing upon the serpent
(reminding of Genesis : showing that he is a mottled being ;
is this ‘trying to undo the phrase’ in Genesis …?) ;
      the glyph ‘puns’ are very tricky but the boat’s name is , 
     “[by] the upside-down (eden-) “T ,
       [to be] the upside-down (matrix-) construct (‘boat’) of eden-willpower
       for (matrix-) existence (+by the matrix root)”

      (so the stalk can be planted at “matrix root P” 
      which is not the eden-hand T’EP – where adam and the tree of life are – 
      but at their ‘hand’ P – where – lateron – the eden-cornerstone will be ; 
his two steersmen are called 
“[to be] the (matrix-) face (=Horus’). 
[as] the (matrix-) flame of the solarplane for hail of existence.” 

and the other 
“above (‘north’). [to be] the doubled flame (by “T”?)” ,
the puns are many here –
even as H’ER meaning both “face” and “above” where H’ER itself is ‘Horus’ ;
the ‘face’ is a kind of “(a place where is-) showing the character of a realm” ,


the boat ‘stealing the stalk’ :
… to understand this boat’s name : it contains the hebrew-type-H glyph ,  
representing the “cube-shaped sky-dome which was over the south land”
as Enoch describes it , “thróugh which the sun and moon of eden’s binary
crossed through” ,
but this entire dome went to serve the matrix – according to prophets ,
telling “how the matrix made (extra-) windows in it”
(which can be very well related to the , now , “zodiac”) ,
and how this sky-dome will not return in new eden ; 
– bit long intro , above , 
but when in a glyph term this hebrew-H stands at the beginning
(for us ‘the end’) then “this house-H is still part of eden”  ,
but when énding with it (for us : as the first character) 
then it means “that they acquire this house-H” :
boat’s name :
“[to be] the (eden-) speech (RR) of the (matrix-) house-H. 
[by means of] the boat.”

the names of the figures (also ‘as stalk’) in the boat :
to be fair – the meaning of Osiris (‘the matrix’) figure in the centre is a bit vague   —
he has no arms so he “is passive” : perhaps as “the passive matrix which
is going to gét that stalk for himself” ;
he is flanked by two figures who both represent the same to-be stolen stalk :                       
    behind him is “the reaped eden-stalk” as 
    “(the stalk-) of the “T” of the (eden-) word to reap”                     (MA-UT)
    and in front of him is a serpent standing upright , called
    “the (eden-) face. [being] the flame of the “T” of the (=real) adm-soul. 
     [fór] he. the (Horus-) face. bý. the flame of the T of the (corrupt) adm-soul.”

inhere ,
the stalk is ‘fire’ as well as ‘a material’ – compare Moses’ “burning bush” ;
and the stalk as serpent is now standing upright under the matrix-Vector ;
both ferrymen are too tricky now  —
but the aspects of the stalk “are being ferried-over (-to matrix existence)” ;
…the problem with these names is a term T’ES-knife and ‘great speech+hand’ ;


the boat ‘ascending WITH the stalk’ :
… now having two lionheads upon both ends of the boat called PA KHET ,
boat’s name as :
(and now they changed ‘stalk’ into a matrix term ‘branch’, KHET) :
“the branch. flying up (‘to the north’)” ;
     the names of the figures in the boat :
     next to Osiris appears ‘another aspect óf him’ – as ram god which’ name 
     we have trouble identifying by reading : but around him are the words
     “[to be] the (matrix-) land. [of] eden-within. 
       [as?] the (matrix-) land. as (?). the ram (+name).” ;  

… perhaps this can hint to their “worldtree construct” in space (see amduat 5) ; 
the UAS sceptre :
the upright standing serpent is the same as in previous boat 
but now renamed into a – for us – unreadable pun : 
“he. the eye. for. the flame. , he. the eye. as (?). the flame.” ;
either way :
behind him stands a guy holding the UAS sceptre
and the now stolen serpent seems to represént the UAS-sceptre  —
(and we had spells “… the UAS sceptre. above (‘north’).”) ,
in context meaning that by the stolen stalk IS the Uas-sceptre
so this staff must represent
“the section of eden’s vector fróm mt.tsiun úntil where it bends to the matrix” :
– you see the staff has a weird bottom-end , almost as if two testicles ;
and in spells is the term “the testicles of the ST stone, below (=testicles are)” ,
meaning “the source of power as/at mt.tsiun” ,
the shaft of that sceptre is that section of the vertical eden vector ,
and the weird formed ‘head’ is the bend – where “the rudder”, matrix-axis , begins ;
the complicated pun may read (from down upwards) ,
   “[by] (-the guilt of) the real adm-soul. 
     [is] every (NEB ; adj.) – real adm-soul’s imprisoned (matrix-) word (UA-S). ,
     [as] all (-the ones) (NEB ; adj.) – [of] the UAS sceptre.” ; 

this could be a close interpretation ;


xxxxxxx      lower register [the eden region]       xxxxxxxxx

– most of the weird figures and names in this register are unclear 
(apart from the fact that obviously they are slaughtering again) ,
but this level is important because we need to know where the stalk came from ; 
note how in the fulltext
the cut-off eden vertical axis is not termed NN here but ‘Q’ , 
in glyph ÂQ+knife reading “to cut-off the Q (-axis) of eden-willpower” ;
the ‘acquired’ UAS-sceptre in the rightside of register :
… see also D in previous register ;
– both women stand forward yet are looking back – so they “give something” ,
and next to both it writes respectively
      “(the UAS sceptre-) as the acquired one” , 
      “(the UAS sceptre’s eden-) word to stand upright” (at matrix-vector) ;

it doesn’t mean that there are now ‘two sceptres’ 
but “two eden constructs contained within this UAS sceptre”   —
shown by the next woman
who is completely facing the left – so she represents eden ,
offering two “pupils” in both her hands , as these two constructs ,
but both now have the náture of the matrix (shown by the guy behind her) ; writing
    “[to be] (the pupils of-) the “T” of alike-adam (‘in the matrix’).       +
      [in] the belly (‘their to-be gate-construct in the middle-register’). 
      [of] the Ba-spirit bird (‘corrupt adm-souls’).” ,

… these two puplis
will be “the eden cornerstone” and “the eden-hand with the tree of life” ,
the first will provide ‘their speech’ and the other ‘their words’ 
(that’s why they separated both constructs : or it will be dangerous to them !) ;
and note
how “the pupils” will show up in the úpper register ; 
fulltext of this register
starting at the far rightside ,
“[by] he. the double leg (‘matrix-axis downward to mt.tsiun’).        +
to become Sekhem-power (‘a type matrix-power ruling light by speech’). ,
[by means of] the Ba-spirit bird. [..] the “T” of the real adm-soul. to know. ,  
[by] becoming. this. guarded (‘by matrix’, adj.) – (matrix-) field. ,
[in order to be] (matrix-) existence. [by means of]      +     
the speech (adj.) – [of] (eden-) existence. to divinely transform (KHPRÁ). 
[and therewith] (mátrix-) existences to make (‘as concept’). above (‘north’). 
[as] the great. this. god. ;                                                          [<< existences to make]
[by means of] to come the branch (‘the stalk’) (adj.).     +
[óf] the double root for the pillar.      +                                [<< not : come ÂPEP !]
[in order] for. (matrix-) existences to make. ,  
     (to become the covering áakb , “grievous” ? ; unknown concept still)
     (matrix-) existences to make.      +
     [by] to be word of the (matrix-) “T” (of the to-be) (matrix-) house-H. ;
[and so]      +
(matrix-) existences to make. [by the] cut-off the words hé made (=eden) (SFU+).  
[now as] the main ones. [by] the (matrix-) “T” alike-eden. :      +
[because then]       +
by. the lights of he (=eden) for the (matrix-) KH-house (‘enemies’).        +  
[as] the flame of words of the AM (-tree) (=’eden-tree of life’ ; AMAA likely).      +
making (eden-) existences. , 
to become transformed. [for] the corrupt adm-soul.    +                      [likely not : S-KHPR]
[by] the (ones of?-) the flame(-s) (of the T of-) the hand. [of] the corrupt adm-soul .
existences to make. to give. ;                                                                          [likely not S-T’TT+]

      above :
      we’re sure about the first half (and see posted CT) but we don’t exactly 
      understand yet “what happens with the words áfter they are stolen
      (and have been ‘purified’ by the sekhet nets)” – though it seems that they
      are transferred to their throne , see next :
[therefore by] the (matrix-) flame at the double-T of the corrupt adm-soul.      +
the evil (adj.) – (eden-) house. to destroy. , 
[because now by] the “T” of (matrix-) existence. (matrix-) existences to make. , 
[and by] the (matrix-) throne (ÁST). [of] speech. (matrix-) existence to become new. ;

part II
(‘existence become new’ was a closing)

“the evil ones (‘eden words’) (TA=TU). [to be] nót. ;                                        [<< to exist not]
[but instead] ,     +
(be the dangerous practice of-) the evil words to go compléte (-for matrix).      +
[at?] (matrix-) “T” of (matrix-) willpower of speech (RÂ-T).          +
[as?] the (matrix-) words of “T” of the (matrix-) shadow. ,              [<< T is eden stone ?]

    above :
    a good chance that the eden-stone is now there – because of “speech + words”
    but we don’t know yet what that ‘shadow’ means ; 
[and by means of?] the evil foremost one (=eden stone, likely) to imprison 
    (‘evil foremost one of hail (!) fór the speech of the KH-house ; (KHNRÁ+).       +
[by?] the Ba-spirit birds. ,
to slay (eden-) willpower. [of?] the cut-off Q-axis (QÂ). at (?). the (by eden-) made “T”. ,
[and so for?] the West.       +   
[..] [to be] this. image (‘by eden’, adj.?) – [for] (eden-) existences to make. , 
[and so by] he – the top (?, adj.?-) – [of] the mouth (‘eden gate of speech’).       +
[in] the (dimensional-) background.          +
[..] [to be] the main things (adj.) – [of] existences to make. ,
[in order?] (matrix-) existences. to acquire. ;

       what he wanted to say … ?
       ‘at the place of the axis bend was the mouth (eden gate)’ ? .. that is possible :
       the gate “spoke the (eden-) words into the north-realm” (Behemoth)
       befóre the goat-Râ invaded — and the gate indeed must have been 
       ‘at the border’ of the lower and middle register ;
[and so] (matrix-) existences to make. [as] the ones of the (matrix-) dimension. ,
[as] existences to make. [by] (matrix-) existence. him Sélf.      +
[through] the word decree by law. ,
[and] (matrix-) existences to make. [for] (matrix-) existence.    +
[bý] he. the hail (by) the mountain (‘mt tsiun’). ;
[because] (matrix-) existences to make. (matrix-) ânkh life.       +

     [rest : tomorrow]
the ones to command. existences to make. existence. he the Self. 
word by decree of law. become the great (-pillar). this. god. ,
(matrix-) word of hail. become the great (-pillar). this. god. , 
existences to make. to be praised (‘matrix-dawn related’). (matrix-) house. ,
the divine Djed pillar. this. become things SKHR. for.
[Budge:] by the adam-like (matrix-) words (matrix-) existence to become new.”

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