AMDUAT IV : stealing the moon ;
first stage : creating the corridor
by the island in the lower register
to have three types of light



note at hour IV :
if you will read Budge parallel – see link below – please note that he skipped
several lines and ‘names of deities and constructs’ thinking these were double written
where in fact they are puns – see also his comment at the end of page 81 ;
note #2 – see below :
in the centre shows the SHEN-glyph (‘circuit’) , almost certainly depicting eden’s binary 
with their axis artificially attached to it – hence “the ropes” in the glyph , as ‘bound to it’ ;
then ,
the ÂNKH-symbol typically belongs to the upper register , the Mystery-Babylon region ,
but may very well “be the SHEN-glyph upon a pole” – as elongated attached axis ;
because it is (this axis to-) the eden-moon which pówers the ÂNKH concept :
meaning that in previous hour III and in this IV we named both their main symbols of power ;

                        upper register :   the matrix-realm – in prophets ‘Egypt’ – which becomes Mystery-Babylon
                        middle register : a ‘border realm of the matrix’ – in prophets ‘Assyria’ – which exchanges
                                                          and transforms stolen eden-concepts towards their north ;
                                                          this register usually “explains what theme the boat of Râ” – first one to left – 
                                                          will execute : this “invasion of eden” is ‘the goat’ in book Daniel ,
                                                          and now you see why “its feet did not touch the ground” !
                        lower register :   eden’s influential sphere as “the south land” contáining mt.tsiun which
                                                          carries the eden garden 
hour IV

the fourth hour , as the depiction above :
… the mural indeed ‘reads like a book’ , albeit a difficult one ; we neither understand (-yet) every detail 
represented by the many deities and scenes ; therefore we tried to show you the “main story line”
using coloured characters A , B , C , etcetera :
– in the page below will follow their description at the corresponding coloured character ;
– perhaps it’s an idea to open a new tab for the depiction and scroll through this page ;
– it is really interesting to read along ,
    see all glyphs and the English interpretation of Budge by skipping through the originals , 

short overvieuw :
this hour IV is a prelude to next hour V – the actual ‘stealing of the moonlight’ :
– the “slanted corridor” in the mural is the same axis as shown in the drawing above ;
– they created “an island” in the top of the lower register
    at a spot where the eden-moon passes by ,
    and by connecting that island to their north they created ‘the knife’ as this corridor ;
– the eden-moon is shown in lower register as the serpent carrying 14 heads ,
    and the type light which will actually ascénd into the corridor is shown by the serpent
    in the left lower corner – as “(matrix-) white (silver-) (moon-) light”  H’ETCH  —
    spells can be very evasive but lateron will show this light will feed the matrix-moon ; 
– Horus (middle register) offers the representative – as eye – óf the eden moon to Thoth
    (the latter is in prophets “the king of Mystery-Babylon”) ;
– at their island they somehow separate (filter) (?) the moonlight
    into “extracted eden willpower” now as “lights” flowing to their north
    as well as “(eden-) words” ,
    but something is with that latter term :
    in previous hour III they needed “eden words to can breathe
    but the same term hére means “light-particles” or “essences” and not so much ‘air’ —
    thése particular words (‘light particles’) they need as three aspects :
    1. “to can make their (type-) word with” ,
    2. “as light (-particles)” , here termed “the eden dawn” (nHp) , of which God in prophets
         says “who will close the (matrix-) gate – so that my light will not illumine the (matrix-)
         dimension for free ?” , and
    3. “(lights-) essence for to make physicality and/or physical things”  —  this aspect will
         show better in next hour IV (in this mural the KHAT-essences give us some problems) ;
– “speech” or “vibration / frequency” :
      bit similar problem as above : the eden-stone (hour III) was particularly about ‘speech’ ,
      but because much (all ?) in this mural is about “essences” – see above ,
      the term “speech” can be “frequency” (see other moon pages for Cymatics)  :
      we can only know for sure which one was intended if we get more familiar with the lights ;
that – except for details – the interpretation of this mural is correct and Legally valid ;


Amduat fourth hour
[the descent towards the eden moon]


middle register

above the Râ boat :                                                                                                            [tricky]
… text against the ceiling , starting to right fróm the slanted corridor towards the left ; 
note : the term “word” used here can be understood as “light-particles” ,
and there are 3 types ‘lights’ which they steal from the moon (see upper register)
but in this – tricky – section they need the lights for the (matrix-) word to make ;
“[in order for]         +
existences to make (‘as concept’). , the (eden-) word. (must) obey (‘listen’). ,
[by] this. he. to become the word of the (matrix-) voice (or: sound).        +
[for] (matrix-) existences to make. ;
[therefore] , 
to become the descending (‘to matrix’) words.     +           [<< through the corridor]
[fór] the (matrix-) speech. [for] existences to make. ,
[and so to be] (matrix-) existence.     +
[as] he. to become hail bý the mountain (mt. tsiun). 
[through] (=eden-) existence to make. to guide. ;
[yet] he. the Sight (‘reaped eden-Sight’). [to be by] the evil (eden-) “T”. nót.
       (= the “T” likely is the eden cornerstone) 
[but instead] , 
these ones. [to?] the pool fór (matrix-) existence át (?) the NN (‘rams horns’). 
for. the matrix-word to make. to guide. ,                                 [<< guide those words to it]

[and so by] he. the (matrix-) construct (‘boat’). existence. mouth. \\main root. 
the flames (+alike-adam? 2x lost but ii fits) of the real adm-soul’s. (eden-) existence.
[for] (matrix-) existence of hail. ; 
[and by] this. to be the words of (matrix-) quality.         +
for. (matrix-) existences to make. above (‘north’).         + 
[as] the great this. god. ,                                                                          [<< existences to make]
[by means of] the hand (‘matrix executive region’) to make to build.”  
above : 
… the NN “rams horns” is their created section of the eden axis (see hour III) ,
and upon one of those is the eden stone (SET-stone) ;
but we are not sure how come “the mouth” here – that is confusing ;
     next ,
     the names of those towing Râ : 
1. to sacrifice (‘eden-willpower’, MAÂ). [to] (matrix-) existence. to extend. ,
     [to be] the (matrix-) word. [as] inversed hail (‘matrix wisdom’ ; SAÁ?).   + 
     [by means of] (eden-) willpower. [through] the feather (=the corridor). to extend. ; 

(next – according to Budge’s glyphs,)
2. to connect. the word. [to] (matrix-) speech. [of] the (matrix-) dome (‘north’). 
     [as] the word. [for] he. the (matrix-) speech. [of] imprisoned (eden-) word.
     [of] the dome of speech above. ; 
3. to connect. (eden-) speech. [to] he. (matrix-) existence. [of] speech. ,
     [to be] word. [by] the (matrix-) “T” of beauty. [for] (matrix-) speech of hail. ,
4. the adam-like hidden (or: mysterious land (SHTAI). ; 
if one thing is sure from this section ,
it is that the Râ boat is – unlike almost all other concepts in this mural –
dominantly about “making matrix speech (-from the lights of the eden moon)” ;

above Horus , ‘giving the eye’ to Thoth :      
… it is very unusual that Horus faces to left , “giving the Utchat eye” :
he can only face to left because ‘he had eden aspects’, see hour three ,
meaning also that he is the GUARDIAN of this entire corridor construct ;
    the eye itself :
    representing ‘the eden moon’ but as the matrix-construct stealing it
    because the eye is called \\SEKER , see next hour five ;
[line ends at the slanted corridor to left] 
the words (‘light-particles’) to become by the hidden (matrix-) land (SH-TA+).     +
[of] the West (-dimension). ,
[where] (eden-) existence. to connect to (matrix-) splendour.      +
[by] to connect to. the way (‘corridor’). [to] above (‘north’). ;
[because of] the way. (eden-) existence. to become hidden. ,
[and so?] existences to make (‘as concept’). [by] the own. (matrix-) existence. 
[by means of] (=eden-) existences to make. to guide. ;
by. this. to be the things of (matrix-) quality.  [for] (matrix-) existences to make.
[and so] (matrix-) existence to become new. ;  

above :
the ‘(=eden-) existences to make’ , S-N , probably must have been N-ÁR ;
      text inbetween both :
      a heavy pun : Horus seems to say , 
      “the (eden-) word. [of] spacious (adj.) – willpower.
      [by] the support (-pillar). [to be] the spacious (matrix-) word. [of now matrix-] willpower.” ,

      while Thoth has an even more tricky one ;
      the “support pillar” here must be the one from hour II which they flew in
      as their construct which will support their matrix-moon ;

right half of register (fulltext) :
.. starting from the end of the register back until Horus , 
“to become the splendour. [for] the (matrix-) land. , 
by. (matrix-) existences to make (‘as forms’). [for] above (‘north ; upper register’). ,
[by means of] it (‘=they : the 3 figures’). (matrix-) existence. to enter. , 
[through] these things. to tow (‘via the corridor’). [to] (matrix-) existence. ;
[and] he (‘matrix-existence’). to guide the things. ;
[then?] by. Anubis. to guard (-them?). ,
[and] existence to make. [for] (matrix-) existence. [by] the stargate (=SBAT). 
[as] the “T” of (matrix-) existence. [of] the West (-dimension). ;
[and] the things to enter (-there). [by] which. to become connected to splendour. 
[by means of] to connect to. the (eden-) word (‘light-particles’).          +
[of?] (eden-) speech. [for] (matrix-) speech. ,
[in order] for. (matrix-) existences to make.          +
[so that] (matrix-) existence becomes new.” ; 

–  line ends above the guy with two plumes as head  ; 

[all of the-] slanted corridor

… the “slanted axis running towards the serpent with 14 heads in lower right”
is the same concept as in the drawing of the binary (see CT 72) ,
but do note that théy see “eden being at the wrong dimensional vector” ;
inside the corridor – in the upper register
in the region where they seek to build Mystery-Babylon , 
“[at] (the foreign-land-) the (eden-) things to tow (to) the (matrix-) mouth.   +
  [in order to be] (matrix-) existence.” ;

– the “foreign land glyph” is not depicted here but usually part of R-STHAu” ;
– the foreign land is the place of stealing the eden moon light ;
– the ‘mouth’ is their gate-region in the middle-register 
  and – probably – as ‘the woman head’ in next hour V ; 
      this type of “light-essence” which they steal apparently has to cross through
      the mouth – as stargate , and compare the line in prophets “who of you will close 
      the (matrix-) gate so that their realm will not be lit up for free by My light” ;
      and ofcourse the term ‘light’ is important here ;
inside the first ‘door’ in the corridor :
it writes
“[to be] divine union (‘by to reap eden’ , SMA). [through] the knife (‘corridor’). ,
[by] the (matrix-) island (-in lower register). [tó] the (matrix-) land to unite. ,  
[and so to be] the T’ES-knife (‘the corridor’). [for] (matrix-) willpower. (for M-realm).” ;

so ,
they will make “an island in the top of the lower register” (say in eden’s dimension)
and link that island via this passage to their north ; 
therewith creating a vector as a knife called T’ES :
as “the knife of the corrupt adm-soul to the (matrix-) hand” (see Râ’s boat for ‘hand’)
and likely intended as “stabbing downwards” – opposed to the mirrorglyph SET’
as “tail” , if you imagine the south as an animal and the corridor being a tail ; 
horizontally upon the floor of the upper-register : 
… before corridor turns downward ; start with lower line , 
“(matrix-) existences to make (‘as forms’).          +
[by means of] the (eden-) word (‘light-particles’). to obey (‘to listen’). ,
[by] this. he. to become the (matrix-) word of voice. ;
[and so] (matrix-) existences to make. [but to] he. (matrix-) existence.      +
to come the (eden-) root of willpower. nót. ;
[but instead] ,
(come as-) the god (=willpower).     +

[from] the double (matrix place-) “T” of (matrix-) speech (=their island).       +
the things to tow (-to north). , 
[by?] the mysterious (adj.?) – (matrix-) speech. [for?] the road (‘the passage’). ;            
[2nd line :]

existence. to listen. T. he. voice. land. existence. he. existence. come T. to inverse. 
the gods (=divine things?). to tow. speech (=mouth?). which is. the things of the hidden land. 
(things-) to tow. ;
the corridor in middle register :
in the slanted door :  

“by the sickles (‘as doors’?). [in] the knife (‘the slanted corridor’). 
[is] the island (‘reaping eden moon’).      +
[of] (matrix?-) willpower. [for] the (eden-) things to reap. , 
[through] the T’ES-knife (‘attacking corridor’). [of] the M-realm (?).” ; 

then ,
in the slanted corridor néxt to the door in the middle register :

(start with lower line) , 
the (‘specific’-) eye (=eden-moon ; PTR ‘eye of speech as the one (T) root’).            
[of] (eden-) existence. to sacrifice (‘eden-willpower to reap’, MAÂ). 
[and so] (eden-) existence. by the hidden land (SHTA). to guide. ;

[because by] he. [are] the lights of cut-off (eden-) willpower  (SHÂ+).      + 
[for] the (matrix) dome of (matrix-) speech above (‘north’). ;
[through] the divine \\ SEKER (‘matrix double-speech át that island’).   +
[by] which are (?). the KHAT-essences                             (===not : ‘dead’)
the things to enter. which is. [into] the road (‘the slanted corridor’). ;
[next : upper line :]
       [and so] the double eye. [of] (eden-) existence.   +                  [<< binary?]
       [by?] the two pupils (‘Horus’ eyes’). [of] (matrix-) existence. to guide. ;    
he. the lights of cut-off (eden-) willpower  (SHÂ+). 
[by] the dome. [of] the divine \\ SEKER. [by] which are. the KHAT-essences.
things to come. to connect to. existence. to tow. ; 

above :
… you see we run from the one cryptic term into the next one   —
technically it may not be “(a specific-) eye” but “Sight” in some way ,
however it’s all difficult enough already and it shóws an eye ; 
– the KHAT-essences : 
depicted as ‘jumping fish’ having a mixed matrix-eden nature (K-H) ,
but do they get this mixed nature bý Seker’s speech ? and then go up ? ;
in the lower register this KHAT-essences returns at the serpent with the
head on its tail which is facing left , but we fail to understand that section still ;

F.               [-lower register]
the room with the winged disk
starting at the right : the door, the winged dish and 2 figures :
there are
1. the goddess called “MAÂT”, ‘justice’ , but the context of that term is
      “by to sacrifice eden-willpower (Â)’ ; that’s their idea of justice ;
2. the figure with arms at an angle means “place of the EDEN-Vector” 
      because the slanted corridor is the eden vector in order for them to invade ; 
      the figure is called 
      “the (matrix) sanctuary. (at?) the sky-dome (=register)” ; 
3. the beetle is KHEPER
      so this place is one ‘of transformation’ ; 
4. and a text reading (from left to right) :
“the darkness. [of] (eden-) speech (“sound”). to connect to. (matrix-) existence. ,
[and so for] (matrix-) existence. to become the flourishing things (=AKH). ;
by [means of] it (‘sound’). to transform. 
[for] the dome of (matrix-) speech above (‘north’). [of] eden-within. ;   
       (=the dome in north is the one ‘of eden-within’) 
[to be] [… unreadable…] [by means of]            +
the serpent MEN-N-NU (‘eden moon’ , lit. : “the serpent to go daily sacrifice”)

a door to lower register in next hour 5 , reading
“[to be] the eternal (matrix-) light. [as] (matrix-) existence.          +
[by] the T’ES knife (‘slanted corridor’). for. eternity (or: for ‘the millions’ – of spirits).” ; 

the serpent with 14 heads on its back – as ‘the eden moon (-light)’ :
1. it crawls BACKwards (‘toward the left’) meaning it is GIVING something (from eden) ; 
2. the 14 heads as “the first 14 days of the (eden-) month” where the 15th day is
     nót included — because that day the matrix month will start through théir moon ;
     it is unclear why stars are depicted only beneath six heads (others got lost ?) ;
2. also unclear is why “it has 3 heads” ;
     the serpent shows as ‘speckled’ which is usually depicting “a mixture” ,
     here perhaps as “the essence of the deep-south” which however became of great
     quality because now as ‘eden moon light’ ;
3. its name is SAN N MEN SAN MEN-NU-T+walk ; 
     “to come (the serpent as-) the daily sacrifice. [for?] the son (=’15th day’?). , 
      [to be] stability. [of] (matrix-) existence / [by?] the son-construct (‘this place’?).” 

     you see the puns are very tricky ;
     we had spells naming this place “the island , the field , or the son-construct” ;
4. the text above this serpent section reads :
     [budge adds the first word) , read from right to left , 
“[by] the (serpent as the-) daily sacrifice. 
[to be] (matrix-) stability. [of] the things above (‘north’). 
through. (matrix-) the speech (‘sound’) to manifest (-there). ;
[by means of] (divine-) transformation. the (matrix-) things to birth. ,
[because through?] the (matrix-) speech (‘sound’). all. the (matrix-) light. 
[of] the “T” (‘the one’) of the (=real) adm-soul. [to be] within (-the matrix) (=ÁM). ;
[because] the light (-of the backbone) (‘this knife-axis ?’, PST’).      +  
[..]. to connect to (matrix-) wick-H’ of hail (‘an axis in their north’ ; ÁH’-TH, pun). , 
[through] (eden-) existence. [by] the hidden mysterious (matrix-) land (SHTA).    +
this. to guide.”                                                          
       (=eden-existence is guided by this place in the hidden land)

above :
… it is always very difficult to grasp whát they were saying and referring to  —
the slanted corridor as T’ES-knife (attacking eden) is now “positive” as P-ST’ 
as pun on “the tail” (SET’) as an axis to above , added “(the tail) to the root P” ? ;
5. skipped : the two serpents in the middle of the register :
simply too difficult – and unreadable – for now ;
the seated and standing deities :
their names  :
1. two standing deities :
     “to connect. adam-like. existence. to connect to. the (matrix-) dimension.” ;
      and the other one ,
     “the bird-leg of the double connection. [to?] the son (-construct) (as?) SH-pool.” ;
2. a sitting mummy BENNI ,
     “adam-like. existence. [as] (matrix-) existence. [of] the solarplane.” 
3. a lion goddess ,
     “to connect. the below (‘south’). [to] (matrix-) existence by wick-H’ (axis in north).” ;
4. and a seated horned goddess ,
     “the (eden-) “T” to open. [and] tie together to the (matrix-) “T” (‘north’).” ; 
above ;
we don’t understand all the peculiarities of the names and features ;
the goddess “sitting on no chair” may mean “hovering about the original eden house-H” 
(that square sky dome) , while the mummy ón that chair may mean that now they have
acquired that house-H for themselves ;
anyway – it is very clear that the act of stealing – by connecting – is depicted in these ;
2. the text above them :
reading from right to left , 
“[to] (matrix-) existence. existence to make (‘as forms’).       +
the ones to connect to. to arrive (-in matrix). ,                                             [<< these forms arrive]
[by means of] the ÂH’TH chamber [=wrong spelled] . [in] this. hidden land (SHTA). 
(eden-) existence. to connect to. to tow. 
[namely as] the speech (‘sound’). [bý] the (matrix-) island of the (matrix-) land.       +
[in order] for. (matrix-) existences to make (‘as concept’). to stand upright (-at matrix-vector). ;
the willpower. the way (‘corridor’). (eden-) existence. to make (ÁR). to guide. ,
    (=who is doing what here ?)
[and] this. to become things of (matrix-) quality. for. (matrix-) existences to make. ,
[and so] (matrix-) existence becomes new. ; 

above :
… so they want “the type existence which eden makes” (N-ÁR)
to change it into “their type , what the matrix makes” (S-N)
(and the latter “must stand upright” in their north) ;
they ‘guide’ the former – by stealing it – but the ‘willpower’ is confusing here :

the boat section [-to left] :
… a boat usually means that ‘something is ferried-over to their north’ , here as a serpent :
name of the serpent :
“the (eden-) word. [of] willpower. [for] (matrix-) existence.                    [=NÂU-serpent in spells]
  to come. [as] the white (matrix-) light. [for] to illumine (glyph).”               [white light = H’ETCH]

then ,
the text above the boat – reading from right to left , 
“[by] the construct (‘boat’). [to be] the important things (adj.) – [for] (matrix-) existence. ,
 [being?] the double (?) word of voice (‘sound’). for. he. the (matrix-) ânkh life. ; 
[by] the ÁH’T house (‘north’ = matrix moon ÁÂH’). to connect to. this. hidden land (SHTA). ,
[and so?] the (matrix-) land. to connect to. the towed (-one) (?). ,
[in order for] the speech (‘sound’). he. to stand upright (-at matrix vector). ;

[and] the ÂH’TH chamber (‘place of eden-moon steal’). to guard. ,
[and so by] he. to become the great (matrix-) pillar.     +
[by] he. the things of the (matrix-) construct (‘boat’). [now] within (-in matrix) (=ÁM). ;
this. become things of (matrix-) quality. for. (matrix-) existences to make. ,
[in order that] (matrix-) existence becomes new.” ; 

above :
… this must be the idea ,

upper register :

fulltext + several descriptions
.. not easy to understand yet this register is important because its ‘the result’ of
the steal and must tell “how it guides the lower register” ;
text , starting at the end – rightside – of the picture ,
above the 3 deities at the right :
“[to be] the splendidness. [by means of] this. road (‘the corridor’). 
by. to make the hidden (matrix-) land.       +
[and so for?] the (matrix-) speech (‘frequency’?).
the “T” (‘the one = word’?) to be given. ;
the serpent neHep (‘eden dawn’). to guard. ,
[and so] existences to make (‘as forms’). [by] (matrix-) existence.
[by means of] (eden-) existence. to make (ÁR). to guide. ; 
[and] by. this.    +
to become the things of (matrix-) quality. for. (matrix-) existences to make. 
[in order] (matrix-) existence to become new. ; 

above :
the subject as ‘what’ is given is not entirely clear – however , one of the goddesses
is called SHMÂ-U , “word of the south” , where this glyph ‘south’ (the other one is RES)
reads “the south / of eden-willpower / to wander-astray” , so “the hidden land south” ;
above the serpent Neh’ebkau – having 2 heads at 1 , and 1 head at other side :     
this weird creature occasionally appears in spells ,
he must represent “their corridor now feeding their register” since the left head
is facing left and is ‘guided’ by the figure (and see text under 1 above) ; 
‘the neck’ : the serpent’s name is
“things to double (-for matrix). by the neck (‘an axis’).” 
(as opposed to other axis like ‘the leg’ which is far south in the lower register) ;
    – in prophets , a Jeremiah chapter about Rezin , which is about crystalline ,
    it writes something like “and the water will rise to the neck (of Mystery-Babylon)”
    before that flood will cross over to earth” – we need to check that ;
    and ofcourse there is the infamous “7 necks of the Beast” in Revelation
    which is mirrored in a “7 necks” spell ;  these can be the “7 ÂRRIT gates”
    (‘corridors’, like this one) but we think these are part of previous third hour ;
above the serpent is written ,
“he. the (matrix-) speech (‘frequency’).    +
[is by] the main (eden-) root. [of] the (eden-) word in the (dimensional-) background.
    (=eden ; while that ‘word’ are ‘light particles’) 
[in order] for. he. the (matrix-) ânkh life. ;
all. light. [..]. [by] the (matrix-) throne (ÁST). 
[as] speech (‘frequency’). [to] he. (matrix-) existence to come. ,
which is [by]. things to tow (‘through that corridor’). 
speech. to connect to. existence. to tow. 
[in order] (matrix-) existence. to become splendid. ;
[because by means of] the way (‘corridor’). [is] this. (matrix-) dimension. 
which is. [by] he. the (matrix-) throne. [of] (matrix-) speech. , 
[and by] this. to become the things of (matrix-) quality.    +
[in order] for. he. (matrix-) existence to become new.” ; 
[next line :]
“this. way (‘corridor’). [to] above (‘north’). [is?] the double god. ,
[because by] he. (the eden-root-) to open (UP). , 
[and by means of this] way. (eden-) existence. to make (ÁR). to guide. , 
[in order] for. to be the things of (matrix-) quality. ,
as. (matrix-) existence becoming new. “

then ,
skipped : the winged serpent at 4 legs :
… another weird creature – it faces left so it is ‘giving something (of eden)’ ;
the only clue we understand that it shows KHAT-essences (the ‘jumping fish’)
– also in middle register was this KHAT : through what SEKER speaks ? ,
– and in lower register the KHAT appears again at the serpent with the 1 head ;
  perhaps KHAT is some “essence to make physicality” (because in lower register
  the ‘real adm-soul , the corrupt adm-soul and gods’ are mentioned) ,
  but unless we understand what the second keyterm “reaped wings” is about 
  we can only gúess what this serpent represents ;
above the monster-ureaus :
at the ureaus , depicted as “a transformed eden aspect of fiery energy” 
which itsélf climbed up to their north — since the ureaus is facing to left ,
“to become splendidness.       +
[by means of] the way (‘corridor’). [tó] (matrix-) existence. to guide. , 
[and] by. this. to become the things of (matrix-) quality. 
[in order] for. (matrix-) existence to become new. ;

     the deity next to it
     seemingly ‘offers two pupils’ – and he álso completely faces to left 
     and is called “the great (-pillar) the god” which is strange in this situation ;
     he may represent a conquered form of the serpent Â-P-P (Apep ; eden)
     which is “the double root fór the pillar” and hence the two offerings he makes ;
above the monster scorpion ÂNKH-T :
… in other spells we saw that their ânkh life means “revolving speech in the
atmosphere in their north dimension” as “speech which can command the words 
light-particles (=as environment)” ;
“[by means of] the way (‘corridor’). [to be] main (adj.) – (matrix-) existence. ,
[because of] the things to tow. [for] to make speech (=S-R).    +
[and it] (‘speech’) to stand upright (‘at matrix-vector’). ,
to become the things of (matrix-) quality. as. existence becoming new. ; 

above the three serpents next to eachother :                      [A 3-FOLD LIGHT ?]
… we had the problem until now of searching ‘type lights (‘words’)
which are provided by – stolen from – the eden moon :
– “just light” , light-particles , lighting up their realm ,
– “light-particles by which they make their matrix-words” (at the throne region ?)
     though this theme does not appear so evident here ,
– and “light particles” , as KHAT-essences , to make the physical body with (?) ;
    this may be the meaning of these 3 separate serpents
    (and is this provided BY the 3-headed serpent with wings having four feet ?) ;
  their names :
 “the (3 !-) lights. [as] the essences. [for] to dress. (matrix-) existence (-with). , 
  [because for] the (matrix-) speech above (‘north’). [to be] the words of the dome. 
  [as] the ones of the belly (‘lower register’). [for] (matrix-) existences to make.” 

  YES – threefold !
skipped : far left , the serpent with a head :
… text is damaged , obscure and if written in haste  —
glyphs as ‘son’ ,’to make (by eden)’ and ‘corrupt adm-soul’ (bolt-S) show , suggesting 
that the serpent with the head is the spirit-body for the Cain/Esau corrupt soul 
made of eden-aspects — since the snake faces to the left so something was given ;