Amos 1 : the Double Trap :
   judgment foresaid against
  M-Babylon and her regions :
   copied gate , her furnaces ,
 copied paradise in solarplane
and the fort of sons of Ammon 

  [final version ; 2022-07jul.07]


                                      part I  — continued in chapter 2

judgment is foresaid against :
a) Damascus ,
… as the matrix gate being a copy of the eden gate in the south ;
the ‘bar’ of Damascus is a lock , a seal , represented by the stolen
tried cornerstone – but the stone will be rescued 
and be founded in ‘the wilderness’ (north) as the base of new eden ;
b) Gaza ,
… representing the furnaces that burned our Originals ;
c) Tyre ,
… in prophets it is another name of Mystery-Babylon herself ;
the core line is too corrupted here but Revelation tells her end , as well ; 
d) Edom ,
… interesting one — as their copied eden paradise : in the solarplane ;
we already found several spells and do a page on it asap ; 
e) Rabbah ,
… as the fortress of ‘the sons of Ammon’ , 
who use their ‘Great Speech’ to command the daughter of tsiun 
(the woman in Revelation) to bring forth words which they then steal ;
hence the Ammon sons are the direct enemies of the 144 ; 

corruptions : rather grave and the core of line 9 is lost ;
theme : context 100% restored 

Amos 1 

intro : the context of this chapter is the time of the end :
The words of Amos, who was among the herdmen of Tekoa, which he 
saw concerning Israel in the days of Uzziah king of Judah, and in the 
days of Jeroboam the son of Joash king of Israel, two years before the 
the words of – Amos (‘burden’ = unresolved problem)
who – was – [=among] the herdsmen – [=of] Tekoa (‘(trumpet-) blow’) ,
which – he saw=received – [=concerning] – Ishral        +
in the days of – Uzziah – king of – Judah ,
[=as] in the days of – Jerobeam – son of – Joash – king of – Ishral , 
two=three (?) – years – before – the earthquake ; 

note :
… this ‘earthquake’ is also mentioned in Zecheriah , and since this book
is about the endtime “the earthquake” must symbolize the réal end ,
hence it would make sense that “three years” was intended here ;
And he said, The LORD will roar from Zion, and utter his voice from 
Jerusalem; and the habitations of the shepherds shall mourn, and 
the top of Carmel shall wither.   
and he said : 
IEUE – (will) roar – from (mt.-) tsiun (‘in the other reality’)
[=as] setting – his voice – from=against Jerusalem (‘this earth’) ;
[attempt : w/ corrupted :]
and – the shepherds=people (roim=om) – [+in] the abode – (will) mourn
[=because] – the top=whole – carmel=land (‘world’) – (will) perish ;

                                                      —  start  —
A)  the copied eden gate (-of the matrix) + the corner-stone :

Damascus :
TEM in spells (comp. TEM -tam)
is a sledge glyph with likely a drop of
blood at its bottom (compare line 3) ,
the sledge was pulled across the barley
to winnow it – but perhaps also indicating
that something was transported upon it –
while its meaning varies from ‘to complete’
to ‘to destroy’ ; a similar sledge is found in the BAÁ ‘iron’ cluster (see 3) ;
TEM was one of the 9 main matrix constructs named the Ennead ;
the glyphs of the depiction to right translated :
                  “Osiris’ (=matrix) / existence / of great (matrix-) speech /
                   [is by] this / finger (=axis) / [for] (matrix-) existence / 
                   [for] the essence to rise-up / [as] the ones for the mouth
                   (copied gate) / at / TEM” ;
                    this ‘finger’ axis is from the eden gate to their copied one
                    while the ‘essence’ is ‘stolen eden-words (lightparticles)’ ; 
Gilead :
the eden gate is centered in the eden land but higher up as her ,
imagined as upon the hill Gilead here (and see rest of chapter) ;

Thus saith the LORD; For three transgressions of Damascus, 
and for four, I will not turn away [the punishment] thereof; because 
they have threshed Gilead with threshing instruments of iron:
But I will send a fire into the house of Hazael, which shall devour the 
palaces of Benhadad.    
thus – says – IEUE :
[=because of] – [..1x..] – [+the massive] – transgression of – Damascus 
[..] I (will) not – [=reconsider] – the four=punishment [+upon him] :
[=because] – it (‘matrix gate’)      +
(was) threshing – Gilead               [<< hill carrying the eden gate in eden]
[=with] an iron – threshing instrument ;                     [<< see TEM sledge]

[=but] I (will) send – fire – into the house of – (.. hazael ? = hathor ?..) ,
and she (will) devour – the (.. shouting ?..) – (.. citadel ? gate ?..) ;

note :                                                                                     (armnth / shor)
… we can’t verify the used names here : ‘shouting’ seems appropriate 
because the gate is ‘sound’ , and see Amos 5 about the eden gate ;
perhaps ‘the house’ referred to egyptian “hathor” méaning ‘house’ ;
I will break also the bar of Damascus, and cut off the inhabitant from 
the plain of Aven, and him that holdeth the sceptre from the house of 
Eden: and the people of Syria shall go into captivity unto Kir, 
saith the LORD.  
and I will break – the bar (‘lock , seal’) of – Damascus ,     +
[=for] I (will) cut off (‘to save’)             +                                [<< used : -krth]
the inhabitant (‘corner-stone’)           +            [<< or ‘stone’ iushb=abn]
from the wicked plain                              [<< ‘middle-register in Amduat]
[=as] the one (having) grasped          +
the sceptre (‘corner stone’) of – the eden house ;
[unknown / corrupt / added]                                                          [<< see note]
says – IEUE ;

note :
5 b) : it can have said “I will cut off the corner – stone” which is a kind
           of ‘dimensional-anchor’ as the Sea of Glass of the restored gate ;
           in Job it writes “and I created eden by making a gate in the north 
           with a bar” which is the eden gate with the corner stone ;
           Jeremiah chapters tell how the stone was stolen by them ;
– the ‘cut off’ is NOT negative , compare ‘cut a covenant’ ;
– the plain is on top of eden , “on top of eden’s roof” as the ‘hidden land’
    in spells and ‘the middle register’ in Amduat where Ra entered from the
    west (the goat in Daniel) ;
5 d) : unknown :
– it can have said anything – but not Esau’s version , copied from 6b – 
    for the root ‘captivity’ (-glu) can have been ‘stolen’ (-gnb) as well 
    and would make more sense — but even then we can’t know the ending ;

the stone as SET :
often as ‘dog’ , to right , and the kneeling
figure means ‘magically-dangerous concept’
indicating that the stone was stolen ;
we’re not exactly sure hów the stolen stone
relates to their copied gate (because their
realm tends to re-arrange concepts) :
prophets use another term as Tehpanhes
which is (the goddess-) TEFNET which is a
‘inversion glyph’ where the (eden-) stone -T at the start of the name TEFNET 
becomes their stone -T at the end of the name ; 

B)  our imprisoned Originals – and the furnaces region :
Thus saith the LORD; For three transgressions of Gaza, and for four, 
I will not turn away [the punishment] thereof; because they carried away 
captive the whole captivity, to deliver [them] up to Edom: 
thus – says – IEUE :
[=because of] – [..1x..] – [+the massive] – transgression of – Gaza 
[..] I (will) not – [=reconsider] – the four=punishment [+upon him] :
[=because] [=he] took captive           +
the peaceful – exiles ,                             [<< our Originals who left eden]
[..] to deliver [+them] – to edom=oppression (‘torture’) ;

note :
… large theme in prophets : after the Fall they became afraid of God and
went to the north to search help by their father Adam , but he betrayed
them and delivered them to the spirits who tortured them ; 
6 d) : God does not use the word ‘torture’ but ‘oppression’ ;  
But I will send a fire on the wall of Gaza, which shall devour the 
palaces thereof: And I will cut off the inhabitant from Ashdod, and him 
that holdeth the sceptre from Ashkelon, and I will turn mine hand against 
Ekron: and the remnant of the Philistines shall perish, saith the Lord GOD.   
[=but] I (will) send – fire           +
[=against] the (surrounding-) wall of – Gaza ,
and she (will) devour – her citadels ; 

and I (will) cut off (‘to save’)         +
the inhabitant=exiles (‘Originals’) – from Ashdod ,
[=as] [+my] holdeth=people – sceptre=Ishral          +    [<< Originals]
c                         (thumk=om)             (shbt=ishrl)
from Ashkelon ;
and I (will) turn – my hand – [=against] Ekron          +
and    +
the remnant of – the Philistines (‘glyph : NT-spirits’) – (will) perish ,
says – myLord – IEUE ;

note :
… the names of the cities have Canaanite roots therefore it cannot
help us to bend them to old-hebrew roots for it will be a mismatch ; 
however they may have been used to suggest roots by association
like Ekron -eqron intriguingly links to ‘furnace’ -qir

and Ashdod to -shdd ‘destroy’ ;
Gaza :
chosen because the land of the
Philistines was hostile and typically 
contained ‘5 cities’ ;
to right : the furnace H’AT’ is the same           
time ‘a region’ as the ANT-valley which
is also in “the plain of Aven” , see a) ;
the names of the 5 furnaces start with
an -S ‘adam-soul’ and the KETIT one
reads “the real adm-soul’s / aspects of
the adam-like other one / [by] the furnace”
the phrase “adam-like other one”
refers to the Gorgious as vessel ;

second half of chapter ,
C)  about Mystery-Babylon :       [-but core line is too corrupted] 
thus – says – IEUE :
[=because of] – [..1x..] – [+the massive] – transgression of – Tyre 
[..] I (will) not – [=reconsider] – the four=punishment [+upon her] :
 [too corrupted ; suggestions :]                          [see note]
        “she traded in my silver and gold which she plundered”
        “she made the adm-ground desolate to dwell as the rich city”
[=but] I (will) send – fire – [=against] the wall (‘of water’) of – Tyre ,
and she (will) devour – the citadels=city (armnth=oir) ;       [<< Revelation]

note :
… first part of 9c was completely copied from 6c
and not a SINGLE root remained which can jump out or give any clue ;
fortunately it is not too important because we have enough survived
texts dealing with the end of her ; 
D) ‘the field of reeds’ – their copied eden – within the solarplane : 


the Field of Reeds :
… for some reason we have not 
seriously encountered this theme :
we knew that ‘Edom’ was about 
‘this solarplane’ (and further space)
but after searching it turns out that
this theme is about “the false garden”
called ‘the field of reeds’ in Spells ;
cross-readings for the text here are
Ez. 35 “Edom’s perpetual hatred” 
and the region of Edom is pitched
against the eden land (esp. in 36)
therefore the only option is that Edom is this Field of Reeds ,
imagined as a region surrounding the sun as Mystery-Babylon ;
in Revelation the nations that traded with her stand at a distance
as surrounding her and weep when they see her burn ; 
we found a series of PT and CT spells addressing this field
so that will be our next project — if there’s still time ;
the depiction to right is NOT ‘in Egypt itself’ : the legenda does
not support this while the magical wand he holds returns in many
murals about the field of reeds (Nebamum tomb , British Museum) ;

thus – says – IEUE :
[=because of] – [..1x..]            +
[+the massive] – transgression of – Edom (‘as land’) , 
[..] I (will) not – [=reconsider] – the four=punishment [+upon him] :
[=because] – he (has) pursue=shed – [+the blood of]            +
[+the sons of] – brother=Ishral (‘potential 144’) (achi=ishrl)          +
[=by] the sword ;                                        [c-h : acc. to Ez.35:5 , see note]
[=therefore] [+their] corrupt=blood – (will) pity=which         +
[..] he tear=hated – (will) [..] future=persue [+him] ,
[+because] – he kept – a perpetual – [=hatred] (lit: ‘enmity’)        +
and wrath [+against them] ;

[=but] I (will) send – fire – [=upon] Theman (‘glyph T’MIÁ !’)        +
and she (will) devour – the bozrah=field (-of reeds) (btsr=shd) ;

note :
… reading Ez.35 and 36 it shows that Edom fights two fronts :
ánd the eden-land of the Originals ánd adm-souls on earth   —
however from the text (in 35) is not exactly clear which group
of souls is intended : though ofcourse he hates all of Jacob 
(since he is the corrupt bloodline) his focus most be on the sons
(throughout history – but especially in the endtime)
because they are the only ones being a real threat to him !
12 b) : Theman :
             we knew a glyph ‘cities + T’EMIÁ’ (alike-adam’s , MIÁ)
             but now we saw a T’EMIÁ+boat as ‘the field of reeds’ ;
             that it indeed has ‘cities’ shows Ez. 35:9 ;
E)  ‘the Ammon sons’ (‘counter-144’) + the daughter of tsiun :
thus – says – IEUE :
[=because of] – [..1x..]         +
[+the massive] – transgression of – the sons of – Ammon , 
[..] I (will) not – [=reconsider] – the four=punishment [+upon them] :
[=because] – they ripped=oppressed        +
the women=daughter of – [+tsiun] – (at?-) Gilead (‘dysfunct eden gate’) ,
in order – to enlarge=sustain – their (own-) territory (‘north’) ;

[=but] I (will) send – fire       +
[=against] – the wall of – Rabbah (‘to shoot arrows’)
and she (will) devour – the citadel ;
[w/ totally corrupt : required : 144 theme :]
[+and] [+their] shouting (‘authoritative words’) – (will) [+end]       +
in the day of – battle ,
in=for [+they] (will be) tempest=slain (?) – in the day – [..1x..]         +
[..1x..] – the he=sons of – [..] princes=Ishral (shri=ishrl)       +
[..] (will) come – king=against them (mlk=ol) , [..1x..] – says – IEUE .

note :
13 c) : daughter of tsiun :
              by stealing her words – see all posted spells ;
14 a) : Rabbah : exact what they do : by commanding the daughter ;
14 b) : shouting : always used as “victorious shouting while treading
              grapes”, referring to their commanding , and see the gate in A) ;
14 e) : in several prophets is ‘the 144 coming against the Ammon sons’ ;
              in Ez.25:4 it are not “the sons of the east” but “Ishral” ;
              it’s logical and predictable that Esau would mutilate this line

>>>>>  continued in 2