Am. 6 + 4 (1-4) : our female
Originals violated by the bulls
 of Bashan (the Ammon sons)
  [see Double Trap theme page]

  [final version ; 2022-08aug.04]

to right : chained women to a bull occult Ritual
                  2022 Commonwealth Games opening
                  (held in July-August in Birmingham UK) :
                  the Cabal knows these things …
                  see also annex below
   (guardian co uk)

… it is not strange that Esau corrupted this theme so deeply
since it is about his own future in his Field of Reeds – his paradise –
where the promise awaits him to abuse female Originals …

to right : the monsters upon their beds
shown in the lower register of the book
of Gates on the damaged sarcophagus 
of pharaoh Seti I ; the text is virtually lost
but we promise to search back the CT one ;
that it is shown ‘in the lower register’ means
‘in the influential sphere of eden’ by which
the female Originals are still sustained 

in prophets this region just north of eden is called Bashan and the Ezekiel
chapter even phrases “the oaks of Bashan” which carry the (magickal-)
boat — that is Mystery-Babylon and her land — which quite literally stands
upon pillars (the ‘oaks’) over eden ;
the name ‘Bashan’ as “shameful” not only refers to the construct that the
matrix devised but is also used here for the bulls in this same region ;
Esau’s cut & paste :
… both the start of Amos 6 and Amos 4 are about ‘the bulls’ 
but the introduction in 6 is the most solid — where 4 is the continuation
as the judgment upon them , using (-ofcourse) similar terms as in 6
(the rest of Amos 4 was cut & pasted by Esau and belongs to the 144) ;
related :
the prophets chapter about “the guardians sitting as guards on the dike
and selecting every morning one of the flock (‘Originals’)” ;
also see the NUT dome page and BD 110 in Themes
corruptions : very grave to Total – see above ;
                              part III was corrupted with sadistic glee
theme : context 100% restored 
fulltext : below

Amos 6 (-and 4)

start : the sons of Ammon as ‘the bulls of Bashan’ (‘shameful bulls’) :
woe – (to-) the ease=bulls of – [..] tsiun=Bashan                  [<< Amos 4:1]  
[=as] [+the sons of] – trust=Ammon (btchim=ammon)        +
[=at] the mountain of – samaria=Seir ;             [<< ‘Field of Reeds’, Ez.36]
(being) the ones (that have-) designated (-themselves)       +
[+as] the important ones (‘see CT !’) – [+for] the nations (‘of spirits’)      +
[..] to them=where (em=shm)       +
[+my] house=people – (eden-) Ishral – went ;                 [‘Originals + soul’]

note :
… because the section about their judgment in Amos 4 repeats phrases
the opening line must read ‘Bashan bulls’ ; in b) “the important ones” 
is LITERALLY so said in Book of the Dead 110 – see index ;
next 2 : totally corrupted  —  must be ‘the Double Trap’ theme :
… it seems that we have only 1 line here to describe the Double Trap
(but it will be very hard to restore any sensible line) , and it should refer
to ‘stealing eden aspects’ because that’s why they are ‘important’ (-in 1)
but also as introduction to part III : 
                                                                                                                  [restored concept :]
[+but] you pass=imprisoned (obr=sr !) – kalneh=them (‘Originals’)
[=so] that – [..] [+their] go=land – (would) see=remain – [..] there=desolate
b                                                                                         (rea=shrth)            (shim=shmm)
[+and] [+you] (could) hamath=plunder – [..] you=her – great – down=wealth
[+as] gath=stealing (gth=gnb !) – [+her] philistines=riches ;
[..] [+and] [+you] better=devised (tubim=chshb) – a from=way       +
[+for] – this=your – kingdom (‘matrix’)       + 
[..] to vast=secure (rb=bth) – [=your] border – [=to] [=her] (‘edens’) border ; 

note :
… the best we could do — and we think this indeed was the intent ;
next : and they maintain this situation by :
3                                                                                                  [3a : see Amos 9:10]
[+as] [=weaponizing] (-yourself)         +
[=against] the day of – [+your] calamity            [<< day of destruction’]
[=by] (making)        +
the seat=maidens (shbth=bthle) – to come near [+to you]
(in order-) to violate [+them] ;

[+because] [+you] lay – upon – [+your] beds of – ivory
[=as] stretched out – upon – [=your] couches
and devour – the (she-) lambs of – the flock (‘Originals’ ; -tsan)
[=as] the calves – from the midst of – the stall ; 

next 5 is corrupt :
… first because it takes away the momentum ; second because ‘David’
is impossible here and ‘song’ is a favourite corruption by Esau :
thing is that we need be very careful here because God is not explicit
in these things but instead uses certain phrases :
5  [corrupt]
                                                         [6 : as said in ‘proof of Double Trap’ page]
[+then] [+you] drink – [.. 1x..] – [+her] wine (‘sweet energy’) ,
[=as] anointing (-yourselves) – [+with] [+her] superior – ointments ,
and – (are) not – sorry – [=for] – breaching – the joseph=maiden ;

                                                                     part II
                                                          their judgment
[Amos 4:1 :]
[+therefore] hear – this – word , (you-) bulls of – Bashan
who (are) – [=at] the mountain of – samaria=Seir ,
[+you] (that-) violate – the soft ones
[=as] crushing – the helpless ones ,
commanding – [..] the masters=maidens :
bring (-yourself) ! and=so that we (will) drink – [+the wine of you] ;

                                                  [Amos 6: 8+7 is a bad copy of this line 2 !:]
myLord – IEUE – (has) sworn – [=by] his (-own) holyness :
[..] – behold ! , the days – come – upon you
[=that] he=I (will) carry – you – off – [=with] hooks
[=as] your behind (sic) – [=with] – fish – hooks ;

[Am.6: 7b :]
and – [+your] hanging (-things)        +
of the banquet=Amorite (‘phallic concept’) (mirzach 1x=emori)
(will be) disposed of ;  

note :
… this 7b) line was too important for context to not have it included ;   
[Am.4:3 :]
[=because] – the women – (opposite-) in front of you
(will go) forth – [+from] [+you] breach=bulls (phrtsim=phruth) ,
and [+fire] (will) cast=devour – [+your] hermon=palace ,   [ch.1]
(is) the declaration of – IEUE ,            + 

[w/ totally corrupt :]
[+then] the beth=sons (bth=bni) of el=Ishral (‘144’)
(will) come – and=against [..1x..] you
[+and] [+they] (will) gilgal=slay [+you] – [+with] the multiply=sword
c                                         (glgl=hll !)                                                 (rb=chrb !)
[=because of] [+your] transgression ; 
and [=they] (will) come        +
to sacrifice=revenge – [..] [+their] morning=maidens [+upon you]
[=in] the third – days=year of         +
the tithes=report (moshrthi=shmo) ;     [<< of understanding prophets]

note :
… ‘the report’ appears in KJV line 5 which is a repeat as corruption
because “bring sacrifices + tithes” (in 4) is repeated as “offer sacrifices +
offerings” (in 5) where the next section is about the 144 (-in other chapter) ;
the phrase “third year of the report” IS attested in other prophets ;
[total lines now : 9 ; required : some 5-6 more]
                                                      part III
          [only possible theme left is-] the daughter of tsiun (see ch. 1)


annex :

… the Birminghammail helpfully explains : “During the ceremony (sic, hR) ,
a frenetic beat pounded. Then, 50 female chain-makers dragged a heavily
armoured bull into the stadium. […] Organises explained : “when Stella and
the Dreamers encounter the Bull, they choose not to run, instead embracing
this traumatized and scarred creature. By starting a friendship between the two,
we can see that we are all worthy of love, whoever we are and whatever our
circumstances may be. The women and the bull can leave the shackles of the 
past behind and acknowledge (sic, hR) each other in a gesture of mutual 
compassion and respect.” ;
or , as added by Walesonline , “Stella, the hero of the Opening Ceremony 
calms it down by offering it love (sic, hR) and light.”
… but the above was not enough : names were carved on the bull of people
having lost their lives in a bombing in Birmingham during the IRA era ;
netizens were upset as to why the names appeared on the bull and that they did
not receive a decent explanation for that  —
but it’s part of the Ritual ofcourse : physically deceased people are the bull now
as a reference to the corrupt-adm-souls becoming the sons of Ammon   

that some women were placed upon the bull to ride it (sic) outwardly reminds of
the Mystery-Babylon Whore but because they were servants it is this theme ;

– if you’re still not convinced
please see the depiction to right
belonging to the same Ritual :
the large figure is ‘the church’ or
in wider sense ‘christianity’ ,
moved by corpses implying
death but as ‘spiritual death’ ;
but ofcourse you know that this
spiritual death is caused by Esau
who is unable to hide his Glee
               (guardian co uk) – birminghams-raging-bull-leaves-viewers-24616603 – commonwealth-games-birmingham-bull-bullring-24616420
… the theme of this chapter is also shown by Esau’s Cabal through their 
brainwashing industry euphemistically called ‘music videos’ ;
the leopard that appears was borrowed from Tutanchamon depicting himself
as leopard and trampling Semites – read : genuine adm-souls ; the leopard
(glyph AB) represents the new spirit-body which they will receive in their paradise :
(just a link – for it’s not worth it – and compare the shots with the text of this chapter)