BD 148 [very complex theme : attempt]
main theme : the 7 celestial cows , as eden-constructs now north ;
+ their names + their 4 new cardinal points ;

description :
Zechariah 11 brought us here —
the shepherd in the north is ‘a bull’
and ‘the flock’ mentioned there are these cows ;
Joseph and Pharaoh’s dream :
the seven cows from Pharaoh’s relate to “constructs” ;
to right , scene from tomb of Ramses’ queen ,
showing seven cows lead by one bull –
their names , as written in the mural , appear here –
we tried to make some sense of what they can be ;
Abraham and 7 sheep at the well :
Abraham and the cut bull , restoring the covenant ;
the sheep can be ‘the 7 cows’ here , because also these
are related to a well (the pool for physicality) ;
cows as constructs :
… for us , living in a mechanical world , hard to identify –
but compare how “honey and butter , and fat” are also
mentioned in prophets , as aspects of physicality :
compare also how 3 of the 4 cherubs ‘have animal faces’ ;
the ‘milk’ can relate to qualities of nature (like in Rg-Veda) ;
linking to : the kine of bRhaspati , see Rg-Veda section ;
         CT 408 (407 in short) ;
         the egyptian “heavenly cow” chapter (we post when ready) ;
         Zech. 1 , 9 , 11 , and chapter of “4 horses” (cardinal directions) ;


how to read below translation :
– spells are difficult to read because of the many weird concepts ,
    but if you remember the main diagram , then much of it can be placed ;
    we try not confuse but added notes every now and then for readability of themes ;
– the relevant sections (and running sections) , for your ease , we made bold ;
– read posted glyphs from down upwards


BD 148

you could scroll directly to
III. the four rudders , and
IV. names of the four cows

I.  introduction , as rubric :

the truth :
to become the (dimensional) covering. [by means of] (eden-) willpower to sacrifice (maã). ,
[in order for] (matrix-) existence to become new (unn). ;

[for] this. noble spirit (=author). to make the provisions (=by eden). within (=the matrix). ;
[by means of] he. the most-beautiful-soul (=Adam) to wander-astray (=to them). ,
[to be] all of. the solarplane (B). as. the (matrix-) land. [and] as. the sky. ,

solarplane : as glyph -B ; combined with ‘Adam wandered astray ,
the positioning of this chapter is north of eden ;

by [means of] the cemetary below (=eden/tsiun). for. all the (matrix-) words. ,
[through] the hostile places-T (=of eden). to make the (matrix-) word (=by athon-donkey).   +
19 [in order to be] (eden-) existence. [of] ignorance (khem). ,
[and by] that. [to be] the protections. [of] the m-realm (=north). :

by [means of]. the rudder (=cardinal point ; h’emu). for. Rã (=this sun). , existence to become new. ;
[and so by] Rã. (matrix-) existence to become new. ;
[as] (matrix-) existence by the both (eden-) axis (=two staffs in Zech. 11 ; NN). ,
[for] he. existence (=matrix). the word of speech to make. ,
[in order for] the divine beauty of (matrix-) existence having become new (unn-nefer). ,
which is [by]. this. scroll-sky. ;                                            (=’sky will be rolled like a scroll’)

both axis : as glyph NN , the eden-ram horns which grew into the north ,
linking this section to Zechariah 11 (they were not ‘broken’ there , but ‘cancelled’) ;

18 thou Self. [and] thou. flesh. above (=north). , [are by] the opened eden-root (up). ,
[in order for] place-T for all. divine Egyptians (=as spirits). above (=north). to make (=place-T ; ár). ,
[so that by] thou. existence. (eden-) existence. [is] nót. ;
             (=’since these are corrupted adam-souls’ , the Ammon-sons in prophets’)

[but instead,] the evil words of the mountain (=tsiun).   +
[to be by] place-T of all. , having become the places-T of the KH-house. ,
[as] the willpower for. this. (egyptian-) adamite-soul. ,snatched away. [from] the cemetary below. ;

[and] for. this. noble spirit. 17 to be made the provisions (=by eden). ,
[and by?] Rã. speech and nature (‘qualities’). this. to become a spirit. ,
[because by?] the offerings for to be the voice?]. , the (creational-) speech. to manifest (per). ;
[and so] existences to make (=by matrix). [by means of] existence (=eden). the word. to make (ár). ,
[to be] the lights of speech to connect (them) with (matrix-) existence , as the god (snthr+). ;

words (=lights) and speech : the other reality works different as ours ;
in this case they need ‘eden speech’ as well as ‘the eden wórds’ ,
though both in darkened form , ofcourse ;

[in order to be] the sons (=’of Ammon’). [by means of] the essence (by he-eden ; áf). ,
[as] the food-offerings. [for] to make existences. ;
[by means of] the phallus (=their axis into eden/tsiun). to become the provisions. ,
16 [and so by] the (eden-) offerings at h’eteptt (=in prophets likely Zidon). existences to make. ,
[by] existence (=eden). to give. speech. ;

the wood (?) \\ for existence of willpower. above (=north). ,
[being] the trees (=as the Lebanon?). for. to become the designs. [of] the gods. ,
[as] (matrix-) existence by the both (eden-) axis (=two staffs in Zech. 11 ; NN). above. ,
[by] to make the word (=by athon-donkey). [and] it. to give. ;
[and] Rã (=this sun). [to be by?] place-T of he (eden) for the KH-house. ,
[in order to be] the (egyptian-) adamite-soul’s. existence of hail. ;
to recite. ;

trees : in “heavenly cow” chapter as ‘multiple trees + place’, ÁMM+ (=for hail , see eden’s ?) ;
in prophets was “Thoth cutting down them trees” , and see Zech. 11 about the Lebanon-forest ;
in Rg-Veda chapter “the forest” also trees are hewn down , trees ‘who cry out’ (see index) ;


II. introduction to the core of BD 148 :

the noble spirits. , [by] the gods. , [as] the divine Egyptians. [of] existence of hail. ;
14 my. speech. [by?]. the s-t. place-T to make. ,
[and] the T’s to say?. the evil words (of -T) of the mountain (=tsiun). ,
[as] the evil existence of hail (=eden) for the solarplane (bán+). ,
place-T of all?. to be all places-T of the KH-house?.
[as] the willpower for. to slay the places-T of the eden-hand? (=t’emt+).
the pain (‘evil eden-speech for the m-realm ; mer). he the root (pef).
the Net (as place-T to make the KH-house ; sekht).  [of?] (matrix-) willpower.
for. the evil things of the mountain (=tsiun). ;
all. evil things the leg to murder. willpower. for. the evil word of the mountain (=tsiun).
all. evil stakes (stchb?). willpower for.                              [above section refusing to run]

13 [for] (=title of author). ,  +
these (=places-T , likely). to snatch-away. [from] the cemetary below (=eden/tsiun). ,
[and so] the words of adam-within. [to be at?] the domes of speech above (=north) . ,
[and so by?] the gods. [for?] the divine mothers. to be hail. ,
[and by] the gods. the divine fathers. to be hail. ;
12 [because] to become alike-adam. , [by] existence (=eden). this. to make. ,
to become complete (=or: Tem). T-S. to know. , word of hail? . ,
[sbat?tuathouse?]. the place of Õn (=Mystery-Babylon, likely). to become a spirit. ,
the land. the sky. he. existence. to give. ,                            [above line refusing to run]
the land. head (=main-land). to be founded. [as] the torso. ,
‘life and health’ (=’the adamite-soul to fire-drill for ãnkh-life’) he. existence. to give. ;

11 (=title of the author). [to be] the noble spirit. , [as] existence. [by] to become a spirit. ,   
[by] to become the provisions. [as] the offered aspects at h’eteptt (=offered aspects by eden). ,
[as] the beer. [and] the food. these. to give (=by eden). ,


III. start of ‘the four rudders’ (new cardinal points)      [attempt]

1 st
the south (-land and). sky. [of] (matrix-) existence. [of] beauty. ,
[as] the foreign land of the west-Dimension (=as opposed to eden ; +NT-spirit and TT). ;
by. he (=new south , above eden). to become place-T for spirit (-consciousness). ;
forever. the (eden-) willpower for existence. [to be] the eternal light. ,
[as] (matrix) existence. [of] speech. [by] this. within (?,á-m). the ‘one’. alike-adam’s. ,
[because by] he. existence to become new. ;

the ‘one’ : see Rg-Veda chapter ‘birth of the sun’ ;

this. lower half of the eden-hand (?,khept’ ; ‘lower half’) . below. ,
he. to transform. [for,by?] this. eden-willpower for existence. ,
[and so for] the Ba-soul-spirit. existence. [by] this. rudder (cardinal-direction ; h’emu). ;
10 the divine (words of?) redness (by nostril for hand ; t’esheru). [for?] the great-house. ,
[as?] the torso. [for] the speech above (=north) ,
[to be by?] the house (of nostril double-T) of KHEN (=Hamath here , as in prophets?). ;

nature of this rudder : a “new south” is made , above eden ;

why only 3 rudders, next ? because the southland is now ‘west’ ?

2 nd
the east (-land). sky. [of] existence. [of] beauty. ,
[as?] the rudder (h’emu). [of,for] divine images (ãshem+crocodile).   +
[of,for] the great house. [as?] the torso. [for] the speech above (=north).
[as, to be by?] the divine light (as word for the KH-house). ;

3 d
9 the west (land). sky. [of] existence. [of] beauty. ,
[as?] the rudder (h’emu). [of,for] the divine two lands. ,
[by?] to come the word for to guide. [for?] to revolve (t’bn). , [in order] to be hail. ;

4 th
the north (-land). sky. [of] existence. [of] beauty. ,
[as?] the rudder. [of] beauty. [of,by?] divine sekhem-power. , [in order] to be hail. ;

nature of the past 3 rudders : we don’t understand nothing of the concepts ,
therefore not even the translation makes sense nor can help out ;

IV. the bull and the seven cows                  [attempt]

8 [for] (=title of author). [as] the noble spirit. ,
the provisions. become the word-provisions (?, -u added). ;
[by means of] the offered (eden-) aspects (in h’etep-tt). [as] beer. [and] food. to give. ;
[namely by?] the cows (‘hemt+). [of?] the (eden-) masculine. Ka bull (=doubled bull). ;

1 st
the cow god (dess). ,
[as?] (-T) the support. [for?] the word. [into?] the (matrix-) sky.    +
[to be?] the spherical (encircling?) (eden-) hailstorm (at -T for hail). ;

nature : ‘the protection around their abode’ (?) ,
the readings are different : ‘to support’ or ‘the support’ ;
SHENÁT , ‘hailstorm’ : if Revelation tells “hail with blood” ,
then is this hailstorm “a protection around their abode” ..? ;

2 nd
the cow goddess. ,
[through?] the (egyptian) adam-soul. (at place-T) become things of craftmanship (by cow ?). ,
[and so?] for. the (egyptian) adam-soul.   +
[to be?] existence of speech (‘in name of’?). (the -T) of sekhem-power
(=sekhem-power : create and rule constructions existing of words)

nature : ‘sekhem power’ relates to “made constructions”,
as to create and maintain constructions
(what wé name ‘laws of nature’)
the ‘craftmanship things’ must belong to ‘sekhem-power’,
(h’emt) the same root as cow (‘hemt) ,
then this cow gives essence for nature ? ;

3 d
the cow goddess. ,
[as?] the (physical-) coverings (by place-T of adam) fór the fish-soul’s existence of hail. ;
[so that?] the (vampiring) ãnkh-life.   +
[is?] for [?]. ‘the created dualistic physicality’ (?, khnem cluster). ;

nature : a construct making a physical eden-covering (?) ,
the ‘ram creator’ (KHNEM) is ‘dualism’ ,

4 th
the cow goddess. ,
[as?] the circled coverings. [of?] (place-t of) eden-redness (=”the nostril”, as pool ; t-sher-t). ,
[in order for?] the (egyptian) adam-soul. to be the words (by -T) of eden-speech for the m-realm. ,
[as?] the great speech. ;

nature : the “fury” of God has rootword ‘nostril’ ,
term is linked to “pool to make physicality”
(compare how Adam was brought to life) ,
here as ‘the body can absorb eden-life’ ,
therefore possessing ‘creational speech’…? ;

5 th
the cow god (dess). , having become (?) the neck-ring (necklace). ,
[in order to be?] the northern king (=solarplane). ;

nature : would this ‘ring’ be “narrowness” as hebrew root of Tyre ?
B’AT+bee ‘honey’ “essence + eden place-T of hail + for solarplane” ;
hence BÁT “king of the north” ? ;
here ring as SÃH , but also listed with KHETEM (or H’EMAGT) seal ,
where KHTM is hebrew (chatham) ‘to seal, seal up’) ;

6 th
the cow goddess. ,
[for] the (egyptian) adam-soul’s. (-T of) adamite-throne. [now of?] (-T of) KHEN-house. ,
[to be?] the (-T of) speech for throne-G for hail (?, ágert). ;

nature : related to the adamite-throne now in their north (?) ;

7 th
5 the cow goddess. ,
[for?] the bordersky (=outer-court wall) of speech (as the firmament of?) all.    +
(eden-) things to double. [for?] the great house. ;

nature : firmament related (?) ;

continued :
these (=cows?). [for] the essences of the eden-hand which was/is below (?,khept’). below. ,
[by] he (=hand now as Damascus?) . to transform. ,             
[as] these (=essences?). [which?] he. follows (=the original-adamite-soul to come to SHEM-pole?) ;

interpretation : the glyph SHEMS is weird here ,
because it relates to people , not to cows ;
looking at the root , SHEMS is a torture-concept :
root SHEM “to wander-astray” ;
SHEM+S “original-adamite-soul to wander-astray” ;
as “festival where the god Seker went around the walls”,
coming very close to the Rg-veda torture chapter ;
SHEMS MENKHT “festival where the bandlet was important” ,
read glyph as “the physical body-garment BY the SHEMS” ;
2) in beni-hasan also as SHES+pole , in the SHES ‘linen, grain,
garment’ cluster , into SHESMU ‘the executioner of osiris’ ;
3) the pole : also in MAFT’T+pole ; a lynx with powerful claws ,
while the Rg-Veda torture-chapter said “everything remaining
at the hands and nails of the murderer !”,
so the MAFT’T-lynx is the slaughterer of Originals ;
then the MAUT-cluster ‘pillar, staff’ must be that pole
(“pole for to go reap”, Into MAU “cat” and “skin”) ;

the pole (SHEMS glyph) ,
very possible the ‘torture device’
for Originals , per Rg-Veda chapter ;
see for the same pole amtuat hour
(pic from beni-hasan place)

V. closing

[for] (=title of author). ,
existence. these. to make provisions. [by] the beer. [and] food. to give. ,
[as] being given. ;
4 ((to become shepherds, priests , slaughterers, victims? (NT-spirit, ámeni-ntu)).
to make provisions. [for] the Ba-spirit-souls. ,                  [ÁMENI-NTu+  not clear]
[as?] existence. having become a spirit. ,
[by] the beer. [and] food. (as the things of adam?) to be given. ;

[to be?] the speeches of hail. [by?] the Ka bull (doubled-bull). [of] eden-willpower for existence. ;
the seven. thou (=bull?) . cows. [for] existence. [their] names. to know. ,
[and so?] thou. existence of speech. to know. [in order?] the word. to know. ;

[for] (=title of author). ,
[to be] the word of hail. [by] the island of the horizon (=Kedar in hebrew). for. to manifest (per). ,
[in order for] ãnkh-life. [for] the Ba-soul-spirit. ,
[and for?] he. [to be?] Rã (=this sun) existence to connect to hail (=eden ; áthen). ,
as. the light (star?) (at?) the backbone-axis (pest’+). , [for] thou. above. protection for hail. ;

2) to be the word for the voice. , [through] (eden-) willpower to sacrifice (maã). ,
[and so for]  (=title of author]. (matrix-) existence. to make. :
the true voice. [of] (=author). [about] existence of hail. , [for] to go recite. ;

the cemetary below (=eden/tsiun). for. the noble spirit. provisions to make. ,
[to be] (matrix-) existence. [by] the mouth (=eden-gate).


end BD 148
(all glyphsections rpt)

14.12.19   —   submitted   —   first version   —   hetreport

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