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be aware :

why most believers will have to go through the Trib
[and who is the small group which will escape that]

the many warnings of God in prophets – and of Christ

… present christianity cherishes a quite Absurd idea about the endtime ,
telling you “when you believe in Jesus than you do not need to worry”   —
but that is preached because never was understood what He and God said

yes : Christ will eventually save the many souls who believe in Him :
but he NEVER SAID that He would save them from the Tribulation – also !
you see the difference , please …?

… in prophets , the (in óur days almost science-fiction term) “tribulation”
is explained as “earth having been invaded by powerful demon armies”
which will be visible to the people , terrorize , and eventually kill them ;

… therefore ,

in prophets , God constantly pleads to individual souls “go escape that !”
and the relative small group who will have understood whát he has said
he calls “the sons and daughters” of the people (=read : of all believers) ;
and the reason that only they escape is because they discovered that
a third – malevolent – party has corrupted much of what God has said :
the group we know as “the Pharisees”, having messed with the scriptures

[and becáuse of these context corruptions]
the ‘man of lawlessness’ [-in the endtime] : are christians !

… Paul NEVER SAID “that some human devil would arise in the endtimes”
(because this is a different theme as the 666 one !)       
but the theme “lawlessness” is directly related to “the covenant of God”,
which is about “souls returning to the Other Reality of Him”  —
when they will understand that not God made this earth – nor this body of us

… but because modern christianity forgot that Paradise was in the other Reality ,
and does not understand that God asks souls to GO SEARCH BACK His reality ,
He calls that attitude “lawless”  — which will have grave consequences for them ;
and now the relation between “lawless” and “the tribulation” becomes clear

do please understand
that God KNEW and TOLD in prophets that His words would be corrupted ,
just like Christ was furious at the Pharisees as the executers OF the corruptions :
you will find many restored chapters on this site explaining the real War ,
which is about “understánding God’s – and Christ’s – words
(therefore – if you’ll excuse us – it’s not one of “being saved from imaginary sins”)


suggested order of reading [-to get a grip upon the theme]

  • – the Revelation chapters (containing fulltext) :
    to see where we are now , concerning the Other Reality ,
    all the themes inhere are further expanded upon in chapters as :
  • – Hebrews 4 :
    explaining how believing in Christ is conditional ;
    how He did not say anything else as what God has said (-in prophets) ,
    and how the souls who understand that will escape the Trib ;
  • – Hebrews and Corinthians chapters ,
    explaining that God did NOT make this earth NOR this body ,
    and why Christ made His sacrifice : to get our soul out of our prison-planet ;
  • – the Parables :
    whát Christ wanted to explain in “the wedding parable”
    (namely : for the soul to escápe the Tribulation !) ,
    or “the wheat and the tares parable” : how scripture would be corrupted ;
  • – the prophets :
    a wealth of information : explaining all the above themes
  • – introduction :
    about symbology used in the scriptures , and several other themes ;



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