defensive Ritual – by NASA and Vatican (=same club)

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defensive Ritual – by NASA and Vatican   (=same club)

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last week’s Planetary Defense Conference held their biennial conference ,
but this year the asteroid drill was different :
the fictional 2021 asteroid could not be stopped from hitting earth .
… we did spot their conference but couldn’t make much of it ,
that is , until today   —

to right , taken from NASA’s PDF (w/ link inside) ;
the annex contains many pages of calculations ,
yet the page you see has a Bizarre mistake :
to left is written “the date of discovery” ,
but then look at the date written in the diagram :
… just ‘a simple mistake’… ?
but IF so – then what are all the calculations worth ? 

(click to enlarge)      

the “6 months – very short – timeframe”    
… we saw that Nasa loves playing with numbers (see other posts) ,
therefore – and becáuse of the ‘mistaken’ discovery date ,
the phrase “only 6 months after discovery”
can read as “in the 6th month (June) after the discovery (April)” ,
or “within a 6 months timeframe (from April unto October)” – and see part II below ;

the ‘struck region’ : “Europe” :
… of all the places where ‘the asteroid’ could hit , Europe was selected ,
and here things get a bit weird – see next part ;

conclusion :
“the exercise played out that we basically had to take the hit”,
said Lindley Johnson , NASA’s Planetary Defense Officer”     —
so it was “something unavoidable – but now as ‘hypothetical exercise’ , read : a Ritual ;


part II

… see yesterday’s headline , to right ;
it seems totally un-related to NASA
– except for the phrase “wider”, 
while “wider we” is a Bizarre thing to say :

(vaticannews va)      

the ‘asteroid’ = a stone = Christ ;  ‘Europa’ was abducted (‘taken away’)

… so Esau’s Ritual unfolds   —
Christ is ofcourse “the (corner-) stone”, or read ‘rock’ if you want ,
while the mythological maiden Europe was taken away by Zeus (‘Horus’)
the maiden therefore represents the 144,000 , as ‘the ones to be taken away’ ,
where Roman mythology phrased that as ‘Raptus’ – that must be clear enough ;

… while ‘her’ etymology is a composition of “wide” and – either – ‘face’ or ‘eye’,
in the sense of “wide vieuw” or “wide of aspects” 
(the latter : compare ‘attributes’ , and see quotes below about “the talents”) ;

[Greek mythology is rather ‘watered down’ , yet some myths are accurate :
Zeus made ‘her’ to rule an island
and it is easy to see that she represents “the adam-souls” and the island as ‘earth’]

the Vatican taking over the Nasa one :
… in the NASA ritual , the “asteroid (Christ) meeting europe (144) was inavoidable” ,
having made this theme into a simulation (=a Ritual)  ;
the Vatican picks up from there
(with a ‘message’ for 29 September – very close to Nasa’s 20 October) ,
claiming now “that we are the wide one” (we are Europe) ,
where his ‘we’ exists out of adm-souls , Esau-souls and heathen-souls ,
trying to prevent the (completion of-) the 144 by adding or linking them to corrupt souls

how does that work ..?
quotes from article [1] :

“I have wished to devote the [..] World Day of Migrants and Refugees to the theme ,
‘Towards An Ever Wider We’ , in order to indicate a clear horizon
for our common journey in this world.”

… the ‘migrants and refugees’ is the decoy Esau uses (=he don’t give a f*ck about them) ,
but note again the Weird talk :
who in their right mind says ‘indicate a clear horizon’ ? – why not just say “in the future” ..?
the term “horizon” is from the Egyptian Spells , denoting “the dimensional border”,
just like Scripture defines that symbolically as “the Euphrates”, the border of the evil realm ;
… so , he wants a maintained Time-Space border  (=’to continue this world’) ;
and see how this fits with the Nasa ritual ;

“I make this appeal to journey together towards an ever wider “we” to all men and women ,
for the sake of renewing the human family , building a future of [..] peace ,
and ensuring that no one is left behind”, [..] Francis said.’  [1]

you see ? – because it’s over (for them) whén they will be ‘left behind’ ;
what he really means is “by ensuring….” , ofcourse ;

[as-] “a commitment which makes no distinction between natives and foreigners ,
between residents and guests”

… read : between us adam-souls and the corrupt Esau souls ,

“we are , therefore , “[..] sons and daughters of the same earth
that is our common home , sisters and brothers all.”

… well – f*ck that .

‘inviting everyone to “make good use of the gifts that the Lord has entrusted us
and make his creation even more beautiful” ; in the manner of the nobleman in
the Gospel of Luke who summoned ten of his servants and gave them ten pounds ,
instructing them to do business with it until he returns (Lk.19:12-13).”

… ‘his creation’…?
and we know what the parable really wrote –
but note how the epithet “His return” is now glued tó this whole ‘message’ ;
basically ‘inviting’ , c.q linking , corrupt souls into the 144,000 ;
and repeating ‘His return’ in

[he-] ‘recalled the prophet Joel’s prediction [..] that the [..] future would be [..]
“I will pour out my Spirit [..] , your sons and daughters shall prophecy (etc)” ;

… which we know is ‘the latter rain’ – as completing the 144,000 .

conclusion :
… if you wonder why we posted such a lengthy one ,
it is because we – repeatedly – said that we are not safe untill all 144,000 are there ;
whatever more may surround his occult Ritual : it’s anulled .