july 20 [7pm] 2024

july 20 [7pm]
posted : Job 28 5-28 : Cush theme : the serpent race (!) starts this planet & Neanderthals 
… mindblowing chapter that came out very well , with too many themes to put into a log here
wherefore – at least please – see the top of the intro as overview ;
site was down a while , after massive attacks came Esau’s CrowdStrike [< get the plan ?] thing
perhaps having caused the downtime and / or in combination with succeeded harassment ,
where poor Maria has worked overtime to get it all up running again ;
next we carefully start chapters 38-41 even this 28 was the most important as declaration
for only by understanding His words He will act to them , right ; and let us hope that indeed this
was the ultimate theme we were asked to grasp … since we’ve only 4 days left … and I can’t 
express to you how ‘double’ it feels , and large chance that you feel similar , is it not ,
as almost not even having cóurage to hope that it finally will happen …
     our Majesty … you saw what war to get the words right … and it’s incredible how by your
     fórm of speaking the soul – well , a trace of smoke now – can recognize what you intended ,
     where the closing shows that indeed we understood you … – it is the only thing we can 
     offer you : the rest is all gone , it’s hopeless … then promise you be kind to us , get us ,
     restore everything unto us so that we know again whom we waited — you
     don’t wait another year , it will murder us , please say it was enough now
     signed : your completely exhausted sons & daughters



17 july [7pm] 24

18 july
… horrible night … with all the time one single theme : there were two lawyers ,
one as our Jeremiah (-prophet) making our case .. versus a figure (-I couldn’t see)
but who was representing Thoth – the fallen archangel , the king of Mystery-Babylon
making the case for his people (‘Neanderthals’ — as the offspring of Thoth etc ?) …
today , finding Job 28 ,
an in-credible chapter how the fallen ones arranged this proto-earth & Neanderthals ,
tying in with the Cush theme and proving the interpretation of (the end of-) Obadiah ! ,
… but so bizarre & corrupted it will cost a day … and drinking right now sorry
please promise you plead & do wait for the chapter …
17 july [7pm]
posted : Am.8 : the 40+ days , the anti-144 removed , the Cush ones introduced
… became a very readable chapter ;
dream : ‘the UK butcher shop’ :
… it either repeated or was also yesterday , though short    —
a rather small butcher shop of a very pleasant owner [-also towards us] who didn’t
show himself , and though no one went inthere it had long opening hours 
[-which also in some way related to us as if done for us] ;
now – I never dream about the UK ,
and pondering it today it may have been “about the delivered Cush ones” :
the ‘house’ (store) is “group consciousness” represented by ‘the kind owner’
yet the Cush ones themsélves may be ‘the slaughtered ones’ – the died ones ,
but the relation & kindness towards ús made little sense : until ‘UK’ 
as united kingdom — referring to the complete 144 ?
perhaps it’s Too Much but it can be very positive 
      your Majesty … please first know that it’s always amazing how much you
      trust us with your words … but here’s the problem : that tiny swirl of smoke
      that is left could not even stand before you … it can not even respond to you ,
      not even consider , nothing .. you’d need to first restore her as soul ,
      then spell out to her anything you would like her to know or be .. it’s so very
      disgraceful but that’s what we became … traces of smoke that will vanish if
      you would say but 1 negative word or even would give an angry look …
      then you please be kind to us … we searched everything there is to know
      concerning everything you ever spoke [-in them] , then please restore us
      even if it’s everything from scratch … promise you act next week please …



16 july 24

16 july
posted : Ob.1 : the Cush group escape the heathens that were Neanderthals (!)
… so , so hard to restore but incredible chapter now ; lines 12-13 were impossible 
but an interpretation shows in intro while 7 may be modified still ; 
please – yesterday was a massive attack even burning up the whole body 
and it may be this present Cush theme though it had no signature ; 
the result however is one of total defeat and rapidly losing hope for our date ,
if you still are able to then please seriously plead for all of us the coming week
      your Majesty … we fight so very hard to also understand this final theme
      within the totally corrupted chapters .. and it became a rather solid one now ..
      but what hurts is the neverending destruction , promise , promise that you
      won’t let this go on for another year … get the Cush ones out and protect
      all of us … then please do not wait any longer and restore us



14 july [7pm] 24

                                                                                                                                                    [NINE days …..]
14 july [7pm]
posted : theme : ‘Song of songs’ : Esau’s redaction of our Cush theme …
.. as another axed book ;
occult Ritual : Pennsylvania shooting : “you & we did it — now we’re dead” 
… it’s highly probable that Esau mutilated a genuine prophet-chapter into his
Song of songs nonsense — we can’t restore it but please see the overview ;
ritual :
… ofcourse it was a set-up : interestingly the alleged target is presented as ‘king’
similarly to Esau’s linking in Song of songs , representing the Canaan house now ;
the patsy called “shepherd’s crook’ was from ‘the house of + God’ (Beth-el) 
and remember that the only thing counting here is that ‘millions agree he’s dead’ ;
it’s not worth to post more about it – btw you know for what clues to look – 
yet let’s hope Esau/Canaan panics – since his last major ritual was a year ago
        your Majesty … these past days have been sad , silent , very restless … 
        promise us that we’re still on course .. because now will start the days of 
        becoming nervous … will you really act this time ? 
        until then please always forgive us .. pull through those that are attacked



july 12

                                                                                                              [we really are going !  11 days …]
july 12
posted : Lk.15:1-10 : NO ‘shepherd & 100th sheep’ – but the ‘Cush added’ theme !
… kind of a nice chaos now ; ) … looking to see what could be with the woman losing
the coin – of the Zeph.1 chapter – “the shepherd story” here was the first half of it ! ;
which is another miracle since it confirms the restored content of Zephaniah !
yes we still lack some minor details in the whole Cush / curse theme but base is good ,
and perhaps other sections will come up while trying the awful corrupted Zeph.2 & 3 ;
please you ponder the page & do keep pleading for you see we still go well
        the page is for you Sir .. just make sure we will see you on the clouds soon ..
        promise you get us out of this horrible , debilitating Ape … as a war we can
        never win — but do please see we try to hold out as best we can



july 9 [7pm] 24

                                                                                                                                                    [12 DAYS … ]
july 11
full : Zeph.1 : the 40+ days explained : ‘the curse of Canaan upon Cush – into US’ ,
            rather incredible theme , please ponder & don’t cease pleading
                                                            [‘our’ Alarm : is slowly turning around !]    [14 days …]
july 9 [7pm]
posted : [first half] Zeph.1 : main theme : that group removed & new ones added !
+ dream 
… the Zechariah chapters had to wait a moment : after yesterday’s weird Cush dream
I remembered that ‘the book Zephaniah’ mentions “Cush” — and after careful review
there’s only 1 conclusion : we have another miracle : it is all about our theme !
please see inside ; hoping to finish the page by tomorrow
dream :
… only remembering two scenes of several , about ‘meeting people of ages ago’ :
embracing a girl , where I thought to see ‘a masculine shadow’ across her face , first ;
then “an old woman sitting isolated in a tiny room” where from outside I fixed the 
heating for her so she’d get warm (-the woman on reality died long time ago)     —
per context it must be “about the new ones being added now”, right , that all had
specific problems (Attributes) but whom He is calling right now ;
perhaps some ‘may be part of your family’ but don’t worry if they are not since all of
us will be family soon — just as I will know all about you very soon
       our great Majesty … bless please all the ones here that keep reading & pleading
       for they are the core that will have pulled us all through … and I (we) can’t express
       how nice it is to read the way you spoke knowing we would understand
       then please forgive us and gather us in 14 days .. only 14 to go … hoping that you
       will be that Kind for us as you showed , and will rejoice towards us and restore us
       having forgotten all the misery clinging to us … we still are your little army ,
      promise that 24-26 July you will say it was enough 



7 july 24

                                                                                                         [a rather serious ALERT , please]  
8 july [posted + dream ; see below]
7 july
posted : [text of-]   Zech 3 : ‘Joshua & Satan’ : the anti-144 theme 
+ dream  
… past Thursday & Friday was poor — it happens .. decided to step away from the Spells 
for now and reposition to can bear these horrible days … if you read the posted chapter
please also see the very unusual dream of last night , next :
dream :
… it was a small village where we lived — all of you & we as the small group we are —
just existing of a couple of streets … I noticed something beneath the street , and made
a large hole in the tarmac only to discover that beneath each street was a 70-80 cm space
[like houses have as isolation-space below the livingroom]   ; 
and figures were visible in the dark .. they had wrapped up in some half-open nylon bag
to can ‘slither’ across the dry ground in that space : but each had a little child in that bag
whom they were raping constantly … 
at the corner of the village was a large hole where the figures entered it after escaping an
an asylum centre in the region ; the scene changed and four of them heathens intimidated
me ‘wanting 4000 $ or they would damage my house’ ; then the scene changed again when
I told the neighbours what was going on – they picked it up real well and we wanted to 
organize patrols in those spaces before the figures would get Too many and become cocky
and form terrorizing gangs [-as they always do]   ; at that point I woke , still hearing that their
number was “400” at this moment in time …
       now please — though I’ve strong opinions about Esau flooding Jacob with heathens it is
       not a theme I dream about ; and pondering it today “the money” must be ‘our Attributes’ 
       [where perhaps 4K and 400 refer to ‘144’]   while ‘the small child’ must be ‘their own soul’ ;
       they really looked like heathens implying “they would not change (-for the better)” 
       and ‘400’ may be a worrying huge number — even it’s small compared to ‘144,000’ , right ; 
       … we always said “that we’re not safe until all the 144 are” but this is now the 2nd or 3d
       dream of this strange theme since this awful period started 20 days ago … while this very
       chapter could describe “why they will not change” … please ponder the above and plead
       so that we won’t be caught off guard …
your Majesty – there’s so little we can do , barely hanging on these hellish days .. perhaps
it’s enough “that we are aware of this also” so that you will counter it … always forgive us ,
get us through the monstrous next 17 days , promise you will act then , restore us for 
everything we lost having become the most pathetic of all yet knowing the most of you …
promise you have all of us 144 complete and you finally show you whom we waited for
[8 july :]
posted : intro to Zech.3 and first seven lines of chapter 1 [interesting !]     —
but then it gets very tricky and searching “which part comes next” will cost time
dream :
… appeared to be all night long : many times was repeated “the seat of today’s
modern christianity is in Africa [-and the colour was “in Nigeria]” ;
after much pondering ‘the character of christianity be related to “the Cham group” 
which per context may be about “the rule of the physical body”, compare Gen. 9 ,
so that this 400 group may have lost Attributes related to this theme instead 
of having wón them — as attributes now to be brought in by the new ones …
      please let’s continue pleading , also for the new ones we need , okay ,
      because He is very kind to us — again showing in the first lines of chapter 1



4 july 24

5 july
4 july 
posted : CT 474 [half] : the tree of good & evil + their entire invasion into Eden
… I cannot express to you what torture it is to do these dead texts 
yet they give us so much information & confirmation that it’s worth it ;
these plainly state how they obtained the tree and then conquered the eden-gate ,
which , by your understanding , YOU WILL UNDO before all of Heaven ,
since that is the solemn reason for ploughing through these texts , right 
[5 july :]
this is bordering Insanity … the themes are — but doing the spell borders insanity as well 
… this 474 contains “the pre-Eden demons that lived on the south land” .. before God
removed them wicked ones from the land – as per Job – and created Eden …
here called the ASEB and AKHEB gods .. some type “fire / spirits” (demons) .. to whom ,
per context , SEPTU belonged : the one that deceived Eve … and these are in charge of
the tree (-of good & evil) so that his words are brought to the North … the section is solid
but THE problem is ‘to connect the sections into a readable whole’… who ever thought 
that you would come to know things so. far. back. in. time … 
tomorrow will be real Hell : trying to have it all run properly so that you can read …
      exploring the boundaries of sanity is so dangerous … never in a lifetime you & we 
      would have thought that His main theme was about ‘Eden’ … and it is virtually 
      impossible to get that through to the ones being bewitched by the KJV .. is it not …
      and all He said about eden and the other Reality is true — 
      yet attempting to support that ‘by the writings of the enemy’ is a dangerous job ,
      needing a constant feedback to what prophets said in order to not wander astray … 
               how easy this “walking at the border of Sanity” can go wrong can be shown by
      Nietsche , walking in the city centre of Turin in 1889 and finally losing it when seeing 
      a horse that pulled a cart being brutally whipped by its rider : weeping he clung unto 
      the horse to take the whips meant for the horse upon himself — from that moment 
      he really went insane : developing a Thoth type consciousness as the base for the 
      horrible ideology of the Nazi Reich , by the man having done an in.cre.dible damage
      and disservice to Jacob , by having demanded the perfect human …
now please – we may easily dismiss him as a lunatic : but what if we were in a similar
situation of us treading the borders of knowledge – which is close to insanity .. ?
who ever in history understood the Spells but you & we ?
yet this is our responsibility : exploring the edges — according to the Scroll
to constantly link back to prophets , trying to stay sane , to understand His world , 
in order to UNDO the many many crimes not only done to us but also to our deity
[+1 hr :]
you know .. He says [in Is 53] “but who of you will be aware of that ?” ,
referring to Christ who had to go through Mystery-Babylon ;
why then is it wrong to try grasp the trouble He made to create Eden
through many required constructs — that were all stolen or mutilated .. ?
would he not like his people to have at least an idea of that .. ?
is it wrong to think so ?



1 july 24

1 july                                                                                                                                          [23 DAYS …]
posted : CT 472 : NEBS & ÁNER [‘tamarisk’] : names of the tree of good & evil
posted : CT 473 : ‘my important tree which you (‘eden’) made’
… especially 473 became very interesting – also because of the sections where
is explained “how they made their horns (the 4 horses !) from the light-particles
of that tree ; and “how their corrupt type souls came into existence”: a description
hard to believe but as far we learned totally credible !
these type chapters cost much time , next ones may be in three days
        your Majesty … our situation hasn’t changed … still the core is but those few
        swirling traces of fog … but please see how we try : so little beings so far away
        that dó understand your words – and even their writings whereby we simply 
        take back the tree and undo their invasion in your sanctuary
        you please revenge us , as what became of us … and promise that you act
        in twenty days and get us 144 out … until then please always forgive us



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