9 january 2022

9 january the 144 seem to have problems – your help needed please … since the past two , three days something definitely has changed ; as if your and our … position has solidified — searching the appropriate term here — which must be directly related to the Revelation woman theme at present – woke this morning with a dream , finally a normal and palpable one yet heavy and complicated — … three (?) of us decided to leave the place and walk the final few miles during the night towards the destination ; but at a point we didn’t seem to make it , and asked locals to show the way back to this place ‘where the others stayed’ ; we got back in time – while picking up items we seemed to have dropped (read : lost) during the night’s walk … the second one was…

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‘the woman upon the moon’ is likely where we are NOW + related theory / context , [belongs to Hg., Is. and Zech] exploring the theme

‘the woman upon the moon’ is likely where we are NOW + related theory / context , [belongs to Hg., Is. and Zech] exploring the theme [temporary posted here] [start : 7-jan.2022]   [very unusual page — please skip if you expect it is nothing for you ; first version , unredacted]   Jan 9 : in order for you to not have to locate the terms perhaps it was best to put on top of this page an overvieuw :     the Revelation woman : actual thése days   … so far , in prophets there exist two different ‘feminine constructs’ (concepts) : the “eden mother” who is a birth-construct , and “the daughter of tsiun”, the eden land ; but – the concept of this woman : representing “the family tree of all Jacob souls” :       … so , of all adam souls in…

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haggai 2

[3-Dec2021] added : annex : three short videos       Haggai 2 : declaring this moon ; God will act in the ninth month             [start : 29-30nov.2021]             in progress – see Is. 22   a most peculiar chapter , but we think we have the interpretation right — yet requiring a [rather long-] introduction to show the themes ; or please go – uninformed – to the translation (click here) (note : a fulltext will not be available because of the nature of this theme)     searching the theme [-of Haggai 1 & 2] … the only theme really standing out is in this chapter 2 , as a certain timeframe which is twice repeated , now as ‘threefold phrase’ indicating – to us – “pay close attention ! important !” ; – but what can…

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CT 335 – F

CT 335   [15.02feb.2021 : CT 335 posted in sections – long spell , difficult themes]     part F : 1. after (again) describing how the words of the 7 torches are mutilated to become the matrix-words (of willpower) , now these words are given to Râ (‘our sun’) who “speaks them” ; 2. Râ is “the copy of the eden-sun”, as having the same authority and power – but now ‘in their matrix realm’ ; 3. astronomy section : Râ’s light fills the heliopause ; 4. next section : we can’t read it in any other way but that within Râ is their habitat ; Râ being described as “the terrifying dome” protecting “the ones within him” (but it’s true that the connection with ‘matrix-land’ is not mentioned – yet) ;   starting at page IV 253, and read from down to up link   F [next theme…

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Jes. 8 :

… we’re proceeding slow; sorry;
in spite of being much quicker to can spot the red line ,
the corruptions and the used roots ,
the changed mindset hinders translating them

… you will see we do NOT ‘just delete’ sections:
that type corruption appeared but in the last Isaiah chapters

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het DroomGezicht, 2009