PT 440 the pillar that grew high (Daniel) + the sealed (-open !) eden gate (Mal.1)

PT 440
                                         the pillar that grew high (Daniel)   +   the sealed (-open !) eden gate (Mal.1)
page PDF 494 ; 
read upwards and from right to left ,
the ‘official’ translation :
[by] the great (matrix-) pillar (-as the god). ,
(having been) made to rise up (S-ÁÂ) (adj.) – [is] (matrix-) existence. [for] N (‘candidate’). ,
[because by]    +
the great (matrix-) pillar (-as the god). [is] the (matrix-) quality. [for] N. ,
[as] the important (-one) above (‘north’)
[and] he (‘the pillar or N’?). the (eden-) word to command. ;    +
[in order (for it-) to become] the oil of the (matrix-) [dimensional-] foreground. 
[as] the (matrix-) word. to anoint (-it with). ;
[and as] the (matrix-) wine. [..] (being) the (matrix-) word. to drink. ,      + 
[and as] the (matrix-) fig. [..] (being) the word of (matrix-) ânkh life. ; 

       [above ,
       not that there (already) wás “ânkh life” during ‘the tree of good and evil’ (for that came later)
       but interesting to keep in mind the náture of ‘the fruit’] 
b #2
[so that for] the father (=Osiris=matrix). [to be] the divine [….?, unreadable …] 
by [-means of it]. (with-) the (matrix-) word. to dress. ; 
[because by] the south. land [matrix-gate region , Assyria]. [is] the native (matrix-) word. ,
[and therewith] (matrix-) existence to make (‘as concept’).      +
[through?] the (matrix-) (golden-) TCHÂM-sceptres. above (‘north’).                             [unknown still] 
[by?] the supporting (matrix-) word. ;                                                                                               [?, no det. glyph] 

      [above ,
       mehHes : see neHes ; menHesu : ‘a group of gods who watched over the south’ ;
       neHes : ‘watcher’ ; perhaps neH’es was intended , ‘negro’ but likely as “native” ;
       b) we don’t know yet what are “TCHÂM sceptres” , perhaps not multiple but as “things of…”
       while the glyph is the same as the UAS sceptre] 
[by] the god (‘pillar’). [for] the beloved (matrix-) word. [of] (matrix-) existence. ,
[being] the god. [for] the noble (matrix-) words. [of] (matrix-) quality. ; 
[because therewith to be] the (matrix-) sky. [of] (matrix-) speech (-of hail). 
[as] N’s (‘candidate’). doubled (KA) (adj.) – existence.                                                            [copied of eden] 
[by means of] thou. to seize the one [see next]. [at] the (matrix-) border (-with eden). :       + 
[namely by] the real-adam-soul’s (‘we’). doors (-of eden). [by] the (matrix-) word to repulse.
[through] thóu (adj.) – (matrix-) word to repulse (-eden with). ,
[but] the (matrix-) sky’s. double door. nót. [to be] sealed (adj.) – [by] thou (matrix-) word. ; 

       [above ,
       our expression “to seal shut” here is “to seal it as to keep it (‘the eden door’) OPEN” ;

       and you see that the other 2 versions were a bit confused about this line —
       because in all the spells is “to open the eden door as opening the matrix-sky door”
[as] the (matrix-) justice.       +                                                                           [but ‘by to sacrifice eden’ MAÂT] 
by which is. he. the staff (?) of (matrix-) ânkh life. 
[as] the important one. above (‘north’ ; M-Babylon). ,
[so that by] Horus (‘matrix-gate region’). [is] thou. ânkh life.      +
[as] thou. beloved (-one). [for] (matrix-) existence of hail. ; to recite. 


pt 438 the stolen ’emerald dome’ (-of the eden throne room) = ‘the moon’

pt 438
                                  the stolen ’emerald dome’ (-of the eden throne room)  =   ‘the moon’ 
                                  [this “(rain-) bow of Emerald as the dome above the throne”
                                  is mentioned in Revelation . Isaiah and Enoch ;
                                  and can be the “moon aspect” OF the eden-gate ,
                                  somehow “giving power during a month (-of time)” 
                                  and hence the difference between the ‘half month’ and the ‘new month’ 
                                  [and do see the note in 811 concerning Passover

page PDF 489 ; 
read upwards and from right to left , 
the ‘official’ translation :
[by?] the (eden-) place (-of [dimensional-] wideness to reap for hail) (Á-MA-AU ; glyph).
[are] all (adj.) – the (matrix-) words for the solar plane. ,
[because by] (eden-) existence. thou (‘candidate’) (adj.) – (matrix-) existence. to make new. ,
[through] the (matrix-) speech of hail. ; 

[and so for] the West [=evil dimension]. [to be] the (matrix-) KH-house.   
[through] the slaughtering house. [for?] above (‘north’, M-Babylon). , 
[to be] thou. (matrix-) existence. [by] ‘the offered rib piece’. ;

       [above ,
       this ‘offered rib piece’ is “the stolen (rain-) bow dome of emerald of eden’s throne room” ,
       lit. as “\\ the dome / the one / for the solarplane (…)” SH-B-T+\\ ] 
[so that] the small ones (-of the evil nostril NOT as the ‘eden full moons’). thou. to guide. ,  
[in order for] the great ones (‘the eden full moons’). [to] thou (adj.) – existence. to give. ;    +  (!)

       [above ,
       the line makes absolutely No Sense 
       but only when connected to ‘the half (moon-) month’ and ‘(full moon-) month’ in next lines] ;
       in prophets is often “the anger of IEUE” where ‘anger’ (-aph) is akin to ‘nostril’ ,
       which is the same term as SHERR+ here  — as a stolen concept now] 
[because by] the (eden-) half (moon-) months (‘of the eden gate’ !). [as] the beginnings [sic].  
[fór] the (matrix-) speech of hail. ,
[are] the (matrix-) (full moon-) months. [as] the beginnings. [óf] (matrix-) speech of hail. ; 
[in order to be] the (matrix-) dimension.       +
[by means of TO] thou. existence to make (‘as concept’). to give. ; 

       [above , 
       so we have to conclude that “the eden emerald dome is a type “moon” (-as the top of it)
       and ““grows”” to be “full” at the half-month : yet that concept is stolen by the matrix
       [there’s a lot of spells about “the waxing Bull” – the half-month ,
       so , somehow “the making of existence” STARTS at the [now-] matrix half-month , 
       and it cannot be coincidence that Passover was ‘at exactly thát half-month’ ,
       read : to break the summum of their stolen power 
       [and if this is about “a dome” then what about “smearing the LINTEL of the door w/ blood ..?]  
[impossible :]                                                                                                                                              [some type juxta :]  
[and so for] the West [=evil dimension]. [to be] the (matrix-) K-house.
[by?] the paladin of (eden-) willpower (for?) great (matrix-) speech. 
[as?] the paladin of (matrix-) power (of?) great speech. ; 

[and for] the city of Ôn (‘Mystery-Babylon’). [to be] the one of great (matrix-) speech. ,
[because by] the (matrix-) TH-P-H’T (star-) gate).      +                        [their (full moon-) month dome]  
he. the (matrix-) existence to become new. ; 

[as?] the place of MENU (a concept oppositely uniting the Behemoth & Leviathan realm ?)
[for?] the foremost (matrix-) KH-house. 
[is?] Horus’. (type matrix-) existence. alike-adam’s. ;                   [some Dualistic concept : see 809 c]  

[by means of] the (eden-) one to die. ,                                                              [the half (moon-) month dome]  
[to be] the real-adamite-soul’s (‘we’) (type-) hail. [by which-] thou. to die. nót. ;  
[but instead] , (to have) (double-) (matrix-) ânkh life. ;                                                                                 [why?] 

[next : this line must culminate into “the divine egyptians together” in 809 b :] 
[and so to be?] the maidens (‘of the Ammon sons’). [by?] thou. (matrix-) mother. ,
[and?] the great (-ones) (‘sons of Ammon’). ,
[through?] the slaughtered bull (‘the eden gate’). 
[by] thou. (matrix-) father. ;       +                                                                              [the dualistic concept here ?]  
[together as] the divine egyptians. 
as. thou. feminine (not: ‘mother’) ones. [by] the one (‘eden’). nót. [for matrix existence]. , 
[and as] thou. male (not: ‘father’) ones. [by] the one (‘eden’). nót. [for matrix existence]. , 
[untranslatable :]  
some ‘mirror glyphs’ as “[to be] (matrix-) hail as the adam-like (eden-) house-H” . ;
to recite.

PT 455 the stolen eden cornerstone (‘the sea of glass’)

[theme] : PT 455,          :
the stolen eden-cornerstone
[the ‘sea of glass’ in Revelation]

[that is somehow ‘making speech’
perhaps as ‘a certain frequency’]

[2023-09sep.20-          ]

PT 455                                                      
                                               the stolen eden cornerstone (‘the sea of glass’)
                                                [which is “the dimensional-anchor” for Eden
                                                but is now in the matrix – within their gate ,
                                                yet will be founded ‘in the wilderness’ north for new Eden] 
page PDF 515 ; 
read upwards and from right to left , 
the ‘official’ translation :
thou. (the (eden-) one needed by-) the (matrix-) spirits. to purify. ,
                                                                                               [because nothing ‘of the matrix needs to be purified’] 
[to be] thou (matrix-) speech of hail. [through] the hunted (-one) of the foreign (eden-) land. ,
[and so by] thou. to be the one for the opened (matrix-) word.                                                    [< unclear]  
[as] (matrix-) existence. [by] (that-) one to make (-by eden). [for] (matrix-) hail. ;
[because for] the (matrix-) land. [to be] the (matrix-) speech of hail. 
[by] he. the one for (matrix-) speech of hail. ,
[by means of] the (eden-) one of the mountain (‘tsiun’). to untie (-from the mountain). ,     [=steal]   
[and then] he. within (-the matrix). to purify. ;     + 
[so that] he (‘the eden one’). [through] the (matrix-) speech of hail. [of] Hórus. 
(will) make (-by eden) (ÁR) (adj.) – (matrix-) existence. ; 
[in order to be] the (matrix-) land. [of] the (matrix-) speech of hail.     +
[as] he. [by] the one (stone) for (matrix-) speech of hail. ,
[namely] by. the untied (adj.) – one of the (eden-) mountain. ; 
[being] he. [that is] within (-the matrix). [as] the purified (adj.) – Set stone (‘eden cornerstone’). ; 

[because through] he the (matrix-) speech of hail. 
the Set stone. (indeed-) (matrix-) existence. to make (-by eden). [of] hail. ; 
[and by] he. within (-the matrix). [to be] the (matrix-) land. [of] (matrix-) speech of hail.     +
[as] he. [by] the one (stone) for (matrix-) speech of hail. ,
[namely by] the untied (adj.) – one of the (eden-) mountain. ; 
[and] he. within (-the matrix). [by] Horus. to purify. , 
[because] the Set stone. [of] [in?] the (eden-) mouth (‘gate’).    +                             [comp. ‘sea of glass’]   
[..]. manifested. spittle (‘eden-essence / of the (eden-) hand / for the real-adam-soul’ ÁST’). , 
[but]    +
[of] [in?] Horus’. (matrix-) gate. [..]. (is) manifesting. (matrix-) sputum (‘matrix-essence ÁSHSH). ,     + 
[as] the (matrix-) incense (‘essence / of the hand / for the solar plane’ BET’+)
[..] [=and] (matrix-) natron (‘for matrix-stability’). as. the pure one. ; 
[and so for] this. N. [to be] Osiris. the father’s. (type matrix-) existence. 
[through] this purified (-one) (‘stone’). [as] this (-one). [that can] be seen.       +
dwelling (-there). ;                                                                                                                   [he means ‘in their gate’?]  
[as?] the one for the great. Ennead (‘9 main matrix concepts’). ;
 [something with “Mystery-Babylon”]  
[because for] Osiris (=matrix). [..] to manifest. the purified (-one). [of] (matrix-) speech. [..]. ,   + 
the double ÁTERT shrine (‘region of mixed speech’). to flourish.
[and,as,by?] the MER pools (‘unknown concept still’). to be filled. ; to recite.



PT 442, 441,       : the matrix has hidden the eden-Dawn by connecting their dawn to this Space – to Orion and Sirius [=the Giza pyramid theme] 

 [theme] : PT 442, 441,       :
 the matrix hid the eden-Dawn 
   by connecting their dawn to 
this Space – to Orion and Sirius
[+ the polar stars ‘of olden’]

[=the Giza pyramid secret]
[2023-09sep.22-     ]

PT 442
                                                          Mystery-Babylon connects to Orion [-and Sirius]
page PDF 498 ; 
read upwards and from right to left ,
the ‘official’ translation : 
[to be] Sekhet Áaru.      +                                                                                [their paradise , land of M-Babylon] 
through.              +
the (matrix-) sky. [as] the one of eden-within. ,
[as] the one of (matrix-) beauty.     +
[by means of] the watercourse (‘Nile, bringing “words”). [for] the (matrix-) speech of hail. ,
[and she] (‘speech’). the word to guide. ,
[as] the one (‘word’) (by) the one (‘throne’) of the real-adamite-soul (S-T-T)
[now as] the purified (adj.) – ones of the (matrix-) throne (Á-STu). ,
[by means of] the star Sirius (SEPT’T). [to] this. existence to connect. [as] the third (-one). ;    + 

       [above ,
       that is a bizarre line with an equal bizarre reading : “3 – TH-N (this) – PU (this) – SEPT’T” ,
       two times “this” cannot be so the THEN must be the important “to connect to” ;
       note how Sirius but plays “a helping role” ,
       and we expect that she will go represent ‘the eden gate’ later on] 
[in order to be] the (matrix-) sky. [of] Western [=evil dimension] (adj.) – (type-) existence.     + 
[of] (matrix-) willpower. ,
by [-means of]. the star Orion (SÂH’+). [of] (eden-) willpower for the matrix (-house). 
[to] thou. (matrix-) existence. to come. ; 

       [above ,
       it is important “to get the conclusions right” , hence the red , because these type spells
       typically create another situation ‘by linking aspects’] 
[and ] the sky. [of] Eastern
(adj.) – existence.      +                                                                   [read ‘Heaven’] 
[to be] the (matrix-) willpower. 
by [-means of]. the star Orion. [of] (eden-) willpower for the matrix-) house.      +
[through] thóu. speech to manifest. ;

       [above ,
       so in fact “they make Orion to rise to power – through their speech” 
       so that Orion (willpower as the  in SÂH’) will have stolen eden-willpower] 
[and so?] thou. (matrix-) ânkh life.
[as?] the divine (matrix-) things. [of] (matrix-) existence. [by] the (matrix-) word of law. 
[..]. [to be?] the double ânkh life. ;                                                                                    [why is ‘double’ needed?] 

[next :] 
[by means of] the star Orion. [of] (eden-) willpower for the matrix-) house.      + 
[for?] the T’UAT (star) (-of matrix Dawn).     +                                              [prob. the matrix-gate / moon] 
the (matrix-) word. [..] to birth. ;    +
[by means of] the star Orion. [of] (eden-) willpower for the matrix-) house.      +
[fór] the (matrix-) sky. [of] (matrix-) existence of hail. the (matrix-) word. to conceive. ; 
[because] the T’UAT (star) (-of matrix Dawn). (matrix-) existence. to birth. , 
[and?] the (matrix-) sky. [óf] (matrix-) existence. to conceive. ;                   [but ‘as unfinished’ , see d] 
[and] he (‘sky’). the father’s (=Osiris=matrix). (type matrix-) existence. to empower (‘say’). , 
[while?] the heir (‘he means themselves , Ammon sons’).       +
[..] the mother’s. (type matrix-) existence. to empower. ;
[as?] the (matrix-) beauty.       +

      [above ,
      in this juxta ‘the mother’ must refer to “the wider matrix-realm” (Isis etc) ;] 
[by] the UAG festival (‘independence of eden’) (UA the ‘lasso’ is ‘the imprisoned eden-word’).
by [-which was]. the (matrix-) wine (-of the stolen eden-word). [for] all of (adj.) – the solar plane. ;  

[closing :] 
[by] the star Orion. [..] the adam-like (matrix) hail to come. [to] Osiris (=matrix) (crossing syntax)
[because] by. the star Orion. [..] the adam-like (matrix) hail to come.      +
[by means of] the made (matrix-) word. ;
[and so for] thou. [..].      +
[to be] the two Enneads. [for] (matrix-) existence of hail. ;

        [above ,
        the Ennead are “9 main matrix concepts” like the land , atmosphere , etc ,
        but now they are ‘doubled’ [=why?] because of this Orion thing ?] 
[and] thou. the important one (‘concept’?). to support.      +
[in order to be] the (matrix-) light. [for] (matrix-) existence of hail. 
[by means of] thou (adj.) – having acquired (adj.) – the (matrix-) willpower. ;
[to be?] the foreign land (place-) NET’ÁT. [of] eden-inside.                      [name of eden-gate region ?] 
[and by] he. the (matrix-) speech of hail. to give. [to] (matrix-) existence. ,
[and so for]      +
he (matrix existence). the (dimensional-) side. above (‘north’). [to be] great (matrix-) speech. ,
[as] the (stolen-) staff (TÁ). [of] speech. [of] the fallen one (‘eden’). ; 
to recite.
       [above ,
       because 2nd half mentions ‘side above’ this NET’ÁT must be ‘south’ ; these are word puns 
       and tricky to read “the foreign land / the one / hail / (the hand-) to give / to existence” 
       and – in another spell – this NET”AT may become Sirius SEP-T’T ,
       the star / of the (eden-) hand (‘gate region’) / to make the (matrix) root (‘north’)”] 

PT 441
                                          the stolen (eden-) word by the Nile     +      the polar star(-s)
page PDF 495 ; 
read upwards and from right to left ,
the ‘official’ translation :
[by] the ÁKHEMu SEKu star(-s). [of] the north.      +                                               [likely ; as polar star(-s)] 
[to be?] this. (matrix-) hail. 
[as] the divine (matrix-) things. [by means of to] thou (‘N’). (eden-) existence. to wander-astray. ;

       [above ,
       in other spells – like PT 412 – is explained how the matrix “connects with the olden stars”] 
[and so for] the West [=evil dimension].     +
[to be] the foremost (matrix-) KH-house. [of] thou. (matrix-) existence.
(having been) made (-by eden) (ÁR) (adj.) – [by] (eden-) existence. ; 
[as] the royal one. [of] thou. (matrix-) existence.
(having been) made (-by eden) (ÁR) (adj.) – [by] (eden-) existence. ;
[and] thou (adj.) – (will) see (adj.) – the revolving food (‘matrix aspects’).
[as] the (stolen eden-) word. [..] [that-] revolves. ;                                             [b/c serpentine dimension] 
[because by-] the real-adamite-soul’s (‘we’) (-one) (‘words’). within (-the matrix). ,
to be the divine (matrix-) things. [by means of-] the one (‘word’) wandering-astray. ;
[as] wandering-astray (adj.) – [to] thou (adj.)        +
[through] he. the watercourse (‘Nile’). [to] above (‘north ; M-Babylon’). ;     +
[and now being] thóu. (matrix-) word. [of] main (adj.) – (matrix-) willpower ,
[through that] offering (‘by eden’). thou. (eden-) existence. to imprison. ; 
[as] thou (adj.) – (matrix-) land. [that is] ploughing over (adj.) – (eden-) existence. ;
to recite.



the matrix has hidden the
eden-Dawn by connecting
their dawn to this Space –
to Orion and Sirius

[=the Giza pyramid theme]

PT 412
PDF page 443 
forever. thou (‘the candidate’). [to be] within (-the matrix). ,
[as] the (matrix-) sky. [of] emptiness. nót. ;                                                         [not as the empty matrix sky] 
[because] the (matrix-) light (perhaps: ‘day’). [for] thou. (matrix-) existence. to manifest.
[and for] thou. [to be] the pure (-one). ;
[namely as] the (matrix-) light (to which-) the (former eden-) word has come. [for] hail. 
[to be] the (matrix-) speech of hail. ,                                                                                                             [=that light] 
[as] the word. [that is now-] connected to. the (matrix-) sceptre (-for the solar plane) 
[‘of the Ba spirit / for the solar plane’] (BBA+). ; 

[by means of] the ÁKHEMu SEKu stars.        +                                                     [‘stars in Space’ –pole stars?]
to go connect to. following (adj.) – the (matrix-) word.      +
[bý?] the island of the horizon (‘matrix-gate region’).       +
for. thou. (matrix-) speech above (‘north’) (=the Mystery-Babylon region)
[that is] supporting the (matrix-) light (-of the stars?) (TUA , pun on ‘matrix-dawn’ T’UA). ;
[by?] the (matrix-) moon (‘the matrix gate’) (ÁÂH’). [of] the (matrix-) speech. alike-adam’s. 
[are] the (full moon-) months. (that-) birth (adj.) – thou (adj.) – (matrix-) speech of hail. ,   +
[as?] the star of matrix-Dawn (-as the god) (T’UAT+).       +
(by which is?-) the (matrix-) word of (matrix-) willpower. [for?] important ones (?). , 
the (matrix-) light of the revolving ones.     +
[as?] (the word of? (adj.?)-) the olden ones (‘stars’?). to connect to. (matrix-) existence. ; 

         [above ,
         whatever they are doing , they connect ‘the stars of Space to their matrix-gate (‘moon’)’
         so that their type Dawn is now connected to ‘Space’ 
         or perhaps read : solidly connected to the Behemoth realm North 
         [and for what it’s worth also the ‘official’ translation saw nkhkh.u as ‘stars’] 
[and therewith] the gods (‘demons’). to be in command and to judge.
[because of] the double ÁTERT shrine (‘region of mixed speech’).    +
[óf] the (matrix-) KH-house (‘M-Babylon + land’). to stand upright (-at matrix vector). ; 
[tricky :] 
[and because?] thou (adj.) – grasped (adj.) – the mace (-of white light). (for?) above (‘north’). ,
[and by?] the birth sceptre (-stolen of our Originals) (AMS).      +
thou. the hand palm (‘the whole dome of Space’?). to fill. within (-the matrix). ;
[and therefore] [with] the crown of the (matrix-) [dimensional-] fóreground (!) (H’AT+).    +
[as] the one of the (matrix-) KH-house (?, KH-T). 
[..] thou. to be crowned (-and elevated). ;
    [above ,
    the relation between “the mace (-of white light)” and “the birth sceptre” is somewhat unclear  —
    problem is that , according to the scroll, the matrix ‘stole the white light’ (‘silver’)
    in order to adorn their realm with :
    the problem is that ‘white’ H’ETCH does not appear to derive “from eden” ;
    b)   the hand palm as ‘the Space dome’ :
    in Tuat X (Gates?) ÁMEN has a large chain to the handpalm 
    which may relate the “the dimensional Vector of Space – related to the polar region”] 
    c)   the crown of the dimensional fóreground :
     is a very important clue concerning THE GOAL described in this spell ;]  

                                                                                               part I b 
                                                                                    (more tricky now)

[and so to be?]      +
the two (or ‘double’) Ennead.       +                            [unknown but ‘Ennead’ is ‘9 main matrix concepts’] 
[by?] the (four?-) essences of the hand of he. 
[but now as?] the (four?-) essences (adj.) – for (?). thou. ;                                            [+ ‘of the hand of he’?] 

    [above ,
    we don’t know where “two Enneads” come from 
    but perhaps “because of connecting to Space” now ?] 
[in order] (matrix-) existence to make (‘as concept’). [as] the [dimensional-] garment. 
[now as] the [dimensional-] garment (adj.) – by. thóu. ; 
[because] he (‘garment’). (is being) held up. by. thou. (matrix-) speech above (‘north’)
[that is] supporting the light (-of the stars?) (TUA , pun on ‘matrix-dawn’ T’UA). ;   [732c] 
[and so for] the gods. [to be] the one (‘matrix’) of eden-within. ,
[through] the things of – thou – throne. [for] (matrix-) stability of hail. ; 
[and so] your. West [=evil dimension]. side. above (‘north’, Mystery-Babylon). to dwell. , 
[because of] your. East [=read : ‘Heaven’]. side.      +
[tó] above (‘north’). the word. connected to. speech. to give. [in order to be] (matrix-) hail. ; 




PT 304 : the four horns of the Beast (‘the four horses’) and BD 31 ‘the four crocodiles’ , both as the solen cardinal-points

PT 304                                                      
                                                                 the four horns of the Beast   (‘the four horses’)
page PDF 270 ; 
read upwards and from right to left , 
the ‘official’ translation :
[to be] the hail. [as] (having-) eden-inside (‘a matrix concept’)
[by] to purify. the offering (-by eden). ;                                                                      [read : ‘stealing’, ofcourse] 
[because in order for] (to have-) the (matrix-) word of eden-inside. ,                                               [for N.] 
to connect to. the (eden-) field (SEM). ,
[and by] connecting to. the (eden-) field. ,     +
[in order] (to have-) the (matrix-) word of eden-inside. ,
[to be] the (matrix-) speech above (‘north’). [as] the (matrix-) protection of hail. ; 
[and so to be] the (matrix-) peace. [for] the (matrix-) field.                                                   [their paradise] 
[that is] connected (-with). the (matrix-) speech above (‘north’). [as] the protection of hail. ;
[by] the place (or ‘city’) of the Falcon (a Horus concept as ‘hail for the solar plane’). [..] to manifest.
[that] purifies. the (stolen-) sceptre (TÁ). , 
[and therewith?] the West [-evil dimension]. to the (eden-) one to connect to. ;      +
[namely by] to make the watercourse (‘the Nile’)
[and so for] N. [to be] (matrix-) existence. ,
[because by?] the West [-dimension]. [is] this. your. horn (‘the Nile axis’). [being] the shoulder. ,
for. [to be] your – northern. horn. ,
[..] your – southern. horn. ,                          [‘the 4 horns that grew to the cardinal directions’, Daniel] 
[..] your – eastern. horn. 
[and] [..] your – western. horn. ;       +  

         [above ,                                                                                                       O       the ‘face’ (as the north ‘above’)
         the Nile is a separate axis going to their north                             O      the ‘torso’ (gate region)
         (separate from the 7-fold stolen axis of speech)                             \
         called ‘shoulder’ cause it arrives ‘at the torso’]                                    \   shoulder (‘Nile’)
[that are] the four (adj.) – (matrix-) horns – below.                              [below M-Babylon in the north] 
[fróm] the ‘sun egg’ of the NEG bull.    +          [the place in the great pillar from where the 4 start] 
[for] thou. (matrix-) speech above (‘north’). [of] protection. ;
[and to] he (‘bull’). to make the watercourse. , 
[and therewith] N’s. (matrix-) existence. , [through] the watercourse. , to become new. ; 
[a : impossible :] 
[by?] the KHA lake. [of?] existence.     +
[at?] the shore (?) (adj.) – [of] the MER lake. [is?] the (matrix-) speech above. ,
[because by?] the ostrich (NÁU (matrix-) word of hail for existence).        +
[is?] thou. (matrix-) speech above. [as] the protection. ;

[by] to make the watercourse. , N. , [through] the watercourse. , to become new. ; 
[by means of] the two side rails (adj.) – [that is] the MAQT ladder. [as] the one for speech above. ,
[that is] the gift (‘for dimensional cover’) (adj.) – [of] Thoth (-but he as axis). ,     +

         [above ,
         MAQT is “to reap / the (eden main vertical-) axis (-Q)” perhaps as 2 or 7-fold axis ,
         and they bent that axis towards their region , hence ‘the ladder’
         (but which is the same as “the great horn that grew high” in Daniel)]  ;
[to be] the (matrix-) sky. [of] (matrix-) Sight (‘some 2nd sight concept’) (PTR).       +
[as] the one of (matrix-) speech above. ,
[and] the goddess that is the jackal daughter (‘per dictionary’)+    [Babylon whore prototype ?] 
to be connected. (with-) the (matrix-) speech above (‘north’). [of] (matrix-) protection of hail. ;
to recite. 

BD 31
                                  the ‘four (matrix-) crocodiles’
                                  [same theme as “the four horns”, “the four rudders” and “four flames”
                                as the (stolen-) eden cardinal points now for the matrix] 

page PDF 139 ; real page 98 ; 
read upwards and from right to left ,
[no ‘official translation’] 
BD 31
[by] the (matrix-) sorceries. for. (matrix-) ânkh life.     +
[is] this. crocodile (‘matrix cardinal points’). ,
[because by] the made (matrix-) word. the one (‘eden cardinal points’) to carry off. ,                        
[so that] thou (‘the candidate’). [will] nót. (be) within (-eden). ;

        [the ‘thou not be within’ is not usually said ‘of eden’ – but possible ;
        the idea is ofcourse that “he being within eden” is Lethal for him]                                             
[because through] this. my. sorcery. [of] (matrix-) speech.    +
he. the made one (-by eden) (‘the concept of eden cardinal points) (ÁR-T).    +
[in] the (matrix-) lower half (-region) (?) (bqsu). to dwell. to be (matrix-) hail. ;

[namely AT?] the perch-standard of he (Anubis) as the one (perch) upon the mountain (tsiun !). ,
[which is?] for. me.     +

[page 97] 
the (matrix-) tooth (-or ‘claw’, see 4 sons page) (neh’t’+). [as] the flint knife (t’es).            [into eden] 
as. my. teeth. [=of]. eden-within. ,                                                                                          [empowered by eden] 
[so that with] the (matrix-) sorceries.      +
me. the mouth (‘eden gate’). [of] (eden-) existence. to surround. , 
        [I surround the eden gate with sorceries] 
[in order] his (eden gate). false ones. (with) the sorcery. [of] (matrix-) existence. to surround. ;

        [but ,
        the “false ones” refers to ‘the cardinal points of eden’ !] 

[and in order that] the real-adamite-soul’s (you&we). (spacial-) Times. [will be] for. the (mátrix-) sky. ,
(eden-) existence’s. one (‘time-concept’?) to surround. ,
to become the things of (matrix-) justice. [for] the (matrix-) existence. [of] thou. above (‘north’). ;
[and so by] the (adam-like) other (matrix-) (-one) (KI). [to be] (matrix-) existence. [in] name [of]. :
         [this “in name of” means “a transfer of a nature” :] 
the divine doubled (-matrix concept)      +
as ‘the (matrix-) crocodile’ (‘as cardinal points’ concept) for the solarplane (B) (bet’t+ see glyph). ,

[to be] the divine (matrix-) One. [of] (matrix-) existence. [in] name [of]. :
the divine (matrix-) (-one) to come \\ by the one (eden car-points) having been opened (‘eden’). ,

        [man – so contrived glyphs :
         the UP is used as “opening” (-the eden-root P) often followed by “the mouth” (eden gate) ,
         but here “the one of the mouth was opened”] 
[as] the (matrix-) one that has come (adj.) – [and] been given (adj.) – [to] thou (‘candidate’). ;
[and bý] the great. (matrix-) god. [of] (matrix-) existence. 
[is] this. thou (‘candidate’). name [of]. : me – to be commanded. nót. within (-eden). ;

         [that’s the only option  —
         because previously the ‘within’ referred to ‘eden’] 
[but instead] , [by] my. sorcery. as. my. (matrix-) ânkh life. ,
[through] my. speech. [to which-] the (eden-) word has come. ,
[..] the (eden-) crocodile (‘eden cardinal points’) (SUI).      +
[that is] thou main-one in the (dimensional-) background (‘eden’). to (make to-) retreat (‘namely SUI’). ,    

[because] thou main-one in the (dimensional-) background.       +
he. to be commanded. (to stay-) [in] the cemetery below (‘eden’).
through. he. the (matrix-) willpower. of. the true (matrix-) voice. ;    [so – they have THAT much power] 
      [title of author] 
      [closing line :] 

[by] (matrix-) speech. being the things of sorcery. the (eden-) one (cardinal-points) to carry-off. ,
[and by that-] speech. the (adam-like) (matrix-) hail to come. ,
[as] the (matrix-) crocodile. [for] to repulse (-eden). , 
[and all this as] (matrix-) existence. [by] the mouth (‘gate’).

[theme] [supporting Rev.14] pt.III : BD 148 “the four flames” in their fortresses (cardinal points)

[theme] [supporting Rev.14] pt.III :
BD 148 “the four flames” in their
fortresses (cardinal points)

[2023-09sep.15-    ]


the ‘four flames’ :
… it is very possible that the four eden-cherubs (see Revelation) 
have “the four cardinal points” as their Attribute – in the form of ‘four flames’ 
that were positioned just outside the Eden sky-dome that had a cube-form ;
       Enoch describes “how the ribs of that cube was covered in tongues of fire” 
       and that – possibly – was a result of the flames : not of the cube itself ;
later , as per prophets ,
the eden dome was stolen by the matrix and placed in their north ,
where “they had made holes in him” (-per prophets) : we interpret this as the cube
being as large as this sun’s Heliopause , and “the holes” are for “the Zodiac”   —
and this would match the Sumerian epos where “Marduk installed the zodiac” ; 
interestingly in the Crocodile Spells (see page) the latter may be the ÁKHEM-URT’u ;
the four flames ‘T-KA-U” :
… in the same category as ‘rudder’ H’EM-U and ‘crocodile’ MES-H’-U 
this one reads “the flames / of the (eden-) word / to Double / [as] the (matrix-) one” ,
strongly supporting the possibility that in Revelation these became “the four horses”
in their forms as ‘four fiery horses’ ; 

real page 312
BD 137 A 


PART I   intro
the beginning. [of] (matrix-) existence. [for] the millions.                           [or: of the things of eternity] 
[by] having become the (matrix-) justice. 
[as] the [environmental dimensional-] garment. within (-the matrix). ;
[by] he (‘garment’?). has come (matrix-) health. [as] everything. [for] the solar plane. 
[and] therewith. Osiris’ (=matrix). [type-] (matrix-) existence. to (can) follow. ,
[55] [because] by. he. (matrix-) existence to become new. ; 

all of (adj.) – the West’s. (matrix-) existence.    +                         [‘the West is the nature of the matrix] 
[is by] the (matrix-) (star-) gate (DAMASCUS). above (‘north of eden’). ,
[and] he (‘matrix gate’). [by] the one (‘eden gate’). [of] (eden-) existence.       +
[to be] repulsed (-through surrounding it) (‘by eden’ !). nót. ;

      [above :
       saying – with other words – that the eden gate IS ‘surrounded’ by them] 
[but instead] ,
[by] (the one of-) the cemetery below (‘eden’).       +
[to be] the sanctified (matrix-) (-one) (adj.) – [of] eden-within. [as] the (matrix-) god. ,
[and] by. he (‘matrix gate’). (matrix-) existence to become new. ; 
[because] the helpless (eden-) existence.       + 
[fór] he. the (matrix-) existence. the (matrix-) word. [of] (matrix-) speech to make (-by eden ; ÁR). ,
[in order for] each. noble spirit (‘demon’). [to be] the (matrix-) speech of hail. ; 

[intro :]
the divine (matrix-) things. [are by] the helpless (eden-) existence. 
[as] (eden-) existence. [of] the ceased flame. [of] (it’s) (eden-) countenance. ;                                        (?)
[in order to be] the (matrix-) lights of speech to connect to (matrix-) existence (-as the god).    +
[through] the foods. [which] (eden-) offers (adj.) – [to] thou (‘candidate’). (matrix-) existence. ;  
       [and to stáy this-] one of the real-adamite-soul (you & we) for (matrix-) hail. ,      +
       [through] the damsels. by (-which) existence to come to though as the one (TKN+)
       [in order to be] (eden-) existence. nót. ;      +

        [above ,
        the damsels : the seven kidnapped torches ? or “them abusing our female Originals” , 
        as their method of “how to maintain the flow of eden offerings”] 
[so that for] the fishes (‘matrix animal-soul spirits’). [and] the ibexes.      +
to be (the matrix situation of having-) eden-within. ,                                              
[and] (eden-) existence. [to be] nót. ; 

[but instead] , having become the clean. purified (matrix-) dimension.                                                    [sic] 
[as] the one (TU.adj.) – [which-] the helpless (eden-) dimension. makes (-by eden) (ÁR). ;
[because]     +
[by he] the one of the real-adamite-soul for (matrix-) hail.      +
[is] he. the (matrix-) speech for above (‘north of eden’)
[in order] to become the (matrix-) word to decorate (-the matrix with). ;
[because by?] the south (‘as eden here’). [is] he. the (matrix-) speech. above (‘north’). ;  


PART II   the cardinal points

#1  the Northern fortress :
the (matrix-) North. (land-) fortress.        +                      [‘the fortress as the inversed one’ ! , SSÁATU] 
fór. the house of the (double-) solar plane.      +
[by] he (‘fortress’). (matrix-) existence. to make (-by eden) (‘AR). ; 

       [above ,
        it is a stolen concept – hence ‘as eden concept making matrix-reality’] 
[because] he (‘the fortress’). to (-keep) open (adj.) – the mouth (‘eden gate’). 
[for?] he (‘matrix gate’?). [at] the (matrix-) high place. ;

[next : impossible :] 
the seven fingers (‘matrix axis’).         +                                           [‘of eden-willpower for the solar plane’] 
[for?] (matrix-) existence. 
[by?] the ÁMM tree (‘eden vertical main dimensional axis’?).       +

[are?] the image of eden-willpower for the matrix. [for?] the (corrupt adamite-) soul (‘author’)
[in order to be?] the (corrupt-) soul’s. (matrix-) speech above (‘north’). ; 

      [above ,
      is the reason why a large number of sections in Spells are untranslatable
      simply because we have no workable concept of what things like this could mean   — 

however : 
the “pillar of fire” (to right) represents the main eden axis ,
perhaps imagined as “starting from the eden-gate” 
[which is now dysfunct because of the matrix’ doing
but it said here “it keeps the eden-gate OPENED”
meaning that they steal “the flames óf the pillar , as well”] 
suppose that the pillar is formed out of seven intertwined flames
[is that impossible — if they feed “the seven Torches” ?] 

then these seven flames can be “the seven fingers (-of stolen eden-willpower)” ;
especially when the eden gate region is “the hand” (often as “My hand” in prophets) , 
so that “the fingers” are a matching description : as coming ‘from the hand’ !
this fortress is “a copied or stolen eden-concept” 
and therewith has the power  to cause an event as described here ;
[because] [from] this. mouth (‘eden gate’).     + 
[page 311] 
to slay the (eden-) word of (it’s-) branch (‘axis’).        +                  [so : to slay the fire pillar] 
[in order] to become health (-for the matrix). ,
[as] the (matrix-) land of anointed essences.       +
which is. [by?] the (stolen eden corner-) stone (?) (T’EBT+). above (‘north’). ; to recite. ; 
[by : new title of the candidate].

       [above ,
       that it can be “the stolen cornerstone” may be stretch but the TA (4) T’EBT in the dictionary
        unlikely reads as “the four tiles” because TA can be the “fury / fire” cluster , 
       reading “the stone / for the four / fires [sic]” ;
        where T’EBT is “the stone / the one / [fór] the solar plane / [óf] the hand (see above)”] 
Osiris’ (=matrix). (matrix-) things of protection. have become (adj.) – by. me. ,
[because] thou (‘the flames of the pillar’?). to shoot-out (-of eden). 
[and] me. to give (-it back?). [to] (eden-) existence. nót. ;    
[because by] the one that shoots-out. [to be] (matrix-) speech. to come for (matrix-) hail.    +
[as] thou. mirror.                                                                                                                                       [SPS mirror glyph] 
[and] me. to give (-it back?). [to] (eden-) existence. nót. ;
[because by] the mirrored. speech. to come (matrix-) hail. ; to recite. ; 

[closing of #1 :]
the (matrix-) North. (land-) fortress. [is] or. the (eden-) ones to be given.
[=likely ‘the seven flames / fingers’] 
[to be] he. the (matrix-) speech above (‘north’). to decorate (-the matrix with). ; 

[because by] the \\ northern (-one) (‘the eden-counterpart’).       +                                                             [sic] 
[is] the speech. [for] he (‘the matrix fortress’) above (‘north’). ; 

       [above ,
       the same concept is used in “the 8 crocodiles” BD chapter] 



[not sure how he gets here :]
the (matrix-) day (-light) (HRU).      +
[to be] he. the one. (having) the character (adj.) – [of] (eden-) existence. nót. ;
[and] he. the (matrix-) one to be seized (-by eden). nót. ;
[and] he. to be driven back. [by] (eden-) existence. nót, ;

[but instead] , he (‘matrix day’). [to be by] the (matrix-) speech to manifest (-for the matrix).     +
[by] he (‘eden-speech’). to enter (-the matrix). 
[and then] the helpless (eden-) existence. [fór] he. the (matrix-) existence.    +
the word of speech to make (-by eden) (ÁR-R-U)
[as] the (matrix-) quality. [by which] (matrix-) existence becomes new. ; 

       [above ,
       the ‘light glyph’ must be ‘day’ since that contains the -R ‘speech’ 
       as “(the day-) of the (matrix-) word of (matrix-) speech [for the stolen eden-cube H]” ;
       it is this light which burns eden , and said to burn upon the Originals] 
Osiris (=matrix). above (‘north’).      +                                                                  [or: the countenance of Osiris] 
[..] to be driven off (-by surrounding it). [by] (eden-) existence. nót. ;
[by means of] the mysterious (-hidden) (adam-like) ones.       +                                                [=? , see note] 
the (matrix-) (star-) gates (SBKHT+). above (‘north’). to enter. ;                  [prob. multiple – see next] 
[to be] the forever. (eden-) willpower for the matrix.  
[as] the eternal (matrix-) light. [of] (matrix-) speech. [for] the spirits (‘demons’). ; 

[and so] to be the union (adj.) – [of] divine (matrix-) things.      +
through. (matrix-) SEKHEM power. [as] the god. ,                                     [obtained by a cardinal point !] 
[because] by. this. (matrix-) existence to become new. ; 

       [above ,
       there is no other subject that ‘enters’ but “the mysterious ones” ,
       and because this is about ‘making speech’ it can only be “the 7 flames of the fire-pillar” ]  

[next : the 7 gates of speech :]
[the new existence-] [as] Osiris (=matrix).     +
who is. [by]  these. seven. (matrix-) ÂRRUT (corner-) gates.                                          [or: ‘for whom are’] 
as. each. ÂRRUT (corner-) gate.      +
[by which. the begotten (adj.) – (matrix-) speech. will have arrived (-to the matrix). 
[as] the one (‘all 7 gates’?) giving (matrix-) speech. ; 

a) these ‘7’ must be related to 
      the ‘7 fold fire pillar’ ,
b) distinct “corners” show which is
      an eden attribute that they use
      to ‘purify’ the eden-speech with ;
c) also “the book of Gates” show
     these 7 corners each with a
     serpent of (matrix-) speech ;

d) ÂRRIT as “the gate of the (adam-like) (eden-) speech for (matrix-) speech of willpower” ;
     there are ofcourse separate spells about that theme
     but since we don’t understand what’s going on there it has no sense to translate them [yet] ..
e) Giza :
     the 7 fold “gallery” represents the matrix construct in the other Reality
     [where “the king’s chamber” is the region of Mystery-Babylon , aka ‘Osiris’ in this spell] ;
     we still are convinced that Giza was “the tower of Babylon” that was intended to give
     this earth 1 speech — as “one frequency” since she is a frequency transmitter
     [including this earth’s – Gaia’s – own type frequencies] 
      but we haven’t got to making that page yet ; 
[and therewith-] the (matrix-) day. to be the exalted. (matrix-) speech.    +          
[through?] these. four. TEKAU flames. 
           which were (?). [of] the (eden?-) mouth (‘gate’)
           [but] them. [for] (matrix-) existence. to make (-as the one). ;                              
[section : see note] 

[page 308] 
[and to] thou (‘candidate’). [as] (matrix-) nature. to give (matrix-) speech. [as] this. god. ,
[that is?] alike-adam’s (-speech). [as] he. the (matrix-) SEKHEM power [commanding light]. ;    +   

         [above is unclear :
         after introducing the 7 gates he starts about the 4 flames again
          but does NOT explain their relation — do the 4 carry the seven gates ?
          [and compare again how “the 4 horses can exist within the 7 seals” !] 
[next : the ‘speech’ “forms images” through ‘words (or ‘light-particles)’ :] 
[so that] the foremost (matrix-) Khent house (adj.)     +                                                    [M-Babylon region] 
[of] the divine Westerner.      +                                                                                                      [prob. honorary title] 
[is] (matrix-) existence. [by] the images.    +
[=of which] the (eden-) words (-of it) have diéd. ,              +                [so , no ‘images by eden’ anymore] 

       [above ,
        so ‘images’ exist of ‘words’ – but read ‘light-particles’ 
        and the theme must closely link to that sekhem power] 
[because for] the noble spirits (‘demons’).       +
[instead to be] the divine (matrix-) things. [through] the made (mátrix-) word. :
[and/ as] the (matrix-) sight.                                                                                       [some ‘second sight’ concept] 
       NTT – TCHER                                                                                                                    [can’t translate – don’t run] 

[because by] the (matrix-) (star-) gate. [is] (matrix-) existence.   +
[through?] the mysterious ones (see previous). [for] the (matrix type-) image (BES+). ,
[in order to be] the West’s. (matrix-) existence. [of] greatness.[through] these. mysterious ones. ;  

[as] the double one of (matrix-) existence. [of] (matrix-) speech. [for] thou. my. son. ,    +
[through] me (as) the father (adj.) – to. thou. 
(who) (‘the father’) opened (adj.) – the [type-] face (-of eden) (‘appearance’) (adj.)     +
[as] thou (matrix-) Self. [and] thou. flesh. ,     
[like for] all the divine (matrix-) people. above (‘north’).      
[whose] (matrix-) face (‘appearance’), [is] made (-by eden) (adj.) – [through] the made (matrix-) word. ;

[in order to be] thou. [type-] existence. nót. within (-eden). :
[but instead] , [thou as-] the great (matrix-) one. the one (‘eden’). to báttle. , 
[as] the beginning. [of] (matrix-) existence. [for] the millions (‘of demons’). ;       [written: 1200 BC] 

[back to general theme (and see start) :]
[by] the sacrifice (‘of eden’). the (matrix-) [dimensional-] garment to become. 
[for] the (matrix-) KH-house (adj.) – [of] the divine Westerner.
[as] Osiris’ (-one) (=matrix). alike-adam’s. ;

[because by] the noble spirit (‘Ammon son’).     +
this. TEKAU flame (-concept). to make to grow. ,                                                                      [how? to where?] 
[in order to be] forever (matrix-) light. [as] the (matrix-) speech. [of] ânkh-life. ;
         [indeed ânkh life IS ‘speech’] 
[and so to be] (matrix-) existence. [for] the Ba spirit. [as] (matrix-) existence that became new. ;

[closing of the Rubric :]     [and a bit of a problem — but we think 90% right :] 
… this section stands or falls with the interpretation of ÁKHEMu SEKu as “the 7 Torches” :
their name “the divine / ceased (eden-) stars / (as) the ignorant ones / (for) (matrix-) hail” 
which cannot be “the Originals” cause those are said to be “cattle” ;
the phrasing sounds like these were former eden aspects
and we cant think of any concept but the 7 torches , since these still lacked in this BD ;
question is ofcourse “why he didn’t just write “IIIIIII – spirits” : 
[and] the forever (matrix-) light.      +
[by] he. the (eden-) existence. to be ceased (‘perish’) [SEK=clue]. nót. ,                                         [too bad] 
[because by] these (-ones). [of] the mouth (‘eden gate’). [fór] he. the (matrix-) existence.   +
the word of (matrix-) speech to make (-by eden). [fór] the (matrix-) speech of hail. ;

[namely] by the ÁKHEMu SEKu stars. to. this. noble spirit.     +
the sekhem power. [..] to give to (matrix-) speech. ; 
[in order for] Râ. [to be] the things of (matrix-) beauty.     +
[by means of] the one(-s) (‘Torches’) of he (‘eden’) for the (matrix-) KH-house.  ,
[as] the […] flame(-s) . [for] (matrix-) existences to make (‘as concept’).       +
                 [by?] the shoulder (‘Ârrit gates axis ?’). [to?] above (‘north’). ;                                          [< unclear] 

[as] the supporting ones (adj.) – [of] Horus.     +                                                                              [his gate region] 
[for] (matrix-) existence. [in name [of].: (they-) the (matrix-) word to make (-by eden). ; 
         [and?] the four [=seven?] (=seven torches : typo ?).       +
         [by?] the (corrupt adamite-) soul. [of?] (matrix-) willpower. [..] to force. ,     +

         [so that by?] the foreign land (=?) (eden?). 
         [..] is. the (matrix-) unguent. [=and]. oil. [for-] to dress. (matrix-) existence (-with). :

[because of] the four. TEKAU flames. above (‘north’). ; 
to recite. ; 
                                                                                                                                                               end of Rubric

[theme] [belonging to Rev.14] III : the copies of the 4 [eden] cherubs are “the 4 sons of Horus” as the ‘inner’ [matrix-] cardinal points : CT 520-523 [and more to come] 

[theme] [belonging to Rev.14] III :
the copies of the 4
[eden] cherubs
are “the 4 sons of Horus” as the
[matrix-] cardinal points
CT 520-523
[and more to come]
[start : 2023-09sep.13- ]

content :
– intro (interesting !)
– part I : CT 520-523 (click)



the four ‘sons of Horus’
mimicking the four eden-cherubs



         … little is told about “the four great eden cherubs standing around the Throne” 
         except their appearance and that they have “a wheel” – with the Eden land inside ;
         in this page we look at ‘the copies’ which the evil realm made of them as if looking
         at “a photo negative”, while during the process we may learn aspects of the four

         eden cherubs themsélves ;
         please remember that ofcourse our goal is to
         support  the scroll and to expose Evil concepts
         so that God will deal with those , right ; it cannot
         be coincidence that He hinted at these type of
         themes already – see to right , and though not
         always easy to follow , themes like this one are
         most interesting if one values context

         the four sons of Horus

         though Adam devised and rules the matrix-gate , Horus rules the gate region ,
         and like the four cherubs are responsible for the dimensional structure of Eden
         [so , not for her contents] , 
         likewise these four sons were devised to copy that structure into  théir dimension ;
         we do not know whether these four sons are actual deities or concepts – or both ,
         but probably the latter since ‘they never speak’ ;
         the below descriptions include the highlights of CT 520-523 :  

son #1
name        :   ÁMSET
shown      :  to left in depiction above
attribute :  human-faced

                         therefore likely related to the human-faced cherub ,
                         and in these CT’s said as “the Double [=copy] of the one [=eden cherub]” 
glyph         :   A-MES-T 
                          [or the inversal MESTÁ here] belongs to the MES “to birth” cluster 
                          and can read “the one [=copied Eden] to birth for [matrix-] hail” — as ‘concept’ ,
                          but it can be also a pun upon MEST , the sceptre of Osiris [‘representing the Matrix’] 
                          which is “the stolen eden sceptre of our Originals” as the birth-sceptre AMS ,
                          and this aspect can explain the ‘human face’ [-but for théir type ‘humans’ ofcourse] ;
job               :   of this one is said “that he has (or IS) a claw into Eden”  , so that the matrix has
                           a dimensional ‘starting place’ to build their copied Eden concept  ;

son #2
name          :   H’EPI                                                                   
shown        :   to right
attribute   :   baboon-faced

                            but very likely “as disguise” because the H’EP cluster has the important “bull”
                            and therefore likely related to the ox-faced cherub ;  
                            in Spells baboons are often depicted as “creating aspects” while an important
                            factor is “that they exist by the slain [eden-] bull” – hence perhaps ‘baboon’ here ;
glyph          :    H’EP-I ,
                            as a chevron glyph “the double [=copied] square” referring to the dimensional
                            shape of eden – as ‘square’ and ‘cube’ ; curious is the addition ‘double-feather ‘I’ 
                            which we used to describe as ‘alike-adam’ but indicating their intention ;
job               :    like the ground is prepared when building  house
                            this one prepares the dimensional place for their copied eden realm
                            [which will be mixed with théir dimensional aspects !] 
                            with the goal that ‘the [dysfunctional-] eden-gate will empower it’ 
                            by sending the eden-waters to the COPIED structure ; see next ;

son #3
name          :   T’UAMUTEF                                         
shown       :   second to left
attribute  :   jackal-faced

                           clearly as disguise to show the matrix colour of the important attribute “speech”
                            [where the “jackal power” in spells is about ‘the matrix type powerful speech] ,
                           and likely related to ‘the lion cherub’ for the lion is often equated with that ;
glyph          :    T’UA-MUT-F ,
                            as a very tricky concept : said to be “he (F) who praises (TUA) his mother (MUT)”
                            but this CT suggests “he who is praised by his mother [=Isis]” as the mother
                             goddess representing the mixed region as copied eden ; however the pun here
                             may be the T’UA also as “matrix Dawn” , so , praising him for the dawn which he
                             brings but as concept coming from Eden : 
job                :    this one is to bring the eden-type speech to that region
                             after the dimensional place and form – the cube – had been established ,
                              with the interesting note “to not be the iron [=harsh] type matrix speech” ;
                              but as a speech which can ‘create with light-particles’ – words – see next :

son #4
name           :  QEBH”SENEF                                                 
shown         :   to left
attribute    :   hawk-faced

                             likely – and because we’ve just one left – related to the ‘eagle-cherub’ 
                             and perhaps even ‘as the equivalent thereof’ for the matrix don’t use ‘eagles’ 
                             [but only the vulture , owl , ostrich , and alike nasty types] ;
glyph            :   QEBH’-SENu-F , also tricky ,
                              officially as “he (F) who purifies his brother (SEN) by libation (QEBH’)” 
                              but from this CT as “the cooled-down copied-ones [=words] (SEN) by he (F)” ;
                              indeed SENu is “brothers” etc but also “copies” – and compare ‘brothers’ :
                              though “to libate” is the official interpretation of QEBH’ the náture of that shows
                              in spells where “the eden double door is cooled down in order to open it” :
job                  :    this one is to bring the ‘cooled-down’ eden-words to that region
                               in order for the previous stolen speech to can go create things ;
                               it is the Nile that factually brings the words – see spell – but after ‘purifying them’
                               it appears that “they also need to be cooled-down” in order to can be (ab-) used ;


the (matrix-) cardinal points

… the seven stolen Torches decorate
the interior of the copied eden region
but it is unlikely that these four sons
themselves are the cardinal points 
[in casu ‘the horses coming to earth’]  
because the Spells do not attribute
a specific direction to them but only
as “the 4 youths in the eastern sky” 
referring to their creational aspect ;

so that concerning “the four horses” we have more chance with “the four rudders” concept 
(see page) which is likely the same as “the four crocodiles” elsewhere , implying that also 
the eden-cherubs must have a shared Attribute comprising the actual cardinal points
and that attribute appears to be … ‘fire’ :
Enoch describes the cube-shaped Eden (sky-) dome , telling how he sees the ribs of the
cube full of tongues of fire ; and though ‘fire’ appears to be “a feminine attribute” 
[compare the seven torches and Miss]  , there is ground for assuming that this attribute
also belong to the four (masculine-) cherub beings :

the four (eden-) flames
… in the scene of the 6th hour of Amduat , to right ,
the eden gate is opened by the matrix (lower right)
and in the left-hand corner show four heads each
with a flame upon their head are facing left ; 
it’s unlikely that the heads represent the 4 cherubs
but instead reads “the important [=head] flames” ,
and they face left as “the past” , read : of Eden ; 

the text [in progress] next to them tells that “this will come to the boat of (matrix-) existence” ,
and because these 4 flames show in the lower register they will need to appear later on somewhere
in the upper register (the floor above Râ’s boat) that represents Mystery-Babylon region ;
however their names are T-KA-U “(the flame-) of the word / to be doubled / (as) the (matrix-) one”
similarly to how the four sons are ‘copies’ , 
making it very possible that “these 4 (doubled-) flames now are sent to earth : as the 4 horses” 
          and we saw in the “four rudders” page that each of these hád attributes
          since one of them was even linked to ‘red’ and a certain direction of the sky
          [though we ofcourse fail to make ‘horses’ from ‘flames’ – perhaps ‘fiery horses’ ?] 
now , there is a BD chapter “the four flames” , talking about “the fortress in the eastern sky”
and the fortress in the northern sky [etc] as their standing-places ,
but that spell is 50+ lines and that would translate (pun) to 8-10 days work …

[the four sons also ‘start below’ :]
… in the 6th – the next (!) – hour the four sons
are shown in the lower register [=eden] as four
heads upon the back of a serpent : the latter
represents “a (stolen-) concept” and therefore
may represent the concept of the four cherubs ,
but now as matrix-concept for it faces to right ;
the text [in progress] above them shows a line
as “these will guide / the intestine / of eden-within”
where ‘the intestine’ means “this solar plane” ;

the whole depiction shows that these four are copies of four genuine eden concepts
and also here these four will later need to show up in the upper register somewhere 
[the four seated goddesses ‘without chair’ are linked to them where “no chair” stands
for “creating something” – don’t ask why] ;  

[perhaps later to be added still]

part I      (CT 520-523)

to read along : start at PDF page 132 , real page VI 116
and spells 522-522 will show when scrolling upwards
[which is also the reading direction ; glyphs face to right]

#1    ÁMSET   [the copy of the ‘human headed’ cherub]
                              [attribute : because of the above ‘he has (is?) a claw into eden’] 

CT 520
VI 110
ÁMSET. [of] (matrix-) existence. [in] his. name [of]. :                                       [‘change of nature’ phrase :] 
[by?] he [‘the original human-faced cherub’?]. below (‘eden’).       +                                             [probably !]
[now as?] the word. [of] thou (‘Ämset’). to come (-to the corrupt soul). to.      +
this. N – Osiris’ (‘title of the candidate’). ,
[to be] his (N’s ; adj.) – (matrix-) existence. [by means of] the word to come [‘by the Nile’].
[as] coming for (matrix-) hail. ;

       [this “in name of” is always used when f.e. ‘an attribute is placed uon someone else’ 
       while the “he + below” is 1 phrase and therefore must be ‘an eden aspect’] 
[because] Horus. the (matrix-) word to birth.     +                                                         [‘Horus’ = gate region] 
[through?] his. divine son (‘Amset’).        +
[being] the one connected to the (eden-) one (‘cherub’?) (?) (TH-UT).  + 
[as] the double (‘Ámset’) (KA ; adj.) – [of] he (‘eden human cherub’?). ,                                     [probably !]
[so that] by. thou (‘Ámset’). (matrix-) existence to become new. ;

[because by] he. the (matrix-) quality. [of] thou. claw (ÂNT).       +
[as?] the made (matrix-) word. ,
thou. the (eden-) existence. to offer (-to the matrix) (or: ‘to approach’) ;                     [both are ÁÂB+] 
[and therewith for] this. N – Osiris (‘candidate’).        +                                         [who has to say this spell] 
my (‘author’). divine father (Osiris = matrix region). [by] thou. to assemble. ,
[because by] thou (‘Ámset’). the word to come (adj.) – [to] (matrix-) existence. ; 

     [okay ;
     so this one has (or IS) a claw into eden
     much like the anchor [-of 4] of a hot-air balloon
     and apparently because he is ‘a double’ of the human cherub
VI 109     [a bit of a repeat :] 
ÁMSET. [of] (matrix-) existence. [in] thou. name [of]. : for.     +
this. N – Osiris (‘candidate’).
the word (adj.) – [for] the (matrix-) speech of hail (adj.) – to (make to) come.     +
[to] my. divine father (Osiris = matrix). ,
so that.     +
[empty]                                                                                               [j and below : unusually complicated syntax :] 
Horus. will empower (‘say’) (adj.) – my (adj.) – doubled (matrix-) existence (adj.)
[that is of] my. divine father (Osiris = matrix). ;                                                                          [should be ‘his’ ?] 
[and so will] ÁMSET. [do for] this. N – Osiris (‘candidate’).
#2   H’EPI        [linked to the ‘ox cherub’]
                              [attribute : he brings the “adam-like square (type-) dimension”] 

CT 521
VI 112
the true. voice. [of] this. N – Osiris (‘title of candidate’). :                                                    [he’s to say this :] 
my. divine father (Osiris = matrix). [is] connected to the one.     +
[as] this. divine (matrix-) great (-one) (?). [that is] thou. , HEPI. ,  
[because by] thou. [to] (matrix-) existence. the word to come. [for] (matrix-) hail. ;

      [here ,
      because the stolen eden-word can only exist in a square type eden-dimension ?]  
[and then by] Horus. [to be] (matrix-) existence of hail.      +
[by means of] the divine (matrix-) word to birth.                      
[to be] (matrix-) existence. [through] the divine (matrix-) great (-one).       +
connecting to the one
(‘the eden-cherub’?). ,
[as] HEPI. [of] (matrix-) existence. [in] this. thou. name [of]. :
the watercourse (‘Nile’) (-of the word) to depart. nót. [from] within (-the matrix). ;
       [so that the Nile will not depart from coming to the matrix] 
[but for] this. N – Osiris (‘candidate’)
thou (‘Hepi’). to offer (adj.) – my. divine father (Osiris = matrix). [-to me]

     [here ,
     does “the Nile not depart from flowing into the matrix” because the latter is ‘a square’ now ? ;
     probably : because see next : ] 
VI 111
[to be] divine great (matrix-) speech. [by?] to come the (double-) square (?) (pun on H’EP).
[as?] thou. the one for (matrix-) existence of hail. ;
[and therewith] Horus. [for] my. divine father (Osiris = matrix).
my. double (matrix-) existence. to empower (‘say’). ; 

[because] HEPI. [for] me.     +
his (‘edens’). mouth (‘gate’). [..] to open (‘the eden root’). , 
[and so to] the divine father (Osiris) (adj.) – [of] this. N – Osiris (‘candidate’)
[through] the branch (‘axis – aka Nile’) (or: ‘the matrix aspect’).      +
for. the word of the (double-) square to come (H’EP-U , pun). ; 
[and] Horus. [for] my. divine father. my. double (matrix-) existence. to empower. ; 

      [here ,
      the mouth — eden gate — féeds the (eden-) ‘square dimension’ 
      but by ‘opening that mouth’ it now ‘feeds the copied (matrix-) square dimension’] 
[by] thou. [is] the quality. [of] (matrix-) existence. [through] the word to come. [of] hail. ;
[this] HEPI. [will do for] me. ,      + 
this. N – Osiris.
#3   TUAMUTEF      [linked to the ‘lion cherub’] 
                                           [attribute : bringing eden-type speech (hence ‘lion’) :] 

CT 522 
VI 114

all of (adj.) – the (matrix-) sky. [as] the great. god. 
[having] the (matrix-) nature. [by] the retired adam-like one (‘eden’s). ,
[in order for] this. N – Osiris (‘candidate’).     +
[to be] (matrix-) existence. [because through] thou (Tuamutef). the (matrix-) speech to come [-to it]. ,
so that.     +
Horus. will empower (adj.) – my. divine father (Osiris = matrix)
[for] my (adj.) – double (matrix-) existence. ;
[through] TUA-MUT-F. [for] this. N (‘candidate’).                        

VI 113
[tó] he. the (adam-like) desirable (-one) (‘an aspect of the eden-cherub’?) (MER-I).     +
he. the divine son (Tuamutef). [being] the one to connect to. ;                                                  [see h below] 
[as?] TUAMUTEF. [of] (matrix-) existence. [in] thou. name [of]. :
for. this. N – Osiris (‘candidate’). below (‘eden’).      +                                [impossible ; or: “from below” ?] 
thou. [to] (matrix-) existence. the word to bring. ;
[in order for] Horus. the (matrix-) word to birth.
[by means of] the divine son (Tuamutef). [being] the one connecting. [to] he (‘eden cherub’). ; 
[and by] he (‘eden cherub’). [is] the speech. [for] thou. ,                                                                                 [g : sic] 
[in order to be] the (matrix-) iron (-type) (‘speech’). nót. within (-the matrix). ,
[but instead, to] this. N – Osiris (‘candidate’).
thou (adj.) – (eden-) existence. (adj.) – to offer (adj.) – [to] my. divine father (‘Osiris = matrix). ;

      [here ,
      the ‘lion’ is often equated with ‘speech’ but the matrix type speech is ‘not suited’ for ‘eden words’
      but read ‘even stolen and changed eden words’ ;
      his name usually is translated as “he that praises his mother” but instead it should read
      “he that is praised by his mother (Isis)” : because he brings the eden type speech] 
[as] TUAMUTEF. [in] thou. name [of]. :
[..]. Isis. the divine mother. thou. to praise (TUA , pun).                                                 [‘mother praises you’] 
[because] thou. [are] the one that came. [for to be] (matrix-) hail. 
[namely as] the (matrix-) speech. alike-adam’s (-speech) (MIÁ). ; 

this. N – Osiris. (matrix-) existence. [through] thou. to praise. [..unclear 1x..] ;
[because now] Horus. empowers (adj.) – my. double (matrix-) existence. ;
[this] TUAMUTEF. [will do for] me. ,      + 
this. N – Osiris.                                                                                                                                                                            


#4    QEBH’SENEF   [linked to the ‘eagle’ cherub]
                                            [attribute : because of the above ‘he has (is?) a claw into eden’] 

CT 523 
VI 116
QEBHSENEF. [of] (matrix-) existence. [in] thou. name [of]. :
for.    +
my (‘candidate’). divine father (Osiris = matrix). connecting to the one (‘the eden cherub’). ,
VI 115
[and by?] the made (matrix-) word. thou. (eden-) existence. to cool down. ;
[because for] this. N – Osiris (‘candidate’). below (eden’).                           [impossible ; or: ‘from below’] 
the word. [of] thou. to come. [for] (matrix-) hail. ,
as. to descend (-to matrix) (adj.) – [by] QEBHSENEF. ; 

[because by] he (‘eden-cherub’). [is] the wórd (adj.) – [for] (matrix-) speech.           [juxta to previous] 
[in order to be] the (matrix-) iron (-type). nót. within (-the matrix). ;
[and therewith for] this. N – Osiris (‘candidate’).      +
[through] the structure (‘bones’). [of] (matrix-) speech. [of] the made (matrix-) wórd.
thou (Qebhsenef). (matrix-) existence. to tie together. ; 
[because] the made (matrix-) word. thou. to join (adj.) – [to] (matrix-) existence. ,
[and therewith] [+thou]. to offer (adj.) – (eden type-) existence (adj.) – [for] this. N (‘candidate’). ;

c [repeat] 
[tricky :] 
[in this way , that fór] he. the branch (‘axis’ = Nile). for. he. the (matrix-) existence ,
thou. to cool-down. the word that comes (adj.)        +
[as] the hail (adj.) – [for] the (matrix-) existence (adj.) – [of] this. N (‘candidate’). ; 
[because of] QEBHSENEF. [for] (matrix-) existence. [in] thou. name [of]. : through.      +
VI 114
thou. [is] the (matrix-) quality. [by] thou. [type-] (matrix-) word. within (-the matrix). ; 
[and therewith] [for] my. divine father (Osiris = matrix).     +
thou. (eden-) existence. [‘below’ ! 1x]. to make to cool-down.                            [by disarming her words] 
[=so that].      +
Horus. (will) empower (adj.) – my. double (matrix-) existence. ; 
[this] QEBHSENEF. [will do for] me. ,      + 
this. N – Osiris.                                                                              

[theme] [supporting Rev.13] part II : BD 148 : the seven cows [‘torches’] + the [stolen-] cardinal points : their names and descriptions [and why the 4 horses leave first] 

 [theme] [supporting Rev.13] part II :
 BD 148 : the seven cows 
+ the [stolen-] cardinal points :
their names and descriptions

[and why the 4 horses leave first]
[version ; 2023-09sep.11-12]

to go to the cows & their names : (click)



the ‘seven cows’ of whom one links to the theme
of ‘the sun going Dark’ , above the four rudders
of which one appears to link to the ‘red horse’
[tomb of Nefertari in the valley of Queens]



           … the “seven seals (-and trumpets)” must have an origin  and seemingly that are
           the alleged “seven heads” in Rev.14 : but from where do these come ?
           the only other mentioned ‘seven’ is from “the seven maidens – the Torches” (Rev.4)
           but not much is explained about them — if not corrupted ofcourse ;
           in Nahum 2 shows how “the maidens escape the matrix gate (!) region” (line 5-6) 
           and “set that region on fire” — as rather appropriate since they are ‘torches’ , right ;
           their prison called ‘Nineveh’ translates as “fish pool” and we have the same “pool” 
           as the glyph (-SH) showing in CT 398 152d (see page) having them as subject !       
                   in prophets ‘their function’ has been corrupted in the text but these seven
                   females “sing eden words” in order “to maintain seven aspects of Eden” 
                   where ‘singing’ represents a creative action ;
                   but the matrix needed them for their copied eden and hence “carried them off”
                   and stationed them at théir gate (‘Damascus’) , this is why the section in Amos
the seven Torches closely linked to ‘the cardinal points’ :

… to right shows ‘the copied eden situation’
but based upon how eden was created :
the four cherubs (-in the Throne room) are
responsible for the dimensional structure
while the 7 maidens “decorate” the Garden; 
point is that the maidens need  the by the
cherubs prepared structure –
or it won’t work ,
which is also the theme of this BD chapter ;

[in Zechariah and Isaiah :]
… the first half of Zech.6 is about “the 4 (matrix-) horses being sent to earth” where they
appear “from an ephah that is between two mountains” : as the glyph ÁKHET which also
shows in this chapter where ‘the ephah’ is “the torso” ÁB , ‘the centre’ ;
however : the end of chapter 6 is totally corrupted , mentioning “four + crowns of + gold” 
and that could either be “about the éden cardinal-points (-of the cherubs)” 
OR about “the seven + maidens” — because KJV shows “captivity” , like in Amos ! ;
but now we knów where to look for we’re confident that the real theme will show up there ;
          the first Isaiah chapters were very cut & pasted by Esau
          but because it opens with “the Throne room” , the maidens that are purified
          can hardly be else as “the seven maidens that returned from their exile in the matrix” ;


this BD 148

           … in the Spells the seven Torches are variously called “the 7 gods”, “the 7 spirits”,
           the “seven uraei” – fire-spitting cobras which is exact what they do . “the 7 NÂU
           serpents (‘of the (eden-) word of (eden-) willpower (Â) / [fór] (matrix-) existence” 
          or , in this case “the seven cows” :
          it sounds a tad derogatory but “a cow” (like Hathor) usually is equated with some
           ‘creational aspect’ especially since these “emit something of value for that”
          which in this case are “energies” ; while the mentioned “leading bull” just means 
          “masculine (matrix-) speech commanding them to produce his type energies” ;
          and compare the above with “the seven cows dream of Pharaoh”  in Gen. 41 
part I :
as the introduction (‘rubric’) explaining why they need the eden cardinal points
and the seven Torches that will beautify their environment ;
please note that we have abstained from the Book of the Dead until now because these
spells are typically written “by a scribe who loves to talk” — and that is fine but it causes
much problems for ús to can follow the main theme (which is difficult enough as it IS , right)
and you will see that part I of this BD 148 is an example of that ;
part II :
                   the 4 rudders :

… starts with “the four rudders of the matrix heaven” and one of these is directly linked to ‘red’
(original “eden-ruddiness” , compare “Adam”) making this one a candidate for the red horse ,
the second one shows “images” and “(false-) light” perhaps as the white horse ,
however the remaining two are less clear ;
the name “rudder” H’EM-U (“the rudder / of the word / to come (-to the matrix)”) is analogue
to “the crocodile” MES-H’-U “the crocodile / of the word / to birth (-for the matrix)” 
because both concepts represent “the stolen eden cardinal points” 
and therefore we can compare their attributes  — is a lot of work but can be done ;
                    the 7 cows :
… each of them has a certain function now as ‘maintaining the mátrix-creation’ 
and at least one of them is linked to “the sun going Dark” theme  because she maintains 
the hailstorm (-of eden-particles !) as the protective dome around Mystery-Babylon 
[and we still think that M-B is “inside” this sun because we see distorted dimensions ,
and what we see as “the outside of this sun” is ‘the ÁTEN disk’ mentioned in this 148] ;
while another cow “supplies the ruddiness covering creation”  —
it does NOT mean that we understand it all , right , and several names make No Sense :
but in time we will compare the finds with another ,
and it may even show what was the job in éden of the seven Torches ;  
sub :
the reason why the horses leave first
… as the buildup of Zecheriah 6 would show when she will be restored   —                   
because the cardinal points and the torches are so closely linked it may explain why
in revelation ‘the four (-horses)’ appear within “the sevenfold events” ,
but in order for the seven Torches to be freed , FIRST the copied structure must break down
[and “if the eden cardinal point could be transferred to the matrix” 
then it is equally possible “that they now have been transferred to earth” – no ? ;
curious :
the “[lower-] half of the fish” 
… this glyph shows in the text and makes only sense when remembering the Sumerian
epos about the hero Marduk “cutting up Tiamat in two halves like a fish” :
Tiamat represented “the eden region inbetween Behemoth (dualistic North realm)
and Leviathan (the dualistic South) , and one half of the fish Marduk placed in the sky :
as the region Mystery-Babylon that now was ‘in the centre’ and therewith ruled Eden ;
and the link with “the stolen cardinal points now in the North” is obvious
[and perhaps – just perhaps – that ‘fish theme’ was the reason for the concept ‘Nineveh’?] 
                        the names [-as ‘the functions’] of the seven rudders
… though we tried to press out as much as possible from the given text
only the ‘white and red horse’ make Sense – but the other two carry names of which we 
can only guess what they could represent ; please see also their notes in part II below ;
                             the names [-as ‘the functions’] of the seven cows
… the same attempt – see above ;
here we have to keep in mind that they must have a similar type function as in Eden :

cow #1
“she that makes the protective dome of hail around the land”,
here ,
the SHNÁT is ‘the hailstorm’ made of eden light-particles 
as a construct we consider “the outer layer of this sun”
cow #2
“she that regulates the SEKHEM-power”,
here ,
SEKHEM is a type “to create with light-particles”
as a concept originally belonging to Eden (!)
cow #3
“she that unites complexions (‘coverings’) with matrix-life”,
here ,
you see the ÂNKH while ‘complexions’ is related to eden
but the idea is unclear : ‘nature responding to humans’  ?
cow #4
“she that makes the beloved coverings of ruddiness”,
here ,
T’SHR is that corrupted ruddiness [‘Adam’ is ‘ruddy’] 
but we don’t know what can be her exact nature ,

cow #5
title : [totally unclear] 

cow #6
title : [unclear still] 

cow #7
“she that gives doubled things to the matrix-house”,
here ,
the KA shows where ‘doubled things’ are ‘from eden’
but no further description is given of their content ,

sub note :
… also in Rg-Veda appear the Torches , as “the seven songstresses” 
and even in the form of “the seven cows and their bull called Brhaspati” :
if ever we have time we’ll try those as well

BD 148 : to read along see PDF page 407 , real page 366 ,
read upwards through the given numbering and from right to left , 
blowup of the cows mural in top of page


BD 148 (part I)
the truth (-about). the [environmental dimensional-] (matrix-) garment.   +     [‘to clothe a reality’] 
[that-] has become by sacrifice (‘-eden’). [in order for] (matrix-) existence to become new. ;

by. this. noble spirit (‘author’). [are] the provisions (‘matrix aspects’)
[as] the real-adamite-soul’s [+ones] (‘you & we’). within (-the matrix). , 
[because] they [‘no ‘he’]. wandered-astray (-to the matrix).      +                [=something they re-use !] 
[for the sake of] all of. the (matrix-) solarplane (B). ,
in [-order]. [to be] the (matrix-) land. [=and]. (matrix-) sky. [by] the cemetery below (‘eden’). ;

[tricky :] 
because. all the (matrix-) words. 
[as?] those [not ‘he’]. [that are] the ones of the enemy (‘eden’).     +

(now-) [are] the made (matrix-) words. ,
[in order to be] the ignorant (adj.) – (eden-) existence.      +
[by means of] them (‘matrix-words’) – [as] the protective ones (‘protecting the matrix’). ,
[resumed :] 
because. [by] them. [is] the [dimensional-] (matrix-) rudder. for. Râ. ,     +   [cardinal-points theme]
[so that] (matrix-) existence becomes new. ;

        [the ‘rudder’, H’EMU is “the rudder – of the returned – (matrix-) word” ,
        but he is talking about the eden cardinal points which they need
        in order to can have their paradise as a copy of eden ;
        so factually they stole the eden cardinal points theme 
        [which is somehow ‘existing’ by ‘words’ — whatever that means] 
        showing that this concept is ‘movable’  
        and can explain why “the four horses are sent to earth” in the first 4 seals] 
next :
[through] Râ. (matrix-) existence to become new. ,                                                    [Râ IS ‘matrix-speech’] 
[because] the defenseless (-concept of) (eden-) existence (‘likely’).    +                    [who ? – see note]
[fór] he. the (matrix-) existence. the word of (matrix-) speech to make (-by eden ; ÁR)
[for] the (matrix-) speech of hail. ;
     [so , the eden concept makes the word for the matrix speech] 
[to be] the divine (matrix-) beauty of (matrix-) existence having become new.    +             [un-nefer] 
which is. this. blueprint.       +                                                                                                                        [‘scroll’ glyph]

[for] thouself – [and] thou. flesh. above (‘north’). to open (‘using eden’). ,
[through] everything. [for] the divine Egyptians (‘Ammon sons’). to make (-by eden) (ÁR). ;

      [you see the difficulty with the éndless ‘intros’ in BD :
      that from the rudder : okay , but those do not “make the word” ;
      is he hinting already at the feminine [=defenseless] eden torches ? cause those DO] 
[yet] thou (‘candidate’). (matrix-) existence. [will be as] (eden-) existence. nót. ; 
        [not like eden existence] 
[but instead] , [by] the evil (eden-) words of the mountain (‘tsiun’).     +
[is] each (‘matrix’) thing. [now having] the (matrix-) aspects. [of] (matrix-) willpower.       +
for. this. my (corrupt adamite-) soul. ,                                                              [of the Ammon sons in general] 
[as well as] the (matrix-) power. [by] the cemetery below (‘eden’). ; 

       [the ‘power’ he talks about , SEKHEM , is a kind of ‘creational power’ 
       as ‘commanding light particles to form something’ , and those light particles are 
       ‘the stolen eden words’ he mentioned – so in fact this SEKHEM was an eden attribute ]  
next :
[so :] by. this. noble spirit. becáme the (matrix-) provisions.      +                                                          [see 19] 
[for] Râ. [that also are] the (matrix-) quality. [=for]. to become a spirit (‘demon’). ,
[as] the foods (‘aspects’). manifested (adj.) – [for] (matrix-) speech. ,
[in order for] (matrix-) existences to make (‘as concept ; see SEKHEM).      +
[by means of] (eden-) existence. the (matrix-) word. to make (-by eden) (ÁR). ;

[because by means of]        +
the (now matrix-) lights of (matrix-) speech     +
to make to connect to (matrix-) existence [-as the god] (SNTHR).     +
[for] the sons. ,                                                                                                                                                     [-of Ammon !] 
[is] the flesh (‘aspects of he [=eden] for hail’, ÁF+)        +
[as] the (matrix-) foods. [in order-] for. (matrix-) existences to make. ;

      [for some reason he is explaining ‘creational speech’ again ,
      and how the Ammon sons build their realm with the stolen eden light particles (‘words’)] 
next :
[and by] the phallus (‘the Nile’ as “into eden”). have becóme the provisions (‘matrix-aspects’). ,    +
[as] the peace offerings (‘offered by eden to be matrix-peace’).       +
[in order] (matrix-) existence to make. ; 
[so that] (eden-) existence. gives. (matrix-) speech.        +
through the branch (‘dim. axis’) for (matrix-) existence of (matrix-) power. above (‘north’). ;

[and so from] the lights of the (eden-) tree (=axis?). [..] to devise. the divine (matrix-) things. ,
[because by] the defenseless (-aspect of) (eden-) existence. [for] above (‘north’).     +
the (matrix-) word to make. [and] it. to give. [to] Râ. ;
[and therefore through] the one (=aspect?) of he (=eden) for the (matrix-) KH-house (KHFT).     +
[to be] (matrix-) existence of hail (adj.) – [for] my (corrupt adamite-) soul. ;                                [see 17] 

      [the “lights of the tree” is mysterious ,
      but per context must relate to the ‘helpless aspect’ 
      and indeed “the eden axis” and “seven torches” are closely linked] 

end of rubric
START :                                                                         PART II
to connect to the real-adamite-soul’s (type-) hail. [for] the (corrupt adamite-) soul. 
[by means of] the things below (‘eden’). [for] this. (matrix-) season. :       +

as. this. feast of (matrix-) light.     +
which is. [by] the half (-moon) month. for. this. full (-moon) month. ,
in [-order to be]. the (eden-) existence. […]. [of] darkness. by. this. (matrix-) daylight. 
[and so] the (eden-) things to die. ;                                                                                                    [by that daylight] 
[page 355] 
[but for] the noble spirits (‘demons’). [to be] the divine (matrix-) things. ,
[as] the (matrix-) existence of hail (adj.) – [for] the divine Egyptians. ;

       [this ‘moon’ and ‘half moon’ are still tricky
       but the idea is “that the eden-dawn changes into the matrix-dawn” 
       and the ‘moon’ in question probably is “the matrix gate” (perhaps changing hue) ;
       perhaps he’s telling these things because without the secured matrix-dawn
       the whole concept of the seven cows would not work] 
[because for?] my. (matrix-) speech. the one (=aspect?) of the real-adamite-soul.     +  
the (matrix-) one to make (-by eden) (ÁR-T but not ‘eye’).     +
[that is] empowering (matrix-) things. ;

[next : very difficult to see —
first about ‘the words’ then ‘the torches’ ? :] 
[because] the evil (eden-) words of the mountain (‘tsiun’).                      [prob. “through the Torches”] 
[as] the evil (eden-) existence for hail of the (matrix-) solarplane. ,                    
[are now as] each one (‘matrix word’). [having] (matrix-) aspects. [of] (matrix-) willpower. ,

[because] the (eden-) words were mutilated.      +                                 [not having their original colour] 
[when] the (-ones) causing pain [‘torches – to matrix’]. had been catched. ;        
[and by] (matrix-) willpower [..]. the evil ones (‘torches’) of the mountain (tsiun’).    + 
[as] all. the harmful ones (‘to the matrix’)
[line end refuses to run : we’d need a “not” here :] 
     (do) [=not] [=give]. the evil word of the mountain (-anymore) ;                                           [<< attempt]

[title of author] 
[because] they (‘torches’) – were snatched-away (‘stolen’). [from] the cemetery below (‘eden’).
[in order to be] the (matrix-) words of eden-within. [for] the (matrix-) land.      +
[by] the words of the (matrix-) dome (at gate) for (matrix-) speech above (‘north’). , 
[and therewith to be] the divine things. [of?] the divine mothers (‘matrix concepts’).   +
[for] hail.
[and] the divine things. [of?] the divine fathers (concepts like the land GEB etc). [for] hail. ;

[unusual lineup :] 
to become like-adam’s (-former eden-existence).
[by] to make (-by eden) (ÁR) (adj.) – the things (adj.) – [for] my (matrix-) existence. ,
[and at] the completion (-of it). the one (‘paradise’) of the real-adamite-soul. to know. ;

[and] it (‘matrix-paradise’). to become.       +
[through] the (matrix-) (star-) gate (‘DAMASCUS’). [of] [‘for’?] Ôn (‘Mystery-Babylon’). , 
[so that] the (matrix-) spirits consciousness becomes. [for] the (matrix-) land. [and] sky. ,
[and] he. the (éden-) existence. this. to give. ; 
[because] the main (adj.) – (matrix-) land. to found.      +
[by] the (matrix-) words of [dimensional-] spaciousness. ,
[as] the (matrix-) ‘health and prosperity’.  [which] he. the (eden-) existence [..]. gives. ;

      [your blood boils already ?
      this ‘spaciousness’ is a very interesting theme – also considered ‘this sun’ 
      of which we still hold that mystery-babylon is inside it ;
      also compare ‘the wheel’ in Ezekiel that is spacious — containing the eden land] 
10   4 rudders section
[title of author]  ,      +
[as] the noble spirit. [by whom] has become spirit consciouness (adj.) – [for] (matrix-) existence. ,
[by means of] the provisions (‘matrix aspects’) that have become.      +
[by] the peace offerings (‘which eden offered for matrix peace’). .
[as] giving (adj.) – the beer. [and] the food [..]. :                                                                             [‘to the matrix’] 

rudder #1
the south. (matrix-) sky. [of] (matrix-) existence. [of] beauty.     +
9 [page 364] 
[is] [by] the rudder. [for?] the divine ruddish things (‘stolen eden essence’). [for] the (matrix-) house. ,
[through] the torso.      +                                                                                               [rudder starts in matrix gate] 
[for] the (matrix-) speech for above (‘north of torso’)
[to be?] the foremost (matrix-) KH-house. [of] hail. ; 

    a) note the ‘ruddish’ (red) and how “Adam” is linked to “ruddish” — and the link with the ‘red horse’ ;
    b) we’ve no idea why this ruddish must be “the southern cardinal point” ,
    c) but this ‘ruddish’ is “a garment of (eden-) essence to beautify their land with” ,
    d) the mural just writes “the south sky of beauty [by] the rudder” ; 
    e) interestingly in Zechariah it has “the 4 horses go forth from the ephah” 
          [probably ‘a big pot vessel’ which is also “the torso” glyph !]  
           which is inbetween two copper mountains : the matrix gate region !] 
rudder #2
the eastern. (matrix-) sky. [of] (matrix-) existence. [of] beauty.                                  [=towards Heaven] 
[is] [by] the rudder. [for?] the divine (matrix-) images (BY eden). [for] the (matrix-) house. ;
[through] the torso.     +                                                                                     [rudder starts in their gate region] 
[for] the (matrix-) speech above (‘north of the torso’)
[as?] the divine (matrix-) spirits-light. [for] hail. ; 

      a) why “spirits-light” is unclear but that may suppórt those ‘divine images’ ,
      b) these images Â-SHEM have the root SHEM “to wander-astray” (-from eden) ,
      c) it is a guess — but “images” and “(false-) light” do seem to link to the white horse ;
      d) perhaps the mural made a mistake because below the ‘rudder of the east’ 
            it has “the two lands – to guide – to revolve (PKHR)” which here belongs to ‘the west’ ;
            it’s unclear whether that addition was misplaced or counts for all 4 rudders ; 
rudder #3
the western. (matrix-) sky. [of] (matrix-) existence. [of] beauty.
[is] [by] the rudder. [of] [for?] the divine two (matrix-) lands.     +                                 [‘Assyria + Egypt’] 
(the (matrix-) word) to guide. ,
[and] to (make it) to revolve (T’BN). [for] hail. ;                         
[or : guiding the two lands to revolve’ ?]  
      a) the question is “what does it guide” 
            because the mural lacks the glyph “word (-to guide)” ,
            while “the distributing of the words is done by the 4 WINDS” –
            suggesting that indeed “their lands revolve (but not the cardinal points)” 
            just like their solarplane revolves like a serpent [while eden is stationary] ;
      b) the mural has “the western – sky – of beauty – by the rudder”
      c) two lands :
            as Assyria (‘gate region’) and Egypt (‘land of M-Babylon’) above that ; 
      d) because ‘the West’ is THE Evil dimension perhaps this is the pale horse ;
rudder #4
the northern. (matrix-) sky. [of] (matrix-) existence. [of] beauty.
[is] the rudder. [for] (matrix-) beauty.
[through?] the divine sekhem-power. [for] to be (matrix-) hail. ;

        a) we had this ‘sekhem power’ in the Rubric ,
        b) the mural writes similar , but there’s no ground for making this ‘the black horse’ ; 

[text : intro to the 7 cows :]
[by] the cemetery below (‘eden’)// [is] (the matrix of-) eden-inside. having become perfect.   +
[for] the noble spirit. [who is][title of author]. ;

[for] the noble spirit. [are] the (matrix-) provisions.  
[in order?] to be the provided sons (-of Ammon) (?) (‘some pun – see also later’).
[through] the peace offerings (‘by eden’). [of] beer. [and] food. ,
[and] these. to give. [by] the cows. [of] the male. bull. : 

cow #1 
[cow wrong numbered as 8] 
the cow. the god. the one to connect (-by carrying up) the word.       +
[for] the dome of hail (adj.) – [of] the (matrix-) sky. ;

     a) the white cow in top of the mural , writing
           “the cow – for the gods – [as] the one the word to connect    +
            with the dome of hail of – the matrix sky” ;
            so this cow makes protective dome around Mystery-Babylon protecting ‘the gods’  
            as the dome which will get Dark  ;
cow #2
the cow (-goddess). the (corrupt-) soul. to become the things of craftmanship (H’EMT+).
for. the (corrupt-) soul’s. name [of]. the powerful one (‘sekhem power’). ; 

      a) the white cow in the middle has
            “the one of the real-adamite-soul – [for?] the West – as – the one for the (corrupt-) soul’s  +
             name [of] – the powerful one” ;
             so this cow provides the sekhem power (‘to create by commanding lights’)    (?) 
             which was originally an attribute of eden  ;  
cow #3
the cow (-goddess). [for] the (adam-like-) (matrix-) complexions (‘coverings’).     +
[tó] (matrix ânkh-) life. [..]. to unite with (KHNMT). ;

     a) as the speckled cow in mural centre 
     b) ÁNNU+IT+ “covering, complexion, colour” , no eden term but here “Adam-related” ; 
     c) perhaps “that creation lives” ? 
cow #4
the cow. [for] the encircling // coverings. [of] (matrix-) ruddiness (stolen eden essence).
[as] (the ones which-) the (corrupt-) soul. loves. very much (‘great’). ;        (?)

      a) brown cow in centre has
            “(the cow-) the encircling coverings – to make ruddy – to be the greatly – desirable things” ;
      b) very close to “the southern rudder” ,
      c) this cow ‘clothes creation’ somehow ;
cow #5
the cow (-goddess). [for?] the god. to become noble (SÂH). the (matrix-) northern kingdom. ;
      a) as the speckled cow in top of mural , 
           “(the cow-) [for?] the god – [as?] the ânkh-life – of nobleness – [for?] the north kingdom” ,
             or “for the divine thing as the noble ânkh-life for the north kingdom” ? ,
      b) we’ve no idea ;
cow #6
the cow (-goddess). [for] the (corrupt-) soul’s. (matrix-) throne. 
[as?] the (foremost-) (matrix-) KH-house. [that was] founded for hail. ;   [ÁGERT unlikely ‘silence’]

       a) the black cow in top ,
             “(the cow-) the one of the real-adamite-soul – [for?] the (matrix-) throne     +
              [as?] the house – [that is] doubled – [being?] the foremost KH-house (M-Babylon region)    +
              [being] the (adam-like) one for (matrix-) stability of hail” ;
       b) this cow ‘takes care of an environment’ ?           
cow #7
the cow (-goddess). [for] the border of all (matrix-) speech (?) (NEB-R-TCHR) (entire matrix?)
the doubled (matrix-) things. [to-] the (matrix-) house.     +

       a) same as in first cow in top ,
       b) we’ve no idea — except that “doubled things” come from original eden aspects ;

closing :
[page 363 :] 
these (‘cows’?). [were] the ones of the fish-half. below (‘eden region’). ,                                    [see intro] 
[but] [=their]. sound. has been transformed. [=in order]. to be followed. ;                     [by the matrix] 
[name of author]
my (matrix-) existence. [is by] these. made (matrix-) provisions.
[as] the food. [and] beer. that are given. ,

[but as] being given. [by] the slaughterers (‘spirits that slaughter eden-aspects’)
[in order?] to be the provided sons (-of Ammon) (?) (‘some pun’). [as] the Ba spirits. ,
[and to be] (matrix-) existence. [of] (matrix-) spirits consciousness.      +
[as the same-] food. [and] beer.       +
[that are by] the (adam-like) (eden-) words (‘of the torches’) to give.     +
[now as] the (matrix-) sounds of hail. ; 

to know (adj.) – the names (adj.) – [of] the (matrix-) bull. [of] (eden-) willpower for the matrix. 
[and] [=his]. seven. cows. [for] (matrix-) existence. ,

[and] you (‘candidate’). [now] know (adj.) – the names.       +
[by] connecting the word(-s) (here?) – [to] understand. [name of author]. ;

the island of the horizon (‘gate region’).     +                                            [‘the two mountains in Zech.6:1’] 
has come into existence (?).
[in order-] for. (things) to manifest. ,
[to be] the ânkh life (adj.) – [for] the Ba spirit.       +
[in] the ÁTHEN disk       +                                                                                                      [the ‘hail storm’ see intro] 
[that is] [=upon]. the shining backbone (‘matrix axis’).
[as] thou. above (‘north’). (matrix-) protection of hail. ;

[the true (adj.) – voice. [of] [etc] ] ;
[by] the cemetery below (‘eden’). for. the noble spirit. to make the (matrix-) provision. ,
[to be] (matrix-) existence. [by] the mouth (‘gate’).

end of 148

[theme page] [supporting Rev.13] : the seven (stolen-) [eden-] Torches in CoffinTexts 335, 398 and 612

[theme page] [supporting Rev.13]  :
the seven (stolen-) [eden-]  Torches
  in CoffinTexts 335, 398 and 612

[version ; 2023-09sep.10]



CT 398 
theme : the 7 Torches make the [dimensional-]  garment
for the Field of Reeds [=matrix paradise] 
[section because 398 is very long] 
to read along , PDF page 169 , read upwards

V 153
thou (‘eden’). to bow [-to the matrix] (‘to submit’)
[and] thou. to die. 
[by means of] to devise. the [matrix-] wheat.     +                                                              [‘creational matter’]
[for] (matrix-) existence to make (‘as concept’). to reap. ; 
[so they devise a creational matter which they can reap] a
[by means of] the (eden-) word to bow.
[and so] (matrix-) existence to make. for. the (matrix-) spirits.
    [through] these. seven. gods (=Torches). ;                                                            [the gods + these + seven]

V 152
[and] the reeds. to dress. ,                                                                 [short for ‘Field of Reeds’, their paradise] 
[because through] the main (adj.) – SH-pool.      +                           [pool = Nineveh where Torches are] 
[by] me (‘Ammon son’). (matrix-) existence to make.
[by means of to] (matrix-) existence. to give. speech. ;
[through] the helpless (eden-) existence (?). to snatch away (-to matrix).
     [but as] (eden-) existence to make. nót. within (-the matrix). ;
[not to make eden-existence within the matrix] 
[but instead] , to be the divine (matrix-) things. [which] (matrix-) existence makes. 
[because by] the (matrix-) willpower. for. me. the word to bring (?). ;
[through] the place of the double (eden-) word (?) (UU+).
[as?] the place of the double (matrix-) word (?) (same). ,                                [=the place of the Torches] 
[and so through?] me. [to] (matrix-) existence. to come hail. ;                       [so something is brought] 
[because by?] this. (matrix-) willpower. [as?] the mimicked (eden-) speech (?) (KRK).
[of] me. [to] (matrix-) existence. to come hail. ;
[likely he says this because “he commands the Torches whát to sing”] 

V 151
[and so to be] the Field of Reeds (‘their paradise’). [of] the (eden-) willpower for the matrix. ,
[like?] the (eden?-) field (=paradise).     +                                                                                 [just SEKHT shows] 
e                                                                                                                        [f-e : must be the correct interpretation]
within (-the matrix). ,
[because by means of] thou (‘eden’). [to] (matrix-) existence. to come hail. ;
[being] the doubled (matrix-) place.       +                                                                                      [=Field of Reeds] 
[as] the one of eden-within (ÁMI-T).      +                                                         [‘having eden-aspects within’] 
[because of] this. [environmental dimensional-] garment (ÁSHEST). ;
          [and this is all because of the seven Torches ! , 
          proving that they indeed maintained the eden paradise] 
    [now starts another theme] 


CT 612
theme : the Torches are commanded by the Ammon son(-s)
as ‘the seven uraei’ that produce the images of eden
[=aspects of paradise] but now for the matrix paradise
to read along , PDF page 242 , read upwards
“the 7 cobras + by + me + to command” >>>

VI 226
the real-adamite-soul’s (‘belonging to God’).      +
(eden-) images.     +                                                                        [creational aspects] [ÁRU+ , impartial glyph] 
for. to rise (-to the matrix) and be crowned. ,
[but] the great lady (‘Hathor’). these (‘images’). to mutilate. ,
[so that they will-] not. (be) within (-the matrix). ;                                                                     [because lethal] 
[because] me. to give (-them) (‘images’). [..].     +                                          [‘by invoking them from eden’] 
[to become?] the main ones (‘now as matrix-images’?).      +
[by?] the (matrix-) house (?).       +                                                                                                               [unclear text] 
[of?] the great lady. ,                                                                                                              [Hathor = house of Horus] 
[and so to be?] the slain sacrificial bull (‘eden gate’ probably , SMAM). ;

VI 225
[and] the uatchit goddess (‘the healthy matrix-realm’)
by (?) it (T) (MT). to inhale.                    (‘the images’?)   [lit: make to connect to the solarplane SBTH] 
continuously (?).                                                                                                                               [‘time-goddess’ glyph] 
[as] the lady. [of] the leopard things (BA+) (‘mixed aspects’). ;                                              [leopard beast] 
[because by?] Hathor. [is] the real-adamite-soul’s (type-) hail. ,
[but in reality , through] me (‘Ammon son’).      +                                                                  [they’re very proud] 
[is] the doubled one as (eden-) existence for (matrix-) existence (NNTT). ;
[through] the seven uraei (‘Torches’). me. (eden-) existence. to devour. ,
[namely by?] the eight [=seven?]. (double-) inverted ones. (that-) see (adj.) – me. ;                                (?)
     [both coffins make a mess of the numbers] 
[to be] the seven (uatcht-) cobras (-for matrix-health).      +                      
(that are) commanded (adj.) – [and] judged (adj.) – by. me. ;
[by] Kheper (read: by divine (matrix-) transformation).      +
[is] the copper (matrix-) throne. above (‘north’). [where] I. dwell. ,                  [=north of the Torches] 
[as] this. my. throne. in.     +                                                                                                                          [as my throne] 
the completed solarplane (H’EB ; also ‘festival’). ,
[from where] I (adj.) – see (adj.) – the things. [that are by] the (matrix-) word of beauty. ,    +
manifesting (adj.) – through (adj.) – Hathor.                       [in matrix-gate region , where Torches are]

“official” translation of 612 [by Faulkner] ,
we don’t add those every single time because that’s a waste of (and to be paid site-) space 
since they all were read the wrong way [-and probably on purpose]  :
How happy are those who see the festival in this place of mine ! I am seated on the throne of Khopri,
I give judgment in company with the seven cobras, I see the right (……) , I have swallowed the seven
uraei, because I am Hathôr, Mistress of rams, the serpent who laughs with Edjô, the great wild cow
of the Mansion (?) of the heads. Here am I, may you not kill the Great One who has appeared in her
proper shape.” 

CT 335 
theme : the 7 spirits make (matrix-) existence ,
now ‘burning’ [sic] to be the speech of Osiris [‘matrix’] 
[section because 335 is incredible long] 
to read along , PDF page 280 , read upwards 

IV 264
[by] me (‘the Ammon son’). within (-the matrix). 
[will be] thou (‘candidate’). (matrix-) speech. [of] (matrix-) willpower. of. (matrix-) existence. 
[in] that. day. ;
[because] (matrix-) existence to make (‘as concept’).       +
[as] the things by the throne of. Anubis. 
[that] are made (‘by eden’, ÁR). [for] (matrix-) existence. ;
[so that] all (adj.) – the nomes (‘regions’). follow. the (matrix-) word of eden-within. ;     +

IV 263
[through] these. seven. spirits (‘Torches’). [for] (matrix-) existence. 
[whose] names. I. know [..]. :        +
they [‘not ‘he’] . [are] the ones of the enemy (‘eden’). ,
[now] burning [sic] (adj.) – [for?] the Ba spirits. [to be] the (matrix-) speech. [of] Osiris (‘matrix’). ,
[because by] the aspect. [that was] for. the real-adamite-soul. ,     +
(matrix-) existence to become new. ; 
     [or: ‘because the aspect that was for the adamite-soul gives speech to (matrix-) existence’] 

IV 262 [=263] ; 261 :
this. (matrix-) nesert serpent.                                                                   [unknown ; speech + for the tongue] 
[by?] the real-adamite-soul’s. word. to make protection (-of the matrix). ,
[to be] the (matrix-) peace. which is. [by] the (matrix star-) gate. [for] (matrix-) speech of hail. ;
[so that] within (-the matrix). 
[will be] thou. (matrix-) speech. [of] (matrix-) willpower. of. (matrix-) existence. 
[in] that. day. ;                                                                                                                                                           [as in 264 c] 

IV 260 [=261] ; 259 :
[repeat of 264 b about Anubis ; next a : first half also from 264 :] 
[for] all – the nomes (‘matrix regions’). follow. the (matrix-) word of eden-within. ,
[because by] the seven. spirits (‘Torches’). this. (matrix-) existence. to make (‘by eden’ ÁR). ,
[and by] the opened (eden-) word. [to be] (matrix-) existence. alike-adam’s (MIÁ). ; 
    [so ‘the seven spirits make (‘AR) (matrix-) existence’] 

    [another theme starts – after many repeats] 


[theme] : (𝗜𝗜) the ‘two trumpets’ link to the guiding fiery pillar [mt.Horeb > Trumpets > Eden] [the corrupt ‘second Passover’ section in Num.9 – no text yet] [observation] 

 [theme] : (𝗜𝗜) the ‘two trumpets’
link to the guiding fiery pillar 
[mt.Horeb > Trumpets > Eden]

[the corrupt ‘second Passover’
section in Num.9 – no text yet]

 [observation] [2023-09sep.5]




              goal :
              to see whether the alleged “2nd passover” section is part of “the two trumpets” theme
              KJV buildup (-of chapters) :
              something does not sit right because the “passover” appears inserted and invented here 
              like a foreign stone in a native desert — the lineup of the KJV chapters is
              Num.8 :   the construction of the old Tabernacle
              Num.9 :    [1st half]   : the alleged “Passover” theme
                                  [2nd half] : the cloud and pillar of fire explained (guiding the people to stay or move)
              Num.10 : [1st half]   : the section about (making-) ‘the two trumpets’ 
                                                which is also about ‘staying or moving’       [that’s a problem – see below]  
                                   [2nd half] : the cloud moves (?) ,
                                                then the people start their journeys
              Num.11 : the people in the desert complain about the food ;
              so – what’s going on here .. ?
              proposal :
              #1.    the construction of the old Tabernacle                                                                                            [Num.8] 
              #2.    the section about (making-) ‘the two trumpets’  [completing #1!]            [Num.10 , 1st half] 
              #3.    the alleged ‘Passover’  [but referring to the 144 in the future ?]               [Num.9 ,    1st half]  
              #4.    cloud and pillar of fire explained                                                                                    [Num.9 ,   2nd half] 
              #5.    the cloud moves and the people start their journey                                          [Num.10 , 2nd half] 
              #6.    the people in the desert complain about the food                                                                   [Num.11] 
              question :
              would – could – the alleged Passover section instead have said anything about “two trumpets” 
              or “Trumpets as a double feast” related to the future .. ? is it not more logical that , at the point
              that the sons of (old-) Ishral started their desert journey , God promises how the sons that will
              become to be “will start their journey to the REAL promised land : Eden ?  
              the KJV text itsélf is already Weird and inconsistent yet showing “generations” and “far away” , 
              very possibly “the sons of Ishral as the generation in the time far off” !    
              [for the other inconsistencies , see below] 

             so the trumpets and the cloud (-pillar) both are ‘journey indicators’
                                                                moreover ,
             linking mt. Horeb to the final (feast of-) Trumpets : the return to Eden !

… now things get interesting   —
it is not said “when the cloud & pillar céased to appear during the journey of the people” 
but obviously it ended definitely when the people stood at the border of the promised land ;
however – the trumpets were ‘a memorial’ , as a statute for many generations to come (10:8)
since they represented the seventh ordained Feast !
now please : 
how great is the chance that THIS connection was the theme of the alleged ‘Passover’ section ?
[and remember how ‘generation’ shows in that same section !] 
              to show this connection in the restored buildup , in Num.10 
              [when the people begin their journey – as #5 , and as the start of a by Esau cut-up section] :
              “And it came to pass on the twentieth [day] of the second month, in the second year, 
               that the cloud was taken up from off the tabernacle of the testimony ;
               And the children=sons of Israel took off their journeys 
               out=when the wilderness=cloud (had) Sinai=lifted 
               and the cloud=trumpet (had) rested=blown the alarm
               in the wilderness=passing through (mdbr=obr) of the Paran=camp ;  
               the change may seem a bit searched but is very important for continuity — see below
               [because next ‘the divisions of the people’ are described and they only leave in vs 33 !] ; 

the link between mt.Horeb and the (final-) Trumpets
… at mt. Horeb there was “a loud trumpet”, “a cloud” and “fire” (Ez.19) representing God’s presence
while this continues in the pillar of fire and as the cloud — linked to the concept ‘trumpet’ ;
while several prophets mention “the voice of God in that day (-to come)” , or perhaps “trumpet of” ;
           the past months we searched to remain “within the Passover/Unleavened timeframe” ,
           that is “until that timeframe ended – at Weeks” , and when that did not happen we even extended
           it “until the second descend of Moses” — everything to stay within that important timeframe —
           but what if the pillar (-as trumpet) is the link between Unleavened and (the final-) Trumpets ..?
this would give Legal right unto [‘until’] the 70th week
as the start of the restored scroll (which was the theme of Unleavened)
as “the appointed time” — when the first type trumpet would blow ,  ‘powered’ by the fire pillar aspect ,
unto the day of departure as the second type trumpet blowing the alarm
[we leave for now the link of the mentioned pillar of fire
which probably represents   the pillar of fire (-and as a cloud by night)
that is the vertical Eden-axis   that will carry the protective eden dome
(which will destroy ‘Gog’ & his armies after the 1000 years) ;
and the matrix world tree (see homepage) as a kind of evil precursor
emitting “sounds and particles” according to Spells
as a construct much like ‘a trumpet’ —
hence that will implode during the seven trumpets in Revelation] 

but the problem is : what said the text ?

– apart from the mentioned “generation” and “far off” which show ,
– a major theme must contain ‘Adam’ : because this was the reason for the misery during Horeb :
    KJV’s Num.9:6 has
   “And there were certain men, who were defiled by the dead body of a man, 
    [that they could not keep the passover on that day] , [………..]” , as
    u·iei anshim ashr eiu tmaim l·nphsh adm 
    and·he-is-becoming mortals who they-became unclean-ones to soul-of human
    and=but – (the-) mortals=sons of – who=Ishral (ashr=ishrl) – (will) become (-to be) ,        (‘144’)
    being – (the ones that will)     defiled=reject (tMA=MAs)
    (the-) soul=rule (?) (nphSH=mSHl) of – (the-) adm-man (‘Adam’) ,
    [and=as [..] – (the ones that) will –   do=hearken – the=to [+my] passover=words – in –   that – day] ;”

    or anything similar ;
– closing with line 14 ,
    “And if a stranger shall sojourn among you [….]”
    “and [=then] – [+I] (will make) – (the-) stranger=  remnant (‘144’) – to sojourn – [=to] you=me [….]” ,
    “and for him that was born in the land.”
     “and – [..] [+they] (will) native=  dwell (?) – the=in the (eden-) land.” 
… you get the idea   —
but it will be extremely difficult to restore the section that the Alexandrian Esau Jews corrupted ,
especially where to insert the eventual ‘trumpet theme’ 
but we’ll give it a try today or tomorrow  

Numbers 9 (1-13)
                                                    [continued from the “making the two trumpets” section :] 
[=then] – IEUE – speaks – to – Moses     +
[.. 2x ..] – in=concerning (the-) two – year=trumpets                                                          [‘two + trumpets’ : 10:2] 
[=by] (-which) they (will) go forth – from=to the land of – egypt=Canaan
in the – first=seventh (?) (‘at Trumpets?’) – month , saying :                                                      [isn’t that logical ..?] 

[..] the sons of – Ishral (‘in Moses’ time’)
(have) [+not] does=kept – [..] [+my] passover=words (?)     +                                       [see restored line in intro] 
in the appointed time ;                                                                                          [‘Weeks – when Moses descended’ ?]