Weeks + 21 days [+3] (per Dan.10) : ‘the 24th’ : this Thursday ?

17 july                                                                
Weeks + 21 days [+3] (per Dan.10) : ‘the 24th’ : this Thursday ?
… we said that we couldn’t know how many days followed Weeks , 30 or 40 ,
since actually neither of both make that much Sense ,
yet this morning somehow Dan.10 came into view – the ’21 days’ – and she does :
please see here how that could work out
(how strange .. is this an answer to yesterday .. ?) 
               — please remember the below is more or less speculative —
proposition :

Dan.10 :
(2-5) “In those days I Daniel was mourning three full weeks.
[…]  And in the four and twentieth day of the first month , […]
and behold a certain man clothed in linen [..]”   (Christ)
now ,
– (KJV must write that-) this was about “trying to understand the vision” : about Adam ,
     since he was the subject in previous one AND will be in the néxt one ;
– the angel (Christ) was not fighting “the angel of + Persia” but “your father + Adam” ,
– and for the same time of ’21 days’ ;
– the above Adam theme directly links Daniel to the calf event — the curse ;

21 [+3] days :
– Daniel obviously started to fast “right after he saw the first vision” to receive understanding
   but 3 days after he ended it , he was met by the angel ;
– Moses came from the mount at Weeks , saw the calf event ,
    and probably went up again “the third day” (-after he made them to drink it , etc) ,
    and the question now is : how long did he stay upthere that second time ?
         a) ’40’ WAS already the time of testing : and the people failed (-with the calf) ,
                then is it logical to add another 40 ?
         b) ’30’ is even more complicated to defend ,
         c)  but suppose he stayed another 21 days + a possible 3 days inbetween = 24 days ,
                  while Daniel álso had ’24 days’ just the buildup was inversed [24 + 3] ;  
the ’24th’ :
– so quite literally we have a “24th” in this Dan.10:4 ,
– but we also have a ’24th’ in the – sadly too corrupted – Haggai 2 as “the promised day” ,
– and even in Zecheriah ,
        a) the buildup of Haggai – considered the mentioned dates (corrupted or not)
              is to intend “the end of the 3d year passed after restoring the scroll” 
              because the birthright still has to be found (Hag.2 , first lines) ,
              then another date (Weeks?) and elaborating in (?) a date , the ’24th’ :
              it adds there ‘of the ninth’ (-thsha) but can easily have been ‘third’ (-shlsh) ;
so : 21 literal days ? :
– as far as Daniel’s fasting days – and if not corrupted – yes ,
    but what “the 21 days” of “your resisting father Adam” mean is anyone’s guess :
   ‘21 centuries’ is an option if counted from “the sacrifice as the gift ceases” (Dan.9) 
   [which is a term for Golgotha – see for example posted Isaiah 53] ,
   because right after that in chapter 11 those 21 centuries [+3] are explained to him ,
    literally as 20 + 4 centuries : do we have another “21 + 3 = 24” here ? ;
– right at the 24th day Christ appears to him ,
    suppose we’d translate that in our situation : 
    as a bit ‘inversed’ (see above) situation of “21 centuries + 24 days” ? ,
    IF Daniel received the vision at Weeks ..? ;
are there other ’21s’ ? :
– not really .. but considered the above that does not imply that this case is weak ;
however :
Esau has a fake event termed ‘Tish B’Av’ which however has NOTHING to do with
any ‘mourning about lost temples’ , nor about ‘the spies not entering the land’ ,
but is the culmination of a 3 week (!) period that started with the calf :
it is a fake mourning in the sense of “the king [=Jacob] died – long live the king [+Esau]”
as just another one of all Esau’s diabolical traps and twists ;
and only 1 of the many “”Jewish”” sites was honest , hinting at ‘the descendants aspect’ ,
proposing the origin of that 3 weeks timeframe : not from Zech. 8 but from Daniel 10   —
     leaving ús the probability that Esau KNEW about “the 3 extra weeks” [cq 24 days] 
     while corrupting the scroll , and having preserved that [-timeframe] in his own agenda 
     as a constant re-dedication by him of the birth right to Adam  …
conclusion :
… whether ’40’ or ’30’ or ’21’ days is not really that important by now , right ,
as our saying goes “now we made it across the dog , we’ll also get across it’s tail” ;
it is merely … ‘again another exercise in trying to understand context’
as to why things were shown or said in a specific way — and usually (!) for us to understand 



[theme] : [Adam’s-] christianity as vessel to establish the NWO [docufilm ‘Belly of the Beast’]

[theme] : [Adam’s-] christianity
as vessel to establish the NWO

[docufilm ‘Belly of the Beast’]




                … one of the better documentaries showing how the entire West was designed
                only under the guise of Christianity  to usher into a worldwide prisoncamp   —
                but please watch the video only as a helpful visual of this section 
                and ignore to a certain extent the ‘explanations’ they provide concerning Egypt
                simply because they have No Clue about the real existence of Mystery-Babylon
                and would put you on the wrong foot if you would forget what we learned here
the ’72’ :
this jumped out and is interesting for us since it directly links to the Ptolemy II pages  —  
at 21.30 he mentions “72 spirits” ,
which is exact the number of the alleged ‘translators’ in Esau’s Aristeas letter (see page) ,
but this goes deeper : if you look into Budge’s Hieroglyphic Dictionary you will see that 
there are certain concepts all described as “the 72 who assassinated Osiris” ,
meaning that these 72 are eden-concepts having ‘killed’ the matrix when Eden started ! 
it can hardly be coincidence that Esau haphazardly chose this ’72’ number 
since he ofcourse was completely aware also of the ‘pre-Mystery-Babylon era’ ,
and deliberately chose this – now symbolic – number “to get back at Eden” ;
the same time knowing that none would make the link with his 91 Sanhedrin seats
          [we’d still need to look in how far the 144 can be a doubling of the 72 number :
          these are complicated themes requiring much time to investigate] ;
… the story of “Set having coffined Osiris” is the same theme and of later origin ,
but therefore also more watered-down as not containing all the original aspects

in time , separate links concerning different themes may be added below video
Belly of the Beast

second video : ‘Constantine’ ,
a similar tricky figure as Ptolemy

the birth-sceptre of Eden [list]

content :
the “1 month theme” [started : end of june] : logs & remarks
B) the Jubilee / Weeks theme : all chapters
C) the birthright / Eden sceptre : all chapters


30 june 23


[about the failed Weeks window 26 June 2023] 
30 june
what a disastrous trainwreck this has become …
the negative logs may tire you but please understand that there. is. no. date. :
if we  were unable to pinpoint it it means that she doesn’t exist — it’s as simple as that ,
but therewith we have nothing no more to can survive this torturous existence
       no that’s not true — heroin is an option
the rock and the hard place … shutting down the site is not possible because therewith
we’d again seal the scroll which we just opened … but continuing to perfect incomplete 
chapters with a dosis reluctance is not the right way and can even impair judgment …
and where the soul – or whatever is left of her – before still needed Him to say something
now she is too disillusioned to even ask that anymore , imprisoning herself only stronger … 
        and what we do now ? wait for Trumpets , five. whole. freaking. months. away ?
        and how  to cross that endlessness ? and what would make Trumpets a candidate ?
why you let this happen to us our Majesty .. ? December was also a disaster until we
understood the sceptre thing — and we found it immediately , just as you said — so that
any disappointment was quickly erased and she was so completely  expectant of you :
why would you allow such wounding blow to your remnant which is already  struggling 
greatly to survive every next day in waiting for you … ?
you have not  sent your cavalry … NOT … and where we already lacked everything
now it has become totally impossible … however the most hurtful consequence is that 
something has come to stand inbetween you and her … something indescribable ,
uncatchable , a shadow , something that shouldn’t be there … 




30 june [6PM]
pondering ‘them worshipping the calf at Horeb’ — Adam trying to block us ?
… if we reconstruct what happened there : the people arrived at mount Horeb the 6th day
after Passover (see page) and after that it is probable that Moses stayed forty days upon
the mount , descending from it at Weeks — so in total 49 days from Passover ;
a)  every version of ‘the calf’ leads back to … Adam
… considered the text (-and context) the golden calf event appears to be genuine ;
thing is that whatever version this calf represented it was related to Adam :
we can’t know what version they made but we have several options : first as the H’EP-bull
which represented “the stolen turquoise Dome over the throneroom of God” – the eden gate ,
now as the dome over the matrix gate where Adam is (was) ;
it may have been “the Bull as the spirit-body which Adam designed for the nations (‘of spirits’)” 
but especially for the sons of Ammon , where the Egyptian “Festival of the Tail” confirmed the
slaying of our Originals to produce that bull [‘strength’] body for them ;
         though there are many types of bulls in the Spells – where for example Horus was ‘the calf’ 
         but because it refers to the eden-type body which he stole – the general meaning of the
         calf that they made múst refer back to ‘Adam’ otherwise the context would be Invalid  ;
now ,
b)  the worshipping the calf as foreshadowing event 
… Moses “holding the TABLET of the Covenant  descended to the people” , right ,
and similarity appears with Christ returning holding the Eden sceptre — see pages ;
yet Moses was met by Adam having … what ? ‘having instigated a blockage’ ?
what does the calf event — of which’ meaning those people were not aware — imply for us ?
– does Adam have a grip upon a part of the 144 ?
– did he instigate the event to thwart the appointed date — the (feast of-) Weeks ?
c)  afterwards
… now it gets even more difficult :
we cannot know for sure what happened after this — if indeed Moses broke the tablet ,
and if indeed he again went up to the mountain for an unspecified time ; 
however : the thing is “that something did NOT HAPPEN that 49th day” as the day when
he descended to his people , and though the Spirit came down upon the disciples and their
people 1300 years later — and compare again ‘the descending’ — NEITHER IT HAPPENED
at the 49th day what was supposed to be the day of the restoring of the soul ,
but instead it was a collateral for the days of the end when the sons would restore the scroll , 
now waiting for the very same timeframe only to find out that IT HAS NOT HAPPENED :
what is this — as if some Pattern here … ?
you see please where we are heading ?
d)  did Moses again go up the mountain and if so – important ! – how long  ?
… contextually it is probable  that Moses smashed the tablet since the breaking would
represent the annulling of the appointed day that the soul would be restored , right , 
and that he re-wrote (?) another tablet could indicate the restoration of the scroll    —
the whole point of the above exercise is ,
if the concept is true , does it imply that we still have , say , one month to go ?
e)  RE : closing
… so – if the people ‘chose for the calf’ which was related to Adam ,
where the logs the past days were about the choice for or against Him , related to Adam ,
does this imply that — very carefully stated — this window has been a test for us .. ?
        a test concerning Legal Right : because we did  restore the right themes ,
         and therewith gained a certain Legal Right ,
         and you , Majesty , wanted to see what we would do with that Right :
         stand upon it [-like Adam did] or return it back to you ?
the choice is not that difficult  —
you be our deity please and we be your people

the Great Jubilee : at Pentecost [-this June]
… we waited at the end of 2022 as the end of the 3d year , right ,
before we understood that we still had to find “the birthright” as
the sceptre of Eden  – please see relevant pages ;
after that , “the last day of Unleavened” showed all the hallmarks
but now it turned out that “the Great Jubilee” is even more  likely ,
and – important – as a continued window OF Unleavened :
hence the search for confirmation of this event in the pages below
latest theme :
      our possible date at Pentecost — as ‘the double feast’

       [where the week of Unleavened was ‘a blueprint’ for the next 7 weeks] 
       main reasons :
               #1) Pentecost as ‘small jubilee’ (50) is now Pentecost as the Great Jubilee (Isaiah)
               #2) and ‘double’ because :
                       — the strong link between the disciples (+their people)  >>  and we 
                             as “a connection in Time (-on earth)”            
                       — culminating into the strong link between us  >>  and our Originals
                             as “a connection to the other Reality
                             because both latter groups will be saved simultaneously ! 
                             [see below pages for more aspects]   

29 june 23

29 june : assessing the damage of this cursed Date thing
… in spite of having been so careful  we gambled and Lost :
– meaning we need disentangle the Weeks subject from the main theme of individual chapters
  so that their theme will not have an il-Legal connection with a concept turned out false
– an even greater problem is What Now :
  any other candidate is not half as solid as the Weeks theme and frankly we’re thoroughly fed up
  with this freaking Date thing — it’s worse as the Stockholm Syndrome by not even wanting  anymore
  to spend energy to this trauma which yet is THE most important day for us
  … the hype now is ‘the 9th of Av’ supposedly as the 26th of July 
  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-cQLIdnDLcA  [showing it don’t mean I like the Esau guy
  with his “dead rise first” T-shirt which is ‘the 144’ ofcourse — to be fair I think he’s a Troll] 
  but 1) the ‘wine’ connection is wrong because corrupt and 2) it is very questionable whether Moses
  went up another 40 days (it’s even possible that Moses NEVER BROKE the tablets – breaking a
  heavenly tablet of God ? – but just invented by Esau as pretext for ‘another 40 days’ : who knows ?) ;
  aspects can be so corrupted  that the only thing we can trust is our own judgment and searching to
  understand why things happened or were said   — and that’s what we do all the time , right  
  and yes occasionally we lose  like with this Weeks theme
         however : the Gorgeous that appeared 24-26 june/july (probably july) last year makes that we
         cannot turn down ‘next month’ too easily — but the main problem ofcourse is that there is not
         any textual backup whatsoever for any event just after Weeks
– and the greatest problem of all ,
    is that this whole thing has damaged the relation with Him ,
    though it is very tricky – and dangerous – to describe what is that damage :
    does the phrase “not doing it anymore with 100% enthusiasm” make any Sense to you ?
    and the danger ofcourse is that this is a door to even darker thoughts … this must have been the
    very “first moment that Adam thought whether he could continue on his own” — and though ofcourse
    our situation is incomparable – apart from the fact that we do not want  to leave Him – the aspects of
    that event come frighteningly close …
    in the apocryphal “first book of Adam and Eve” is the line “.. and God ceased to speak to Adam”
    in a situation after he ate the fruit — this “ceasing to speak” akin to our situation now , and it is not
    unthinkable that exactly this  caused the final decision of Adam …
    I’m always honest to you : is this but a mindf*ck — or is it a realtime play-out ?
– and finally ,
    is it possible that the Date was thwarted .. ?
    we always called out any of Esau’s occult Rituals we spotted , right , and though we don’t believe
    that any specific ritual can have thwarted a date , it is possible that He has set a date but not as
    one in stone (-contrary to what what we may believe) but more like ‘a fluid one’  — 
    this is not said “as excuse because Weeks did not work out” but as serious question ,
    knowing that Adam will literally DO ANYTHING to thwart any final date
    so hurtful to have to write the above
    you please ponder everything and discuss it with Him
    be assured that I’d like nothing else as to have the relation with Him as before   this disaster
[+3 hrs]
it is a horrible play-out
for it would mean losing your radiating kindness
[which you showed that 24-26th a year ago] 
it would mean losing the sweet female inside radiating her love
and it would mean losing your son with his covering protective sword
which’ shining tip rested in the gravel two decades ago
we will not leave you
please tell us that we passed the test
restore us tomorrow and forgive us everything immediately

posted :
Jer.44          :   [1-14] Pt. II :   6th seal :  the history of the corruption  of the scroll – said to Jacob
                            [+ the evil consequences ..]
Jer.43          :   (8-13) : Pt. I : 6th seal : Nile stops , gate ceases and sun goes dark , Adam dies
Is.58             :    the year of accepting the scroll : at Unleavened I get you
Mt.16           :    [theme] final thing we do : declaring Eden’s sceptre-key 
                              so that Adam and Ammon sons are done (as well as their Vatican) ,
                              God stops the Nile (sun&moon) and Christ will come to us [also Is. 60 & 22 + others]

Is.22              :    the sceptre + our Date :
                              our Originals saved from Adam when he dies at the harvest [when sun and moon get dark] +
                              Christ retrieves the sceptre before he comes for us  [see Hab.2&3, Rev.3:7 etc]
Hab.2            :    Adam judged after us declaring his crimes   [!]  + Hab.3 [part I] our Date
  Jer.8             :    the sons of Ammon having corrupted the Scroll : but we find out and kill them
  Jer. 6            :    (cont.) :  our Date + [likely:] the Jubilee horn ;
                               demon armies invade earth +’the foreign land’ concept tutorial to Jacob & pastors

Jer.5               :    the harvest + Weeks as solid phrased Date of us            [sic]
                                [+ warning to the pastors + God addresses Jacob]

Is. 17              :    the harvest [at Weeks] when we go – as the day of Jacob’s trouble ,
                               the same day Adam dies + Damascus [matrix-gate] ceases : 6th seal

[Gospels]      :    ‘the gleaning in the the grainfield’ : 
Christ telling us the feast of Weeks is our date
             [sic ..]
theme             :    Christ’s ascension at Weeks (49th day) hours before Pentecost (50th day)
                                  now as the Great Jubilee [virtually 100% sure]

Joel 2               :   [gorgeous chapter] ‘the day of darkness’ : the demon army , the (Jubilee-) trumpet , 
                                 birthright and the 144 and disciples + people restored [linking to Lev.25 and Acts 1-2]

2 Cor                :   the Jubilee as ‘the disciples linked to 144’ theme [+breakdown]
Romans          :    breakdown
1Cor 16          :     two keys mentioned : Pentecost 
                                  and the theme “the disciples + their people , and we (‘144’)”  [gorgeous chapter] 

under construction :
[John 7]          :    Jesus at the temple square “at the last + day + of the great + feast” (Unleavened)
                                  was very likely “at the last + day + of the seven + weeks” : right at Pentecost 
                                   [now we’ve to see how “the acceptable day” (Jubilee) and “the 7th (-what?)” fit in] 


‘the acceptable day’ and Exodus theme
         [though in some pages the ‘Unleavened’ connection is too strong ,
         we’ll look at that after the present ‘Pentecost’ theme is worked out]  

important — please see intro in the John 1+2 page (click)

latest theme : feast of Unleavened – 11 May – as our Date

posted :

– Mt.24              :    [Lk.12]  :  the Parable of ‘the Faithful Servant’ 
– [all gospels]  :   ‘the triumphal entry’ — foreshadowing our Date 

content in :
C) Luk.11 (15-26) : “a sign (!) + Pharisees (see Mat.) + divided house + 7 others (=7th day?)” ,
  (see for 2x ‘armour’ also Eph.6) however whole theme sóunds plausible but is corrupt ; f.e. line 20 ;
  line 25 : for I will come when they will have found the swept=birth-right” + “at the 7th day (26 !) ? ,
  where                “seven    + different (-hetera) + spirits (-pneumata)” 
  can be                “seventh + day (-hemera) of  + unleavened (-azymos)”         — look at the close roots ! ; 
  remember this was a discussion with the Pharisees ! , comp. “sign” in 16 and “kingdom of God” in 20;
  >>>>>>> mirror :
B) Mat.9 + Mat.12 (was cut up) : 9 (32-34) “exorcism + pharisees” , and Mat.12 (24-30): “exorcism + 
  Pharisees + divided house” (as exactly copied Lk.11) following upon the ‘acceptable day’ theme !
  conclusion :
  mirror of John 7 were Mat.9 + 12 (combined) and Lk.11 + 4 (lines 17+18 : the ‘acceptable day’) ;
  so that the sign as + found birthright + acceptable day + as 7th day + of leavened” is defendable !
  when one would list ALL the themes in the above bolded chapters ;
then ,
C) Eph. 6 (closing) : “breastplate as armour” ; term ‘birthright’ may have been ‘armour’ (shown 2x of 3) 
  yet the “armour theme” = corrupt ; armour (-panoplia) [=pas+hoplon]   = birthright : (-prôtotokia) ? ;
  NOWHERE in prophets is any “self-defense theme” but instead “be the humble soul” ;
   this ‘armour’ idea may have been taken from : Luke 11 (21-22) ;                         [too corrupted for now]  
D) 2 Cor. 6 : “the acceptable day” [=solid]   in line 2 ; chapter is utterly corrupted beyond belief —
  however “Christ + Belial” (in 15) must be the “Christ + Beelzebub” theme in Luke 11 above ! ;
  >>>>> possibly parts of this chapter belonged to : 2 Cor. 3 : “tablets of stone” (line 3) as 
  the “heavenly tablet” = birth right , “chiseled in stone + Moses” (in 7) is the ‘Sinai mount theme’ ? ;
  assumption : 2 Cor 3 + 2 Cor 6 belonged together ;                                                      [too corrupted for now]   
E) Gal. 5 : (line 1) : “liberty”, (5+7) : “wait + hope” and “a race + hindering” [9th month theme?]   , 
  (8) “not + calling” [as ‘not having declared yet’ ?]   , (9) “leaven” [sic]   , (13) “call + liberty” 
  [like ‘proclaim jubilee’]   , (14) “all + law + fulfilled” [feast of Unleavened fulfilled ? , see 1 Cor.16]  
  (15-24 : makes absolutely no sense — likely corrupt , comp. 2 Cor 3 + 6 above)                  [worth a try]  
F) Haggai 2 :
  posted chapter 1 énded with “the restored scroll in the 3d year” [=important]   , first half of chapter 2
  is the “ninth month” (which is about ‘go find the birth-right’ — perhaps that’s why “9th” : as clue ?)
  and must have written (in 3) “who of you sees=remembers the house=birth-right ?” (RAe=zAkER)
  and (BEth=BkrE) — making 100% sense ! ; consequently in part II the “day I bless you” can only
   refer to ‘the acceptable day’ , compare “the great blessing” in Gen.49,50 and Ex.13 – see list

Unleavened – our departure & the birth-sceptre of Eden     [list] 
previous theme :  the birth-right aka birth-sceptre       [+’the 9th month]  
posted :

– Zech. 7
– Mt. 24
– Mal.1
– Heb.12
– 1 Cor.4
Is. 41+46
– Zech. 1
– Zech. 2
Zech. 9
Zech. 10
– CT + PT
to post:
– Hag. 2
– [themes]  
:  the birth right : the sceptre will pass from Adam
   to the sons – if they declare it is théir birth right
:   [1-27]   (‘the endtime chapter’) : gorgeous summary of OT and NT  [new – gorgeous]  
:   birth-right : “whý I love Jacob but hate Esau”  [new – very good]  
:   the birth right [and runs well]   + the 144 witnessing to Jacob  [new]  
:   Christ returns SOON after the sons found the birth right  [new]  
:   the birth-right as ‘the tablet of the Sunrise’ [=Heaven]        [see Haggai]  
     [general overview – 41+46 were one but terribly corrupted]  

:   all of Micah is birth-sceptre ;  [in chapter 3 the 144 find the birth-right]  
     [general overview – but many lines restored already]  

:   the Revelation pattern : Adam holding the sealed scroll  [new]  
:   the new eden land north of Mystery-Babylon  [new]  
:    birth-right explained ; we + Originals are rescued – [new]  
:    we háve the sceptre – Christ rescues it AS his return  [new]  
:    searching the sceptre [as AMS ‘sceptre’ , as SEKER the attribute]  

:    birth-sceptre and 9th month theme + ‘the heavenly tablet’ per Enoch
     [will be the main hubpage of this theme]    

:     the ‘tower of Babel’ is most likely ‘the Giza pyramid’ that is a copy of
       the matrix-mountain — Giza was to regulate the frequency (‘speech’) of earth]  

D : Vatican’s mega Ritual

[23 february]  
Vatican mega Ritual : ‘Ash Wednesday’ + 40 days : as “the time of acceptance”  (!!)
… half expected they would [1]   , yet strange to see — 
the opening line of the homily for the season of Lent is the ‘acceptable year’ per 2 Cor. 6 ,
starting with the theme “ash as the dust from which God made man” :
the entire context shows that their ‘God’ is ‘Adam’ because ofcourse Esau works for him ,
ending with “to rise from the ashes” [=the Phoenix theme]   — but as disguised birth right ;
don’t be deceived : Adam  works against us just like Pharaoh did , back then ,
and though they won’t make the same mistake twice : technically , they have lost already   
however    —
before I saw this I woke with an unusual dream : with two other passengers in a car driven
by a younger man – a vague relative from ages ago – as a typical overconfident new driver ,
and at the curvy way he lost the wheel and the car slided off the road
… the dream changed : now walking in a large city “needing her foreign currency” (?) ,
the pavements were full of Indian or Pakistani , all dressed in their local garments
        strangely , the name of the driver translates frightening much like “young believer”
        while “money” in dreams so far is ‘an attribute’ (so , “needing attributes still” ?)
        and the type people can be “those of the 144 that are out of our reach” …
therefore , please , 
we always said , right , that we are not out of the woods until we go  … perhaps wé cannot
be Tricked anymore : but the new ones may be at risk — may be  at risk ; we don’t know … 
therefore please stay with us ; try keep the Ape as clean as possible a while still and plead :
because now He is kind to show the entire theme He will certainly hear you  
proclaimed : “the sick (counter male-) child healed by Mystery-Babylon (‘Mary’) and born healthy”

after a week vacation , this one — see Mt.17 Transfiguration page why this is wrong
now Adam’s vehicle ‘the Vatican’ links back to her (purported-) origin through “a council” [1] 
(and he does this because wé are linking back to the ‘council’ of Unleavened at mt. Horeb !) ,
trying to amass the entire world population  (“every human being”) as the “non-baptized”
together with all christians — yes he just exerts Legal Right over all  of them by using the
Legal Right of “being the oldest organization”, hence his above “council as origin” theme ,
as all “christians (that were and are-) baptized” : namely , ‘in this occult Ritual’ ;
so ,
amassing virtually the entire fckn world against “a little group” (read : you and we)
further identified as “proceeding “alone” (we’ll explain that later) , who are , according to the
misapplied Gal. 1 “accursed , (because they-) preach a contrary gospel” [-as Esau does] —
congratulations friends ,
for you must be doing somethin’ right : you have officially been declared anathemas  by Esau
[1] all quotes above in blue from :
[3/17 :]



pt.II : the Adam-Ptolemy pact : – Pithom Stele proves part I – covering-up spiritual Egypt [+glyph-reading explained] – the Aristeas letter : Esau enjoys his corrupt Septuagint [2023-03mar.12- ]

[for the shown deity TEM see Isaiah 17 page]


pt.II : the Adam-Ptolemy pact :
– Pithom Stele proves part I
– covering-up spiritual Egypt

[+glyph-reading explained]
– the Aristeas letter : Esau
enjoys his corrupt Septuagint

[2023-03mar.12- ]

[we haven’t succeeded to finish this one yet — you can find a PDF of this letter online ;
the point is
that the content is a deliberate distortion of events written by (a member of-) Esau
to hide the fact that hé corrupted the scroll : in fact it was written for his descendants
as “those in the know” because (-only) they would understand that
— there never were “72 members of the tribes of Ishral sent to translate”
      but it refers to “the 91 seats in the Sanhedrin in Alexandria” , Esau’s spiritual court ;
— the lengthy descriptions of all “the golden gifts”
      were a description of their ówn gigantic wealth : they describe how the 91 seats
      were made of pure gold wrought with the most beautiful decorations , etc ,
     as the wealth given to them by Ptolemy II for executing his plan
— the “questioning the scribes by Ptolemy”
      was not intended “to try and probe the spiritual righteousness of the Temple translators”
      but were “enquiries how to corrupt the themes in the scroll the smartest way”
      and you can distill that from the given answers ;
… in fact Esau knew that ‘the christians would not understand what he did’
and he could not hide his devilish Glee : this is what “the letter” is about …..
perhaps once – ever – we’ll come to complete this section


                                                                              the Pithom Stele

the (shown-) name ‘Ptolemy’
is just a transliteration of the Greek into suitable hieroglyphs
where the ‘L’ – not used in ancient Egypt – becomes the ‘R’ :

P      (the square in top)
T        (the drop on a surface)
AU     (the lasso)
R=L    (the lion)
M       (the edge)
II         (the double feather)
S        (the cloth draped over a chair)

                                                         A)    Ptolemy offering to the lined-up deities

description of the top of this plate :
… to read along – and if you want a larger size for that – please see page 68 of the PDF
shown above ,
the scene is ‘a mirror’ , as “a right side and left side” virtually showing the sáme event and text  — 
Ptolemy appears as standing both at the far-left and the far-right ,
and the idea is that both sides “work their way back to the center , where his wife stands” ,
and because his wife lines up with the deities , she represents “Esau-souls in the other Reality” ;
… if you wish to read along and need a larger scene please see page 68 of the PDF ;
but please note that (-also because of the mirror) the direction of shown glyphs is changing :
in the left-side mirror Ptolemy “speaks from left to right” 
              [start at the left column and read ‘down left to upper right’ – until the ‘bee-glyph’] 
while the deities ánswer him “speaking from right to left” 
              [and in the right-side mirror the whole process is the other way around , ofcourse] 
text near Ptolemy :
… restored from both sides because much is damaged ,
please remember that ‘Tem’ is a cover for ‘Adam’ ,
and see part I for this “son” theme :
       Ptolemy – having risen and crowned (KHÂ?) – (as) thou (Tem’s) – son (but shows ‘spirit’ KHU) ,
       (in name of-) [..a title..] – [.. unreadable ..] – all (of) – [.. unreadable ..] – (by) the king (-of the north)


Ptolemy’s ‘title cartouche’ :
… actually representing ‘his Attribute’ , see to right ;                           
in the lower half you see ‘the jackal staff’ USER and ‘raised arms’ KA
and in the top Râ and probably the deity Tem ;

USER usually means “power” but there’s a catch : it is “to make (matrix-) speech
[S-R] / (for) the (matrix-) word [U]” because it refers to “the stolen eden-words” ,
and combined with KA “to double” but here with stop-line so “the double” 
combined it reads “double speech (to make)” as “powerful double-speak” ! ,
ending at “… by Tem for Râ” or another combination – that is not so important ;
the key aspect here is that it links to the corrupt Septuagint theme ;
[the expression to deities “(I am-) thou son” is common , where the glyph ‘duck’ SA “son” 
is very similar to this one ; however the difference is minimal and won’t influence the reading]   
Ptolemy offers Maât (?) (‘justice’) to the deity T’EM :
…  the far-right depiction is a bit more clear and looks like ‘a deity with one feather’ ;
however – this Egyptian “justice” means “to sacrifice” MAÂ , namely “(things of-) Eden” ,
minimum implying ‘that Ptolemy offers a work of himself  to this deity” — this “double-speak” ;
1) the response of ‘left side’ Tem :
who is accépting the gift ; the column at his feet , read upwards ,
          forever – all (of) (adj.) – the light – alike-adam’s                                      (glyphs were swapped) 
          [being] all (of) – the things of the foreign-land (‘probably “earth” here)
          [tó] the two (matrix-) lands (‘their paradise’) – [of] thou – existence – to give     

           the glyph MIÁ has the colour “alike-adam” , not so much “alike-eden” ,
           while indeed the phrase ‘alike-adam’ belongs to Tem ,
         the ‘right side’ Tem :
          two columns above TEM , from down left to upper right :
        forever – (to be) the eternal light – (of) existence (‘in their paradise’)
        (because-) the noble ones (‘matrix-beings’) – the light – succeeded to acquire ,
        [.. as the light ? ..] – (by means of-) thou – to connect to – the great – god – Tem ,
        (for to be) existence of hail ; to recite 

         these lines come VERY close – if not confirm ! – what we posed in part I ;
above this Tem are a few glyphs but the interpretation is tricky ,
        (Tem) all (adj.) – the divine things – to make (?, SU) – (for?) the sky (‘of earth ?’) 
         the column at his féet says “forever – the light – to stand upright” 
         and this “standing upright” is a concept always said about something in their evil region 
         (and indeed BY Tem as the matrix-gate it ‘stands upright’ there) ,
         so here he COULD talk about “making the spiritual blanket over this earth” ,
         per “the king of the north” theme – see part I ,        
2) the response of the second figure – Osiris (‘the nature of that evil region’) : 
at the right hand side , at his feet , one column , read upwards ,
      (in?) the sky – (of) (matrix-) existence
      Râ – to (keep on-) rising and be crowned – (for?) all ,
      (by means of-) [… unreadable ….] – to give  

       and above him are two columns , the second one has  
       (by ?) the place [… unreadable : ‘as earth’ ? …] [….] ,
       (for?) the place in the East – (as?) all (adj.) – (of) the mouth (‘matrix-gate’) – (for) Osiris – the god ,
       (for) existence of hail ; to recite ;    

3) the response of Horus :
as the (hawk-) figure at right hand side , one column at his feet , read upwards ,
         […] (tó?) the two lands (‘the matrix’) – the speech (‘from earth’?) – to guide (?) (a verb) ,
         (in order-) (eden-) existence – to beat (QEN)
        (by means of-) thou (‘Ptolemy’) – [… the double existence ? …] (NN?) – to give

          last line as : “because you give double-existence” ,
          where Horus rules the entire gate-region ; 
4) the response of Hathor (or : Isis) :
since both show in the short line above Arsinoë ; one reads ,
         the light – alike-adam’s – to unite (-with the matrix)                              (glyphs w/ swapped)
         (as) the things of the foreign land (‘earth’) – (for) (matrix-) peace     +
         for – all (of) – the double (matrix-) land ,
          (by means of-) thou (‘Ptolemy’) – [… double existence ? …] (NN?) – to give

          this deity “unites the false light coming from earth WITH their matrix paradise” ;   
5) the response of Arsinoë :
rather bizarrely she stands in the line-up of deities — but almost as ‘end-point’ 
which can only mean that she represents the inhabitants óf the Field of Reeds ,
the column next to her feet reads , upwards , 
         the festivals (-of the solarplane) – (by-) thou – existence – (to-) he – to give ,
        (and?) to doorkeep (?) (‘guard’) – he – the (ânkh-) life
        [… unreadable …] – (as?) the double-existence (?) – (for?) the mother (read : wife) 

B) the (mirrored-) centre line above the deities : the ‘overall meaning of the shown depictions’ :
… please understand that “seeing the glyphs” is something else as “making Sense of them”  —
you see the “house of the horizon” in the exact centre ,
where the same line can be read as in a mirror to the left hand ánd to the right hand side :
        (by) the house of the horizon (‘the entire matrix-gate region’) – for – to manifest     +
        the healthy (‘green’) – (matrix-) atmosphere ,
        (as?) all (adj.) of – the (matrix-) sky – the great – god ,
         (by means of-) the city (‘earth’) (being) the seat (-as the engraved image) (BH’T”)

           where it would read “the engraved seat Earth” as “a rather simple type creation”   —
          just like the Scroll uses “engraved image” to denote “our present type body” ;
          b) oftentimes the subject shows befóre ‘to manifest’ but that is not maintainable here ; 
 all the images and text together would read something like ,
       (for) Osiris (‘the matrix’) ,
       Ptolemy offers “justice as double-speak” 
       to Tem (‘the matrix-gate , but represented by Adam’)
        which is received by Tem ‘as a type light for the noble ones (‘inhabitants’) of the matrix’ ;
       as a (false-) light that originates ‘from the city’ (‘earth’) ,
       which is guided by Horus tó the matrix (-gate)
       (and because of this gift Horus can keep beating Eden) ,
       where this light is united with the matrix-sky by Hathor :
       so that the inhabitants of the matrix will have a healthy sky-atmosphere
       and can maintain their festivals (‘read : can continue their cycles of Time’)
… now , please — what can have caused all the above if not the corrupted scroll … ?
and also note ,
how this whole theme of “the matrix-region Feeding Off that what Jacob on earth ‘does wrong’ 
resembles very much “the double Trap” theme about the abuse of our Female Originals ,
as the method through which the evil matrix maintains herself …. 

                                                                         B :       the lower (text-) half of the Stele

… taken from the PDF page 72 below shows the first (!) line 28    —
to follow it with the restored text read a) from left to right , then continue the same way with b) ,

[sections in brown are a mess ; those in normal black are running ; comments in blue :] 
(first-) line 28 :
        eternal (-matrix-) light – [as] forever (?) – existence (?) of hail – alike-adam’s (MIÁ?) ,
Râ – ……… – the sandals – below ,
to unite – the 9 bows – ……….. – (matrix-) existence – to bring ,

        to dance (?,KHB) – the foreign lands – [by means of?] he – the utchat-eye (‘the Scroll’ ?)       +
       as (?) – the light (?) – [by?] egypt – [for?] the (matrix-) throne (GET?) – above ,
       [to be] the health (TCHA) – [through] he – the son (‘Ptolemy’) – [of?] the (ânkh-) living ones     +
       [by means of] the …… – to inverse (SA) – [for?] Horus – above ;
        note :
        the “foreign lands” must be “in the matrix-realm” ;
        in the Spells “the Utchat-eye” is also a description of different important attributes ;
        the impression “the inversed Scroll as the (false-) light by Egypt FOR the matrix” is defendable ;

        the one (“the inverted scroll” now?) – to rise and be crowned – forever ,
        ……….. – the things of (?) the land – for (?) – [to be?] he – the majesty – [of?] (matrix-) existence ,
        [through?] the firstborn (‘prince’) – the name – [of?] health – ….. 4x …… ,
        the (Esau-) soul – to face – he – existence – [of?] the star god – [from?] above ,
        [and therewith?] to rejoice – the restrained – (Esau-) soul – [of] eden-within ,
        note :
        interestingly he hasn’t mentioned “Tem the father” YET while this “star god” has no previous
        reference : but considered the buildup and juxta with ‘soul’ here , this stargod can be Adam !

       [because FOR?] the Egyptians – [to be?] the divine things – [by?] this – place ,
       as (?) – the festival – by – he – the one (‘the stargod’?) – existence – to make (ÁR , by eden !) ,
       [by means of?] the speech – [of?] existence – [as?] the construct (‘boat’)         +
       [of?] the word of the (eden-) house – [fór] he – existence – to write (SESH) ;
       note :
       this sounds very much “like a promise for the Egyptians that the star-god will help them
       IF the word of the house will be (re-) written” – compare the “inverse” in previous line ;

       [and?] the king (?) – to restrain [-it] ,                                      [king : Ptolemy or the star-god ?] 
       [therefore?] he – to rise and be crowned       +
       for (‘at’?) – the place as the foreign land of TH-K-U        +                                [said : ‘Succoth’]         
       [to be?] existence – (of) (ânkh-) life ;
       [by?] the great god – Tem (?) – [as] he – the father – [of?] existence – to face ,          [sic !] 
       [and about?] the thing of the enemy (KHEF-T) – [concerning?] the speech      +
       this – tablet (+to make) (+S?) – [for?] – the Legal right – above ;
notes :
— per the text it is possible “that Ptolemy himself made or dictated this tablet”
      (which also would explain the poor syntax – see below)
     but would also link to the ‘Ptolemy inscription AT the mount” , see part I ,
— note how only now he mentions the deity’s name as “Tem” , “Tem as he the father” ,
and compare the “father disguise” we posed in part I , 

— the TH-K “Succoth” :
the ‘Succoth’ question :
… in this tablet appearing as TH-K-T or TH-K-U as to right ,     
here ending with “the foreign-land” glyph and then “place” (or ‘city’) ;

the PDF (-and many others) search to link TH-K-U with the Succoth of the Exodus
which is a semitic name , and then they think to have matched that with this TH-K-T     —
but the whole ‘Succoth’ can very well be a (deliberate-) mistake in the Scroll ;
the whole discussion is not interesting enough to repeat here , but we make the case that this 
place “THEKU or THEKT was the region of the mount where Adam met Ptolemy” ;
that the tablet was found in Northern egypt — in P-T’EM , the same as “the father Tem —
does not necessarily mean that the place was called ‘Succoth’ because the táblet writes ‘TH-K-T’ ;        
… it’s true that no “mount glyph” appears in this text but “foreign-land / desert” dóes – see pic ,
and oftentimes “the eastern desert” ÁABT also shows in the text  
(see ‘the real mt. Horeb’ page how the desert also was between the Nile and the Red Sea)   —
however the weirdest is the indeed unusual glyph itself , ending upon -TH “to connect to” ,
where THEK is listed in Budge’s dictionary as ‘thou’  :
making it “the place of the foreign desert (-where) to thou to connect to” 
and considered the enormous impact the event had on Ptolemy , why not call it like that … ?
         the text has (line 1) “the (ânkh-) life) , 
        [through?] the desert place of KH-T-T – [as?] the (ânkh-) life – [of?] the great god – Tem”

lines 27-1
… we did try — but this page would become a gigantic Mess ,
because so many glyphs are unreadable that to restore ány possible context is undoable  —
and though we are the same sorry as you that we fail to pull more out of this ,
please remember that in fact we already háve the most important core by now , right ?
interestingly , and see PDF (page 71 for the glyphs) ,
next line 27 mentions ‘660,000 … silvers – per year” which makes total Sense because now
ofcourse must follow the immense wealth that Adam promised him – and see part 1 ! 
closing : 
observations concerning the hieroglyph text :
— a few times the pronoun “me” shows ,
     making it very possible that Ptolemy himself wrote this — or dictated it ; and see above ;
— the syntax is incredibly Poor : very rudimentary , often illogical ,
     many instances of repeated ‘pet verbs’ that don’t match the subject ,
     as if the writer only had limited word knowledge ,
— verbs following upon eachother – this is impossible in the Spells – making the subject unclear ,
— frequently a term is inversed as according to the Greek way of reading , like ‘k-Gree’ 
     (showing already that the reading-direction was altering : see next theme) 


                                                covering up Egypt’s (spiritual-) treasures

            … in order for Adam’s new Western Culture – based on the Septuagint – to succeed ,
            the knowledge about the religion of ancient Egypt would have to become veiled 
            (even though she would continue in the new Western religion — but underground ) ;
            the two methods to accomplish this were
            a) the inversion of the reading-direction of hieroglyphs
            b) and the introduction of a fake ‘Egyptian cosmology’ 
however ,
apart from both of these , the “texts in the Egyptian tombs” needs a separate addressing   —        
at least twice God tells in prophets “how he will cause those tombs to be opened in the endtime ,
and how the sons (‘144’) will decipher the Pharaoh’s sayings – and therewith will understand the
context of what He said in prophets” :
… Adam ofcourse knéw this and was aware of this danger , and the question is “why did he not 
put ALL of his energy into letting his servants hunt and destroy all those tombs” … ?
a possible answer is “that he was not allowed to” — yet we also know that Adam cheats ;
therefore we cannot answer “the Egyptian tombs” matter but it does belong to this section
                                                  A)      reversing the reading of hieroglyphic lines

the buildup of individual glyphs
… like many of the words we use contain an etymology
(albeit rather one-dimensional) like ‘auto-mobile’ or ‘tele-scope’ ,
glyphs are entirely based upon the difference between eden and the matrix :
they are composites of either “eden or -matrix aspects” and their lineup
decides what is the colour of the expression     —
to right , NEFU , commonly as “wind” , but reading ,
“the (eden-) word U / [of] he (‘eden’) F / [for] (matrix-) existence N” ,
therefore having the ‘spiritual’ meaning of “breath , breath-air” ,

since the eden-word is comparable to ‘a light-particle’ , here perhaps as “a stream of particles” 
            … so the reading of this example is first the ‘determinative’ (the ‘billowing sail’) ,
            followed by the -U , then the -F and finally the -N , where the first letter following the 
            determinative is always ‘about eden’ and therefore always ‘negative fór eden’     
the reading of a line
… because of the above , any next word should (-be read) as “in front of the previous one” 
or the entire buildup of the composites carrying their meanings would turn into chaos ,
especially in the Spells that are explaining the difference between eden and the matrix !  
           you can check this in the shown line at the “Stele Text” section above  —
           the reading is ‘from left to right’ because the words “begin” with the determinative
           just as every néxt word does , and the whole line is strung together in this manner
           however – do be attent ,
           because the top of the Stele , the mirrored section , is written like this : >>>>  <<<<< ,
           so that you first must search the determinatives in order to find the reading-direction            

b) columns :
           … the top section of the Stele also contains vertical columns
           but perhaps this example from the Coffin Texts is more clear —
           a prominent determination-glyph here is “the X in a circle O”
           (as ‘city’ or ‘place’) called T’EPU , therefore the reading of 
           this column is upwards ; confirmed by the “Osiris” in top
           for the determinative ‘deity-glyph’ is belów the ‘throne+eye’ ;
                   moreover , in this column all glyphs face the right hand side
                   so that the start of every glyph is upward from the left side          
                   like the “eye-glyph” ÁR-T : 
                   first the stop-line (down-left) , then the -T next to it (to right)
                   and finally the ÁR , the eye itself , above both


a section from the Book of the Dead (1100 BC),
you see the determinatives ‘person’, ‘crocodile’ 
‘deity’ and ‘whip (so the word is a Verb)’ all at
the right hand side – and the reading is upwards

same with the Pyramid Text (2500 BC) ,
in spite of the numbering by Western 
archeologists the glyphs face the left and
their determinative to right : so , upwards 

             yet today’s “official” reading-direction follows Ptolemy : on purpose … ?
… after the examples above please see the remarks of Naville concerning the Stele :
at page 32 of the PDF he writes “the tablet reads from right to left” , placing every determinative
consistently at the end of every word , after which he gives a translation of the hieroglyphic text , 
starting with line 1 and ending with line 28    —   
but you saw in the Stele that the ‘new’ line-up by Ptolemy became the Greek writing from left to right ,
and the many syntax mistakes in the Tablet show that this type line-up indeed had just started
… in contrast , the scholars who translated the older Book of the Dead and the Pyramid Texts have 
read it from left to right (-as also having the determinative at the end) and then worked downwards :
has this been a genuine Mistake caused by ignorance — or did it have a more nefarious reason ?
          considered the entire context ,
          the start of Egyptology , as Naville in the mid-1800s , surely contained an element of ignorance
          but rather quickly “the Universities” claimed the field of Egyptology , and the later generations of
          scholars – especially those of todáy – deliver ‘translations’ through grants OF those universities ,
          which on their turn depend upon the funds Esau will or will not impart to them
… hence , when we discovered this ‘wrong reading theme’ some 7-8 years ago , sending examples of
solid context by reading the other way around to scholars and universities , we got no response ,
and only after we started to translate the Scroll in that context , we understood why they did not
(the article on the home page describes that journey – although only written in Dutch)

                                      B)    inventing a fake version of ‘the religion of ancient Egypt’ 

… in prophets , when God addresses the house Ishral 
as the potential 144 , he uses many examples about ‘Egypt’ ,
giving them a strong hint “to go read them hieroglyphs”  –
but they did not understand what He said ;
a few hundred years later the reading-direction of the glyphs
had been successfully obfuscated , and now came part II of 
Adam’s plan : to replace any interest in them through ‘fables’

… the Greek historian Diodorus Siculus proved a useful tool (see below) but especially Manetho :
as an Egyptian priest he was the contemporary (!) of Ptolemy II in the early third century BC ,
having written a number of works which got lost but were quoted by (later-) historians ;
Manetho’s job was to invent and push the concept of Synchronism — as base of the New West :
until his own days , all the different kingdoms , empires and cultures had been rather well-defined
and existed within their own boundaries , but Manetho presented a ‘model of one Origin’ through 
describing and commenting upon different peoples and nations — while adding this ‘one origin’ 
by presenting a fake Egyptian cosmology
– other adepts like Heceatus of Abdera , also living during that time , pushed this same concept of 
Synchronism but then especially focused upon the religion and culture of the Judahites  —
this Heceatus will return in part III about the Septuagint
the mentioned Diodorus — who however was more a clerk penning down all he had read – quoted
much of previous historians , inclusive Manetho , in his ‘Library of History’ ,
where in part I (1-29) called “Egypt : the origin of the world and of civilized life” ,  
— he talks about “mankind as a whole” which should be guided by enlightened men ,
— ofcourse by “the noble ones” that “understand philosophy” ,
— who must “understand the first history when human still dwelt with the gods” (-but ‘on this earth’) ,
— because “when the Egyptians came into existence , they saw the sun and the moon
      which they called Osiris and Isis” ,
      and “from these sprang the 5 elements aether , air , fire , water and earth” ,
— then he tries to synchronize (!) the entire Egyptian pantheon with the Greek one ,
— copying (Diod.I.44) the supposed ‘primeval time’ of 18,000 years of god-kings that ruled before
      the era of regular kings started – as a concept he took from Manetho ;
if you are interested in more ,
but , as far our theme is concerned , it is all deliberate hogwash and has nothing to do with the Spells 

general overview : Adam
makes a pact with Ptolemy II
introducing ‘the king of the north’
as Western consciousness
based on the corrupt Septuagint
as shown at Ptolemy’s crowning

general overview : Adam
makes a pact with Ptolemy II

introducing ‘the king of the north’
as Western consciousness based
upon his to-be corrupt Septuagint

as shown at Ptolemy’s crowning
[THEMES ; 2023-03mar.5-10]

because of the nature of this theme
this page will contain more text as usual
however , the theme is most interesting — therefore please enjoy !

Ptolemy II : ruled 284-246 BC

                                          Adam – as Dionysus – on earth : through Ptolemy II
            … after God , through his prophets , had called him out , Adam had to act — and did ;
            starting with Alexander the Great he revealed himself one ruler later : a rather solid
            case can be made that not only  Alexander was guided by a Celestial Guardian ,
            but that this Being identified himself  to Ptolemy II , factually making a pact with him ,
            having introduced the blueprint for the Western society for the next 2000 years as
            a ‘consciousness by the corrupt scroll’ intending to destroy Jacob (‘believers’)
            we tried to get a grip on the event “the origins of the Greek Septuagint” which must
            have started during the reign of Ptolemy II but the only available document showed
            to be written by her own corruptors as a smart twisting around of the réal turn of events ,
            and therefore we worked the other way around :  
            the crowning of Ptolemy II was one gigantic Occult Ritual , full of clues foretelling the 
            installation of the Modern West AND the plan for corrupting the Scroll , so that by our
           rightly interpreting the manyfold symbolism we can see that Adam tried to undo Daniel 11 !
contents of this page ,
part I :
intro : 
          Alexander the Great and Ptolemy I paving the way [-for Adam]
            because the evil spiritual seat has to move from ancient-Egypt (not ‘Babylon’ !)
            to the region of Europe to become “the king of the North” [=the West] 
intro :
             the Celestial Guardian and Ptolemy II
            facts about , and titles of Ptolemy II — showing that he was the chosen vessel 
             Adam and the Ammon sons = Ptolemy II and the Esaus + the to-be corrupted scroll
            according to the Scroll the pattern is “Adam and his co-workers the Ammon sons”
            and this same pattern should be valid upon earth      
part 1)
             hypothesis : Adam’s pact with Ptolemy — ‘at a mock mt. Horeb’ 
             reasons why Adam can have used a ‘mock mt. Horeb’ ,
             related to the Exodus ‘birth right’ theme — since his fall was announced at Horeb
              and his entire operation was intended to try undo that foreshadowing                    (or click here)
part 2)
             the abundant symbolism at the crowning of Ptolemy    [extensive !] 
shown themes :
– the god Dionysus                                              (representing Adam)                                                       (or click here)
– a New Dawn on earth
– his servants Esau
– the New Religion                       
– the two mock-Witnesses                               (sic)
– therefore ‘peace’ on earth
– through the corrupted scroll                        (through the drama-poet Philiscusus the Dionysus-follower)
– the “king of the North” himself
– Mystery-Babylon                                                (sic)
– torturing our Originals
– Adam making bodies for them spirits
– Eden                                                                              (as the section “the history of Adam”)
– Adam becomes ‘enlightened’
– Adam working for the Matrix
– the matrix-gate                                                        (in the scroll called ‘Damascus’ — where Adam resides)
– false Eden : the Field of Reeds
– the phallic type human male                            (as the section “back to this earth”)
– ruling ‘the 7 churches’ era                                  (sic)
– the City-State as world rule
– until the day of the end
– the New Earth                                                             (as the section “the matrix has won”)
– the demonic realm rules New Earth
– closing
… we listed the topics for you here to show what incredible type Ritual this has been ,
and because it was so extensive it automatically means that it will be a lot of reading for you  —
yet hoping that you will enjoy , we’re sure that you will still find aspects we forgot to list …
text taken from : http://www.attalus.org/old/athenaeus5a.html#196

part II :
                                   (origins of-) the Septuagint 
intro :
             the so-called ‘letter of Aristeas’ 
             impression of the text and buildup 

[started 5 march
part I done 10 march] 
see also : Daniel 11 page

                                 Alexander the Great and Ptolemy I paving the way

… the real spiritual seat of the enemy of old-Ishral was not so much Babylon but ancient Egypt ;
it is true that the Pharaoh lost the birth-right attribute during the Exodus , but that was an event
as ‘foreshadowing’ and therefore the loss could be  Undone in real-time : this is the main reason
why Adam covered up Egypt as spiritual seat (by hiding the contents of the Spells) and moved 
the HQ to Greece — and a bit later to the related Rome — as the seat through the corrupted scroll 

the first vessel he used was Alexander the Great  —
it is said that before Alexander started his unusual
successful campaign an angel-like figure dressed
in a white robe had appeared to him in a vision ,
though he must have been unaware of its nature ;
when Alexander’s campaign brought him to Judea 
he saw the Temple’s high-priest dressed similarly ,
and his negative attitude towards the Judahites
changed when the priest told him about the great
king of Greece written about in the book Daniel ; 
after which Alexander went to the Libyan desert to
let himself be anointed as the son of Amen-Ra

… so though Alexander was not fully aware of the nature of his celestial guardian ,
the latter continued its project by selecting the next ‘best instrument’ in the form of of one of 
Alexander’s four generals – Ptolemy I , to whom the region of ancient Egypt was assigned ;
this Ptolemy seized the cart with the coffin of Alexander which was on its way to Macedonia 
and placed the coffin in Alexandria , Egypt , creating a serious Alexander Cult around it
… the final twenty years of his life – from 304 until 282 BC – Ptolemy ruled Egypt as the first
Greek real Pharaoh , where the aforesaid celestial guardian does not appear to have used
Ptolemy I himself as such , but instead organized the proper situation for his successor    —
notably by the start of “a Jewish community in the city Alexandria” (the ‘Jewish’ here refers
to Samaritans and ‘apostate Judahites’) through whom a few decades later the Septuagint
would come into being under Ptolemy II — but this will be the theme of part II

                                       the Celestial Guardian and Ptolemy II

… after the above it is defendable  that some ‘celestial being’
was involved as laying out the groundwork for a certain string
of events , but certain aspects in the life of Ptolemy II as well
as himself  make a strong case that Ptolemy was awáre of the
nature of his Guardian   —
and though this latter will fully show in the Great Spectacle ,
the interpretation óf that Spectacle has its ground in historical
facts written down by (later-) contemporaries , suggesting
already that Ptolemy was a perfect vessel for his Guardian : 

— Ptolemy II was rich ,
     and not “just rich” but unbelievable rich : the historian who described Ptolemy’s crowning 
     event in midwinter around the year 285 BC was flabbergasted by the endless parade of 
     articles of pure gold , yet he lacked an explanation for the origin of those riches    —
     having estimated that the entire event had costed 2239 talents of gold
     (where one talent todáy is the equivalent of $1,991,555 – per January of this year) 
— as described by Diodorus Siculus ,
     then “the king Ptolemy took the name ‘the new Dionysus” (I,44)
     and below we will see why Adam chose this Greek deity ‘Dionysus’ as his represent
— considered that aspect ,
     Ptolemy started by decree the theme “the Saviour God” as epithet , and though
     outwardly this was attributed to his father Ptolemy I the real reason  was the ‘father-son’
     relation in which Ptolemy II was the ‘son’ and the celestial Guardian ‘the father’ 
     (see section below for more concerning this)
— Ptolemy married his own sister ,
     and though in ancient Egypt this was not uncommon , to the Greeks it wás ;
     yet he seemed to rather proud on that , calling himself Ptolemy Philadelphus
     roughly translated as ‘sibling-lover’ ; see below as to where this aspect can link to  
— Ptolemy not only exulted in politics
     but also in astronomy , economics , poetry and philosophy , where under his rule 
     started the great Library of Alexandria (see ‘the corrupted scroll’ theme in part II) 
Adam and the Ammon sons , Ptolemy II and the Esaus — and the to-be corrupted scroll
… before describing the Ritual ,
please remember that some Pattern was going on : God explained how Adam would counsel 
the sons of Ammon to technically go corrupt the Scroll , in the sense that “the sons of Esau”
(who are the sons of Ammon upon earth) would ;
therefore Ptolemy II represented Adam , while the Esau group that started to dwell in Alexandria
were these “sons of Esau” that would fabricate the Greek Septuagint as the base for all the
corrupt versions of the Scroll for the next 2000 years      —
although no preserved historical documents exist proving  that Ptolemy ordered the Septuagint
project (the one document that dóes is a complicated theme – please see part II) , we can read
in the Crowning Ritual what Ptolemy’s – Adam’s – intentions were concerning this aspect :   
          hypothesis : Adam’s pact with Ptolemy — ‘at a mock mt. Horeb’

… it is not unthinkable that Adam also liked the name ‘Ptolemy’ as “battle , warrior” ,
since Adam himsélf was on a war campaign to try Undo the prophecies in the Scroll ; 
at a certain point in Time the celestial Guardian would have  to tell his human candidate
what was going on and what was expected from him personally — in a similar way how God
proceeded with Abraham ; and for a valid pact this person would have to agree wilfully ;
and thát Adam told very much is reflected in the separate themes showing in the Ritual 
… considered that God’s blessing – as foreshadowing – concerning the birth-right had taken 
place at mt. Horeb , and that the fulfillment of that blessing  in Real-time would happen at
mt. tsiun of which Horeb was but the represent upon earth ,
and because ‘the birth-right’ once lost by  Egypt had to return to  Egypt (and subsequently
be hidden in another HQ) , ánd because Adam notoriously desires to be like God  , 
it is not impossible that Adam made a pact with this human at “a” mount near Egypt …    

Mount Gharib
… while doing the Exodus series this Gharib (see graph)
was a second candidate for being ‘mount Horeb’  
since she is also in the south ánd in the eastern Desert 
as the requirements conform the Exodus text   — 
but then “the sea crossing” had to turn into a problematic
‘Nile crossing’ while her distance “at seven days of Suez” 
was neither maintainable ;
mount gharib on map
… however , for some reason this Gharib
refused to leave the mind , also because
a researcher had found an inscription at
her base which explorers during the 50’s
apparently had missed seeing  —
referring to Ptolemy II and perhaps written
by himsélf upon having visited this mount ,                            
and though rather worn out the text is still
discernible , writing KING 

                                      SON (of) PTOLEMAIOU

mount gharib ptolemy inscription

… thé question is ofcourse “who would chisel a message like that”    —
it does not appear as vandalism and the place – in the top of a large boulder – is not
easy to reach without some support construct , so that a random hoax seems improbable ;
while it may have been chiseled by anóther of the Ptolemy lineage
however , the above mentioned ‘Guardian and Mount’ themes seem compelling ,
and it is not unthinkable that a man would make a memorial at a place where just ago had
experienced a major spiritual event … no ?
add to this the curiosity of it being a mount of red granite – where the root of the name Adam
is linked to ‘ruddish’ , and the possibility of “his own mountain” is not so far-fetched anymore ;
we will see how Adam chose the Greek deity Dionysus to represent himself by , where this
deity typically had “his own mountain” called Dikti ;
while this mount Gharib in otherworldly-sense represents “the matrix-mountain” which is 
superimposed over mt tsiun and carrying the matrix-gate — where Adam is ! — in its top ,
and even the location of Gharib is opposite to Thebes that represents the matrix-gate  …   
then the curious text :
… the line “King Ptolemy son (of) Ptolemy” does not necessarily  refer to his father Ptolemy I  
nor even to himsélf for that matter : he called himself “(Claudius-) Ptolemy Philadelphus” 
as his official title and the ‘king’ would be a bit superfluous , right ;
instead , after his experience , he may have denoted something else here :
as a hidden way of saying that “he became a son of the warrior” – namely ‘of Adam’ !
IF our assumption is true , Ptolemy would have used veiled language to conceal having
any direct connection with the Guardian he encountered , just like he would use a hidden 
language in the form of the many types of symbolism in his coming crowning Ritual     —
but the meaning WOULD show to anyone knowing where to look for ! 
the ‘father + son’ theme and the unusual title ‘Saviour’ (in Greek : Soter)
… this very unusual epithet
had been sparsely applied to the Macedon kings Demetrius I and Antigones I in the wake
of Alexander , but it was our Ptolemy II who pushed this title in 280 BC by decreeing it to
become the epithet of his father Ptolemy I , and one cannot help thinking that also in this
case he used veiled language to ascribe ‘the Saviour’ to his réal father : Adam ;
experts will tell you that a title as “saviour” was also common by the Pharaohs 
but that is simply not true : there is NO term as “to save” in hieroglyphs because every Spell
is written in the alpha-male style of “defeating and conquering Eden” : “soft terms” simply
do not exist because even in the field of sexuality everyone ‘greedily tákes’ from the other ,
so that any ‘saviour’ title has Greek origins ;
that Ptolemy had someone else in mind also shows in the later Canobic Inscription
where he himself writes :
“[to] the Saviour God, Claudius Ptolemy [dedicates] the first principles and models of astronomy” 

             the abundant symbolism at the crowning of Ptolemy

… an important deity with a rather vague epithet  —
scholars don’t know the origin of his name , but to us              
it seems logical that the second part would be from 
(-nous) ‘mind’ after the proto-Hellenic (-dios) ‘divine’ 
[=which turned into (-Zeus) for the Greeks] , 
where the first -s was simply dropped over Time ;
so that “consciousness” seems very appropriate 
especially concerning the ‘king of the North’ theme ;
he was said to be the god of grape-harvest (sic) , wine
making , of orchards and fruit , and also of fertility , but
especially of insanity and ritual madness , and of theatre ;
the crowning of ptolemycompare the Tutankhamen mural
where he is a leopard trampling us

… the latter – prophecy , ritual madness and theatre – are important because his festivals
included the performance of sacred dramas enacting his myths , and this aspect will be used
for the corruption of the Scroll , literally “inventing dramas” from her original text ;
therefore it is no coincidence that Adam chose this deity to present himself by 
and why the Great Procession contained many themes concerning Dionysos ;
while a returning notion about this deity is “liberty” and per our context “liberty from God” 
in the sense of “being free from” , suiting Adam and as the state he needed us to be in

… the thyrsus or sceptre he holds is interesting for us                
because of the birth-sceptre as thé attribute of Adam
(well – not anymore) per the “fertility theme” of Dionysus ;
perhaps in our situation
the birth-sceptre theme should prevail over the probable
original intent where the tip of the staff bore a pine-cone
which is often seen as representing ‘the pineal gland’ in 
the brain linking to realms of (evil type-) consciousness
the crowning of ptolemy

(and unsurprisingly , the Vatican that is serving Adam also has a giant pine-cone in her garden) ,
which indeed would match the epithets ascribed to Dionysus as mentioned above ;
                                                                             the Grand Procession itself

…only few artworks have been preserved showing the           
absolute grandeur of the Great Spectacle , see to right ;     
but from written accounts like the one of Athanaeus we
can see how a great symbolism in the individual carts 
and groups was carefully arranged to serve a theme ;
we’ve cut up his descriptions in sections where each
section will be followed by remarks    —
(a New Dawn on earth)
“first of all went the procession of the Morning Star. 
For it began at the time when that star first appears. 
After that came the procession which bore the name
sarcophagus - triumph of Dionysus             sarcophagus – ‘triumph of Dionysus’

of the parents of the kings. And next came the processions sacred to all the gods respectively, 
each having an arrangement appropriate to the history of each separate deity. Last of all came 
the procession of Hesperus, as the hour of that one starting coincided with that time.”

— Venus :
… we don’t know if the procession indeed lasted until Hesperus , Venus as evening star ,
but the symbolism is “a new Dawn” as the era of the king of the North the next 2000 years ;
(his servants Esau)
“in the Dionysiac procession first of all there went the Sileni who keep off the multitude, some clad 
in purple cloaks, and some in scarlet ones. And these were followed by Satyrs, twenty in each 
division of the stadium, bearing gilded lamps made of ivy-wood. And after them came images of
Victory, having golden wings, and they bore in their hands incense-burners six cubits in height, 
adorned with branches made of ivy-wood and gold, clad in tunics embroidered with figures of 
animals, and they themselves also had a great deal of golden ornament about them.”

— the Sileni
… these were folkloric beings as “the drunken companions OF Dionysus” 
and when drunk they were said to possess special knowledge and the power of prophecy ;
because of these aspects ‘drunk’ must be understood as ‘an altered consciousness’ per
Dionysus , just like the Scroll describes in several instances ‘drunk’ as “the not sane faith” ; 
that these Sileni wore “scarlet and purple cloaks may refer to them being Esau-Edom (‘red’) 
also “because they kept the multitude in check” , read : to rule by spréading drunkenness ,
— the Satyrs
… this type beings were ALSO followers of Dionysus    —
the Satyrs here “carried lamps” so these beings were ‘enlightened’ : however they represented
the sáme Esau-theme as before , but now both their enlightedness combined with their slightly
demonic appearance denoted that in reality these were “the sons of Ammon” dwelling in the
other Reality (-in the field of Reeds at Mystery-Babylon) ,
— Victory
… this must be about “the victory Adam wants to achieve through that drunkenness” :
the mentioned ‘incense’ refers in the Scroll to “prayers” but these are poisoned already ,
also shown by the ‘ivy-wood’ which represents the sorcery wand , while the ‘gold’ may stand
for “superficial” – and this latter perhaps related to ‘the animals’ (animalistic) ;
(the New Religion)   
“And after them there followed an altar of six cubits in height, a double altar, covered all over with 
ivy-leaves gilded, having a crown of vine-leaves on it all gold, enveloped in bandages with white 
centres. And that was followed by boys in purple tunics, bearing frankincense, and myrrh, 
and saffron, on golden dishes. And after them came forty Satyrs , crowned with ivy garlands made 
of gold. And they were painted as to their bodies, some with purple, some with vermilion, and some 
with other colours. And these wore each a golden crown made to imitate vine-leaves and ivy-leaves.”

— the double altar
… continued from previous but here likely as ‘the New Religion by the corrupted Scroll’  
since it is a ‘double altar’ covered with the same sorcery ; 
this would make “the boys in purple (sic) tunics” the Roman Catholic Church , here perhaps
offering TO Adam considered the frankincense and myrrh ; where the final group of Satyrs
may represent “the chosen leaders of the RCC” or perhaps even “through Time” when ’40’
would represent ‘Jubilees’ – as 2000 years , because see next , 
(…until the 2 mock-Witnesses)
“And after them came two Sileni in purple cloaks and white fringes to them. And one of them had 
a petasus and a golden caduceus, and the other had a trumpet. And between them went a man 
of gigantic size, four cubits high, in a tragical dress and ornaments, bearing the golden horn of
Amaltheia. And his name was The Year.”

now ,
— the two mock-Witnesses                                             [or : ‘not-succeeded-Witnesses’]
… this is a tricky but important one ,
– the “trumpet” means “the message” just like the Scroll connects her with the 144
    (and is the reason that the restored scroll started at ‘trumpets’ , the seventh feast) ,
– that one wears a ‘petasus’ which was the Greek “hat for the common people” may link
    to the line “and the Scroll will be given to those who are NOT learned” – you and we ,
    but “as ones belonging to a religion” because of the purple cloaks ,
– the “caduceus” is more tricky ,
    perhaps denoting “the modern type awareness of physicality as in our days” ? ,
    the man called ‘the Year’ 
– as obviously ‘a timeframe’ , and it’s hard to nót think of “the acceptable year” theme 
    and / or “the feast of Trumpets” as mentioned above , especially because ‘he was huge’
    implying “importance” ; his ‘tragical dress’ (-of poets) means “the corrupted Scroll” (!) , 
    see the Dionysus section above and a similar theme next ; he holds “the horn of plenty” 
     which can refer to “the candidates for the Witnesses will not need anything” , read , 
     therefore will NOT search the meaning of the Scroll ;
     or perhaps “plenty of myths” but still linked to the same corrupt Scroll theme ;     
(therefore : ‘peace’ on earth)
“And he was followed by a woman of great beauty and of more than ordinary size, adorned with 
quantities of gold and a superb dress; bearing in one of her hands a garland of peach blossoms, 
and in her other hand a branch of the palm-tree. And she was called Penteteris. And she was 
succeeded by the Four Seasons dressed in character, and each of them bearing its appropriate fruits.”

— the Woman
… perhaps representing ‘Gaia’ which is “the spirit-being as this earth” — she is also mentioned
in the Scroll as being judged “when she will have brought forth 7 (-billion humans)” —
for her name ‘Penteteris’ may refer to “the priestess of Athena Polias” [=’of the city’] where 
‘city’ is also an epithet of ‘this earth’ ; she holds a palm-tree branch meaning ‘peace’ after
the two witnesses will not have succeeded ;
the apricots (?) may represent “the golden apples of Hesperidis” as the Greek myth where 
this land was located ‘in the west’ , as a reference to “this earth” ; while the ‘four seasons’ 
after that may be just a confirmation of she being earth ,   
(…through the corrupt scroll)
“Next to them came two incense-burners made of ivy-wood, covered with gold, and six cubits 
in height, and a large square golden altar in the middle of them. And then again Satyrs, having 
garlands of ivy-leaves made of gold, and clad in purple robes. And some of them bore golden 
wine-jars, and others bore goblets.  After them marched Philiscus the poet, being a priest of 
Dionysus, and with him all the artisans who were concerned in the service of Dionysus.”

— Philiscus
… perhaps this one lagged a bit and had to be earlier in the procession   —
the (double-) incense and altar is the same symbology as previous ,   
not only also hé was ‘a priest of Dionysus‘ but ‘he wrote (42-) dramas’ (!) and therefore
this figure himself represents the act of corrupting the scroll — as changed into that which 
apostle Paul calls “the myths and fables of the Jews” ; but it’s probably irretrievable what he
said because those sections were fanatically corrupted
(interestingly the root of Philiscus (-philos) “friend” may have been the original root of ‘Paul’
instead of the Latin , but his re-naming by Christ may link to this theme …) ; 
being called “the tragic Poet” “all his other artisans followed him in the procession”     —
a clear reference to all the Esaus in Alexandria that would fabricate the Septuagint’ !
                              next : the procession of Dionysus (‘of Adam himself’)
(… as ‘the king of the North’)
“After them was a four-wheeled wagon fourteen cubits long, and eight cubits wide; and it was 
drawn by a hundred and eighty men; and in it was placed an image of Dionysus ten cubits high, 
pouring libations of wine out of a golden goblet, having on a purple tunic reaching down to the feet; 
and he was clad in a purple garment embroidered with gold; and in front of him there lay a golden
Lacedaemonian goblet, holding fifteen measures of wine, and a golden tripod, in which was a golden 
incense-burner, and two golden bowls, full of cassia and saffron; and a shade covered it round 
adorned with ivy-leaves and vine-leaves, and all sorts of other green leaves; and to it were fastened 
chaplets, and fillets, and thyrsi, and drums, and turbans, and satyric and comic and tragic masks.
And the wagon was followed by priests and priestesses, and newly initiated votaries, and by 
companies of every nation, and by people bearing the mystic fan. And after this came the
Macedonian bacchants, called Mimallones, and Bassarae, and Lydian women, with dishevelled hair, 
and wearing garlands, some of snakes, and others of branches of yew and of vine-leaves and ivy-
leaves, and some held daggers in their hands, and others held snakes.” 

— entering : (the-) Dionysus (-consciousness)
the Ritual :
— the Lacadaemonian goblet
… that is tricky but probably referring to “a type constitutional Society” (démos = people)
conform a type treatise drafted by Xenophon a hundred years earlier for Sparta ;
that the goblet also held wine must refer to the same mentioned ‘altered consciousness’ ,
and combined with “two golden bowls of saffron” it can represent ‘Dualistic consciousness’ ;
so that ‘Adam introduced the modern West here’ : 
very interesting is what he adds : “to it were fastened chaplets and fillets , and ivy wands 
(referring to the magical wands used in Egypt , as clinging magic !) , drums (hypnotism !) ,
turbans , and also “actor’s masks” (sic !) ;
we saw in Daniel 11 how the king of the West rules the people by deceit to form his NWO 
(playing upon the people using the “good cop bad cop scheme” as the same type Dualism) ; 
(as earth ruled by Mystery-Babylon)
“And after them another four-wheeled wagon was drawn, of the width of eight cubits, and it
was drawn by sixty men; and in it was a statue of Nysa, of eight cubits high, in a sitting posture,
clothed in a box-coloured tunic embroidered with gold, and it was also clad in a Laconian cloak;
and this statue rose up by mechanism, without any one applying his hand to it; and it poured
libations of milk out of a golden bottle, and then it sat down again; and in its left band it bore
a thyrsus wrapped round with turbans, and it was crowned with a garland of ivy-leaves, made
of gold, and with gorgeous bunches of grapes inlaid with precious stones; and it had a parasol
over it; and on the corners of the wagon were fastened four golden lamps.”

— Nysa
… a personified ‘mountain of Dionysus’ likely representing Mystery-Babylon here
since according to Greek mythology this mountain “was in India” but as “in the dimensional
far east” ; combined with the tunic the ‘golden bottle (cup)’ is an interesting attribute
and “libating milk” cóuld refer to her “providing the spirit-nations with physicality” —
the Spells do refer to milk and the [pre-Hindu-] Rg-Veda to “clarified butter” (to be eaten
by a ladle ?) , but we haven’t succeeded yet to distill a precise meaning of these ;
the “sitting and standing” must be per the line in the scroll “I sit like a queen” ;
(… torturing our Originals)
“And next to that another four-wheeled wagon was drawn along, twenty cubits in length and sixteen 
in width, mad it was drawn by three hundred men. And on it there was a wine-press twenty-four cubits
in length and fifteen in breadth, full of grapes; and sixty Satyrs were trampling on the grapes, singing 
a song in praise of the wine-press, to the music of a flute. And Silenus presided over them; and the 
new wine ran out over the whole road. Next to that was drawn along a wagon, twenty-five cubits long 
and fourteen broad; and that was drawn by six hundred men. And on this wagon was a sack holding 
three thousand measures of wine, consisting of leopards’ skins, sewn together. And this too allowing 
its liquor to escape, gradually flowed over the whole road. And it was followed by Satyrs and Sileni,
to the number of a hundred and twenty, all wearing garlands”

— treading grapes
… after Mystery Babylon the whore now the theme must be ‘torturing our Originals’ 
and because the scroll says “that it were the nátions (-of spirits) who tortured them” after  
Adam betrayed them , the text above appears to fit ; moreover , the few instances where the 
Scroll speaks about “treading grapes” it must refer to this same practice  —
but we’ve to proceed carefully and again (!) look at the context there ;

however — 
in the spells is a deity SHESMU called “the winepress god”
as the executioner of Osiris where this may be the same theme ;
that here ‘the Satyrs tread it’ must refer to ‘the nations (-of spirits)’
but “Selenus presiding over  them” must refer to ‘the Ammon sons’ :
– indeed in the Rg-Veda the Kava-priest , a description of Ammon ,
leads the sacrificial event (monsters that they are) ;
the mentioned “leopard skins” represent “physical mixture” so the theme could be right ;
   ‘winepress in vineyard’ glyph

(Adam making bodies for them spirits)
[next 29 and 30 : tricky 
and very long ; excerpts :] “(and the great silver vessel-) had figures of animals engraved.” 
“and these (-two other vessels) had figures standing out in relief above, and also on their round 
 parts all round. And on their feet they had chased figures of animals two cubits and a half long 
 and a cubit high, in great numbers.”
“and two silver wine-presses, on which were twenty-four urns.” 
“and these had figures of animals in richly chased work of great beauty, in a sitting posture, 
 and on their necks and on their bellies were other reliefs curiously wrought”
“and two jars, each holding five measures, and two flagons, each holding two measures”
“After this had been carried by, there walked sixteen hundred boys clad in white tunics, 
 and crowned some with ivy”

— the ‘molten images’ [=bodies] Adam makes for them (?)
… if the previous one was about “the treading of grapes” then this should follow  —
– the “vases and articles of gold” could refer to the ‘molten image theme’ 

    (where especially “gold” is physicality from our Originals) ,
– the “animals” are ‘demon-souls’ in the scroll are
    described there as “the rats and the moles” ,
    and curiously also in the Spells these show “in sitting
    position when re-created”, often upon some type chair
    or upon a ‘weaving-pole’ (probably the same concept) ;
– the “urns” could refer to “the residue OF the Originals”
    by which those bodies are made (also the scroll uses
    that term as “made from their residue”) ,
– while the mentioning of “different measures” looks very
    much to how the scroll mentions “different measures of 
    oil and wine” referring to the concept of mixed physicality ,
   Amduat 2nd hour : several type
animals made into a humanoid ;
the knife is the phallus (and see
the Priapus theme in next section)

– then perhaps the many boys at the end are ‘the end-result’ of Adam’s work ;
                                                             next : Adam’s history
“After these things he enumerates tables four cubits high, on which were many things worth 
looking at, which were all carried round for the spectators to see, being beautifully wrought. 
And among them was a representation of the bed-chamber of Semele, in which were seen 
statues clad in golden tunics, inlaid with precious stones of the greatest value.”

— ‘Semele’ is Eden  
… this goddess Semele , likely meaning “(mother-) earth” is the mother of Dionysus ,  
but may be more specified as “the eden-mother” bringing forth our Originals
(inclusive Adam , in the former time) 
because of “the golden figures” standing there ; assumably these represent ‘our Originals’ 
but possibly it can be the group of demon-souls who stóle Original bodies before the Deluge
(as a small group of invincible warriors called Maruts in the Rg-Veda) ;
(Adam becomes ‘enlightened’)
“And it would not be right to pass over this four-wheeled wagon, of the length of twenty-two 
cubits and of the breadth of fourteen, drawn by five hundred men. And on it was a cave 
exceedingly deep, overgrown with ivy and yew, and out of it flew doves, and pigeons, 
and turtle-doves all along the road as the wagon proceeded, having their feet tied with slight 
threads, so as to be easily caught by the spectators. And out of the cave there also rose two 
fountains, one of milk and one of wine, and around it all the nymphs had garlands of gold, 
and Hermes had a golden herald’s wand, and very superb raiment.”

Hermes = Thoth
… the fallen archangel in the scroll represented by ‘the king of [Mystery-] Babylon’
in the apocryphal “book of Adam and Eve” , after they are expulsed , they both dwell 
in a cave below the top of the mountain (-tsiun) where Adam repeatedly tries to kill himself
out of sorrow for what happened ; we can’t know if the book is a hoax but ‘cave’ makes
sense here , and combined with “Thoth showing up” (compare the snake in the garden)
the turtle-doves and pigeons flying away may refer to Adam ‘losing innocence’ where he
is teached the matrix-type dualistic thinking – the wine and milk – by Thoth
as the one “with whom he made a pact” , so says the scroll ; 
(Adam going to the Matrix)
“And on another four-wheeled wagon, on which the return of Dionysus from the Indians was 
represented, there was a figure of Dionysus twelve cubits high, riding upon an elephant, clad in a 
purple robe, and having on a crown of vine-leaves and ivy-leaves of gold, and bearing in his hands 
a spear like a thyrsus, made also of gold; and he wore sandals embroidered with golden figures.”

the ritual ,
— the ‘return from India’ : Adam leaving
… logically this theme must now follow — this “return from India” is a major Greek poem ,
where Zeus orders Dionysus ‘to travel to India’ , whose inhabitants refuse to worship him ,
for they prefer their ancestral gods of fire and water and refuse to drink Dionysus’ wine
which is the “care-forgetting vintage” ; then Dionysus gathers a large army , marching to
India while on the way he collects a number of lovers — and though India’s ruler fights 
several battles with Dionysus , the ruler finally gives in to his power ;
we saw earlier that ‘India’ represents “the dimensional East” – as the matrix region ,
and he INDEED marched to there , while the “lovers” should be “the corrupt type souls” 
as the sons of Ammon ;
— the ‘did not like him’
… interesting is the “the inhabitants do not like him” : this is also said by the demon in the 
pre-Hindu Rg-Veda as “and I looked at Yama (Adam) with suspicion because he is strange ,
however he is creating everything we need , therefore praise him with flute and song” ;

— the elephant
… Spells have a construct called AB ‘elephant’ 
which is also “a region” , while the later Veda’s            
show elephants carrying their paradise where
the elephants “stand upon the south land (read :
mt Tsiun) shown as ‘a turtle’ ; that Dionysus rides
the elephant means “he invented this construct”,
being the same as “the spear” — the world tree ,
as standing upon the Eden region ;

(the matrix-gate)
“And there sat before him, on the neck of the elephant, a Satyr five cubits in height, crowned 
with a chaplet of golden pine-leaves, and holding in his right hand a goat’s horn made of gold, 
with which he appeared to be blowing signals. And the elephant had golden trappings; and on 
his neck he had a crown of ivy-leaves made of gold; and he was followed by five hundred 
maidens dressed in purple tunics, with golden girdles; and those who went first, to the number 
of a hundred and twenty, wore crowns of pine-leaves made of gold; and they were succeeded 
by a hundred and twenty Satyrs clad in complete armour, some of silver and some of brass. 
And after them there marched five troops of asses, on which rode Sileni and Satyrs, all wearing 
crowns. And of the asses some had gold and some silver frontlets and harnesses.”

— the gate and other constructs
… the satyr upon the neck of the elephant represents “their copied eden-gate” where Adam is ;
that he holds “a trumpet” is the nature of that gate : “(evil-) speech” since it hollers to eden
south of it , as “the lion-mouth” glyph -R , ‘speech’ commanding to give her aspects to them ;
— the “maidens”  
… in the spells maidens represent new or copied eden-concepts and the book Amduat is full
of these maidens , sometimes paired with a same number of ‘gods’ (compare here ‘120 + 120’)  
but no further information is given about these ; we dó know that this is about “constructs” since
the “silver” and “brass” are dimensional essences to create a surroundment with  ;
the “asses” here is a bit nasty , representing “dimensional axis” termed “phalluses” in the Spells
which are like “inserted into eden to suck out essences” ;   
(their paradise ‘the Field of Reeds’)
[32 : long ; excerpts :] “And after them came twenty-four chariots drawn by four elephants each, and sixty chariots 
each drawn by a pair of goats, and twelve chariots by antelopes, and seven by oryxes, and 
fifteen by buffaloes, eight by pairs of ostriches, and seven by gnus, and four by pairs of zebras, 
and four chariots also drawn each by four zebras. And on all these animals rode boys wearing 
the garments of charioteers, and the broad hats called petasi; and besides them were little girls, 
armed with small shields, and thyrsi-spears, and they also were dressed in golden-broidered 
garments; and the boys who were acting as charioteers were crowned with pine-leaf chaplets, 
and the girls with ivy-leaves. And besides this there were three pairs of camels, on either side 
three, and they were followed by carts drawn by mules; and these had on them barbaric
palanquins on which sat women from India and other countries, dressed as prisoners. 
And of the camels, some bore three hundred minae weight of frankincense, and three hundred 
of myrrh, and two hundred of saffron, and cassia, and cinnamon, and iris, and two hundred of 
other spices.”
“After them came a hundred and fifty men carrying trees from which were suspended birds and 
beasts of every imaginable country and description; and then were carried a lot of cages, 
in which were parrots, and peacocks, and guinea-fowls, and pheasants”

— their Field of Reeds — as copied Eden
… all the animals depict the richness of their Field
as shown in many Egyptian murals , see to right 
(he holds the magical wand so it’s not ‘the Nile’ ) ;
all the boys wear the same “commoners hat” as 
at a previous cart so these boys and girls must be
her inhabitants : the spear-sceptre they hold must 
be the captured birth-right by which they now rule 
(for they have “their golden image” now – see text) ;

the female prisoners :
this can only refer to “our female Originals being abused“, see ‘the Bashan bulls’ theme
in the scroll and also Index (the “double Trap” Nut-dome page) — first because they sit on 
(in) “barbaric” palanquins where the ‘barbaric’ term ofcourse refers to Eden ; 
the many type spices described next should be “their reward FOR that abuse” 
since the scroll tells that “by abusing them , the matrix daily can keep stealing from eden” ; 
                                                                   back to earth
“And after these beasts came an image of Dionysus flying to the altar of Rhea when he was 
pursued by Hera, having on a golden crown, Priapus standing by him crowned with a crown of 
ivy-leaves of gold, and the statue of Hera had also a golden crown on its head.”

— Dionysus to earth
… per the Greek story , after his mother Semele (‘Eden’) was burned (read : desolated) ; 
— Priapus : the phallic human male
… a rather silly Greek minor deity who constantly had an erection and he represents the 
phallic human male upon earth – as a body devised  by Dionysus-Adam ;
interesting is the parallel of him wearing the crown AND Hera wearing the same crown :
saying here “that the mind and nature óf phallic male is ruled by Hera” , turning this
unpredictable deity into “representing the matrix-consciousness in the other Reality”  — 
in the scroll this phallic human male type is termed “Ephraim” and there is a chapter 
describing how this bulky type is indeed ruled from abroad through his own Ego ;
note also how this theme – on purpose –  follows after “the imprisoned female Originals”
and please see the “double Trap” pages for clarification ;
(ruling ‘the 7 churches’ era)
“And there were images of Alexander and of Ptolemy, crowned with chaplets of ivy leaves 
made of gold. And the statue of Virtue, which stood by the side of that of Ptolemy, had a golden 
crown of olive-leaves. And Priapus was with them, having a crown of ivy-leaves made of gold. 
And the city of Corinth had a large image there, standing by the side of Ptolemy, and that also 
wore a golden diadem; and by all these lay a large golden stand full of articles of gold plate, 
and a golden goblet containing five measures. And this wagon was followed by women having 
very sumptuous dresses and ornaments, and they bore the names of cities, some of cities of
Ionia and other Greek towns, as many as, occupying the islands, and the coast of Asia, 
were made subject to the Persians; and they all wore golden crowns. And on other chariots there 
was borne a golden thyrsus ninety cubits long, and a silver spear sixty cubits long; and on another 
a golden phallus, a hundred and twenty cubits long, chased all over, and wreathed with golden 
garlands, having on the end a golden star, the circumference of which was six cubits.”
— Priapus + Virtue + Ptolemy
… Ptolemy – as human male – is ofcourse represented by Priapus , but here the negative
aspect of Priapus is ‘undone’ by the Roman (!) deity Virtue : military strength , manliness ,
courage and excellence — namely ‘for the Esau types phallic males’ ;
— the cities of West-Asia
… why exactly ‘Corinth’ escapes us (perhaps of her etymology “to pierce) : the others) ,
but “that she stands next to Ptolemy” means that ‘she rules’ ;
namely “over the other cities in Ionia” which is the region of the 7 Revelation churches 
(and apparently also cities as perhaps Jerusalem) which are “represented by females”
as underlining that those will be submitted bý the phallic Esau type male ;
the following ‘golden thyrsus’ is again ‘the birth-right’ ; the “silver spear” is unclear but
may relate to the rather vague “spear of destiny” as a spin-off of the former ; 
while the “huge phallus” represents ‘the obelisk’ like f.e. the Vatican (!) and London have ;  
[skipped section : many ‘lions , bulls and beasts’ — unclear] 
(worldly rule)
“And after this came a procession in honour of Zeus and of many other gods; and after all these, 
came a procession in honour of Alexander, who had a golden statue, borne on a chariot drawn 
by real elephants, having Victory and Athena on each side of him. And numbers of thrones were 
borne in the procession, made of ivory and gold, on one of which lay a crown of gold; on another 
a pair of horns made of gold; on another was a golden chaplet; and on another a single horn made 
of solid gold. And on the throne of Ptolemy Soter lay a crown which had been made of ten thousand 
pieces of gold money. And there were also carried in the procession three hundred and fifty golden 
incense burners, and golden altars, all crowned with golden crowns, on one of which were firmly 
placed four golden lamps ten cubits high. There were also carried twelve stoves with golden tops, 
one of which was twelve cubits in circumference and forty cubits in height; and another was fifteen 
cubits high.”

— the victorious City-State
… starting with Alexander , Dionysus’ victorious (Victory) city-state (Athena) began ,
later emending in the Roman “Urbi et Orbi” — and it is empowered by “elephants” which ,
as we saw , represent ‘the (dimensional-) far East’ , the matrix-realm ;
the different ‘thrones’ here must be “the different týpes of worldly rule” considered the 
attributes upon the thrones : crowns , horns and a chaplet – though with unclear meaning ; 
— 350 burners : a moon-year (?)
… the “incense” means “spiritual adoration” (c.q ‘prayer’ etc) so it could indicate that this
worldly rule would continue every year the whole year through : and the moon year
in this context  could be directed against God (because He counts in moon-months) ,
while “the 12 stoves” would represent ‘the solar calendar’ that was introduced by Rome ,
where indeed both are used upon this earth ; 
(… until the day of the end)
“There were also carried in the procession seven palm-trees overlaid with gold, eight cubits high, 
and a golden herald’s staff forty-five cubits long, and a thunderbolt overlaid with gold forty cubits 
in size, and a gilt thrice, the circumference of which was forty cubits; and besides all this, a pair of 
horns eight cubits long. And an immense number of gilded figures of animals was also exhibited, 
the greater part of which were twelve cubits high; and beasts of enormous size, and eagles twenty 
cubits high. And golden crowns were also exhibited to the number of three thousand two hundred. 
And there was a separate mystic crown made of gold studded with valuable stones, of eighty cubits. 
This was the crown which was placed at the door of the temple of Berenice; 
and there was also an aegis of gold.”

— later empires within the City-State (?)
… this section is a bit unclear : but per continuation and considered
the (smaller-) animals as well as “the enormous beasts” where he
mentions “eagles” it could well be ‘the chests of separate countries’ ; 
the “seven palm-trees” is unclear ,
the “herald’s staff” refers to Thoth (‘writing’) and máy refer to all of
these later empires “following a certain script” – but that is a guess ;

— ending in victory at That Day (?)
… perhaps “all those empires represent that mystic crown” which is
placed “at the door (-of a time period)” : the scroll also suggests that “a certain end-point”
had been established as “the day when either Eden would have won – OR the matrix” 
(which would make this event the very last line of Daniel 11) ;
and considered ‘the door of Berenice’ meaning “to bring victory” this assumption can be true ; 
                                                                              the matrix has won  
(the New Earth)
“There was also exhibited a golden breastplate twelve cubits broad, and another breastplate 
of silver eighteen cubits broad, having on it two golden thunderbolts of the size of ten cubits each, 
and a garland of oak-leaves studded with precious stones; and twenty golden shields, and sixty-
four suits of complete armour also of gold, and two golden greaves three cubits in height, 
and twelve golden dishes and a most countless number of flagons, and thirty-six vessels for 
wine and ten large anointing vessels, and twelve ewers, and fifty large dishes for barley loaves, 
and tables of different sorts, and five repositories for gold plates, and a horn thirty cubits long 
made of solid gold. And all these articles of gold plate were exclusive of those carried in the 
procession of Dionysus. Then there were four hundred wagons of silver plate, and twenty 
wagons of gold plate, and eight hundred of perfumes and spices.”

— the ‘new family tree’ upon the new earth 
… not easy – but the golden ‘breastplate’ could refer to “worn birth-right” however it is
a mixed attribute , shown by the silver breastplate next to it , and resulting in ‘suits’ 
which must refer to “this body” now having been ‘upgraded’ so to speak ; that the theme
is ‘the new body’ can be shown by the symbolism of “vessels” (body) , “barley and wine” 
as stolen eden-aspects for it , combined with the “perfumes and spices” (same) ;
while the “oak tree (-leaves)” represent the non-Jacob family-tree where the oak is 
related to ‘foreign deities’ in the scroll (see Gen.35:4) ;    
(the demonic realm rules earth)
“And after all these things came a procession of troops, both cavalry and infantry, all armed 
and appointed in a superb manner: infantry to the number of fifty-seven thousand six hundred; 
and cavalry to the number of twenty-three thousand two hundred. And all these marched in the 
procession, all clad in suitable apparel, and all having their appropriate armour; and there were 
also great numbers of suits of armour besides lying for inspection, too numerous for any one 
to count (but Callixeinus has made a catalogue of them) ; and they were also crowned in the 
assembly with twenty golden crowns. And first of all Ptolemy and Berenice were crowned with 
twenty-three, standing on golden chariots, in the sacred precincts of Dodona.”

— the superb troops
… the scene resembles very much ‘the 200 million demon kings’ from Revelation
which are “the riders upon their fast leopards” in the scroll , obviously as “the gods” of the
new earth’s non-Jacob family-tree just before ;
— the Dodona (-oracle)
… though Delphi was the main Oracle , Delphi represented ‘the matrix-gate’ (compare the
fumes which are the same as “the fumes from the Pit” in Revelation) ,
this Dodona must represent ‘the Oracle upon earth’ since she was related to ‘oak leaves’
representing the New Family-tree , of which Ptolemy I and his wife Berenice were the very
first progenitors — hence they are depicted in that place ;
— 23 crowns : 2300 years (?)
… the possibility is intriguing : indeed Ptolemy I lived in 300 BC where ‘the Oracle’ is Time
related , and “the crown” obviously to ‘a victory’ ;
but how come that these elite-troops have only “20 crowns” is more difficult  —
perhaps in a for us unknown way that counting only started since Christ  , and compare the
seven churches mentioned previously — however this is a guess and we cannot prove it   
                                                                                —   closing   —
“The expense of money which was incurred on this occasion, amounted to two thousand 
two hundred and thirty-nine talents and fifty minae; and this was all counted by the clerks of the 
treasury, owing to the eagerness of those who had given the crowns, before the spectacle came 
to an end. But Ptolemy Philadelphus was crowned with twenty golden crowns, two of them on 
golden chariots, and one six cubits high on a pillar, and five five cubits high, and six four cubits high.”

“Now my friends and fellow-banqueters, what kingdom ever possessed such quantities of gold as this? 
For Egypt did not acquire all this by taking money from the Persians and from Babylon, or by working 
mines, or by having a river Pactolus, bearing down gold-dust in its waters. For its only river is that 
which can really be called the Golden Stream — the Nile, which together with its boundless supplies 
of food does bring down gold without alloy, which is dug up out of the soil without danger, in quantities 
sufficient for all men, diffused over the whole soil like the gifts of Triptolemus.”  

— the costs
… see intro ,
— 20 crowns for Ptolemy
… considered previous a bit tricky : per context very possibly relating to the Septuagint theme 
which would really come to effect after also all of the NT would have been corrupted  ;  
just the symbolism only supplies few indications that this was intended ,
— the mystery of his wealth
… the author indicates that it did not come forth from ‘robbery’ yet he has no other answer as
that ‘the Nile must have supplied it’ : but from whatever sources it came , it was the result of
he having made a pact with Adam who would have promised him this wealth
(and obviously “a high position in their type afterlife — in the Field of Reeds”) 




the REAL mount Horeb —
“at the 7th day [-distance]  ” :
[final version : 2023-02feb.25]  

the REAL mount Horeb —
  “at the 7th day [-distance]  ” :

[final version : 2023-02feb.25]  


[first version]  
also see : parts #A-D of this ’11 May’ (Exodus) theme
                   : Joseph depicted on the Egyptian tomb’s mural (page)


(please enjoy !)


which one of these is mount Horeb ?
… according to researchers either the traditional
Jabal Mousa (mount Sinai) at the Sinai Peninsula ,
or the – more recent option – of ‘Jabal al-Lawz’ in
today’s Arabia are the primary candidates ;
the “burnt top” of al-Lawz must be a subconscious 
reason why researchers adhere this possibility ,
though this feature is common in a volcanic region

                                                          searching the mount by applying KJV

… both trajectories have their specific problems :
the “mt. Sinai version” has “a three day journey 
until the Red Sea crossing” — followed by a much
slower pace of reaching the mount after another
2,5 months time ;
while the “al-Lawz version” needs the people to 
cross the desert as a distance over 200 miles in
just the space of three days — which is impossible
… a second problem which is mostly overlooked
(if not conveniently ignored) is the rather “erratic”
stárt of the journey out of Egypt as shown to right :
the ‘loop’ makes little sense for an escape planned
and executed by God —
though one or two verses indeed séem to describe
this strange turn in path , the given reason is not
very credible and appears more like an excuse : 
but to you and we the loop is the first sign showing
us at which point the scroll’s text got corrupted
  (note ‘the wilderness of Sin’)

                                                          KJV : “3 days” and “2,5 months”
… at the audiences during the Plagues , several times Moses’ request to the Pharaoh was
phrased as “let us go the three days journey into the wilderness to sacrifice to our God” ;
and though we’re still looking what he exactly may have said — and that is important since
in one instance he says “… for the feast (!) of our God” — the “three days” is sure :

as three days distance “outside Egypt’s border”
with what they called “the Eastern Desert”, as the
border depicted by the red line in the graph to right
(to be fair : also the region between the Red Sea
and the Nile was part of this Eastern Desert but is
not relevant in this situation ; do see Ptolemy page)


(credit: raremaps com ; for educational purpose only)

           the above map from 1739 (Nüremberg) does follow the KJV narrative
           by having mount Sinai far in the south of the peninsula , yet places
           the Sin Desert properly at the tip of the Red Sea – and compare how
           far down the modern maps (see ‘loop’ section above) show her place 
… that (biblical-) atlasses place ‘Midian’ in today’s Saudi-Arabia is mere hypothetical 
especially since it was not a specific country but as term ‘Midianites’ describing tribes
living their life as Bedouins — you see the 1739 map showing ‘Arabes’ (Arabs) living
as well in the Peninsula as at the western shore of the Red Sea ; 
therefore it is very possible that Moses’ family-in-law dwelt much closer to Egypt as is
presented by today’s researchers : IF ‘a’ mt. Horeb were in this area (see this page)
it ties in much better with the “burning bush” (-event) while Moses shepherded his flock
but also with the line where God asks Moses and Aaron “to meet at my sacred mount”                
3 days to the border + 3 days to ‘the location in the wilderness’ 
both ‘official’ versions must be dismissed
… Goshen was a region in the eastern part of the Nile delta and they simply needed
a few days to get tó that border — be it a land border or water (the Red Sea and lakes) ;
therefore at this point we have to drop the “Arabian mount” version as not maintainable :
not just the 200+ miles in three days is impossible , but they would have the third day
ending by drowning the people in the midst of the Gulf of Aqaba !
because they skip what Moses said : he didn’t say “we cross a border in three days” ,
completely ignoring the – to ancient Egypt important theme of – their eastern border ,
but quickly proceed to add the (assumed !-) 2,5 extra months ‘to reach the mount’ 
since the KJV has a line “… and they reached the mount in the third month”  —
yet they do nót explain why the poor people had to run across the over 200 mile wide 
desert in a mere three days – but then having a vacation trip of 2,5 months time to reach
that Arabian mount at just 70 miles away from the purported crossing 
(as a Gulf having razor-sharp steep edges and a seafloor at incredible depth)
… but we also need to drop the “Sinai mount” version — these dó keep “the third day”
after the people crossed the border , yet that third day ends up in … nowhere , actually 
(and no , ‘nowhere’ is no synonym for ‘wilderness’) , as ending up at some vague oasis 
which has no proper fulfillment of what Moses said “.. there we will sacrifice to God” ;
then also these researchers quickly glue that extra (assumed-) “2,5 months” to a journey 
ending up in the southern peninsula at Jabal Mousa (‘mount Sinai’)   —
however ,
in both cases the original text never said “and they arrived at the mountain in the third month” !   
… Gen.19:1-2 where this “third month” is described is full of simple root-corruptions ,
where the latter are common in the specific corrupted sections concerning ‘the birth right’
“[=at]   – the third=sixth (shlsh=shsh) – month=day – [=since]   the sons of – Ishral    + 
(had) gone forth – from the land of – Egypt ,
[=at]   this – day (‘namely : the sixth’) – they (had) entered – the wilderness of – Sin ;
[a]   and – they (are) encamping – in the wilderness , before – the mountain (‘of God’) 
[b]   and=at – the there=third (shim=shlsh) – [..]   encamping=day (u·ichn=ium)
[c]   (-after) they (had) journeying=crossed – the rephidim=Red sea (rPHdm=sPH)    +
and (had) entered – the wilderness of – Sin ;

… scholars had problems with “the selfsame day” in line 1 , not understanding where that 
remark referred to — but there’s no mystery : it just refers back to 1a) as the start of the line
[and because 2 is a clarifying sentence her syntax winds back to 1]  

                              the ‘loop’.. the ‘2,5 months’.. — was it to hide a theme  ?
… the story seems credible : after the final plague , Pharaoh finally gave up by letting the
people depart from Egypt — but he changed his mind (-again) and pursued them until he
and his armies drowned ; after which the people received the Law at the mount …
but is it ?
what if this “third day in the wilderness” theme was carefully skipped-over by Esau ? ,
akin to “missing Time” , in order to not draw attention to any importance of this ‘third day’ ?
could thát be the reason for that weird Loop — almost as if evading something — then quickly
adding “another 60 days” to suggest a place – a mount – far away from the original one ? 
… but why ? 
it cannot be about a specific mount itsélf : only at the moment God descended upon it the
mount was sacred — but áfter the whole Horeb event that certain mount became irrelevant 
(so that , in truth , even to us  it is not important to point out the exáct mountain) ;
therefore we need to know what theme connected to this event
and in fact there wás , represented in the final Plague : ‘the first born’ aka ‘birth right’
so that we would need to search every possible Link that could belong tó that theme

a visual of mt. Horeb and encampment
(‘Sinai Stargazing’, touristjourney com)
the mount at ‘the 7th day (-distance)’ : Unleavened
to wrap up the ‘which mount was it’ theme
… because a proper candidate “at 3 days distance of the border”
is demanded , only Jabal Sin Bishar qualifies every context now 
and we can delete the óther possible mountains   — 
apart from being located in the Sin desert , see 1739 map above ,
it is surely reachable in 6 days (for the 7th will be the Sabbath) 
as a trip from Goshen to the Red Sea : a distance of some 120 km
[80 miles]   which is doable – though strenous – the first three days ;
then the crossing early 4th day and a rest trip of around 60/70 km
to mount Bishar as arriving before Sunset ;

… but also it would be “the first prominent mountain” after the flat land of the Nile delta :
some researchers think that “only a mount of several thousand feet would properly reflect 
the greatness of God” — but is that necessary ?  
the historian Josephus wrote that the mountain was the highest mountain around ,
its tooth-shaped form standing out from its surroundings ; and though being only 
300 meters above the landscape it does not mean ‘less impressive’ ? : 
compare the photo shown above as visual of mount Horeb
(perhaps somewhere exists a proper photo of it – just we failed to find one till now) ;
and for further ‘advantages’ of Bishar being this mount please google its name  
finally – as representing mt. tsiun
… because God himsélf was involved , ‘Egypt’  now represented the “Mystery-Babylon region” 
and therefore this mount “the mountain of God” to the south (-east) óf that evil region ;
true – Upper Egypt is even further down south but to match thát would be complicated  —
in this case the mountain representing tsiun was “south enough” from the entire Delta
Patterns : Moses’ 40 days on the mount : from Unleavened till feast of Weeks
… also this timeframe makes Sense now —
turning the total time since leaving Egypt into 7 + 40 days as the 49 days until Pentecost ;
at the moment of writing this we still need to see what characteristic was connected to these
forty days yet the solid Pattern is a huge confirmation for ‘the mount at the 7th day’ ;
        then – the 40 year journey áfter Horeb :
        this theme falls out of the scope here and is not that interesting to us right now ;
        Numbers 33 is listing deserts and oasis during those extra forty years until the day
        Aaron dies — yet she should not start “from leaving Egypt” but “from leaving the mount”
        and therefore her first lines were part of the same cover-up ;

                                                “you SHALL eat unleavened – for 7 days”
… apart from the curse as ‘the corrupted scroll’ , we – speaking as christianity – had No Idea
what the seven appointed times of God were about , save Passover and feast of Weeks ;
therefore we never understood the connection between “leaven” as the corrupted scroll
and the appointed time called ‘Unleavened’ as the culmination of the restorátion of her ;
He was clear enough concerning “the location of the mount” since he linked a timeframe
of “seven days of not eating leavened bread” from the moment the people left Egypt —
and the same event of Unleavened is true in our situation :
just now as being delivered from this earth and coming to God’s mountain carrying Eden …

[for You]  

[pending subject – not vital :]   ‘flat-earth’ (?) in their Field (Moab and Edom theme) – observations –

[pending subject – not vital :]
  ‘flat-earth’ (?) in their Field
     (Moab and Edom theme)
           – observations –

       [start : 2022-07jul.23]

                please ,
                … we always stayed far from the “globe or flat-earth” theme ,
                mostly because it isn’t that important : earth is but our Prison
                and the only land that réally matters is Eden ,
                therefore consider this page more like ‘a thought experiment’  

[will be posted in sections]
content of this page :
deciding which : globe or flat ?
– why this theme is ‘harmless’ to you and we 
– what the physical eyes see can be a trick                        
(visible-) facts favour a flat earth 
– modern and older science and Deception
– serious flaws in módern science models
    especially concerning this moon
if a flat earth , redefine ‘sun and moon’ 
nested Platonic Solids
– the geodesic dome as part of the nesting
– solids formed by sound and filled with plasma



                            deciding which : globe or flat ?
… in the Introduction – still 2018 based ; ) – we posed the same about Eden ,
that souls ask “a land in the other Reality ? is that even possible ?” ;
remembering that backthen we ourselvés were very nervous to , in spite of
all the pros and contras , to make a decision which one could be true   —  
having to make a decision eventhough we did not know everything !
and this theme is very similar ,
yet the advantage that you and we now have towards others who are fighting  
with this “globe VS flat” theme is that we can embed it in a wider context ,
because we need not ‘apply Scripture to this earth’ , adding the confusion ,
but can observe – rather independently – what could be going on here
… however : 
please remember that we are on a different playground here     —
the soul agrees with how God describes eden because she feels that
what He says is true eventhough she can not see the other reality , right ;
but here we need to be very carefully with the physical eyes because
they may tell us that an aspect we see is ‘true’ – yet it may be not

                         (visible-) facts favour a flat earth
… the first problem
is the massive amount of information on the Net concerning this subject ,
yet – as usual – from that stream 80% is parroted subjects while only 20% 
is worth studying further , so the question is “how to find that 20”      —

the second problem 
is “deciding (!) whether one wishes 
to be Bamboozled – or absolutely not” :

this ‘bamboozling’ is the Job of ‘modern mainstream science’ (read: NASA)
because of her agenda to hide any reference to the Eden land , see above ,
and therefore present “abstract mental pictures and concepts” true or not ,
but often as a mixture of solid facts and (required-) unconfirmed hypothesis 
causing a weird type of promoted Sorcery under the guise of ‘science’  
an option to escape that ,
is by searching older material before the era that facts were polluted ,
and a very helpful document was this one , end-1800s (PDF) :
Zetetic Astronomy , Earth Not a Globe – Samuel Birley Rowbotham.pdf
– again : not to use it as ‘only truth’ but as counterweight against Nonsense
because not all that ‘the fathers’ saw and thought “has been debunked”  !
some serious flaws in ‘modern science’ 
… one of the more intriguing flaws concerns ‘this moon’ , making it very
questionable whether indeed “she rotates around a globe earth” or whether
that model is just a perceptual mindf*ck    — 
and important because through this ‘the globe model’ itsélf is in question :
after which a host of related points of discussion emerges as ‘tides’, ‘gravity’, 
‘distances on earth’, etcetera , so enjoy the PDF ;
— it is not the intention of this page to discuss the many pro and contras ;
we looked seriously at everything and can only come to the conclusion :

if earth is flat , it needs redefine ‘the moon and sun’
… and it is at this point the definite Schism appears between the two groups ,
between those who cannot let go of ‘the heliacal model’ and those who have
no other option but to let a small moon and -sun rotate over a flat earth 

the question for you and we is :                     
“is it too crazy to can accept”?
(considered what we did accept)
or even “does this one matter“? ;

and the answer must be “No”  —
in fact ,

we can – without being bound by Scripture we’d need to keep – investigate
and see if we can come up with a model which can support the above , no ?

                                 (nested-) Platonic Solids
            forms made by sound from plasma – filled with plasma

… and the first would need 
is ‘a geodesic dome’ over the (flat-) earth ;
obviously as protection from space and to
keep the oxygen over the earth – but also
containing high types (and for us unknown)
energies growing and maintaining this body
and many other aspects of nature

however ,
this dome is the upper half of a series of figures called ‘Platonic Solids’ which
are existing within eachother — having earth in the centre — termed “nesting” :


         … above vid is the best we could find – but incomplete 
         because the Solids can also revolve independently 
         and even the other way around : moreover , some will    
         have ‘a wobble’ in their rotation like a metronome   >> ,
         while Solids would exist having very complex forms

end sat.
         when we combine the above , as “a flat earth within nested Solids”,
         being part of “a type” solarplane , we would get the below concept
         (vid by hR – and read on for further description) :

                          intermezzo : Two Realities – as both
… it is imaginable now ,
depending upon your observation , that earth dóes have ‘a globe shape’ ,
and that she therefore can be part of a series of óther larger planet bodies
forming together that what we understand and call ‘the solarplane’ ;
yet the same time she is flat ,
and therefore can be part of a wider land – for which exists nó expression
simply because most people on earth have never seen such thing ;
in Amos , God calls the earth-concept ‘Moab’ and the wider land ‘Edom’ ,
almost as related to eachother : in the same way the 500 BC countries
Moab and Edom – as neighbours – were hostile against old-Ishral (‘eden’) ,
and that link is not by accident ;
… moreover , He clearly gives Moab the attribute “city” and Edom the
attribute “land (‘field’)” — see relevant pages in Index — and because He
pitches Edom against Eden the former múst be a land somewhere else
having a nature as a false paradise ;
– same with Moab : in prophets ‘Jerusalem’ often represents “this earth”
just like Moab does , but because Edom and Moab are of the same bad Club ,
it means ‘earth is párt of that false paradise’ ! – see also ‘Nut dome’ page

the Field founded upon the register :
… Eden was founded inbetween both realms
called ‘Behemoth’ and ‘Leviathan’ (the Dual-realm
west of Heaven) as “the seas God separated” ;
however – after Eden fell the evil dimension made
themselves a secondary ‘middle-region’ so that
Eden was now below them and they could rule her
(as the middle-register in the depiction to right) :
the same region carries our visible solarplane

the solarplane is (but-) sécondary : causing our ‘visible reality’ :
… and if we take this one step further :
not the sólarplane is ‘the main Reality’ but the Field is ! ;
and perhaps the best proof of this is the sixth seal : ‘the heavens rolling up’
is “the nested Solids breaking apart” inclusive the ones of this sun and
moon ofcourse ; where the line ‘the stars falling back to earth’ denotes the
major planets having caused the dimensional distortion to the physical eye
concerning space and time , overlapping the Field ;
.. more about this later                                                                                         [/end]

                                                 the spheres as Time Clock
2.               the nested spheres : of moon and sun

… returning to the nested spheres
and needing a bit of your imagination
(cause we can’t make éverything visual) :
this sun :
– is in top of her own (type-) Solid
– which by wobbling causes her orbit >>
– as her path expanding and contracting for
   six months alternately (a peculiar wobble)
  and see PDF

– as a path neatly following the Gobi- , Sahara- and Arizona desert per flat earth ,
    but likely in the beginning having caused these deserts (and not , as Velikovsky
    suggested , are the result of a close encounter with Mars) ;
this moon :
– in top of her own – a bit smaller – Solid as having an orbit just ‘below this sun’
    when vieuwed from earth ; occasionally casting sun-eclipses at certain regions
– her orbit is also caused by her wobbling Solid
– but as a very peculiar – if not erratic – type orbit , and here it gets interesting :
this weird moon – a Plasma model
… becáuse she is not ‘a reflector of sunlight’ (-orbiting a globe earth)
the only other option is that she is ‘self-Luminescence’ – and see PDF ;
years ago , in 1965 , ABC News Australia interviewed a professor Forster
claiming that “this moon is made of plasma – and the understanding of that
would transform the way we see things” ,
1965 scientist claims the moon is plasma
and we fully agree that it is a plasma concept :
– next to the aspect above , also documented is ‘people seeing lights in her’
    or even ‘seeing her translucent dúring a solar eclipse’ – see PDF ; where
    last December (when we searched ‘the moon and Saturn theme) we posted
    several ‘bloodmoon dream videos’ where people said the same things ,
– related to that is the highly interesting Cymatics concept of her (see below) ,
– and this links to ‘how her type light forms things on earth’
    (we cannot judge the examples of people mentioned in the PDF ;
    we only consider this from a Cymatics point of view)
– but also because her nature fits with the hyper-dimensional Solids model :

this moon’s light : her Solid crossing another Solid :
… but we need help of your imagination again :
if not this earth’s shadow causes her phases ,
something else must cause the shadow upon her :
– her own Solid wobbles around in 24 hours
    (and is the reason she always faces the same way !) ,
– so we need ‘a second Solid’ , working in par with her ,

but this second one wobbles around during the timeframe of one month
and by crossing this one her moon phases appear

… so it is the shadow of this ‘second Solid’ causing her phases ,
when she daily exits the ‘top’ of that Solid causing the First Quarter ,
the Full Moon when being fully outside that second Solid – at the 15th ,
then slowly retreating inside until the month’s end :
only another hyper-dimensional Solid is able to block Plasma !
… interestingly , this second Solid can also explain why in the globe model
the angle of shadow at the moon is frequently Off during her phases —
meaning that the shadow can never be caused by a globe earth’ !
(you can find many clips on YT about this) : but it makes Sense when it is
caused by a Solid having different angles herself …
.. for us , another interesting aspect supporting the above concept is the
so-called ‘Moon Wave’ spotted by a YT user (search Crow777) : while filming
the moon aberrations crossed over her sides , as if being she bathed in water ;
we personally take that as “she crossing the area of the second Solid” …
– speaking of ‘water’ :
                 [intermezzo : … becáuse we are adm-souls living in this prison , it is
               assumable that certain aspects of Eden have been copied upon this earth :
               the weird aspects of this moon – especially her specific orbit and light –
               very much remind how Enoch described the path of Eden’s moon :
               almost as if earth’s makers had to create a similar type environment for us ..
               — and that comparison is even more striking having understood that the
               spells do not mention a moon for the Field — their ‘night and day’ works
               differently (with a veil over their sun) ; the only ‘moon’ as such they address
               represents their copied eden gate                                                              [/end]

3. this moon and sun ‘powered’ from somewhere else

a) this sun :
… akin to the underwater welding picture
the arc could be compared with this sun
which is just inside the top of her Solid —
for all we care because of a small hole in
the top of her Solid through which stream
very high plasma energies into the Solid
but at that place causing this sun to glow :
as powered by the real sun (Râ)

China , 2011 ; “One sun , bright cheerful one that warms the Earth and lights
the countryside continued to slide towards the horizon as dusk approached .
The other ‘sun’ suddenly flared to life. That eerie interloper shone almost as
brilliantly. As large as the original sun , the new sun differed mostly in color
and definition: the imposter was tinted orange and appeared a bit fuzzy .
Stranger still , people witnessing the strange sight noticed the suns cast
double shadows of objects on the ground.”
http://www.salem-news.com/articles/march072011/chinese-sun-ta.php     (quoting Helium com)

… a weird article – or is it ?
did the clockwork of Solids malfunction a moment ? ;
and ‘shone álmost as brightly’ : because it is outside
the Solid of this sun ? ; and indeed – was it done on
purpose by its “makers” to place this sun in such
position that it would just cover the size of Râ —
just as many wonder ‘how the moon perfectly fits the sun – during an eclipse’ ? ;
once we traced the origin of a story called “Niburu” or ‘the second sun’ ,
but we ended up at some secret society seemingly having launched that story ,
yet was it a corrupted version of what they knew ..?

sun – closing :
… ofcourse there is much that we dón’t know ,
and we don’t reject everything (why couldn’t the Van Allen belt be integrated
with the Solids model ? for example) but ‘specific details’ are very tricky :
because immediately abstraction comes into play — which is Death
end sunday
b) this moon – and Cymatics

Egytian tomb mural : Joseph meets his family

    Egytian tomb mural :
Joseph meets his family

Jacob and his family entering Egypt – depicted in a tomb !
… actually scrolling lifeless through any material we may’ve overlooked ;
log will be too long to go through many of the claims in the vid [below] ,
but one section had us sit up right away : the tomb of Beni Hassan :
glyphs can go in any direction so first the reading must be established  –
the ‘numbering’ in fourth line shows it reads from left to right ,
as does glyph MES in the third , the ÂAM in two and ‘king’ in the first ;
unreadable glyphs in brackets ,

            at 20.45 mins
         (click to enlarge)
4 – [..] the 37 (=the number of Jacob’s family , likely , as the foreign ÂAM-people). 
        [of?] the speech [R]. [of?] he (=who?) [S]. the things to know [?, REKH].  +
        (=read : the 37 of he [Joseph] who has the speech of knowing things..?)
3 – as (?). the double plume (=part of both worlds?). (of Egyptian-) existence. ; 
        [for?] the ÂAM-people. the [..unreadable ; TCHÂT?, see below]. to birth. ,
        [and] the (ânkh-) life. [of] the things of peace. to establish [KHNUM-ram?]. ;
2 – the (will-) power of the foremost (-one) (=God?).  
        the son (=Josef?). [to] (Egyptian-) existence. to bring. ,
        [and?] the ÂAM-people. [in?] existence. the ones [UÂ?]. to know. ,
1 – ‘some royal name’. who was. [+of?] the pharaoh (-of the north).
        them (=the 37) [?, SN?]. to guide. to. (Egyptian-) existence. 
        [in] the staff (‘rule’). [of] the sixth year (=of the pharaoh).” 
now ,
we can chisel the above when we would know móre depicted texts –
like for example at 20.07 it writes above the people ,
“the 37. ÂAM-people. [of] he. existence. [to] (Egyptian-) existence. to come.” 
(so they definitely are ARRIVING in Egypt here !) ;
next TCHAT writing is unknown but could be TCHT ‘self’ , “for their selves to rebirth”
since they left for Egypt because of the famine : interestingly before the first gazelle
is written “rule [HEQ] of the foreign-land” and below that ÁB “thirsty” ;
likely intended as one line : “thirst rules the foreign land” ;
there is listed a hieroglyph pertaining to Joseph it is unsure if he is named here  –
below at 20.21 mins you see SER “prince” which would be very appropriate for him ,
and per buildup of the scene he may be even the figure who hólds the sign – at 20.45 :
his name is NUU-NES , “(having-) the words inside of the tongue (or: language)” 
for he explained the immediate future of Egypt – and compare line 4 above ,
while in front of him shows “design” (or: scroll) and “peace” ,
not unlikely referring to the plan he made to have food in Egypt ,
and compare how he himsélf is portrayed as designer – and as Egyptian

imagine what we could have done when we’d have had access to everything ,
the funds , the energy and all that ! Most of the miles of hieroglyphs are mere
‘theological treaties about the other reality’ and are – per definition – tricky ,
but examples like this show again WHY we went from glyphs to the Prophets ;
exactly like God said “.. I will make the tombs of the pharaohs to be opened” … 
they remained ‘Egyptians’ (corrupt-adam-souls) who always hated old-Ishral ,
hence the term ÂAM (-people) as a deflection of root ÂM ‘to devour (-them)’ ;
we never said we agreed with many of Esau’s (!) claims in the video —
then the 100,000 Assyrian soldiers wanting to destroy Jerusalem
were also killed by a gasleak instead of an angel ?
(let alone the type disasters in Revelation …) ;
there’s nothing wrong with looking for possible earthly influences
but ‘the staffs becoming snakes’ at the start already indicated other factors at play



‘the pillar of fire’ as the
first stolen eden-concept :
its function and position
+ ‘this sun will go dark’
when he will return
(plus foreign texts)

‘the pillar of fire’ as the
first stolen eden-concept :
its function and position
+ ‘this sun will go dark’
when he will return

(plus foreign texts)


some theme …
– if we ever would make a final version of all chapters , getting all the Oopsies out ,
we’d need to understand every possible concept : hence this page ;
and though the theme seems outlandish , we’re sure of the understanding :


the first stolen construct : ‘the [Tabernacle’s-] column of fire’


                                                                               part I
                                                          the firecolumn itself
we need to show this in three parts
(because the 3d is the difficult one) :

… the old Tabernacle displayed a theme
as “eden-constructs in the other reality”;
the tent itself as ‘the eden-house’
protected by ‘dimensional veils’ represented
by the different types tent-coverings ,
symbolically standing upon ‘the cornerstone’ ;

the ‘7-armed candlestick’ in the Tabernacle
represented the seven Torches ,
as feminine beings whose words maintained creation ,
where their words were ‘guided’ by the Ark’s “(‘masculine’-) star of speech” –
the concept ‘words’ and ‘speech’
is incredibly important in the other reality
because both define and create the other reality ;

the ‘table of offerings’ stood in the ‘stargate’ –
see below for further description about this theme
(but we’re not 100% sure if ‘the altar just outside the temple’ was this stargate) ;

and then there is ‘the column of fire’
… this concept may have been represented by “Aaron’s staff”
which was placed in the Ark – the Ark representing ‘the eden-star of speech’ ;
remember how ‘Moses said that he had problems with being a spokesman’ ,
therefore God said “that Aaron will address the Pharaoh , instead” ,
which links Aaron’s staff to the concept “speech” :
then , by association , the firecolumn must have … ‘distributed the words of speech’
which were the result of the star and the seven torches ,
as if the column ‘distributed every aspect of creation FOR the eden-creation’

it’s hard to be more specific because the theme is so foreign (-to us)


The column of fire in prophets

… in a few places the restored situation is described ,
how the column will protect the new-eden land , almost like a fountain ,
causing a protective dome over the land , like a dome of fire-particles ;
but they are silent about the nature and workings óf the column ;
         it is possible
         that in several instances where it speaks about “My sword…”
         it can refer to this fire-column , and also the Jeremiah chapter saying
         “you are My battle-axe” may point to this concept (or to the star of speech) ;
while two or three chapters
mention the fire-column as “the eden-banner” (flagpole , flag) ,
said as “the nations (=spirits in the vile realm) will fear the banner” ;
but , see next :
the firecolumn at the eden-vector :
… the main eden dimensional Vector is a vertical one ,
as opposed to the dualistic vector – which is at an angle
(and as invérsed reality , see the difficult part three) ;
the firecolumn must strengthen the eden vector , as if representing it ,
but therefore both concepts are closely linked
and context should decide whether a term as ‘my sword’
refers to the column , the vector , or both
(the eden dimensional-vector itsélf is several times mentioned as “a plumbline”) ;

positioning of the column – and goal :
… eden was created “in the mid-realm , inbetween the dualistic-dimension” ,
where the northern (dualistic-) realm Behemoth is .. corrupted masculine ,
and the southern realm Leviathan , as corrupted feminine –
the book Job describes
how God ‘made a gate in the south and one in the north’ ,
and therewith created the eden centre-realm inbetween both ;
adding “sealing the gate in the north with a bolt” :
in context , this bolt can be very well ‘the column of fire’
because of its character as ‘banner’ and ‘sword’ mentioned previously ;

… the firecolumn may have risen half thróugh the northern gate ,
therewith not only sustaining the eden creation
but also ‘illuminating the Behemoth masculine realm’ , as “cleansing it”
(compare how ‘the river from the Temple will cleanse the south-realm’) :
very interesting here , is the line in prophets
saying “but they (=spirits) hated the gate – because it spoke flawlessly”
and remember
that the náture of the fire-column is “speech (‘just speech of just words’)”,
which is not spoken by the gate itsélf –
So all these aspects fit together perfectly !
(a Sumerian tablet writes how “the Anunna were crying of fear to their gods
since they had no place to hide (-in that northern realm)
because of the brillant one” – and compare the ‘they hated the gate’…) ;


                                                                      part II
                                             the stolen column of fire

… there is no specific passage in prophets describing this theme ,
but an analogy may be found in Exodus –
Aaron’s staff turns into a serpent , yet Pharaoh’s magicians succeed
to turn their staffs into serpents , as well – but the serpent as Aaron’s staff
devours the serpents of Pharaoh’s magicians ;
the point here is “that the latter could duplicate the concept”

… however :
in several prophets is the term “bar , bolt” (remember the Job chapter) ;
examples are “I will break the bar of Damascus”, “break the bar of (=in) Egypt” ,
then “break the bar at Tehpanhes” – and after that , “this sun will go Dark” ;
it is more likely that ‘the bar’ was Esau’s corruption – and should read “staff” ,
then it would read “I will make to retúrn (shbr=shb) the staff (bar=mtth) ” !
where ‘break’ (-shbr) and ‘return’ (-shb) are the same root –
because the thing is always that only a stolen eden-construct can imprison eden ,
therefore this bar/staff MUST be an eden concept ! ;
and should not be ‘destroyed’ but rather ‘return’
(and considering Damascus : “make to return tó Damascus”, the cornerstone)

The strange case of ‘Judah and the sceptre’ :
… Genesis 49 addresses ‘the blessing of Judah’ , and though we can feel that
several terms were corrupted , the “sceptre will not depart from between his feet”
Is , minumum , interesting – when compared with a theme in the Egyptian spells
(see both themes in the translated texts below) ;
         a second aspect is ‘the Judah and Tamar story’ in Genesis 38 ,
         where Judah gives his staff to Tamar who was of his own family –
the whole concept ‘Judah’ SHOUTS that he represents ‘the staff now in the evil realm”,
where factually ‘he gives the staff BACK to eden’ , the latter represented by Tamar :
         a third aspect
         is that Judah is called “a lion” as described in Gen. 49 ,
         where ‘lion’ is always related to “speech which rules” ;
         Genesis 49 was definitely corrupted in the phrase “you the lion will lay down”
         since no location follows – which is required :
         the answer can only be “you the lion will lay down IN THE (eden-) STARGATE”
         since the Egyptian spells link ‘the lion’ R immediately to ‘the gate (-of speech R)’ ;
                                                                        part III
              foreign texts about ‘the stolen firecolumn [-as concept] ’
… this is the difficult section .
– first : apart from the Egyptian spells , we learned to ‘trust’ the pre-hindu Rg-Veda ,
both being THE spokesmen of the evil realm ,
confirming everything that prophets write – but as a Negative mirror , ofcourse
(the later Hinduism , derived from Rg-Veda , became a murky coctail of utter Nonsense) ;

… when investigating this difficult ‘fire-column’ theme ,
we stumbled upon a line in Rg-Veda ,
book I , chant 85 :
“before the Maruts every creature is afraid: the men are like to Kings, terrible to behold.
When Tvastar deft of hand had turned the thunderbolt, golden, with thousand edges,
Fashioned more skillfully. Indra received it to perform heroic deeds.
Vrtra he slew, and forced the flood of water forth.”

… it seems gibberish – but we assure you it is not :

  • –  ‘Indra’ is “the northern Behemoth realm” (or by analogy perhaps ‘the Beast’ in Rev.) ,
  • –  ‘the thunderbolt’ is the eden-fire-column ,
    and note that “it was TURNED AROUND” and that “Indra RECEIVED it” ;
    then ,
  • –  ‘Vrtra’ is the serpent as “the eden cornerstone” ,
    so AFTER Indra received the thunderbolt , he slew the other eden-constructs ;

secondary :

  • –  ‘the flood of water’ is their created Nile , bringing eden-aspects to their north ;
  • –  ‘Tvaster’ is the Egyptian KHEPER-beetle , ‘transformation’ ,
  • –  ‘the Maruts’ :
    demonic spirits who acquired an eden-type body before the deluge
    (it was not for nothing that God regretted eden !) ,
    their number is 7 x 7 (49) in Rg-Veda , being unconquerable soldiers made of gold
    (which is an eden-aspect : these were whom Christ had to war in the book Daniel) ;
    and these ones – becáuse they had eden aspects –
    as it were “untied the firecolumn from its base” : by chanting ,
    after which the thunderbolt ‘was given to Indra’
    (if you’ve read restored prophets here , you’ll understand the ‘chanting’) ;


and now we understood whát to look for :

we found exact the same descriptions in the Egyptian spells ! ,
… rather many of them
describe “the wandered-astray staff” or “the staff flying-up (=to their north)”,
now as “the inversed staff” – glyph S-SA ,
called “the staff of fire” and sometimes “of smoke” (glyph H’T) ,
as “the staff which now protects their (north-) realm” ,
which is “radiating words of breath-air (=stolen eden-words) into their atmosphere” :
you will find all translated spells below ;

[page will be continued]


xxxxxx addition : 10 October xxxxxxx

10 october
‘the falcon’

we were justified in hunting this theme : see second half of Ez. 19 :
“.. the rod (=stalk?) was planted at yonder side (=the matrix) ,
and the staff (=the fire-column) is shooting fire (=’at eden’) ” ;
now ,
Esau mutilated chapters 16 , 17 and 18 and swapped themes —
one main theme is about “the eden-mother” , a birth-construct ,
see first half of chapter 19 : likely HALF of ch. 16 belongs to that ;
— but if you look at the first half of Ezekiel 17 ,
you see the same phrasings about “the twig planted at many waters”,
meaning ch. 17 first half must be followed by ch. 19 second half !
so far ,
the ‘(stolen fire-pillar) destroying eden’ fits – see previous blog ;
in Ez. 17 is “the long winged , full pinioned bird taking a stalk”, right ,
Rg-Veda IV chant 26 : “the fleet-winged , strong pinioned Falcon” ! ;
adding “bearing the stalk , [..] brought from afar (=from eden) ”

it is undoubtedly the same theme – but “what (-concept)” is this ‘falcon’ ? ;
Rg-veda links this stalk to ‘soma’ , where the latter is ‘fluid eden-life’ ,
so the tree where he takes it from [in Ez.] must be “from the eden-tree” ;
more bizarre – when tracing the root of the words , it appears from Rg-Veda
that this falcon is either “a defected eden-concept” or “a stolen one” ,
tó which the stolen firepillar-concept was grounded upon ;
but we still fail to come up with any workable concept concerning this ‘falcon’

xxxxxx resumed text : xxxxxxxx



worksheet 1 :
the stolen eden-constructs
(shown in old Tabernacle)
inclusive the 7 torches
and the Ark’s star of speech ;
only the cornerstone and tree
remained in Damascus
+ problem of the Fire Column

worksheet 1 :
the stolen eden-constructs
(shown in old Tabernacle)
inclusive the 7 torches
and the Ark’s star of speech ;
only the cornerstone and tree
remained in Damascus
+ problem of the Fire Column


[introduction is posted tomorrow]


carefully selected PT lines [-w/ as much context as needed]

the eden star and the 7 torches :

PT 697                                                        [all the PT 600-series are very damaged]
[…] , [by means of] the (eden-) corner (h’ept ; =?) . to carry-off (-to matrix) . ,
[and so ?]
the perished (-from eden) stars (7 torches) as the ignorant ones (-for matrix-hail) .
[by] [matrix-] existence. to command (mt’) . ,
[to be] N’s. [matrix-] word by decree of law. ;             [some torches ‘make the word’]
[next : about the eden-star of speech , part of the ark of the covenant :]

[ánd] the [+passive] [+star] (-of the eden-hand) for great [matrix-] speech.     +
[for] [matrix-] existence of hail. ,
[for] N (‘the candidate’) . [to be] the ferried-over ones (=the stars) . ;

             above 697 : the 7 torches as “the ignorant ones” should be read as ‘innocent’
             but since the evil realm doesn’t know the ‘innocent’ concept
             the degrading term ‘ignorant’ (KHEM+neg.) fits here ;
             term in b often as UR-T’+passive-glyph+star ;  
                                                                      [PT 676 , 2012 c : 8 nem-ást vessels ; why 8 ? ,
                                                                       the usual ‘4’ are related to the Ark (as the cube)
                                                                      likely as “the original eden 4 cardinal points” ;
                                                                      the 8 here as “doubled matrix cardinal points”?]
PT 675
[from] the [eden-] south (shmâ) . [through] the jackal.
[for] thou (‘candidate’) . [matrix-] existence. [to be] the (previous eden-) house-H. ;
[and by] the (by matrix-) needed (snbh’t’) [eden-] stars.
[for] thou. [eden-] existence. to open (=eden, snsh) (for matrix-) hail. ,

[to be] the [matrix-] sky. [by] the double door. [for] thou. existence. to open (un) . ;
[situation is now completed :]

[then by?] the pillar (âa) as the god. (=the copied column of fire ?) .
[to be?] [matrix-] existence. [as?] thou speech of hail. ,

[as] the [matrix-] peace. [=which]. comes.     +
by [means of] the pillar as the god. the things (-of the eden root-) to open (upt+) . ;

                 above 675 : we have “(-7) stars + 1 speech-star ferried-over” ,
                 so NEITHER the eden-star of speech remained at Damascus ;
                 but it isn’t clear here if ‘the pillar was part of the stars –
                or if he was ferried-over separately’ : we think the latter because this follows
                 Rg-Veda where “first the thunderbolt (=pillar) was turned around to Indra ,
                 and WITH the thunderbolt he opened the eden-root” ;


PT 669

[for] Ôn (‘Mystery-Babylon’) . [to be] the [matrix-] word.
[through] the pillar as the double (!) god. ;                           [<< the possible fire-column]

[because by] tefnut (a place of inversion at the matrix-border) .       +
                                              [as Tahphenes in prophets , where I will break the bar of Egypt]

[to be] the [eden-] willpower for [matrix-] existence                                         (-by wick-H’) .
[for] the [matrix-] atmosphere (shu) . ;
[by means of] the [eden-] word. [to] [matrix-] existence. to ferry-over. ,

[to be] the [matrix-] word. [fór] the pillar as the double (!) god.
[for] [matrix-] existence of hail. ;
[by means of] the (previous eden?-) field of reeds.    +   
thou (=Horus) . [matrix-] existence. to give. speech. ;

[and therewith] the [matrix-] land. [of] thou. existence. to give. speech. ,
[and] the [matrix-] sky. [of] thou. existence. to give. speech. ;

[because] the pillar as the god.
[is by] the things of the [matrix-] throne (-at place-T) (ást+ ; not : Isis) . ,

[as?] thou. moon boat (‘a construct’) (?, khens+) . ;              [<< that throne region ?]
[because?] the field of reeds. [for] [matrix-] speech of hail.
[to] thou. having wandered-astray (-from eden) . ;

              [above 669 b : we need a subject which ‘wanders-astray’ , and per context
              it can only be ‘the field of reeds’ :
              it’s unlikely that “the reeds to the fiéld have wandered-astray”
              since ‘field’ is S-KHT , literally “to make the field fór the KH-house” ;
              we cannot be 100% sure “if the field of reeds IS the moon-boat” ;
              this moon-boat is ‘a concept’ , where “the eden-half-month (-moon)”
              is turned into “the matrix-full-month (-moon)”
              but that moon-theme is even more trickier than these ones ;
              the matrix pillar ‘emits the speech’ into their atmosphere ;


PT 659                                                                            [writer is speaking TO the eden star ! :]
thou. essences of the [eden-] word of the [eden-] mountain. [for] [eden-] speech.
[to be] the [matrix-] word. [at] the border (‘of matrix / eden’) .
[for] [matrix-] speech of hail. ;                                                                 [‘mountain’: mt. tsiun]
[as] he. the double willpower of the [matrix-] word by the belly (‘region’) .
[because] thou. [eden-] speech. [of] thou. to sleep (stchr) . ,

[and so] the [matrix-] word to make. [by] thou. inactive. speech. [for] [matrix-] hail. ;

to come hail. [through] the divine image (!) as the double-eye as the foremost one. ,
–                                                                                                                                                                     (khent ártu +)
as. [..] to come hail. [by] [-means of] thou. to copy (sen) . [for] the m-realm (?, m) . ;
[in order for?] to come hail. [by] the [matrix-] word to make. [for] the m-realm (?) . ,
to come hail. [by] the [matrix-] word to make. [for] the m-realm (?) . ,
                                                                                                 [a : repeated to show a ‘copy concept’ ?]

             context , so far :
             the whole context SHOUTS that ‘the eden star is being copied’ ,
             possibly as “now being with another matrix star”
             (because in another spell the eden-star seems ‘to be plated with iron’) ;
             see above and next ,
             concerning “the image of jealousy” (Ezekiel) :
b                                                                                      [=because of the imprisoned real-adam-soul ?]
[because of] the real-adam-soul (-for hail) .  +        
[to be] the divine image Soped (SEPT’U) . ,

[AS?] thou (‘eden-star’) . divine copy (sen) . (being) thou. existence. [for] [matrix-] hail. ;

             above 1864 B : it was never clear (neither to us) whát KHENT ÁRTu  was about ,
             but a same ‘divine image’ glyph returns in ‘Soped , the “sharp one” SEPT’U ,
             representing the original place of Damascus’ star , called Sirius (SEPT’TT+star) ;
             next :
             the copy/doubling theme continues : in “the double átert shrine” ,
             but note how both shrines look different :
[and therewith]
the having been shot one (eden star) (-to make to connect to) (stht) . to birth. ,

by [-means of] the real-adm-soul (-for hail) . (now-) [of] Horus. ,

[and therefore]
the real-adm-soul (-for hail) ’s. deity (eden star) . [by] the [matrix-] light. to command. ,
[as] thou (‘the eden-star’) . (who will-) listen (‘obey the matrix’) . ;

[because at] the island of the horizon (‘gate region’) . [to be] the double-shrine
                                                                                           (-for [matrix-] speech of light ; ÄTER+) .

[and] by. he (‘that shrine’) . ,
the [matrix-] speech. [for N.] to stand upright (‘speech at matrix-vector’) . ;

1860 [skipped 3 lines]
Osiris (‘character of matrix’) .     +
[you-] the father (=eden star) . (who is more north-) to embrace (skhn+) . ,

by [-means of] . Horus (-gate region) ’s .     +
(eden-) mothers (=7 torches) . [to] place-T to wander-astray to (‘bit more to the south’) . ;
[then]      +
these (-specific) two. thou (=eden star) mothers. to wander-astray (‘from the other 5 ?’) .
to make the [matrix-] word. [for] the heir (‘corrupt-adam-souls there’) . ;
[because by] this. thousélf. [as] the wandered-astray one (shm+t)  .
to be made the [matrix-] word. ,
[as] the [matrix-] word. [for] the heir (‘idem’) .                                            [end of PT 659]

             above 1860 : the ‘embrace’ is also the glyph ‘a support’ so that‘d be higher up ;
             the ‘these two’ is -ÁPTN , hence we interpret ‘two of the seven’
             (all torches make and sustain different aspects of a creation) ;

PT 615           [especially about the eden cornerstone]
the adam-like [eden-] island (áu+i) . to destroy. nót. ,
[because it would] destroy. the [matrix-] speech of hail. [for[ this. N (‘candidate’) . ;
[therefore] the adam-like [eden-] island (áu+i). to destroy. nót. ,
[because it would] destroy. [matrix-] existence. ;
[but instead, ]
the [matrix-] ferry-boats. to. the adam-like one. to unite to (-to go reap) (sma) . ,

[as] the [matrix-] cords. [to] the adam-like one. to tie together to. ,
[in order for] he. (the cornerstone itself?) . to copy. [for] [matrix-] hail. ;

[and so to be]
[matrix-] existence. [through] the wing (‘an axis’) (tchnh’) . [to] above (‘north’) . ,

[by] Horus. to make. the adam-like one. [of] [matrix-] willpower. ; to recite .       [end]

            above 615 : the ‘ferry-boats’ ferry over (stolen-) constructs to their north ;
            considered the context here , either the stone itself was copied , or otherwise
            the setup of all the constructs át the stone ;
            the phrase ‘to copy’ was also used with the eden star ;
            problem :
            the matrix has 2 stones (Damascus and another one) , functioning like field-magnets
            for the rotor of an electric motor – where the rotor is ‘their worldtree’ ;
            … our problem is still the ÂPEP reading “the double root for the pillar”,
            but was there a second stone in eden ? (has Moses’ two tablets to do with this ?) ;

PT 606    [also about the eden stone]
the (eden cornerstone itself?) . he. to copy. [to be] [matrix-] existence of hail. ,

[and] his (‘stone’) . [eden-] speech. [as] the injuring one (mert) .
[into] the adam-like one to make (of) [matrix-] hail. [for] [matrix-] existence. ,
[and so to] [matrix-] existence. to come hail (-to) . ;

                                                                                                         [600 : about ‘pyramid working for speech’]
staff again :
PT 594
[very unclear and 2 different versions]                                                                [b: jackal : UP-UATu+]
[by] the jackal (to be) the things of the watercourse (‘Nile’) (by the eden root-) to open. ,
by [-means of]. the (now-) [matrix-] staff (-of hail) (t-á) . on high  (‘in matrix ; qa) . ,

[because] [matrix-] existence has made the place (-T) (Stn) .
for. the (eden-) staff (t) . to be raised and crowned (-at) . ;         [<< at that place]
[as] the double door (at -T for matrix-speech) . [to be] [matrix-] speech of hail. ,
[and therewith] N’s (‘candidate’) . [matrix-] existence. to manifest (-by) .                       [end]

         above 594 : note the simple “the staff being raised and crowned”
         very different from ‘the ferry-boats’ for the other eden concepts ;
         594 is the same what Rg-Veda tells :
         by Indra yielding the thunderbolt , the (eden-) waters started to flow to the north ;


PT 613                             [we overlooked this one , previously — very damaged spell]
the word. [of] the pillar as the double god. [in] the dimensional background (=eden ; h’a) .

[the word-] [to be at] the field of offerings (skht-h’tp) . [for] [matrix-] existence of hail. ,

[and to be fór]
the [matrix-] staff (-for hail) (t-á) . [at] the (dimension of the-) West. side. above (‘north’) . ;

        above 613 : so “the word will become for the [matrix-] staff in the north”,
        but it says that “the pillar as the double god is in the eden-dimension (‘background’)” ;
        so the concept “(the one-) pillar as the god” must be the matrix one
        (though here termed ‘staff TÁ’ , where the eden-staff is called just -T , in other spells) ;

PT 592
[only 1 line]
[by] to connect to. the real-adam-soul (-for hail) . ,
existence to make (‘as concept’) . [as] the doubled [matrix-] things. ,

[to be] all. the divine things. ,                                                            [<< lineup]
by. the staff (-T) (for) sekhem-power. ,      [<< this staff in eden now]

[now at-] (place-T in-) the [matrix-] north realm. as. the staff. risen and crowned. ;

        above 529 : the grammar is a bit overdone
        but also here “the staff rises up and is crowned” KHAÂ ;
        saying that ‘the real-soul’s existence to make (as concept) will be doubled’ ;
        sekhem-power is “creating physical things made out of words/lights”,
        in this case ‘the stolen eden-words’ ;
line 1619 a : “the staff (-T) to stand upright (-at matrix vector)

line 1616 c : important , but can be read in several ways ;

PT 577
[to be] the justice (maât) . [of] all (‘previous mentioned’) . on high (‘matrix high place’) . ,

[by means of] the (still in eden !-) staff of sekhem-power. to purify. ,

[and to] Osiris (‘matrix character’) . [to] rise and be crowned. ; to recite.                  [end]

        above 577 : here also the staff is related to sekhem-power ,
        the same QA ‘high place’ is used as in previous spells , like the ‘to rise and crowned’ ;
        that “it has to be purified” indicates the staff came FROM eden ;
        the staff appears as TÁ earlier in the spell , terming it ‘the father of matrix-existence’
        and is also termed “the firstborn (SMSU) for matrix-existence”
        (read : the first construct which the matrix obtained , and see Rg-Veda) ;

PT 574                       the eden cornerstone
the [setup of the?-] (eden-) stone. he. to copy. [for] [matrix-] existence of hail. ,

[and] he (‘the copy’) . [to be at] the [dimensional-] side. above (‘north’) . ,

[as] Osiris’. hand (‘executive region’) .       /or/      [to] Osiris. to give.                [end]

        above 574 : it must be “the set-up (‘organization’) of the constructs át the stone”
        because the spell has mentioned Soped (the copied eden star)”
        and “the four (vessels)” which are both ark related ;
        and this copied set-up they placed at the base of their worldtree  ;
        we hád in earlier posted spells already ‘a set tile’ at the pillar
        but we thought we misunderstood ;

                                                               [PT 572 ,1476, Soped + ksbt tree ; + t’t’un (=dedan?)
                                                               but all as copied regions in the matrix]
PT 565
[for] this. N (‘candidate’) . [to be] the [matrix-] speech of hail. ,
[through ?] the \\ (=eden?) willpower.
[by?] serket (‘water-scorpion’) . [to] [matrix-] existence. to give. speech. ;

        above : ‘Serket’ is a type water-scorpion with a breathing-tube upon the head ,
        context can suggest that “she dove into the eden-dimension to free the pillar”,
        since another spell tells “that she fights ÂPEP”  
        (but we’ve to look at that one , still) :
[and] she (serket) . the one (‘possibly : the staff’) for [matrix-] speech of hail (árt) .
[but as] the one of the mountain.                                                                             [<< mt. tsiun]
                            [in order for] [matrix-] speech to be make. [for] [matrix-] existence. ,
to untie [-that one] (-for matrix-hail). ;
[in order for] N. [for]. existence to make (‘as concept’) . [by] [matrix-] existence. ,

[by means of] [matrix-] existence. the tongue (‘language?’) . to birth. ,

[by] having become – the returned [-to matrix] . existence to make. ;
1426               [the now completed situation :]
[and now,] this. N. he (=eden) . to repulse. ,
by [-means of]. the [matrix-] staff (-T) . to rejoice in. [at] the [matrix-] border-sky (nut). ;
[because now for] N. [to be] the word. [of] main – [matrix-] willpower. ,
[through] the [captured-] one (‘eden staff’) . [for] the [matrix-] word. ,

(being) this. N’s. branch / staff (khet) . [as] the [captured-] one. [for] the [matrix-] word. ;
[being] the hail. [for] [matrix-] existence. [by] the staff (-of hail). [óf] [matrix-] existence. ,

[as] the hail. [for] [matrix-] existence. [by] (having all?-) three (‘2 roots + pillar?’) . ;
[and by being] within [-the matrix] ,                                                   [<< the staff is within]
[to be] the [matrix-] sky. [of] [matrix-] speech of hail. ;

[because for] N. [to be] the staff (-of hail) (t-á) . [of] willpower. [of] [matrix-] existence. ,

[as] the purified (-one) (‘previous eden-staff’) . [for] this. N. ; to recite.                        [end]

          above 565 : here also called KH-T “branch, staff” ,
          but then also glyph PA+branch “staff to fly-upward” can be this theme
          (in other spells) , just as S-PA H’ER + centipede (dutch : ‘thousand-legged one’) ,
          the ‘1000’ is ‘the 1000 corners of the thunderbolt’ (Rg-Veda) ;
          the now matrix staff can even be the UATCHT-sceptre (see BD and amtuat) ;

PT 563              [location of the matrix-staff , now]
the field of reeds (‘at gate region’) . by. he (‘field’) . to purify. :
the staff (-of hail) (t-á) . [for] the island of the horizon (‘gate region’) . [of] Horus. ,

[and by] the [matrix-] hail (‘staff’) . to manifest. , the [matrix-] speech to manifest. ;
a                                                                                                            [a : SHESTT : some specific place]
the field of reeds , by. he (‘field’) . to purify. :
the staff (-of hail) (t-á) . [for] the island of SHESTT (‘unknown concept’) . [of] Horus. ,

[and by] the [matrix-] hail (‘staff’) . to manifest. , the [matrix-] speech to manifest. ;
1411                  [their situation has now been completed :]
[and BY ?] the [matrix-] staff (-of hail) (t-á) .    
[at] the island of the horizon (‘gate region’) . [of] Horus. [.1x..] ,

to cool down. [eden-] double door. [in order] to open (-it) (-for matrix-hail) (á-snsh) . ,
[and then] the [matrix-] sky’s. double door. to open (‘for matrix’) (un) . ;
[and by] the [matrix-] staff (-of hail) (t-á) .    
[alike?] the East (-ern one ?) (‘Heaven’?’) . [of] Horus. [for?] [matrix-] existence. ,

the cooled down. [eden-] double door. to (kéep ?-) opened (-for matrix-hail) (á-snsh) . ,
[in order that?-] the [matrix-] sky’s. double door. (keeps being?-) opened (un) . ;

          above 563 : the writer is clearly ‘building up a certain theme’ ,
          as “the matrix-staff now has eden-willpower to keep the eden-gate opened”
          (see prophets ‘who of you (=we) will shut the gate for Me ?’) ;
          because by the opened gate the matrix will constantly be able to feed Off upon
          (in another spell was “the matrix double-door to stand upright (at matrix-vector)” ;
          clearly a phallic concept here – pillar and gate ; as fornication ;
          the SHES-TT+TÁ is still unknown to us, said as “a sacred place of Horus”,
          but probably a more precise location where the staff is ;

PT 525                       [tricky reading :]
the god. [of] [matrix-] existence. [was] the divine [matrix-] staff (-T) .
(having been at?-) the (now?-) opened (-eden root) (upt) .

[as?] the god’s. son. ,                                                         [<< as ‘temporary imprisonment’ ?]                                

[but now as] the divine [matrix-] god. Having  become [matrix-] new. ,
(and having ?) the main – willpower. ;

        above 525 : we had several times now “the pillar as the double god” ;
        so the “original matrix-staff is termed ‘the god” ,
        but he – as concept – was ‘imprisoned’ in eden ,
        hence it can explain “being the god’s son” –
        they cannot use harsh language because it is THEIR type god ,
        (not : son + god , because that would read “the son as the god”) ;

PT 484
the [matrix-] staff (-of hail) . he. the [eden-] willpower. [for] [matrix-] hail. to copy. ,

[and] the [eden-] willpower. [for] [matrix] existence.    +
(with) the made [matrix-] word. to unite (t’mt’) . ;

[and then] the staff (-of hail) . [éden-] existence. [of] willpower. he. to copy. ,

[because by] the [matrix-] speech of hail.                      [<< matrix-willpower of speech]
[for this N.] he (=eden) . to open (‘the eden-root’) (up) . ;

          above 484 : we don’t understand ‘how’ he can copy (eden-) willpower :
          it must be “an eden construct which he copies”
          … and that can hardly be anything else as “the column of fire” ;

                                                                        [PT 480 ,994, Soped + ksbt tree ; + t’t’un (=dedan?)
                                                                                                    but all as copied regions in the matrix]

PT 478                the MAQT-ladder  (both eden-ram horns having grown to the north)
[by] Horus [-doing] . the maqt-ladder. to stand upright (‘at matrix-vector’) . ,
[and therewith]
the (eden-corner-) stone. [of] (=at) . the maqt-ladder. to stand upright. ;
[so that] the god (=’matrix-speech’) . [bý] the maqt-ladder. (will) stand upright. ;
[and by] the (eden-) stone. [of] (=at]) the maqt-ladder.
to connect to. the [matrix-] speech above (‘north’) .
[to be] the protection of [matrix-] hail. ,
[to be] the god (‘matrix-speech’) . [bý] the maqt-ladder.
[to be] connected (-with) . the [matrix-] speech above.
[as] [the god-] protecting the [matrix-] hail.                                                               [end]

         above 478 : maqt includes the notion of ‘going up’ (‘growing’) ,
         the ladder / of the [-one] Q-axis (=eden’s vector) / to reap ;
         explaining also hów Damascus (where the stone is) went up to the north ;
         upon the other pole of the ladder
         must be ‘the matrix-stone’ in glyphs as ‘the P-root’
         (see a previous spell about the stone in relation to Â-PeP) ;
         alternatively these 2 axis must bet he “passive + NN” glyph
         and even relate to “the double-jaw” ÂR where ÂR is ‘to ascend’ ,
         see PT 467 , 954 , there as “two poles”
         (yes that can be the ‘I will put a hook in your jaws’, the jaws of the Beast) ; 

                                                                                                                       [PT 477 : interesting]

PT 476
[tob e] the (vampiring-) ânkh-life. [of] [matrix-] existence. [for] this. N (‘candidate’) . ,
[as] he (‘ânkh’) . [by] the [matrix-] throne (‘see below’) . to. N (‘candidate’) . to give. ,
[and therewith]
he. the [eden-] throne. for. the word to make (‘as concept’) . to perish (-for hail) . ;
[and this happened by means of] the staff (‘the eden-vertical-vector Q’) . below (‘south’) .    +
[to become] the [matrix] tree (-axis) (-as the Q-axis for the [matrix-] solarplane) (baQ !) . ;
[repeat of c, b]                                                                                  [staff : hence âbbt ba-spirit sceptre]

      above 955 : “the throne” is the place “where speech makes the words” ,
      in the eden-situation : “where the eden-star makes words from living-waters”
      (as ‘light-particles’) ,
      in de eden-situation this happened ‘at the hand’ where is the eden-cornerstone
      (but they built their own throne – ást – at their dimensional border) ;


[because for] thou (‘candidate’) .
to become the things of [eden-] existence for (flourishing-) [matrix-] existence (+H’). ,

[through first for] thou. the (ascended-) double pole (âr) . to calculate (h’sb) . ;
[for] thou. The serpent-design for (the now matrix-) house-H of stability. To destroy. ,

[by] to become the double design. ;

[and by] menu (‘keypoint of two opposite directions’) . [tob e] the speech. alike-adam. ,
N. this (existence to connect to) . desire .     ???

[resumed :]
[then by] the jackal the watercourse (‘Nile’) to open (‘by the opened eden-root’) .
[in order to be] the [matrix-] speech. alike-adam’s. ,

[to] [..]. this. made [matrix-] high place (s-qa) . ;                              [<< Nile arriving at matrix]
[then by] Horus. [to be] [matrix-] speech. alike-adam’s. ,
[and] N. this. to serve. ,                                                                                       [<< as speech serving N]

[because then] Râ (‘this sun’) . the speech. alike-adam. [for] this. N. [..] to carry. ;
                                                                                                   [=Râ carries the speech for N ; R = speech]

               Râ is in the north – narrative now going back to the south :
the things of the [matrix-T’UA-] star in the tuat (-region) .
[as] this (-one) (‘star’) . For [..]. this. N. to dwell (-there) . ;
[as] the opened (‘eden-root’) – divine things. [to] the [matrix-] land. to guide. ,
[and] to be carried – [in] the [matrix-] sky. ,
[by means of Râ’s (‘this sun’) . son (-construct) . ,                          [<< son : see PT 525]

[which is] the support (-axis) (of throne-G) for to become new (ung+) .  [..unreadable..] ;

[because by] the [eden-] word. [fór] the [matrix-] pillar (=that same axis) .
[is] the great – [matrix-] word (-for matrix great speech) .

[by means of] this. double god (=eden’s vector) .
         [for] the [matrix-] existence. [for N.]
[to be in] the (dimensional matrix-) equilibrium [-in centre of the ladder] (mtr) . ;
[and therewith] the [matrix-] place (-T for) [matrix-] great speech.
[to become by]
the (-7) ârrut gates (‘an axis – as ‘the eden-word of eden-speech RR for matrix-willpower’) .
[in order to be] [matrix-] speech of hail. ;

[ás] the hovering (watercourse-) axis (to matrix-) existence to connect to (then+) . ,
[in order] to be (matrix-) hail. ;

        above 952 : just different names for the same (new-) axis ;
        this new axis as the ÁARUT-gates : see the BD spell
        (these are represented in the 7-fold stairway in the Giza pyramid) ;

vertical axis : eden’s vector (Q) , likely still
as ‘the one pole of the ladder’ (maQt)
having Damascus (and eden stone) as the + ‘making speech’ ;

… then the far-left pole must be ‘the other pole of the (maqt) ladder’
(carrying the other stone) ;
while inbetween both poles is ‘the equilibrium’ (mtr, line b)
where is the new “now watercourse axis” as ÁRRUT gates , feeding the t’ua-star (O) ;

[and by] the god (=this new axis) . [to be] he. the T’UA-star (-of matrix-dawn) . ;
[what is next subject : star or the axis ? a + b belong together :]

[this] N. he. to make to purify. ,
[by] [matrix-] existence to make (‘as concept’) . [as] the one (-of the word) alike-eden’s . ,

[because] the (now matrix-) staff (t-á) (‘thunderbolt / column of fire’) .
[for] all – [matrix-] existence. [is bý] the [matrix-] god (‘the new axis as their Nile’) . ;
[through] Horus. [is] [matrix-] existence. [as] the pure – [matrix-] land. ,
[and through] Râ. [is] [matrix-] existence. [as] the pure – [matrix-] sky.                        [end]