CoffinText 44 – part III :
the ‘firstborns’ as the corrupt
souls born by the eden-mother,
burying ‘the father’ (=Heaven)
+ promises for the candidates

[2021-sept.23 : FINALE]


continued [-from part II] : closing section

… please understand that this one (44) is a kind of ‘matter of honour’ to us :
six long years we got Lost in complicated chapters like this one ,
because we could not understand the BARRAGE of complicated themes  —
but that has ended now
and finally we understand virtually ALL in Esau’s OWN writings


part III                       promises for the candidate + a recount of previous themes


this final part III :
… like the buildup of many prophets , the chapter now “works back to the start”,
shown by several repeated themes – like ‘the birthright’ and ‘the weary one’ :
the ‘firstborns’ :
… as glyph SEMSU , countered in prophets and Revelation as ‘the man-child’ :

[then to be] the island of the horizon (‘their whole gate region’) .    +
[of] the [matrix-] words of eden-within. ,
[because by] the divine firstborns (‘birthright theme’) . [as] thou. existence.
the [eden-] word to come. ;                                          [<< because they invoke the word]
[and therewith] the [matrix-] sky. [through] thou. existence. (to be) enlightened. ,
[and] the [matrix-] land. [through] thou. existence. (to be) illuminated. ;
[because you-] [as] Geb’s (‘all matrix-lands’) . son. (are) the connecting one. ;
[therefore] Hathor’s (‘Horus-house , in gate region’) . possessions (are).      +
[by means of] thóu. (having) erased. the calamity. :       +          [<< calamity = ‘the lack’]


                    because they , though corrupt-adm-souls , were born by the eden-mother :
I 183                                                              
[because] the foreign-land’s ( mother ) .     +                                                [mtt, form of Mut ?]
[is] the noble woman (repit) . [for] [matrix-] existence. [of] thou. ,    
[through] the cords (‘of the opened-word’) (-to her ?). ;                 [h : see end of chapter]
[and therewith ?] thou. were devised. for. to be connected to. the anointment. ,
[having] the great (read : ’stolen eden-speech’) . sorcery. for. to be rejoiced in. ;
[and so for] Nebhet (‘how they call their house’) .        +
[to be] [eden-] willpower for [matrix-] existence. ,
[unsure :]
[and for] Isis. [to be] the [matrix-] word. connected to. [matrix-] existence. [of] praise. ;

context , so far :
… the interpretation as “the eden mother”must be valid  —
the mother , as birth-concept , also wandered-off to the matrix ,
and is now also birthing corrupt-adam-souls [=a major problem in prophets] ;
therewith these corrupt-souls have ‘a special position within the matrix’ ,
because they can defeat eden with her own weapons now ;
compare also
how this theme continues with next section below :

                                                                                                                                                            about Heaven :

[by means of for] the West [-dimension]. all (all of the West-dimension) .       +
he. the divine father (=Heaven). to bury. ,                                    [<< not : ‘buried his father’]

          [for all of the West [-dimension] to bury he the divine father=Heaven ;
          the writer means “they themselves are burying it” !]

[the buried one-] [being] the dimension weary. great (the great weary dimension) . ,
[as] the sleeping things. great                 (the sleeping things of great [eden-] speech) . ;
[per context :]
[because] thou (‘candidate’) . (will be) a divine [matrix-] son. [like] I. ;

                                                                                                    about their job of invoking the waters :
[and by] the speech. [of] you . [at] the border (‘between matrix and eden’) . ,
in.        +
thou. workplace (‘invoking the eden-waters’) . [of] [+your] [matrix-] speech. ,
the watercourse (‘Nile’) (will be) far. [from] thou=existence. nót. within [-the matrix]. ;
[but through] my=our. speech. ,
[we go-] the [eden-] word. to connect to. the watercourse having been made to ascend. ;

I 182
[and through] the [matrix-] speech.
the [eden-] word. [..] will come (-to). within [-the matrix]. ;

                                                                                                                      about their new spirit-body :

[then by] the (now-) [matrix-] word.       +
the egg (‘energy-field of a body) (suh’t) . to create. ,       
[as] the (protective-) shadow arising. over. the soul (=corrupt-adam-soul) . ;
[and] thou. dead body(-on earth) (khat) . [..] (will be) remembered . [+nót]. ,
[because] thou. Ba spirit-body. [for] [matrix-] existence. (will be) [+thou]. vessel. ,
[as] the (‘square !’) treasure-chest. [of] the words of eden-within. ;

context , so far :
… the ‘create + egg’ was wrongly lined up (first need subject , then verb) ,
yet the energy-field must be consistent with ‘the vessel’ ;
the “(square-) chest” seems weird – but (mutilated-) eden-words can only exist
like ‘within a square / cube’ [=that is why the matrix needed the eden-house-H] ,
yet here he tells
that the corrupt-adam-souls have more words as other type spirits ;
                                                                                 promises that the new life will be protected :
[and because of] the divine destroying NT-spirits (‘some type guardians’) .    +
[for] [matrix-] existence of hail. ,
thou. [(will be) repulsed. [from] [matrix-] existence. nót. ;
[but instead,] thou. body (‘not : dead body’) . above. (will be) watched over. ;
[and for] thou. the fat things. [of] [matrix-] existence. (will) flourish. ,
[because] thou. [..1x lost..] . (will have) become new. ,
[as] thou. [matrix-] existence. having become (aú) . the ânkh-life. ;

closing :
[very tricky :]
the one. (who is-) divinely teached (?) . [..] (will be) the risen and crowned one. ,    +
                                    (SBA : ‘star’ or ‘teach’)

I 181
[just as?] Râ (‘this sun’) . (who is-) alike-adam. ,
and (will) take an aim (=’make the connection’ S-TH) . at. being made a spirit. ;
[to be] the group of divine ones. [of] the word of eden-within. ,           [<< ‘as Ammon’]
[having] [matrix-] existence of hail. ;
[the existence-] [as?] the boat. of. the [matrix-] word. [of] ’the ones who are’. ,
[and] the [matrix-] speech. [for] thou. will become alike-adam’s. ,
[because of?] the hand (‘Damascus here?’) . Adam (1x) gave. ;
[for thereby ?] the double [matrix-] word was created. ,
having become the reckoning. the [matrix-] day (as the day of reckoning : upon eden). ,
[because] the altar (‘gate region construct’) . [..]. the words. to bear up [-into north] .
[to be] [matrix-] existence of hail. ;

                                                         repeat of promise – by maintaining the stolen eden-gate :
[and] thou. to distribute (?,khbnt) . the anointment. ,                                     [<< see 183-h]
[because through] thou. [is] the word of the heir. ,
[which] (will be) destroyed. [+nót]. ;
[and because by] Hathor. thou. Sight (‘concept’) . [for] thou. to manifest. ,
[therefore through] thou. (are) the things of beauty. [for] [matrix-] existence. ,
[by means of] the sky’s. [great-] double-door to keep being opened [-by thou] .  

above : ‘the opened double-door’ :
… as said in prophets : “who of you (=we) will close the [stolen eden-] gate for Me ..?”,
in order that their realm will stop feeding-off upon eden .



annex :

translation of this CT 44 by Faulkner

… but remember – he has read everything in the wrong direction ;
therefore a term as “opened double door”
will appear at the START of his chapter
(and you decide which version makes the most Sense to you) :

“The doors of the sky are opened because of your goodness ; may you ascend
and see Hathor , may your complaint be removed , may your sin be erased by
those who weigh in the balance at the day of reckoning characters ,
may it be granted that you join those who are in the Bark by those who are
in the Suite , they having been made spirit-like with lustration like Rê ;
appear as the Lone Star .
Life is yours , there shall be [water for] you , that it may be well with your members .
Be watchful over your corpse , for you shall not be held back by the … who are in …
may your soul have a heart ,that it may remember your corpse , that it may make
fortunate the egg which creates you . Betake yourself to me , draw near to me ,
be not far from your tomb , turn to me , for I am your son , O you who are greatly
sleepy and mightily weary , who buried his father , Lord of the West .
May Isis and Nephthys favour you when you appear in the crown Mighty-of-magic ,
rub , that you may redden (?) the cords , for your head belongs to the Mistress
of Imet . Your impediment will be removed by Hathor , for you are the son of Geb .
The earth is illuminated for you , the sky shines for you , there will come to you
the Old Ones who are in the horizon and the great ones will bend down their arms
to you , saying : Hekes ! Hephep !
May you sail southward in the Night-bark and northward in the Day-bark ;
may you recognize your soul in the upper sky , while your flesh , your corpse ,
is in Ôn . May Nephthys favour you , may she grant your call like her call , may she
put the terror of you into the spirits as when Rê rises from the double gates .
Oho Nt-crown ! Oho in-crown ! Oho Mighty-of-magic ! Oho fiery Serpent ! ,
even you who fashioned N , and from whom he has gone forth – and vice versa .
Ho N ! The Serpent-goddess has borne you , the great Goddess has fashioned you .
Ho N ! Rise up and sit down at your thousand of bread , your thousand of beer ,
your thousand of oxen and fowl , that you may be glad and that he who has
injured you may be apprehensive . Stand up , that you may see Mâet ,
behold she is for you like the daily rising of the sun .
Ho N ! You have departed living , you have not departed dead .
Ho N ! Go down and bathe with Rê within the lotus tanks (?) ; don the clean
garment upon the refuge with him who lives in his shroud . May N be encircled
by Orion , by Sothis and by the Morning Star , may they set you within the arms
of your mother Nut , may she save you from the rage of the dead who go
head-downwards , for you are not among them and [you] shall not be among them ,
you shall not go down to the butchery of the first of the decade among those who
suffer the lamentations of the West .
I fight for you with this staff of mine , for I am your son , O you who are greatly
sleepy and mightily weary , even your heir who is among the gods .
You have appeared as Lord of the West , having ruled the Egyptians who are
on earth . Rise up to life , for you have not died . Raise yourself up upon your
left side , put yourself upon your rightside , receive these dignities of yours
which your father Geb has given you . Hathor has provided clothing for you ;
betake yourself to me , for I am your son Horus ,
and I enclose you within the arms of your mother Nut – may you live forever !”