Colossians 1-4 : too corrupted
… another one lost .
(see the Thessalonians and Timothy page for the type corruptions)
… if you look honestly to the KJV version of this letter ,
Paul has been made to say nothing of any importance , whatsoever –
the reason is that all his brothers knew Christ : but we forget that they did !!

the usual buildup of Paul’s chapters :
… we know that Paul used a certain pattern to describe his message :
saying “we know Christ – but in the end of days the people will not ,
because Esau will have corrupted scripture” ,
therefore “souls will need to become who will investigate the word of God”
the latter will receive their Original – and then we will also”
after the wrath , God will save the other souls too , and restore them” :

… at least these four themes must have been the four chapters of Colossians ,
but for all we know Esau may have torn óut chapters
(or even made those other chapters into a seperate ‘Phillipians’ – who knows..?) ,
since Paul’s other themes are also
the lawlessness in the last days
Adam’s rule replaced by Christ’s
the eden-land and God’s covenant ;

KJV content of Colossians 1 : where the text goes wrong , already :
3 :
“we give thanks to God and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ , praying always for you ;
4 :
since we heared of your faith in Christ Jesus, and of the love [which you have] to all the saints,
for the hope which is laid up for you in heaven ,
whereof you heared before in the word of truth in the gospel.”

… can only be a juxtaposition : likely context :

we may pray to God the Father , because we know our Lord Jesus Christ ,
but the love=people in the saints=endtime will nót hear=have the right belief in Jesus Christ ,
for they will hope=hold on to a heavens=false – laid up=gospel ,
which=because – the word of truth=God will have been heared=corrupted [..1x..] ;

the continuation :

… but from here on it becomes virtually impossible  –
after line 5 , this 6 must describe “a consequence of not knowing the word” :

line 6 :
available words : ‘world’, ‘bring forth + fruit’, ‘grace + God’ ;
optional content :
“therefore the people will love this world ,
 and will not bring forth fruit ,
 which is not pleasing to God”
(in another chapter Paul used “only fruit of the lips”, i.e. lipservice) ;

from line 7 : undoable ,
because we’d need to fill 22 more lines to get to the end of this chapter ,
while only in chapter 2 (line 13 + 14) we have another anchorpoint :

Colossians 2 :
likely theme : the 144 are called

optional content :
line 13 :
but the ones who will have understood his words
as the souls having died to their flesh
He will forgive them their trangression [=’body’] ;

if they understand the writing/scriptures (cheirographon=graphé) about the promise (?)
which will be hostil=given to us=them  
and=when they will restore the right words of God (?)

[by] stripping [=removing] the evil ones [=’words’] from the authorities=the right ones
for these will show in=when they will triumph=have the boldness towords the it=word ;

validity :
… the “boldness” is always used by Paul as relating to ‘understanding the word’ ,
and in prophets
the 144 indeed will be forgiven “because of their understanding” ;
Esau turned any relation to scriptures/writing into (cheirographon) ;

Colossians 3 :
likely theme : our Originals

used words : new (man) , created + image                  (line 9)
                             put on (a garment , a body)                   (line 12)
                             body                                                                    (line 15)

Colossians 4 :
the likely required theme : also Jacob saved
… but instead , hundreds of names of ‘brothers’ are listed ,
while the chapter ends with Esau’s signature ;

conclusion : also these four chapters are lost .


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