coronavirus hype thread
because it is an occult Ritual
the situation of the ‘virus’ needs to be feeded (=hyped up) continually

7 april

“I , Pet Goat” (breakdown)
… we had forgotten this video because so much happened the past years ,

yet need to give this one again some attention
(because of the log suggesting how ‘they’ are forced to act nów ,
which differs from the desired schedule they had in mind – per video)

[credit in link]
  • 0.10 : the goat appears on screen : showing the subject of the video
    as the title of the vid , it shows the goal :
    the goat represents “adm-souls being imprisoned in the soon-to-be situation of earth” :
    the “mark on the forehead” is not the same concept as in scripture ,
    but serves here to depict (using the mark symbolism) that they will be forever servants :
    the underlying theme here is
    that their realm desires “that all adm-souls will be Trapped on this earth”
    (so , there will not have been an escape of the 144,000 sons
    because they will have NOT have come into being as that group) ,
    so that the forever cycle of “adm-souls on this prison-planet” would continue ,
    meaning that théir dimension could keep feeding upon (darkened) eden forever
    (in Rg-Veda adamites are called ‘goats’ (‘aja’) ,
    while the pet in the title refers to adam-souls as hostages
  • start of the narrative (shown as early 2000)
  • 0.28 : the main figure as former president H.W. Bush ,
    doing the bidding of “other powers” (the hands) ,
    while the birthday-hat he wears symbolizes that he is “a clown , a stooge” ;
  • 0.32 strengthened by the tapdancing upon a “freemason chequered floor” :
    the “scary pose” he takes (0.34) is “to scare people that a conspiracy is going on”,
    or rephrased , “scare believers that a masonic conspiracy is going on”, see next ;
  • 0.45 the “fool me once” :
    denoting how in that timeframe (the 2000s)
    the idea of “a global conspiracy”
    was widely lived — hence the pointing to the clock as “it is midnight now” ,
    and the “devils horns” as gesture with the hands (at 1.01) ,
    but because nothing happened the next years , that conspiracy died (=as planned);

Bush making the symbol
(illuminati info com)
  • 1.09 he “morphs” into Obama ,
    at the start of his presidency it was suggested he linked to the antichrist ,
    fueled by many (created) hypes like “the mystery of the birthcertificate”,
    walking around with “communist books” or signing the medicare-bill with 21 pencils ;
    the morphing shows that this person was but the continuation of the plan ;
  • 1.17 believing souls :
    the girl is shown as “serious believer inbetween non-serious ones” ,
    because the apple she holds represents her as “being aware she is sinful” ,
    for the apple is thé symbol of fallen Paradise ;
    the bunny shown above her CAN relate to “easter 2020” (see next) ,
    but is certainly an indication of her —
    compare how MSM called believers “eastern worshippers” in their Rituals ;
    she lives in a manipulated world (=the chequered masonic floor) ,
    and the expression of her eyes is as one who is starting to fall asleep ,
    indeed it gets dark around her (=she sleeps) ;
    1.31 the year 2020 :
    the apple rolls over a stylized “20” — true , the “2” isn’t very visible
    but can be deducted from the setup ;
    then the apple falls in 2 parts , and since the apple tóuched the “20”
    it is related , and shows now 20+20 (=the two halves) ;
  • 1.44 restart narrative : early 2000
    this dark world is shown – but the intent is here “as un-illuminated world” ;
    the american flag does not mean “only the USA”
    but shows to understand which “two towers” are going down (1.59);
  • 2.11 Osiris (representing their 666-man in their new dawn dimension) approaches:
  • the front of the boat has the typical jackal-headed shape of Anubis
    (compare book of amtuat , the heads upon the boats in hour III ) ;
    later in the clip , the ferrying person will show to be a completed Osiris;
  • 2.21 the terrorist:
    likely showing here how “islam will be used by ‘them’ as bogeyman” ;
    2.31 skipped ;
    2.44 the heart :
    compare ‘the heart’ in every google doodle these days ;
    2.48 the “third eye” shows it is Osiris ,
    the third eye refers to “sight” , as a dimension ;
    2.59 note how the tv is connected to the head ,
    and how it screams to the mind of the boy ;
    compare the ape-diagram we posted in several instances ;
    the angry talking is “the matrix consciousness around this earth”
    connected with our minds (and see logs) ;
    the “stocks going down” are projected in his eyes , and links to next :
    3.10 – 3.14 the doves = the (personal) spirits of the 144,000
    weird section —
    the birds flying up , after their perception of earth is destroyed ,
    must be “their spirits (attributes) being destroyed”,
    shown how they are squashed and set on fire by the arriving Osiris (3.14) ; see next ;
    3.16 christianity mourns her dead 144,000 :
    the crying maria-like figure holds a dead son (as the 144,000)
    since this follows upon previous killing of the doves ;
    note how their new dawn shines already in the background — as timeframe ;
    so the dying of the 144,000 needs to happen BEFORE their dawn arrives ;
    3.40 Gaia-adherents (‘climate change people’) invoke their realm :
    the girl is typically a (hyped) climate-change victim ,
    inviting the spirit armies (=the tanks) ,
    then is shown how she laboured for théir dimension (the skeleton) ;
    3.56 at that point Osiris arrives visually
    and the defeated 144,000 (at 4.04) are tortured ,
    4.07 their new dawn breaks through the dimensional barrier
    note how he spits fire (in 4.09) and compare posted Isaiah 33 ;
    *rest of video : no further relevant themes*



    UPD. 31/3

    #1 sound doctors explain the current hype
    great video from Germany ;
    the sound doctors describing the current hype is like a breath of fresh air ;
    English subtitled but the original German tells more context ;
    duration : 1 hour ;
    all links in original site (upd. link was removed, was at:

    #2 CBS caught using footage to hype NewYork situation
    see to right

    #3 DailyMail (UK) : corpses of victim hauled in boxes in NYC
    see header to right ;
    be sure that the DailyMail is not the same like other UK tabloids ;
    we’ve followed DM long enough to know that they are a mouthpiece ;
    the fact that DM is in dirty overdrive is very telling ;
    … this article is particularly devious :
    all the shown photo’s in the thread create a suggestive narrative :
    vague pictures of appereant chaos ,
    supported by pictures of a busy ER scene , titled
    “overwhelmed staff at Brookdale University Hospital Centre in New York”,
    yet any picture of any ER does NOT mean it’s coronavirus related —
    another picture , titled
    “one of the refrigerated trucks lined on either side
    with dead bodies of covid victims”
    is outright stagery —
    see all the videos and comments in previous log how all hospitals are EMPTY

    #4 Daily Mail : Pierce promoting the reality of the virus
    … we’ve followed this opinioner for the past years ,
    and found that he is one of them “in the know” :
    his articles are brilliant , in this way ,
    that he always succeeds to point out hypocrisies of others to the readers ,
    yet with the goal to push the real agenda of what is going on :
    this article is not aimed at “the dumbness of his 20 victims” ,
    but intended to promote the “realness of the pandemic going on”
    — which is the REAL lie

    #5 RT : “… no more people are dying then NORMAL”
    … reflecting all what the German doctors said in posted video ;–people-die-outcome/





    *very* many hospitals in the West do not have 1 virus patient taken in
    … literally hundreds of people in many countries checked their local ER ,
    virtually everyone of them reported the same result — zero patients ;

    a selection :

    1) USA (29 march)
    video ; Brooklyn hospital : result : empty ;

    (28 march)
    video ; title “I Went To Various Hospitals, Urgent Care Centres
    and Emergency Rooms In my area”
    result : all empty

    2) Canada (28 march)
    result : empty ; video title “Pandemic Hunting ! hospital or ghost Town ?”

    3) Germany (28 march)
    Berlin ; Billy Six walks through an empty ER
    title : “Hier die ganze Doku des Schreckens” ,
    translation : here is the entire documentary of the Horror ;
    (video deleted from several hosts)

    4) Ireland (28 march)
    video ; empty ER in Dublin “which seems suspiciously quiet. another video emerges
    showing an empty st Vincent’s and an employee who seems ucomfortable discussing. Why?”

    5) Italy (20 march)
    video ; apparently an emergencyroom in a hospital ,
    nurses tell how bad the situation is ,
    patients lay motionless on their beds
    – but facing DOWN – not good for lungpatients = very likely medical dummies

    6) Holland (23 march)
    title : Peter Dickman is calling Hospitals to find Corona Patients
    result : 0 patients ; hospitals even think the patients are in óther hospitals (he called)

    ******collection thread*****          Twitter title  ‘Empty Hospitals’
    vids from every country , all showing the same result : empty ;
    apart from the video’s , numerous written reports tell the same situation everywhere ;



    additional :
    b) forced mass producing of ventilators or generators…?

    Trump ‘misspoke’ twice last evening  —  demanding ‘generators / ventilators’ ;
    to right : “what is the most rational conversion of an automotive manifacturing plant ?
    auto > ventilator , or auto > generator ?”
    see next ,

    C) “Why Did Hundreds of CEO’s Resign Just Before The World started Going Absolutely Crazy ?”
    with more than 1,332 stepping aside in the period from January through the end of October,
    and 172 last month



    a thought .
    The virus planted in China was real . Suddenly at February 6 ,
    the WHO in Geneva announced a weird Legal startingpoint .
    From that moment the ritual started in the West  —
    having the APPEARANCE of many fatalities (because of China)
    but very likely in reality has not even much effect on Westerners .
    … in the same time this Ritual is playing ,
    a certain group knows already what is going to happen ;
    they apparently need a bit more Time still ,
    since they extended their Ritual until two weeks after Easter …


    [all we care about is to declare these things to the other reality —
    since we know no one is attentive anymore in this insane society]


    ——– end post