themes : reaping the coverings of the eden-tree,
now doubled at their copied-hand north (Damascus / (TEM) ;
notes :for each subsequent paragraph ; below main text ;
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CT 1029


VII 257

c) the divine light. [for] existence [=matrix]. ,
[by] the great pillar’s [matrix]. boat. ,
of [=as]. the boat of the word at place-T for the word-inside make to build [as new-hand] (sqt’ut+). ,
[for] existence. [by] the mouth [=gate]. ;
b) [by] thou. cord [opened-word-inside]. of [=for]. to rejoice in [exist. by hebrew-house-H] (Heni). ,
[to be] the house of the horizon. to rejoice in (flesh; h’ã). ,
a) –

VII 256
b) all [eden-] light (willpower/speech). [by] place-T and place-T to reap (?,matmat). ,
[and these?] thou. to go revolve [existence of solarplane by new-hand] (t’bn). below. ,
[in order for] existence [=eden’s]. to tremble [by to make the new-hand] (st’a). below. +
[for] the [matrix] land. [and] sky. ;
a) áthenut’s [place-T of the eden-word] (‘áten-disk’). coverings to make to reap (sma). below. ,
[for] the gold. [as] [matrix-] existence. [of] beauty (nfr). ;
this. image [place-T of the eden-word for place-T] (tut). +
to become place-T for the word to connect to place-T for existence [=matrix] (ntthut). ;

VII 255
d) all. [eden-] light. [by] place-T to reap. [and so] thou. [eden-] word to come. ,
c) [through] place-T of beauty (nfrt). [as] [-T of] the west. speech. thou. above [face]. thou. to give. :
b) [as] thou. fat [essences at -T for willpower]. [by] thou. to gather [q-axis to inverse] (ssaq). ,
[for] thou. bones [30?]. thou. to value [become root-P of hail] (áp) [=Thebes]. ;
a) [and so by] thou. to be the word of voice (kheru). above. ,
[as] the divine things of great speech. , [through] the [eden-] boat. to go dissect (nemnem). ;

VII 254
e) the divine dome of Nut [-T of the opened-word-inside]. [for] speech. ,
[as] the double boat (2x). [of] the cord of [eden-] willpower for existence (nã+). ,
d) the divine things to follow. [which are] split-off (peshen) and revolving (pkhr). ,
c) [by] [eden’s] place-T to sacrifice (maãt,’truth’). [as] the nostril to make to breathe (ssen+). ;
b) [and so] the day-light [by descended-house-H]. [by] the spittle [sh-pool for solarplane]. ,
a) the (?, beqsu). thou. to devour. ;

VII 253
b) the [eden-] words. [for] the word of breath-air. thou. to devour [=the eden-words]. ,
a) [by?] the divine he the kar shrine [speech to double]. [of] adam-within. [for] thou. speech of hail. ,
[through] the [eden-] word. to connect to. the support [rising up] (thes). ,
[and so to be] the divine light. [by] the [eden-] word. to connect to. the support [rising up] (thes). ;

VII 252
b) he. to revolve (t’bn). [namely] divine great speech. ,
[as] the doubled-word of willpower. head [main-willpower]. [of] divine light [rã]. [for] existence. ,
[through] place-T of the split-off watercourse to make [Nile] (s-uat). [for] sacredness (t’ser). ;
a) [by] the divine dome of Nut [-T of opened-word]. to become the word of voice. above [=north]. ,
[for] the sky. which is [by]. the doubled-place-T of the east (áab). ,
[as?] the island of the horizon. of [=for], to tremble for [by to make new-hand]. ,
[and eden] to fall down (kher). ;

[repeat title:]
the divine light. [for] existence [=matrix]. ,
[by] the great pillar’s [matrix?]. boat. ,
of [=as]. the boat of the word at place-T for the word-inside make to build [as new-hand] (sqt’ut+). ,
[for] existence. [by] the mouth [=gate]. ;

end CT 1029


context :

áten (disk) , áthenus-tree, áthen place (city) , to right ;
the “áthenus tree / coverings to reap / below” is a reocurring line ,
but our problem is to find out “which eden-tree” is meant – the ‘tree of life’ ?
ÁTHENUS as “the adamite-soul’s tree of existence to connect to [matrix] hail” ;

Next term used is ‘for gold’ ; we have a Rg-Veda concept called SavitR ,
as a young boy with golden hair, eyes and arms and hands ,
who rises from the night [read, from eden’s dimension] to give youth
to their realm , and is closely linked with Surya [Rã] .
This risen light (-disk) is ofcourse the corrupted version fróm the tree ,
and it is the same concepts as Akhenáten’s Aten-disk (with many hands) ;
Akhenaten (áakhet-áten) reads “the áten of the island of the horizon” (áakhet) .

Also coverings are reaped from óther trees : from the ÁMA-tree, a palm ,
as “the tree to reap for hail” ; and the neHt-tree, of hebrew-house-H –
so it’s difficult for us to make out whether these also are the eden-vine(s)
(-gphn and shrq) , or if also the tree of life is involved .

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VII 257
— cord ,

many glyphs depict different type cords and tackles ;
the original eden-cord must have been the link between both cisterns (sh-pool) ,
but that cord has been un-tied (SEFEKH, also ‘7’) , and lifted-up to their north .
A good example can be “Rachab lowering the cord down the Jericho walls” ,
Jericho (‘moon’) as fortress being their inversed-hand ,
and the scarlet cord their ‘cord of the word-inside’, being lowered dówn ;

… so we have their revolving realm (as root-P and as new-hand) , above eden ,
causing eden ‘below’ to tremble ;
the cord , turning into ‘the support’, is the slanted corridor
(slanted because their dimension is at another dimensional angle) ;
and in below pic the[northern] eden-cistern , opened by them ,
the both wings as the both eden-vines -gphn and -shrq ,

02.24.19 submitted — 2nd version of original – het-report