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main theme :
interpretation :
their ‘island of the horizon’ is installed , supporting their dimensional gate ;
they do have ‘speech’ but now need “the eden-word” to can create with eden-aspects  –
so they ‘reap the coverings of the eden-tree’ , the tree of life ,
which represents ‘dew’ as well as ‘gold’ as well as ‘light’ and ‘words’ ;
and bring that via the Nile to their gate , in order to create “the matrix day” ;

refers to : Malachi 1 ; the Ezekiel one about the dragon ; the chapters about Damascus ;
the eden tree (isaiah) ; the chapter about Jeremiah hiding the two stones in Pharaoh’s temple ;
chapters about Khittim and Kedar ; 

how to read below translation :

  • – spells are difficult to read because of the many bizarre concepts ,
    and without understanding the thémes , translating is sometimes very tricky –
    after each section we add a short interpretation note ;
  • – remember the main diagram , then much of it can be placed ;
  • – the original texts of hieroglyphs need to be read from down-to-upwards


CT 1029

VII 257
c) [by] Râ (our sun). [is] (matrix) existence. [through] the great. boat (of Râ). ,
by. to make to build the place of the boat (their gate north).      +
[as] (matrix) existence. [by] the mouth (same gate). ;
b) [by?] thou. NUH’ cord (=Nile, likely). for. to rejoice in (-as family of eden, sic). ,
[to] the island of the horizon (=two stones north). to become the joy (-for matrix-flesh). ;
a) (empty)

interpretation :
Râ is to sit in their dimensional centre
which is sustained by a construct called “the island of the horizon” (in prophets : Khittim) ,
as a place of the two stones (see CT 1030) — as ‘Damascus’ and (?) ;
the NUH’ has as root “the opened (eden) word” so that can represent the Nile
flowing to that centre ;
they ‘rejoice’ about that as glyph HENI “matrix existence by the fallen-down eden-house-H” ;
while glyph H’Â is both “joy” and “physical flesh” – compare the ‘family’ ;

VII 256
b) (the horizon house) [for] all. (matrix) light. ,
[by] the double reaped -T (=stone? ; MATMAT). [for?] thou. to revolve (as solarplane) ,
[in order for] existence (=eden’s). to tremble. below (south) . ;

[and so to be] thou. (matrix) existence. ,
[by means of] existence to make (as concept). to fall down (=to the north).     +
[to] the (matrix) land. [and]. sky. :          +

a) [through] (the words of light of) the eden-tree (áthen+). [its] coverings to reap. below. ,
[as] the lights of gold (of the tree). [for] (matrix) existence. [of] beauty (-nefr) . ;

[by means of?] the image (TUT). to become (?). [by?] (the place) THUT (=eden’s?) ,
[=as] the double place-T for doubled (matrix) existence. ;        (=island of horizon)

interpretation :
the theme was still “the house of the horizon” , existing out of 2 stolen stones ,
it may read “for thou revolving solarplane” , glyph T’EBEN –
the matrix typically ‘revolves’, as serpentcoil , confusing eden’s stable realm ;
… the “existence to make” is “to create by speech” (but create a mixture ofcourse) ;
2) the “reaping the coverings of the eden tree” is a common expression ,
where “the dew the tree of life emits” is reaped , see report-introduction V ;
ÁTHEN literally as “the light of (eden) existence to go connect to for (matrix) hail” ;
in CT written as ‘city’ or ‘tree’ with or without light-glyph ;
in Rg-Veda this light is the deity SavitR ;
3) the TUT glyph (as in the name TUT-ânkh-ÁMEN is very tricky , but the result must be
that this ‘double place-T’ is now “the island of the horizon” ;

VII 255
d) all. (matrix) light. to become by reaping the (double? eden-) place-T. ,
[and so to?] thou (=Horus?). the (eden-) word to come. [to] (the place-T of) beauty ;

c) [as?] place-T of the West (=dimension). [for] (matrix) speech ,
(which) thou. [to] above (=north). thou. give. ;

b) [by] thou. fat (‘eden-essence at place-T for matrix-willpower ; ÂT+).        +
thou. to assemble (by inversion). thou. bones (‘poles’). ,
[and through] thou. to become the (matrix) root of hail. ;

a) [and so by] thou. to become the (matrix) voice (for the individual spirits). above (=north). ,
[as] the divine things by great (matrix) speech. to come by the double slaughter (of eden-T) (?). ;

interpretation :
now it gets difficult for it is unclear what goes or comes to what  —
because the problem is that this place “double-T” have both a different nature .    
2) NEMNEM relates to the root ‘to slaughter, slaughterhouse’ etc ; of those 2 places-T ?

VII 254
e) [for?] the NUT dome (matrix sky). [of] (matrix) speech.     +
[by] thou. double boat (2x boat). [at?] the cord of (eden) willpower for (matrix) existence. ;

d) [and so] the divine things to direct (?). [by?] the revolving (matrix-) root. ;
c) [to be] the (matrix) justice. [as] thou. concept to can breathe. :          +

b) [as being?] the (matrix) day (‘as mixture’). [by?] the spittle (‘essence for solarplane’). ;
a) [through] the backbone (an axis? as eden-vector?). thou. devours. ;     +

interpretation :
the “double boat” may still be the same two stones ,
and the cord like an anchor making contact with mt. Tsiun  —
the glyph is NÂ+cord , the first glyph (Â) after the denominative one (cord) is ‘of eden’ ;
2) the ‘day’ is HRU ,
“the light of the eden-word as matrix-speech for (in) the fallen eden-house”,
where the ‘eden-word’ is always related to “can breath” ,
eventhough that eden-word has been corrupted ;
the “fallen eden-house” is the one who defected to the matrix (Jer.2 and others) ;
3) the ‘essence for the solarplane’ is BESH+spittle ,
“the spittle of the SH-pool for the solarplane , and linked to the poisonous ‘light’
as their type “day” ; therefore this pool may be Rezin (see Isaiah chapter) ,
aka “wormwood” , which’ light will come to éarth ;

VII 253
b) [as] the northwind. (which) thou. devour with. ;       
[in order for] the (eden) words of breath-air. [by] thou. to be swallowed up (for solarplane). ;

a) [by means of?] he. the KAR shrine (shrine of speech for to double things). ,
[in order for?] thou. to be the adamite-aspects within (matrix). [as] thou (matrix) speech of hail. ,
[through] the (eden) word. to connect to. the support (matrix axis, thes). ,
[to be] the divine light. [by] the (eden) word. to connect to. the support (new matrix axis ; thes). ;

interpretation :
the “northwind” must be the same which destroyed eden (see report introduction V) ,
here devouring “the eden vector” per previous line ?
so that the solarplane (B) can swallow the words (=light) up (NSB) , and see line a) ,
as the same theme “close you the gate” in Mal. 1) ? ;

VII 252
b) [and so] he (=divine light). to revolve (solarplane). [as] the great (matrix) speech. ,
[as] the doubled (eden) word of (matrix) willpower. head. ;          (=of main willpower)
[being] the divine (matrix) light (=Râ) ,      +
[=as] the things by the constructed watercourse (=Nile ; s-ua). (having been) sanctified. ;

a) [so, by] the Nut dome (matrix sky). becomes the voice (for everyone). above.,
[through] the (matrix) sky. which (has?). the place-T of the east-land (=of AKER).;
[as] the house of the horizon. [in order] for. [+ (eden) existence?]. to tremble. ,
[and?] to fall down. ;

interpretation :
it’s not clear if “the support itself” revolves , but the “copied eden-word” indeed does ;
the watercourse is the Nile which the dragon made (Ezekiel). ;
2) so their house of the horizon could exist out of “an eastern and western stone” ,
representing both AKER-lands below :
though indeed Jeremiah buried the two gemstones at the gate of Pharaoh’s house
(read: they are now in the north) , and though we know that the one stone is Damascus
as “the tried cornerstone” , prophets seem silent about the sécond stone ;
making it difficult (for us) to draw 100% sound conclusions ;

END CT 1029

official English translation (by Faulkner) :
(but having read hieroglyphs in the wrong direction !)

“Trembling falls on the eastern horizon of the sky at the voice of Nut, and she clears the
paths for Rê, before the Great one when he comes around. Raise yourself, Rê, raise yourself,
you who are in your shrine; and kiss Maat; may the Suite go about, may your bark travel to Nut,
may the great ones quake at your voice, may you count your bones and gather your members
together; may you turn your face to the beautiful West and return anew every day, because you
are indeed that fair image of gold under the branches of the ithenus-tree; sky and earth fall to you,
being possessed by trembling at your travelling around anew each day. The horizon is joyful and
acclamation is at your tow-rope.

shown section below : VII 256 a)

end CT 1029
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