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CT 1082


VII 354

b) thou. essences of the [eden-] mountain. [for] speech. ,
[being] the prisoner [=essences?]. to rise up by the support (thes). [and to] this N. to give. ;
a) [and sof or] this N. the word. to connect to. the praised T’ua-star [Remphan, likely]. ;

VII 354

e) Osiris. , [by] thou. speech and nature [matrix] (khr). +
[for] this N.’s. existence. to come the advanced beautified-soul [spirit-blueprint]. ;
d) [through] he. the [eden-] light to make to aquire (sshp). +
to make (ár). divine great speech. [as] existence of speech. [for] this N [=candidate]. ;
c) the locality of r-stha-u [word to drag to the mouth]. of [=for]. existence to become new (unn). ,
[being] the existence [=matrix]. [by] the mouth [=gate]. ;

end CT 1082



context :
the t’ua star as Remphan ,
Scripture mentions “… the star as your god”; to right the NETER T’UA ,
Literally as “the t’ua star [as] the deity” ;
where the ‘lasso’ is “the imprisoned eden-word” (watercourse glyph)
and in front the -T’ as hand glyph – the executive region as new-hand .

the ‘dawn’, to right , shows this star was originally eden’s ,
shown by “the doubled light” glyph (either with = or II) ;
and that the star is situated at “place-T of the most-b-soul-adam”, IT ,
where previously it was at place-T of the adamite-throne (S-T) ;
we will need to look again at the “son of the dawn” chapter ,
because either hebrew-house-H or/and this star was intended there
(see Ark paragraphs below , as both ‘a star and a chest’) ;

…the problem is ofcourse that we don’t know “what this star” is ;
realizing well the danger of speculation we must give it a try :
the tabernacle’s lampstand had 4 bowls (for lights) at its centre-pillar ,
this star may be “the star appearing inbetwéen those 4 lights” .
Note please how this star was not God himself , ofcourse ,
but “a construct which conveyed His voice” – so we’re not blaspheming ;

Supportive for this concept is the stepdown glyph T’U , “5” ,
where the same T’U glyph is often used as “evil mountain” (tsiun) ,
and note how that concept appears in the first line of this spell !
Moreover , we found a concept in (old-vedic) Ramayana ,
describing a concept of “the fifth light given by four” ,
but we will need to dig back in the chapters we did , so far .
inversed star : to right T’UA SA , left blank by Budge ,
“to be [=passive-glyph]. the inverted [=SA]. praised T’ua star” ;

the Ark
… if we came this far , we need to suggest the Ark , as well :
we just had the line “neither will they remember it (the Ark)”, in Jer. 3 ;
and though nowhere it writes that “a star appeared” , as in pic to right ,
it does say “that God spoke to Moses from between the cherubim” ;
and note how the T’ua-star is related to divine great speech .

The Ark represents an eden construct (in the other reality) ,
for several reasons likely situated upon the core pillar of the lampstand .
The chest as ‘square’ relates to the 4 lights ,
glyphs have ÃFT’ as ‘chest’ [chest of the hand of he-eden for willpower]
or chest+Ã “the chest for willpower” to right , in line 2, 4 and 5 ( and see CT 1087) ;
the cluster stepping down into FT’T “the four of the hand of he (eden)” ,
into a concept termed NEMES crown , into NEM-ÁST , shown as 4 bowls ,
“the four of the adamite-throne to go dissect” .
Scripture is not clear what happened with the Ark ; the book Maccabees
tells Jeremiah hid it at mt. Nebo [the Thoth-perch-standard in spells] ,
while it is seen in heaven in the book of Revelation .

The many references in the spells must show that they copied the construct ,
likely represented by the ark-like shrine in Tutãnkhámen’s tomb (to right) ;
now as the dog Anubis (ÁNPU) upon his shrine , being a form of Anubis of Thebes ,
where the latter city , above eden, represents their root -P , as in ÁNPU ;
and in the first textglyph to right (where it writes ‘later forms are….’) ,
the -P , as square , shows in front of the NETER T’UA .

(we will get there , still : the whole theme of Upper and Lower ancient Egypt
is a representation of “the dimensional background”, as upper-Egypt ,
and their dimensional-fóreground as lower-Egypt ;
while “the river Nile” is the split-off watercourse they made , towards their north)

the almond tree and the Ark
Jeremiah 1, 2 and 3 are a sequel ; in the first chapter Jeremiah is shown
‘a rod of an almond (tree)’, H8247 shaqed . This term appears three more times ,
once in connection with Aaron , so the term should be valid .
Like the Ark returns in Jer. 3 , showing the almond branch in Jer. 1 múst relate
to the ‘branch, vine’ in jeremiah 2 . The term used there is H8321 shoreq , 3 times ,
and our instinct tells that the term was miswritten – on purpose or by accident .

Aaron and Moses both represented a twin-aspect , where Aaron was “the mouth”,
since he delivered the words to Pharaoh (and compare this to ‘speaking from the ark’
and the great-speech mentioned in the spell) . The almond branch was Aaron’s staff ,
and was placed into the Ark , later on . That Jeremiah was shown the almond branch ,
where chapter two mentions this vine , and chapter three the Ark , is too coincidental ;
therefore the words shRq and shqD must have been originally the same .
Moreover – in chapter two the donkey [eden’s] óf that vine is ‘in their north’ ;
how much is the chance that they copied the ark-construct in their north , as well ?
The problem is that we’re not sure which was the original term –
when -shrq then the -shor cluster is involved [gate, also as ‘mouth’] ;
when -shqd then it’s linked to ‘to watch, sight’ , and could link to the sickle-glyph MA ,
emending in ‘sight’ MAA (‘by reaping it’) , hence the branch within the Ark ?

the two stones (places-T?) in the Ark
The same Jeremiah is asked in another chapter “to bury the two gemstones in the
brickwork at the entrance of Pharaoh’s house in Tahpenes” [=north] ;
these two stones were found by Flinders Petrie , and a few years ago identified by a researcher :
one as red jasper, the other white quartz (and compare the colour of the both donkeys in the pic) ; but we’re still confused by terms as place-T and doubled-place-T , root and doubled-root –
yet the fact that they were given ‘upon the mountain’ and kept in the Ark must be a clue .

If we made some progress ?
yes .. step by step …

VII 354
r-stau ,

the “opening in the bottom of the tornado-cloud” , see log ;
the term is written in the upper-register of the slanted corridor depiction [so, north] ;
later this gate will be termed “lion-mouth”
and we had a chapter wherein God tells about ‘their noise’ , related to that gate ;

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