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themes : two types adamite-souls ; the 4 lights of the hand of he , pillars, swords and arms ;
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CT 1117

VII 450
d) my. phallus of [eden-] willpower for matrix-willpower (ãmã+). ,
[to be for?] me. a covering of the egyptian-adamite-soul of olden (áas+). ,
which is [by means of]. the lights of place-T of he [eden’s] to encircle (shnft+). ,
[to be] eden-willpower for matrix-existence (h’enã). ;

the divine phallus at place-T of eden-willpower for matrix-willpower (ãmãt+). +
[for] divine youthfulness by place-T of the new-hand for hail (át’t+). [of] existence [=matrix]. ,
[by] the essence of the hand for [the Ba-spirit-soul of] the solarplane (bbat’+). +
of [=as?]. he. the essence of he-eden for hail (áf+). ,
he [=the latter]. existence [=matrix]. to anoint (sán+). ;

c) all. [matrix-] light to make [=mutilated eden-light] (‘day’,s-Hru). +
[by means of] he. place-T of the eden-hand to seize (sht’t’t). ;
b) he. the legs [=above eden] (rt’). above. [for] to make ãnkh-life (s-ãnkh). to know. ,
[because] the egyptian-adamite-soul. loves (mer). place-T of the prisoner. [of] speech of hail. ;
a) all [of]. place-T to know. , [being] place-T in the exact dimensional middle [=above eden] (mtrt+). ;

VII 449
e) the light [=mutilated eden-light] (‘day’, Hru). [by] he. the 4 of the hand of he [eden’s] (ft’+). ,
of [=by]. he [=the 4]. [to be] the speech [=for matrix]. ,
[through?] he. the foreign disgrace [eden’s double-root for the kh-house] (khepp). ;

d) the four [lights]. head [=main four lights]. which are. place-T for the [matrix-] dimension to purify. ,
of [=as]. the four lights. to make my egyptian-adamite-soul [=via the imprisoned-adamite-soul] (s-“s). ,
[by means of] the [eden-] hand to seize (sht’t’). ;

c) place-T of beauty (nfrt). [being] place-T of the western foreign-land. [for] speech [=matrix]. ,
[being] the foreign place-T of the most-b-soul-adam’s root for the kh-house (khepit). [for] existence. ,
[as?] he. the sh-pool [=cistern]. above [=north]. , [for] divine great speech. ,
[in order for] my egyptian-adamite-soul. existence to become new [=matrix] (unn). [by] speech of hail (ár). ;

b) Osiris [‘new-adamite-throne to make’]. [by] who are. the divine judges [-T’s to fire-drill?]. ,
of [=by]. the double-place-T of the Thoth perch. [to be?] place-T of the prisoner [speech to make]. +
[for] existence to become new [=matrix] (unn). ;

a) [by] the adamite-soul. [to be] within [=in matrix]. , place-T for existence to become new (unnt). ;
all. divine judges [-T’s to fire-drill?]. he. to make the split-off watercourse. [for] the word of hail. ;
e) [for] Osiris. the speech [=eden’s]. [to be] within [=in matrix]. ,
[and so through] the prisoner [eden-word to make] (‘su). to become spirit [-consciousness] (khu). ;

d) [conclusion:] place-T for to make health [=for matrix] (s-uatcht). to know. ,
[to be for] every. egyptian-adamite-soul. the speech of hail (ár). ;

End 1117


the problem of the arm , the sword , the pillar and the phallus
the old tabernacle had a pillar of fire hovering above her ;
the same pillar which went in front of old-ishral at the exodus .
The pillar represents an eden-construct ,
yet had to be created in order to counter théir dualistic realm ;
in scripture it is either termed ‘sword’ (see index) , or also ‘arm’
(see index were today’s female christian leaders “bind the arm”).

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After the fall , the dualistic realm rebranded this into their most
favourite object : their phallus – as a concept eden does not know .
Hence the spells are filled with phallus-glyphs ,
always related to be ‘an axis’ , and usually related to ‘willpower’
(which is ‘the arm’ in scripture) ;


notes :

d) phallus and willpower ,
to right the term used here ;
factually this is a mirror-glyph , Ã-M-Ã (like glyph SPS) ,
where willpower à changes nature through this line-up ;
turning eden-willpower (suffix) to become matrix-willpower (prefix) .
Because the standard term ÃM is always ‘to devour’ in glyphs ,
this glyph also reads as “the phallus’. willpower. for. to devour” ,
but the context remains the same : devour the fiery pillar
(and compare how God says ‘I will draw my sword from it’s sheath’) ;

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c) [matrix-] light Hru , as ‘day’ ,
“the light as the word of speech by (the descended) hebrew-house-H”;
and only as secondary meaning ‘day’ ;
in other spells this type light exists out of 6 different elements of light ,
emanating into the 666 from Revelation – as the typical matrix ‘light’.
The 2 x 3 sidearms of the candlestick (in the tabernacle , as construct)
are the aspects by which this light is made by them –
but note how the centre-column carried the ruling four lights ,
and those 4 return in the next lines at 449

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These 4 most likely being the ‘four flames’ BD chapter + amtuat V ;
that BD tells how the flames are inverted then doubled ;
this belongs to the same theme as posted CT about the Ark .
Compare these “4 of the hand of he” with mysterious Zech. 1 ,
where “workers come to cut 4 horns off the hand” ;
and the posted chapter “the power was in the horn of the hand” –

d) to make my egyptian-adamite-soul ,
to right ; section taken from the sheet –
we had the both types adamite-soul in CT 349 ;
top-left the curbed-cloth , as “imprisoned adamite-soul” ,
below that the doorbolt (+figurine) as “the egyptian-adamite-soul”.
The term ‘to make (+verb or noun)” always has the curbed-cloth prefix ,
and he is not telling here “that the imprisoned-adamite-soul made him”,
but the four flames are originally NOT HIS’.
Then we can only conclude that the Canaan/Esau souls are .. invaders ;
And it’s clear why God says “no Canaanite will enter My house anymore” ;

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c) cistern north ,
the same as in scripture “the cistern at the end of the fuller’s field north”,
we had this in a previous posted CT ;
this cistern (for lack of terms) being a birthchamber ;

b) divine judges and Thoth perch ,
the perch stands upon eden but we’re not sure yet where ;
the divine judges have the ‘fire-drill’ glyph , like an oilplatform functions ;
there is one prophets chapter where is a short ‘burden :’ ,
it is about the inverted axis ‘now shooting fire’ (into eden) ;

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