CT 1140 : the lady upon the moon
as ‘horn’ copied on the matrix gate
 emitting ‘darkness’ as day (-light)
    (now prob. as SEKHMET

     [useful ; 2022-04apr.24]


CT 1140
[see CT 1139 and 1138 as related spells ,
and latest two diagrams]
main theme : the copied goddess presupposing the woman upon the moon
…… useful but very compact and VERY difficult to follow ;
it is possible that ‘the lady’ (H’EMT) here is the Revelation woman
(and we have anouther one in the CT 150 range about KHENS) ;
and by context
the woman may be ‘the eden sceptre’ – or part of it ,
now changed into the matrix sceptre as the lioness SEKHMET (?)  –
the latter is rather vague yet very important as appearing on many murals ;
– then
the horn as the weapon :
the section on top of the (eden-) emerald dome may be ‘a horn’ ;
here “the horn” is also mentioned , where in prophets to the lady (or perhaps the
eden-land as ‘the daughter of tsiun’) is said “I make your horn of iron” 
or “I make you as the horn of iron” – Ezekiel ?
the ‘horn’ 
seems to emit darkness (-for eden) which is actually (matrix-) daylight
and máy link to “the prominent horn between the eyes of the goat” in Daniel 
(interestingly , the “copied eden mouth (=gate) construct” H’EBT’-R here
has one coffin showing in CT 1139 with a ‘ram’ – as the eden ram ?) ;
– as Nile (?) :
the horn may be the section as their watercourse
depicted as attacking construct because it ‘steals the eden words’ 
(and elsewhere may be called ‘phallus’ etc as the same concept) ,
just like the eden woman is the section of the eden vector on top of the dome 
to read along ,
PDF page 505 , real page VII 487 , and scroll upwards ,
‘official’ translation in annex
CT 1140
the matrix gate speaking :                      (see notes at end)
VII 487
[to be] my. sekhem power.                                                                      [<< or : bý my sekhem power?]
[by] the (eden-) hand. to terrify.                     [<< the dome of the eden-gate to encircle ; NSHEN]
[and then]     +
(at?-) me. the (eden-) word. to purify. 
[by means of] the divine (now matrix-) eden-sceptre. [as] the real adm-soul’s (-one). 
[to be] within (-the matrix).                                                                                         [<< or ‘to grasp’ ÁMM] 
[for] (matrix-) existence of hail. ;
[because]        +
[by?] the lady (‘edens’?).        +
[is?] the (matrix-) goddess.                                         [<< as: divine matrix-T of speech as the god]
[for, of?] (matrix-) existence. to birth.
[for] this. N (‘candidate’). ,
[to be?] the god (=matrix horn?). as. he (which-). the adam-like (-one). to repulse. , 
[namely] the head (adj.) – [of] (eden-) existence. [by] he (‘the god’). to mutilate. , 
[in order]      +
the one (-T) of he (=eden) for the (matrix-) KH-house. to reap. ;              [<< T of the woman ?]
VII 486
[and so to be] this. thou. willpower. 
[for to be?] darkness (-for eden) (KKU ; ‘of matrix-word’).       +
as. [..]. the ones of the (matrix-) horn.                                                [<< words by the horn?]
(being?) the words for to mutilate (-eden with). ;

[because?]         + 
[to be] divine (matrix-) existence. [through] the mace (‘that horn’?). [at?] the main root. ,
[and] the (matrix-) day (-light). [as] the victorious one. [..] to manifest.
(by?-) the sekhem sceptre. [for N.]. ;
[and so by?] NT-spirits at the (matrix-) flame (?). [to be] (matrix-) existence. alike-adam’s. ,
[because through] me. [to] (matrix-) existence. to come hail. ; 
(…… several deity names – unclear intent ……..). 
[in] this. his. name [of].        +
the darkness (-for eden) (KKU). [by] the copied eden mouth construct (?, H’BT’T-R ; see 1139). 
[against?] the real adm-soul’s. fiery great doors (‘of eden gate’). [of?] (eden-) speech. ,
[and so]      +
[by?] he. the (matrix-) speech to make (S-R?).  
[by?] the head. (by?-) which is. the ‘workable (matrix-) word’. 
[as] this. the (matrix-) one. [of] eden-within. ;
[against?] the painful one (=eden’s head = gate). 
[to be] the darkness (-for eden) (KKU). [by] the doubled (matrix-) hand.          [<< unlikely : to be given]
[through] he. the horn. [for] (matrix-) existence of hail. ; 
[as] the darkness. [by] the (matrix-) sanctuary. 
[..] (being?-) the (matrix-) ÁF essence.                                      [<< essence of he (=eden) for hail]
1) line b :
the ‘lady’ ‘goddess’ and ‘god’ : the reading can have different colours ,
as “by the staff which is the (eden-) lady to be the (matrix-) goddess” but also 
“by the staff is the (matrix-) lady as the goddess (or: place-T for speech as the god”)
which would better explain the next ‘god’ ;
the lady may be the matrix horn but PRESUPPOSES another ‘eden lady’ ;
2) line f :
it seems that the horn “emits day (-light)” – as ‘words’ , the U of HRU ,
which in context must be “that flame” and perhaps even “the sekhem sceptre” 
(in other spells ‘darkness’ and ‘daylight’ are often mixed up ,
showing that the aspect of the day (-light) is ‘darkness for eden’) ; 
3) line c :
the ‘fiery great doors’ ; unsure reading because intent unclear ;
‘official’ translation
(by Faulkner – but remember he read it upside-down)
“He is in darkness. It is his horn which gives darkness, pain and death. These are
those things (?) which are on the head of its great fiery doors, and this name of his
is He whose mouth is open in darkness. O Rê, Atum, Nu, Old One, Isis the divine, 
I have come here in fear of the Fiery Ones; I am the Power which issued from the
Vultures on the day when I was superior to H’dt ; it means that his horns were cut
off in darkness. It was your arm which slew when it cut off the head of him who came
that he might oppose the god, I am he who the goddess bore, and it was Imsety who
cleansed me when the hand of him who would destroy my power raged.”