CT 147

main theme : Horus ruling the (stolen-) eden gate ;
understanding what was said in this spell :
… we are not here to present smooth smokescreens as a slick readable text
containing mystical Nonsense (we leave that job to others) ;
the truth is that many concepts inhere are very difficult to understand ;

both stones (and see CT 148)
… Horus took the other stone and placed it
in their dimension north of eden ,
then Adam must have agreed to raising up
the cornerstone – now as Damascus ;
this is “the great double door” in 208 c
and the “bolts in the high place” in 209 a ;
prophets mention these also and compare
the concept of the two stones of the law
which Moses received ;

the gate
… by their new position they formed
a “dimensional gate” or “mouth” in 209 a ,
which in this 147 will also be called “eye” ,
and is ‘the red sun’ upon Horus’ head
(the different terms used for the same
concept often works confusing)

but this gate-concept was originally eden’s
… also as theme in this chapter , and compare “who of you will close the gate”
as theme of Malachi 1 – where the actual closing may be very well what John
saw in Revelation : the smoke coming from the pit (‘now matrix gate’)
part II – the Nile
… this is a much more complex theme –
though one can imagine “a river of stolen
eden-aspects flowing to the matrix-north”,
it is very tricky to position that river ;

to right : we are rather confident that the
tree of life is in Damascus – the eden-stone ,
as the tree which emits ‘words’ (‘lights’) ,
and compare “the dew in eden” per Genesis ;
while Isaiah writes that , after Revelation ,
only the souls who are written in the scroll
will be allowed to eat its fruit ;

searching what is next : 1) by Rg-Veda
… Rg-Veda also knows both stones (as Mitra and varuNa) ,
but then writes “how every (matrix-) morning the dew of the tree is collected”,
by means of opening the gate to the southern dualistic-dimension
(see Job how God made a gate in the south and one in the north – this stolen one) ,
and the water – dimension – from the south  flows along the tree to their north ,
as if “skimming off , or washing-off the dew emitted by the tree of life”
(so the dew is now within those waters transporting the dew)    :
the correlation must be valid because the eden tree (sanskrit -iSo in Rg-Veda)
turns into the goddess of their matrix-dawn (-uSas) , arriving each morning ,
as a play on roots which we also know from the hieroglyphs   —
then the dew (which the waters conveyed) is “purified” inside a type of conduct
containing all type of “woollen filters”  —
and from this “conduct” towards “a watercourse” aka ‘the Nile’ is not a stretch ! ;

2) by spells
… we can only read them by comparing the changing rootwords   –
for example “eden” is represented by the Â-P-P+serpent ,                             (‘APEP’)
literally “the serpent – of the double root – for the great pillar (‘matrix worldtree’)”,
and this “double root” PP are “the two stones”, see diagram ;
… the serpent is then destroyed because both roots are now in their north :
one as “the place T’-P-U”, Damascus , the other as “the place P” ,the other stone ,
and this way we can ‘track’ somehow what has happened ;

… the next glyph we can use is UP-UA-T , the jackal ,
often translated as “the opener of the way”, but literally
“the jackal upon his standard (axis) – as the watercourse (Nile) – by the opened root”,
where U-P is ‘the opened eden-root fór the (matrix-) word’ ;
while “the watercourse”, the Nile , is A-U+lasso , literally “the lassoed eden-word”  —
therefore the Nile must begin at Damascus – the eden stone
(and compare what Rg-Veda said , previously) ;

the Nile : from Damascus – to (where?)
… next useful glyph is another jackal , ‘Anubis’ ÁN-P-U ,
and note how the inversal of roots implies a mirror-construct :
Anubis rules ‘the other stone’ (now inside their matrix) , reading
“the word – for the root (‘stone’) – for (matrix-) existence – of hail”,
therefore the Nile MUST go in the direction of the other stone ;

3) the gate : as the place where the Nile ‘deposits’ the stolen aspects (?)
… what is the definition of “a stargate” ?
isn’t it that “another reality appears – in that certain place”… ? ;
in this spell a term shows up as “the field of (eden-) gifts” ,
understood as “the stolen eden-aspects which are deposited in this field”,
as the glyph SEKHT (‘field’) H’ETEPT (‘matrix-peace’) + gifts
(so , by means of those offerings will remain matrix-peace , as their status-quo) ;
… the most logical breakdown of H’-T-P-T+gifts
is “the (eden-) gifts – [by] the eden-root (P) – for the matrix-house (H’ET)” ;
where ‘the field’ is obviously “a location”: as the gate itself ?

4) conclusion – so far
… the ‘eden-words’ or ‘dew’ (‘lights’) emitted by the eden tree (in Damascus) ,
together with the slaughtered aspects (‘lights’) of our Originals
(see also CT 148 , where all those aspects are “the womb for the matrix”) ,
are transported “by the Nile to their north”,
where the Nile “deposits all those aspects upon a matrix-field of (eden-) gifts”
as the field which must be “the (matrix-) stargate” or “Horus’ red sun” etc. ;

after which the óther stone (taken by Horus)
and presided over by a jackal called Anubis (-ÁNPU)
creates their new bodies for them spirits through the construct ‘Isis’ (CT 148) ,
as well as powering Râ and the matrix-land by those aspects (‘lights’) ;

it’s an immense theme and complicated
but again we made another step

source text :
open a new window if you want to read the original glyphs as parallel text :
and goto page II-209 of the PDF , always reading from down upwards


CT 147


II 209
b) the (matrix-) sky. which is. [by] (place-t- of) the West (‘evil dimension’). ,
[through] the island of the horizon. [by] -t for (matrix-) speech to manifest. ;
a) [in order to be] the divine (matrix-) things.       +
[by] the bolts (‘both stones’) in the (matrix-) high place. [fór] the (matrix-) mouth (‘gate’). +
[of] the m-realm (‘behemoth, north’). ;

II 208
d) [therefore]     +
the cherub-wheel (‘eden-land’). [as] the neighbour. [to] me. to listen (‘obey’). ,
c) [by means of]    +
the divine cord (+t) of eden-speech [as he connecting to hail].  +  [<< dimensional passage?]
[at?] the great double door (‘stargate’).     +
me (‘Horus’) (matrix-) existence. to open (-and become new). ;

context so far :
… the “bolts” in 209 a are the both stones as per diagram ,
which are the same as “the great double door” in 208 c
(in prophets God also describes this two-leaves-door as -dlth) ;
… the “cord” (-á-th-f-rr-t) is tricky , but may indicate a (dimensional-) passage ,
namely ‘from Damascus unto the gate – as unto the deposit-field” ;
the glyph may be another term for Â-RR-T , a kind of ‘passage’, “crossing”
which is similarly depicted in the Giza stairway – also as seven-fold passage ,
and also ‘at an angle’ (because the glyph morphs into U-Â-RT ‘bend, thigh’) ;
the ‘neighbour’ (or ‘rejoice’) (-Heni) contains the hebrew-house-H glyph ;

b) [because by] me. to purify (?, glyph) her (‘eden-land?) place-T to connect to. ,
[by] me. (having untied the (eden-) cord (-uâh’) ;
                                                                            [the cord from the eden-stone to the eden-land?]
a) [in order to be] the divine place-T (‘as other stone’) for great (matrix-) speech. ,            
[and so by] me. (matrix-) existence. to open (-and become new). ;

II 207
d) [through] me. , [to] (matrix-) existence. to come hail. ;
c) [to be] the (matrix-) sky. [of] (eden-) lights of incense. [as] the foremost one. ,
[by] the divine he. the (matrix-) eye (‘mouth’). devouring (-them) (‘those lights’). ,
[which] I am. ;                                                                          [he means “I am that devouring eye”]

context so far :
… 206 b must continue the narrative –
Because the eden-land lost her anchor (the eden-stone) – per prophets ,
It makes sense that Horus untied the cord from her TO the eden stone ;
207 c is a bit wobbly – usually the subject preceeds the verb (‘to devour’) ;

b) [and through] the watercourse (‘this new chord, aka Nile’).     +
[by] me. (matrix-) existence. to make (ár). ,
a) [to be] Osiris’. (matrix-) house. [of] the word. [as] the foremost one (‘matrix’). ;
[through] the divine. above. hidden – mouth (‘gate’). ,                  Râ     [<< hidden = adj.]
as. the one who became judged. ;                                                  [<< as the stolen eden-gate]
II 206
c) [by] the (eden-) offerings for (matrix-) peace at (-tt of) the field. [of] (eden-) within. ,
[as?] the divine nostril of (eden-) existence connected to (matrix-) hail. ,      [<< gate?]
[in order] to be (matrix-) hail. ;       +                                                                       [<< passive-glyph]

context so far :
… we can only read that ‘their field’ IS as ‘their nostril’ (to have eden-words) ;
the term for nostril here is Á-TH-N+ ,
derived from the ÁTN or ÁTENUS tree – the tree of life ;

b) [to be] he. the (matrix-dimensional-) foreground. [of] eden-within. ,
[bý] he. the island of the horizon. [of] eden-within. ;
[through] the divine nostril of (eden-) existence connected to (matrix-) hail. ,

a) [I am] the falcon (‘Horus’). for. speech to transform.

end CT 147
21.01jan.2021   —   submitted   —   first version   —   hetreport


‘official’ translation
“BECOMING A FALCON. O, ‘Itn-ib who are in the horizon and your places !
O ‘Itn-ib who are in the Two Fields of Offerings ! Have judgment with Him
whose name is hidden on account of (?) those who are pre-eminent in
the Mansion of Osiris ; make a way for me , for I am he who swallowed
his eye in front of the clouds of the sky , I have come and I have opened
the Great One , I have released my downpour , I have opened the gates
of the Blue One , and praise is heared in the mouths of the door-bolts
of the gods which go up from the Western horizon of the sky.”

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