CT 148

introduction : Horus speaks
(the two stones , the stargate, our Originals , and creating spirits)

… to be fair – even after six years of trying to make Sense of the themes in the Spells
we did not get a full grip upon the entity named ‘Horus’ ,
which was ofcourse due to the complicated themes and translation understanding –
but this 148 is for us a Legal gemstone ;
… the theme is so huge that it required explanation of several concepts (below) ,
and we apologize for the contextual sections (inbetween the lines) we added ,
but much of what was written is incomprehensible withóut any palpable context ; 

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Horus in prophets :
… not much is being said about him – as far we have read now ,
yet in Ezekiel is presented “a riddle about a bird having stolen a twig
(from eden’s tree of life) and brought that twig to the north” ;
it is no coincidence that Horus is typically ‘the falcon’ ;

the two stones :
… Jeremiah (see chapter) is asked “to bury two (gem-) stones at the entrance
of Pharaoh’s palace which is in Tephanes”, and later is added
“and the king of Babylon will set up his seat above them (‘stones’)    —
ofcourse the literal king of literal Babylon was never in Egypt ,
so this event must describe a concept in the other reality :

… when God created the eden-paradise ,
he devised two ‘stones’, representing “dimensional anchors” :
one was eden’s (‘also called the tried cornerstone’) , and the other represented
aspects of the dualistic-dimension , as a stone subservient to the eden stone (!) ;
both stones created the concept as “eden’s dimensional centre” ;

… in prophets , this dimensional centre is called “the (star-) gate” or “the mouth”,
and God tells “how the spirits hated that gate – because it spoke flawlessly”,
implying that the eden-dimension ruled the Dualistic one – through the eden gate ;

Horus stealing the one stone :
so what Horus did ,
was to “first steal the subservient stone” (representing aspects of their dimension) ,
and made it to ascend to their dimension in the north   –
in order to build their region above the eden paradise ,
and in this chapter Horus indeed “made the root (that stone) to fly up” to their north ,
therewith changing the dimensional-centre as the one ruled by the matrix ;

… considered the other stone – the eden-cornerstone , where Adam is ,
we must assume that Adam “cooperated with Horus” by bringing the eden stone
towards their north , to help create their dimensional-centre ;

both stones now creating the (matrix-) stargate – as Horus himself :
… the concept is a bit like the way an electrical motor functions :
both stones cause the ‘rotor’ (now as matrix-gate) to revolve ;
as a concept depicted in the glyph “house of the horizon” (-áakhet or akhet) ,
where “the sun” inbetween both mountains (=both stones) is the matrix gate ,
as the entire concept which Horus represents
(the ‘sun’ which is depicted upon his head is “their gate”) ;
because the matrix now rules eden through their gate of ‘great speech’
(compare what God said before) ,
and compare “the image of jealousy sitting in the gate in the north” in Ezekiel ; 

… therefore this chapter writes about both stones
concerning the ‘attributes’ belonging to them : namely ‘to make physicality’  —

Horus obtained his body befóre the Deluge :
… this is a most important theme  —
though the prophets do not mention this theme , Genesis declares
how [paraphrased] the evil ones became gotesque monsters” ,
implying that them spirits ‘had direct access to eden (to eden’s constructs)”;

… in this 148 , Horus explains that he obtained an eden-garment (outer-body)
BEFORE the deluge started”, and compare Genesis ,
and that he distributes his (stolen-physical-) qualities to the other spirits ;
– pre-hindu Rg-Veda supports this concept , calling these primeval spirits
as ‘Maruts’ , the bronze soldiers who are virtually unidentifiable from eden
becáuse they obtained their outer-garment of eden-aspects before the Deluge ;

annex :
see yourself how the spell was never understood (translation by Faulkner) ;
#2 :
after six years :
as the Legal final nail in the coffin of Horus                     (and yes that’s a pun, grin)
(and see log january 19) ;

source text :
open a new window if you want to read the original glyphs as parallel text :
and goto page II-226 of the PDF, always reading from down upwards

CT 148

II 226
a) Osiris’ (‘representing the matrix’). divine son. Horus. am I. ;

context so far :
… for several reasons Horus is NOT ‘the son of Isis’ , see this 148 (2 coffins were right) ;
neither it means that “Horus is subordinate (‘lesser’) as Osiris ,
because Osiris is a very passive construct , powered by Horus ;

II 225
f) [to be] the gods (‘spirits’). [of] (matrix-) speech. ,                             [<< a quality of rule]
[as] the divine Egyptians. [of] speech. ,
[by] the throne. [over] the watercourse (‘Nile’). [which is] mine. ;

e) [because] my. speech. [for] (matrix-) existence. to connect to [=is]. the thing to say. ,
[as] my. word. [when to] (matrix-) existence. came the (dimensional-) backside. nót. ;
d) [but when] (eden-) existence. [was still]. connected to. the (eden-) mouth (‘gate’).     +
[as] (eden-) existence. [by] the (eden-) flame (-HeH , double-hebrew-H). ;

context so far :
… he means that “befóre the moment that eden and the matrix were separated
(as per the deluge in Genesis) , he obtained “the way how eden speaks”
(as creational aspect) ;
2) the HeH (2x hebrew-H) is a pun upon H’EH’ , matrix-eternity ;

c) [yet] me. [have been under] the (eden-) wrath. nót. ;                       [<< wrath = deluge]
b) [but instead] ,
[+I obtained] the egg (‘matrix-physical energy-field’). [by] Khennu (‘region of eden-stone’). ,
[and] by. he (‘the energy-field’).    +
[are] the things of protection (-against eden). [as] made for Adam (-ár+i). ;

[therefore now by] Isis (‘matrix-birth-construct’). (matrix-) existence. to birth. ,
[through] Horus. [whom] I am. ;  

context so far :
… so Isis will birth the same type of physical-body which Horus obtained for the spirits ;
the Isis-theme will show later in this 148 ,
but ‘she’ is an artificial (=stolen) construct ,
just like Osiris , Geb (the matrix-land) , the (matrix-) sky , etc (as 9 major constructs) ;

a) [because] the divine (matrix-) word. by. the hand (‘eden-stone’, now Damascus).
[for] vulture-rule as existence (-na). ,
[is] this. my. (matrix-) existence – of speech (‘name’). by.     +

II 224
g) my. sandal (th-b-u-t+). below (‘south’). , [as] adam’s (-i, 5x) hand. ;        +

224 g :
… ‘sandal’ is still a tricky glyph (-TH-B-U-T+) ,
and is obviously “something solid to stand upon” (=the hand) ,
reading as “the sandal – the word – for the solarplane – to connect to”,
but we fail at the moment to specify it more ;

f) [in order to be] Osiris (‘matrix-house’). my. divine father. ,
[as] (matrix-) existence. [by] the -T of he (‘eden’) for the KH-house   (‘enemy’). ,
[to become] the (matrix-) speech. [as] mý. wrath (‘towards eden’). ;

e) [because by] my. two eyes (‘two stones as island of horizon’). [as] the god. ,
[to be] (eden-) existence. nót. ;
d) [but instead,] me. like the gryphon-bird (or: root) having risen up on high (?, -âkhat+). ,
c) as. me. (having been) promoted (-thn). ;       +

224 e+d :
… we do not know the meaning of (-âkhat) but the glyph shows a bird flying up ,
and compare Ezekiel where “the bird stole the top of the eden-tree” ;
yet the entire context of Horus is “that he made to fly-up the other stone”;

b) [and therefore is] the powerful (matrix-) light. [for] eternal – (matrix-) existence. ,
[by means of] the (by Horus created-) watercourse (‘Nile’). [to] me. existence to bring. ;

a) [and so for] Osiris. my. divine father. [to be] (matrix-) existence. ,
[by means of] -T of he (‘eden’) for the KH-house. [as] the divine set-dog (‘matrix-stone’). ,
[to be] the speech. [of] my. throne (‘Isis’). [through] the watercourse (‘Nile’). ;
II 223 
e) [because] the place-T (‘the other stone’) as the main root (-for the matrix) (-t-p-t).
[by] me. to promote. [as] the gryphon (or: matrix-root) rising up on high (?, -âkhat+). ,
[me being] the divine son for the word of olden (‘matrix’). ,
[when to] (matrix-) existence. came the (dimensional-) backside. nót. ;

d) [therefore by]        +
the divine primeval things (-root to fly up). [to become] the (matrix-) speech. ,
[as] my. throne. [for] to make the foremost KH-house (-s-khent). ;      +

II 223 d :
… it may have written “by the primeval gods” (= Horus’ entourage as Maruts) ,
but that would hide the importance of the stolen aspects ;

c) [through] the NUT dome (‘dimensional-border of the word-inside’).  [for] the gods. ,
[because through] me. [for] (matrix-) existence. to make the watercourse (‘make the Nile’). ,

b) [flowing to] the island of the horizon (‘the two stones’). ;
[because of] me. as gryphon having risen up on high (?,-âkhat+). [for] (matrix-) existence.    +
[in order to be] the (dimensional-) backside. ;

a) [and so to be] the hidden (‘from eden’) – divine (matrix-) existence of speech (‘name’). ,
[as] the (matrix-) house. [by means of] the (border-) wall (‘solarplane-related’).    +
[for the] (matrix-) speech above (‘north’).

II 222
e) the falcon. Horus. am I. ;
d) [and so for] the gods (‘spirits’).      +
[by] Horus. [to be] this. speech of hail. [as] the (matrix-) sight (‘second sight’). ,
c) [by] for eternity. the (eden-) word. to guide. ;                                            [<< read : control]      

by [means of]. the (eden-) cord to untie. for. he. (matrix-) existence to become new. ,
[and so for] Isis (‘matrix-physical-birth’). (matrix-) existence. to require (?, -t’bh’). ,    +
b) [and] Horus. to bring (-it). ;                                                                           [<< bring = stopword]

[by means of] untying the (eden-) cord. [in order] speech. [to] Isis. to descend (‘from eden’). ,
a) [to be] forever. (matrix-) eternity. [by means of] the aspect (-of the root) flying up.      +
[to be?] the boat (‘island of the horizon’). [for] the (dimensional-matrix-) foreground. ,
[namely] as. the island of the horizon. ,
[and so?] Râ’s. divine things to can follow. ;                                                       [<< unsure line]
[because] by.     +

II 221
f) the other one (‘eden’) (-k-t). (matrix-) existence to become new. ,
[as] the one who requires (-it) (?, -t’bh’). ;

e) [in order to be] the divine – hidden (‘for eden’) – existence of speech (‘name’). ,
[as] the (matrix-) house. [by means of] (the dimensional-border-) wall. above (-eden). ;
[because] the falcon (‘Horus’). [for] (matrix-) existence. [is] this. [=my]. name. ,
[in order] for.    +
d) Osiris (‘matrix-house’). [=my]. divine father. [to be] (matrix-) existence. ;

c) this. (matrix-) land. [is] for. [=my]. speech. to dwell (-in it). ,
[and so by] Horus. the divine son. to be thou (‘the candidate’) hail in the solarplane. ;          
                                                                                                    [a pun on BÁK ‘falcon’ and passive+BÁK] 

next : tricky :
b) [through] (the eden-cord-) to untie.    +
[by?] the olden gods who encircle (-d) the (eden-) word (?,-shnnuut+). ;
as (?). the foremost (?) – gods. for (?). to dwell (-there?) (‘at eden-land’?). ;
a) [by?] themselves (?). [=they?]. the throne. [for?] he. (matrix-) existence. to make (är). ; 

b and a :
… if this is about Horus and his company as “the bronze soldiers”
then the lines may read in passive-tense
as “because the (eden-cord) was untied. by the olden gods who encircled (-it).” ,
if we follow Rg-Veda describing how the bronze soldiers helped Indra
and they could not be killed by eden because they had an eden-type garment already   —
and this assumption may be correct , see next II 220 below) ;  

II 220
e) [to be] the divine (matrix-) light (-áakhu). [by] the boat (‘construct’) to make to build. ;
d) [and therefore] the crocodile to bow (‘eden-cardinal points’).    +
[the very] moment (-at+). [when to] (matrix-) existence. came the (dimensional-) backside. ;

c) [but] my (‘Horus’). flesh (‘essence by he (‘eden’) , -áf+). [by] Khennu.     +
[was befóre] the moment. [when to] (matrix-) existence. came the (dimensional-) backside. ;
b) [as] my. flesh (‘idem’). [by] Khennu.      +
[which was] [-be] fore. the powerful (dimensional-) backside. manifested (-per). ;

a) [to be] the hidden – divine existence of speech (‘name’). ,              [<< by the backside]
[as] the (matrix-) house. [by] the (dimensional-border-) wall. above (-eden). ;
[by means of] making the watercourse to come. [to] the island of the horizon (‘two stones’). ,
[in order to be]       +
thou (‘candidate’). existence. [by] the (dimensional-) backside (having) come. ;

context so far :
… so Horus tells here that his stolen physicality (‘flesh’) was from BEFORE the deluge
(when eden and matrix definitively separated , see Genesis) ,
note the description “the crocodile bowed”,
while the dimensional border (-wall) is now called ‘backside’ ;

II 219
f) [because] thou. existence of speech (‘name’). [by] me (‘Horus’). to make (-‘ar). ,
e) [and so] Osiris (‘matrix’). thou. divine. father’s. things (‘or: words’) to follow. ,
[as] the (matrix-) word. [connected to]. follow. ;       +
d) [to be] the praised olden. thou. (matrix-) existence. [by] me. to give. ;        +
                                                                [we would say ‘the praised existence of old for you’]

c) [because] the (matrix-) land. above (‘north’). manifested. ,
[and by] the willpower. for.     +
b) all – the gods (‘spirits’).         +                                          [=‘give’ can’t follow ‘manifest’]
[to be] the divinely completed (-tem). (matrix-) existence of hail. ;

[by means of] this. my. belly (‘south region’). [of] eden-within. ,      +                          
[by] [+me?] the falcon. [to] protect. ;
[and so?] adam’s (-i, 5x) hand (‘eden-stone’).       +                            [<< unsure context]
a) this. to become (?, -ás) [for] Osiris (‘matrix’). ,
[in order] the divine word for the flesh of willpower of the heir (‘spirits’). to know. ;

II 218
e) [because] this. my. womb (‘for matrix-physicality’). ,   +             [<< Rg-Veda : yoni]
[at?] Khennu. as. he (‘the eden-stone’). [in] the (dimensional-) background. ,
was encircled by the olden gods (-to encrircle the (eden-) word) (?, -shennuu+).      +
[in order] it (‘eden-word’). [to] (matrix-) existence. to tie together (-to). ;

context of 218 :
… similar context as previous II 121 b and a ;
Rg-Veda explains how “the bronze soldiers” (called -maruts)
defeated the hostile eden-stone (termed -vRtra) ,
but we wouldn’t know how this relates to Adam then ;
… that Horus calls this region “my belly” SHOULD indicate he represents the maruts ;

d) [by] my. belly (‘region below’). [as] Khennu.
for. me. [to be] the divine son. [as] the protected one (‘towards eden’). ;
c) [therefore] my. existence. [is by] he. (eden-) existence. [by] decree of law. ;
                                                                                                                                                               [legal case]

b) [now having] the divine images (-âshm). [for] áll of – the (matrix-) house. ,
[in order to be] divine completed. (matrix-) existence. ,
saying. :
[by] Isis (‘matrix-birth-construct’). [is] (matrix-) existence of hail. ;
[as] the place-T for hail (‘other stone’). ;
[in order to be?] the gods (spirits’). [by] the opened-eden-word. to listen.   +        (?)

a) [to] the divine things of sorcery (‘things to double’). [of] great speech. ,      +
[because] he. the (matrix-) speech. [is] the victorious one ;

context so far :
… line d) and c) are important , insofar they show that Horus DID obtain
(physical-) eden-aspects which made him “invulnerable for eden” ;
next section suggests that he passed on his obtained ‘divined images’ to Isis ,
to become the (lesser-) images for the gods :
the ‘to listen’ :
… next , he talks about “the opened eden-words (‘lights’)”,
which are now ‘purified’ as matrix-words , which “listen” to (matrix-) Great Speech ,
as sorcery , which creates physical images by them (-words) ;

II 217
g) the real-adm-soul. (evil-) youthfulness. [which is by] Khennu (‘Hamath/Assyria’).     +
[to become] for. [to be] the (matrix-) egg (‘outward physical energy-field’). ,
[by] means of] it (‘youthfulness’). to destroy (-setch). ;
f) he (‘youth’). [which will be] for the divine father (‘Geb’). to slay (‘make to reap’). ,
[as] this. rebel (‘our Originals’) (-qru).     +
[in order for] the (eden-) word to come. nót. within (-the matrix). ;

e) [but] this (-rebel).     +
to become (?,-ás). [for] Osiris. the seed. [as] the thing for to become (matrix-) new. ;
d) [by] to make the divine Egyptians (‘spirits’). ,      +
[as] birthing (-them). [by] the goddess pregnant of the heir (‘matrix-type-body’). ,
[who is] this. (eden-) maiden.     +
made concealed (-st’kh). [=as]. the goddess pregnant of the heir. ;

context so far :
… how much info inside just a few lines …. ;
first , “the real adm-soul” are all of Jacob ,
as opposed to the corrupt-adm-souls (as the Pharaohs etc) ;
2) continuing the theme of II 218 :
so at least “the outer layers of our Originals” are made in Khennu (where Adam is) ,
yet those layers “consist of eden-words (‘lights’)” which are dangerous for the matrix  —
yet the matrix needs those layers as ‘egg’ (-suh’t) for his spirits ,
therefore their outer layers become ‘the seed’ , perhaps read “slain into particles”
which are then ‘re-birthed’ by the goddess as new body for them spirits ;
the eden-mother :
…prophets address “the eden mother” several times , as in Ezekiel where she
brings forth “the two young lions – and waits for them , but they never returned”;
another chapter names her “the virgin daughter of tsiun” who went to the matrix ,
and in a Jeremiah chapter she weeps for her souls who are in the Tribulation ;
(also the ‘hymn of mysteries’ in book I of Rg-Veda describes this theme ,
calling her ‘the arrived goddess desirous of impregnation’)

c) and the divine completed one (‘refurbished spirit’). [for] (matrix-) existence of hail.
will say. :      
a+b) [by] this. Osiris’. seed. [is] this. my. body. ,       +
II 216
d) [as the one of] Khennu. for. having become – the god (‘as new mixed-type body’). ;
c) [and to be] the gods (‘spirits’). [of] speech. ,
[because] place-T of the real-adm-soul (s-t). became place-T of the spirit(-s). ,
[as] Isis (‘entire matrix-birth-construct’, -Á-s-t). [by whom] I am. ;

context so far :
… our continuous problem is the S-T (also Set-dog) , Á-S-T and Á-S ;
our Originals must be sacrificed at the stone (‘hand’) where Adam is
because the glyph “furnace” is H’AT’, “the prison – at the hand – in the background” ;
yet – somehow – the essence is transferred to the óther stone
as the one which Horus made to fly up into his dimension as ‘the foreground’ ,
and that other stone is termed as “place-T of the real-adm-soul”
but became the residence of the matrix-(birth)-throne represented as Isis
(as Á+S-T , the S-T for matrix-hail) ;

[Horus continues,]
b) the (matrix-) egg (‘physical energy-field’). [provided by] Khennu. ,
by. he (‘egg’). the speech. [for] (matrix-) existence. to connect to. to make (-ár). ;
                                                                                                        [‘to connect speech to existence’]
a) [and so for] the Ennead (‘the 9 main matrix-constructs : land, sky, etc’).       +
[to be] the divine (matrix-) word (‘lights’) as the flesh of willpower of the heir. ,
[as?] this.       +
II 215
d) (ás=?). the god. ;

c) being the (physical-) garment (-shst). alike-adam’s (-miá). ,
[and by] he (‘garment’). the speech of hail. this. to know [-for hail]. ;
b) [because by] the (eden-birth-) goddess (-h’mt). [=is?]. the inverted – (physical-) vessel. ,
[as] the divine completed one. [for] (matrix-) existence of hail. ;
[and so] to be hail. [by] the passive one of the hebrew-H-house for hail ;

context so far :
… in a) above the “divine (matrix-) word” returns – as their body of ‘lights’ ;
line b) , the inverted vessel : see report-Introduction about Tutankhamen’s tomb ,
it is not so logical that ‘the goddess was inverted’ ;

a) [by?] the blue (-matrix-lights) (‘lapis-lazuli’). [is?] the double plume (?).
[as?] the covering(-s) of word(-s) of H’. ,                                                                   [=’a : unclear]
II 214
d) [therefore?] (matrix-) existences to make. [of] great – beauty. , 
c) [as?] the gods. [of] every (-kind of). image. ,
[as?] the covering of eden-speech (‘the image’?) to he to connect to. ;       + 

b) [being] the egg (‘physical energy-field’). [of] eden-within. ,  +      [<< that covering]
[as] this. god. ;
[by?] this. (ás=?). [for] (matrix-) existence. to connect to. each (-spirit). ;
a) [as] this. (physical-) vessel. [for]. to know. ;                   

II 213
c) the (eden-) womb (-h’mt). [at] Khennu. by. he. the things of protection. this. to make. ,
[because for] the gods. Adam has come. [to] the m-realm (‘north’). ;
b) [in order to be for] Osiris (‘matrix’). the divine father. (matrix-) existence. ,

[by] the thing of he (‘eden’) for the KH-house. ,        (‘enemy’)
[namely] the divine set-dog. [by] he. the thing (‘of eden’). to slay (‘reap’). ;
[unclear >>]      a) [and so for?] he. the divine father (‘Osiris’). above (‘north’).
the thing to command / passive word to command

context 213 :
… first part is true – see Isaiah 14 etc ;
second part is unclear to us because of that set-dog problem ;

II 212
d) [for] Geb (‘matrix-land’). the divine father. to become the flesh of willpower of the heir. ,
[and] this. (matrix-) land. he (‘the heir’). to rule. ;
c) [and so for?] the Ennead (‘9 constructs’). [of] the foremost (-KH-house).      +
[the heir to be] a divine son. ,
by [means of].    +                                                     [=’Geb = Chaldea , land of Mystery-Babylon’]
b) the egg (‘energy-field’). as. the god. ;
[which is] the (physical-) image. [to] (matrix-) existence. to tie together. ;      +

a) [through] my (‘Horus’). belly (‘region below’). ,      +
II 211
d) [as] Khennu (‘Hamath/Assyria’). [because] by. he. becomes – the (matrix-) seed. ;
c) [and so for?] (the doubled?) land. [to be] the slaughtered things (‘of Originals’) (-shât).
[by means of] the opened (eden-) root (-up). [for] Osiris (‘matrix’). ,  

b) [because] the divine father (‘Geb-land’). above. to weep.      +               [<< is crying out]
[to?] Osiris. [about?] the sister. Isis (‘matrix-birth-construct’). ,                [who is by] me (?)
a) [for to become?] the gods. to be (-like?) adam the word to make (-sui). ,    [<< unsure]
[Geb?] saying. :     +

II 210
c) [she for] Osiris. to make the divine copy (‘body for spirits’).     +    [<< -S was swapped]
[by] the seed. for. sweet. (matrix-) existence to make. [as] the vessel (‘body’). ;

b) [by means of] the one (‘eden-goddess’) having come for to become new. ,
[as] the made goddess (+S). [to] (matrix-) existence. to be tied together (-to). ;
a) [and so for] Osiris. to make the divine copy.    +                                        [<< -S was swapped]
[by] the seed. below (‘Assyria region’). ,
[as] the birthgoddess the one (-type body) to double for the solarplane (-bKat+).    +
[in order] Osiris (‘the matrix’). to awaken. ;                                                [<< fill matrix w/ spirits]

II 209
d) [to be] the gods (‘spirits’). to make to be feared. [as] the formed – crown (‘of Osiris’).
c) [3x skipped , belongs to next chapter]

end CT 148
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‘official’ translation (by Faulkner)
(sub : his many textnotes “that they didn’understand what they copied”, sic ,
are nothing but cringeworthy ;
because see how his ‘translation’ paints bizarre themes ,
reading exactly like Esau’s hocus-pocus corruption of prophets ..)

“TAKING THE SHAPE OF A FALCON. The lightning flash strikes, the gods are
afraid, Isis wakes pregnant with the seed of her brother Osiris. She is uplifted,
(even she) the widow, and her heart is glad with the seed of her brother
Osiris. She says: O ye Gods, I am Isis, the sister of Osiris, who wept for the
father of the gods, (even) Osiris who judged the slaughterings of the
two Lands. His seed is within my womb, I have moulded the shape of the
god within the egg as my son who is at the head of the Ennead. What he shall
rule is this land, the heritage of his (grand-) father Geb, what he shall say is
concerning his father, what he shall kill is Seth the enemy of his father Osiris.
Come, you gods, protect him within my womb, for he is known in your hearts.
He is your lord, this god who is in his egg, blue-haired of form, lord of the gods,
and great and beautiful are the vanes of the two blue plumes.
Oh! Says Atum, guard your heart, O woman ! ,
How do you know ? He is the god, lord and heir of the Ennead, who made you
without the egg. I am Isis, one more spirit-like and august then the gods ;
the god is within this womb of mine and he is the seed of Osiris.
[page 126]
Then says Atum: you are pregnant and you are hidden, O girl ! You will give
birth, being pregnant fort he gods, seeing that (?) he  is the seed of Osiris.
may that villain who slew his father not come, lest he break the egg in its
early stages, for the Great-of-Magic will guard against him.
Thus says Isis: hear this, you gods, which Atum, Lord of the Mansion of
the sacred images, has said. He has decreed for me protection for my son
within my womb, he has knit together an entourage about him within this
womb of mine, for he knows that he is the heir of Osiris, and a guard over
the Falcon who is in this womb of mine has been set by Atum, lord of the
Gods. Go up on earth, that I may give you praise. The retainers of your
father Osiris will serve you,  will make your name, for  you have reached
the horizon, having passed the battlements of the Mansion of Him whose
name is hidden. Strength has gone up within my flesh, power has reached
into my flesh, power has reached its strength ….(?).
)?)… the sunshine-god is conveyed, and he has prepared his own place,
being seated as the head of the gods in the entourage of the Releaser (?).
O Falcon, my son Horus, dwell in this land of your father Osiris in this your
name of Falcon who is on the battlements of the Mansion of Him whose
name is hidden. I ask that you shall be always in the suite of Rê of the
horizon in the prow of the primeval bark for ever and ever .
Isis goes down to the Releaser (?) who brings Horus, for Isis has asked
that he may be the Releaser (?) as the leader of eternity. See Horus ,
you gods ! I am Horus, the Falcon who is on his battlements of the
Mansion of Him whose name is hidden. My flight aloft has reached the
horizon, I have overpassed the gods of the sky, I have made my position
more prevalent than that of the Primeval ones. The Contender has not
attended my first flight, my place is far from Seth, the enemy of my father
Osiris, I have used the roads of eternity to the dawn, I go up in my flight,
and there is no god who could do what I have done. I am agressive against
the enemy of my father Osiris, he having been set under my sandals in this
my name of ….(?) I am Horus, born of Isis, whose protection was made
within the egg; th fiery blast of your mouths does not attack me, and what
you may say against me does not reach me, I am Horus, more distant of
place than men or gods; I am Horus son of Isis.”   
[/end quotes]

conclusion : f#ck Canaan and his henchmen.

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