CT 160+159 : eden / matrix gate
               [useful ; 2022-04apr.3]

CT 160

theme : the moved eden gate

to read along ,
PDF 402 or real page II 387 (and scroll upwards)

interpretation of difficult themes :
1) 387 :
the ‘light of the nostril’ :
the ‘masherru light’ is “corrupted eden light of speech”
related to the concept “nostril” (SHR) probably as a substitute for “gate”
(here as “their realm now can breathe (-light) via the nostril”)
and the prefix shows this nostril is now at a matrix place
(compare : in prophets ‘(Gods) anger’ is also nostril related , -aph) ;
2) 386 :
the ‘fish city’ ÁNTT :
the place of this nostril must be (the place-) ÁNTT and compare ÁNIT elsewhere ,
and a cord – or axis – is connected to the (place of-) the eden gate
through which the latter ascends to this ÁNTT place
(this “fish city” ÁNTT is the same as ‘Nineveh’ in prophets chapter where the seven
torches are imprisoned ? so are they in the gate or somewhere else ?
and compare Jericho and the scarlet cord for this concept) ;
3) 385 :
the “stealing of the AKER gods” : 
(‘2 earth-gods, depicted as back-to-back lions”) :
tricky  —
these double-lions are shown as “carrying the ÁKHET” (or see amduat 5)
and it seems the matrix needs two “supporting backs” to place the eden gate upon ;
they DÓ ‘steal’ two eden-supports but it’s not clear if those are the same lions
(probably not – but we don’t know yet ‘what’ they can be) ;
4) 382
the ‘covered and closed eye’ :
it is not clear why they cover it with ‘masculinity’ , nor what it means ,
5) 381
the ‘Set stone’ (cornerstone) section :
we don’t know what that is doing here nor what is the correlation w/ the theme ;
                                                                            part II
5) 379
the ‘flame out (?) of the gate :
this is very difficult to translate without having a palpable theory  —
is now “a flame coming out of the top of the gate” akin to “a solarflare concept”…? ;
or is it more like an opening in the side of the gate , forming “a lake” ?
the given dimensions + ‘flame’ (but can be just ‘fire’ supports the former) ;
the ‘top of the head’ : in prophets is a line “the sheltered lions rule the top of
your head” but we’ve to see if that is corrupt ;
6) 377
and ‘the flame fórms the matrix-house’ ? :
we don’t know. However : Enoch describes “a matrix house of which the walls
were fire and its ceiling the path of the stars” – and see next ;
7) 376
a ‘type sea of glass carrying the sky’ ? :
we dont know if that flame also ‘makes’ this crystal (?) stone (floor?) ;
neither we understand how it could have “the sky resting upon it” ;


CT 160

II 387
the light (‘by the nostril’ ; MSHRRU). [..]. [for?] this. Hathor (‘Horus house’).
[at?] the bakhu mountain. [..] [of] this. crocodile Sebek.
[for] this. Râ. ;
III 386
the things of the West (-dimension). [by?] the Ba bird spirit-bodies. to know. ;

[to be] the ânkh life. [by,for] Râ. [as] the (matrix-) speech and nature. [of] peace. ,
[through] the phallus (‘axis’). [for] this. thou. speech. [to?] the -T by decree of law. ,
[as] the cord (‘axis’). to the double-T (ÁNTT , also ‘fish city’ ÁNIT). for. thou. to become. ;
III 385
[and so to be] (matrix-) existences (adj.) – [for] the (matrix-) sky.
[as?] revolving (adj.) – (matrix-) existence. ;
[as] he. the light (‘by the nostril’ ; mshrru). [of] this. peace. [for, by] Râ. ;

next ; remember he talks to mt. tsiun :

[by means of] the serpents as-) the (two-) aker gods. [by] me. to steal. ,
III 384
[and so to] my. existence. to come hail. ;
[because by?] (the double-T as) the supporting backs (‘constructs’).     +     [<< the 2 aker ?]
[at?] the support pillar (-for the word). [for] this. N (‘candidate). ,
[through] my. willpower. [=to be]. thou. (double-T as) the supporting backs (‘constructs’). ,
[and so] the (eden-) speech. [to] me. to wander-astray. [to be] my. protection. ;
III 383
[so that by] thou. the (eden-) mountain.
[to be] (matrix-) existence. [by] thou. (double-T as) the supporting backs (‘constructs’). ,
[and so] the (eden-) serpent. [to] he. the belly (‘region’). above (‘north’). to wander-astray. ;

[in order to be] this. garment (-of environment). [by] this. (matrix-) spirits consciousness. ;
[because] thou. speech. has given (adj.) – my. (matrix-) existence. speech.
[to be] the divine (matrix-) things. [by] sorcery. [of] great (matrix-) speech. [of] me. ;
III 382
[and so for] me. [to be] health. [because by] thou. [is] the (matrix-) health. ;

[by means of] thou. head. to cover.
[by] the divine (matrix-) masculinity. [of] me.
[and so for?] me. [to become?] a united (adj.) – (matrix-) existence. ;
[because now?-] thou. eye. [of] thou. speech. [to be] closed. ;            [<< by that covering ?]

III 381  [unclear :]
[and by?] the path (UA). [to be?] the (stolen eden-) Sight (MAA). 
the things to make to build the construct (‘boat’) (?, sqt’ut). [by?] the sacrifice (-of eden willpower). 
[because] thou. [at] the border. of. me. to stand upright (-at matrix-vector). ;  
[and] the things of sorcery. by. he (=eye). adam-like (adj.) – to empower (‘to say’). ;
[unclear what is the relation to the Set-stone here :]
[because by] he. [at] the border. [..]. ,
III 380
the Set stone (‘cornerstone’?). the (matrix-) word to make. 
[to be] the (matrix-) speech and nature. [by?] the shoulder (‘axis’? ; QÂH’). 
the things to make to build the construct (‘boat’) (?, sqt’ut). [as?] the sanctuary.  +
for. the great things. [… unknown 1x…]. ;
[to be] the divine things by (the built-) house (?). by. the words. to stand upright. 
[as?] transformed (adj.) – [for?] (matrix-) speech and nature. ; 

                                                                     part II
III 379
[because for] Râ.         +
[to be] the speech. [by] he. the (eden-) eye. [as] he. the (matrix-) speech and nature.
[because by]        +
‘the capsized boat’ (=eye construct at an angle’?).       +
[to be] the light (-of nostril ; msherru). [for] existence. [of] speech of light.
[as] he. the (eden type-) speech (RR) of (matrix-) hail. ;
[in] his. name [of] : the serpent. he. the renewing flame. [of] eden-within.
[as] the head (adj.) – [of] he. the foreign-land’s. mountain. ;              [<< or : main-root]

III 378
[and] this (-his). h’efau serpent. [for] existence’s. name. [by] me. to know. [..]. :
the flint (+knife? , T’ES). as (?). he. the front.
— for. speech of hail. [of] the (matrix-) KH-house. —
[is] 3 cubits. ,
[and] his. length. [..] (is) 30 cubits. ;
III 377
[because by?] this (-his). (eden-) mountain’s. top of the head. above.
[is?] the hefau serpent. [in order for] (matrix-) existence to become new. ;

……….. the above reminds of “a solarflare”…? as this hefau serpent ?
……….. is that why egyptians wore “a side lock” ? (comp. Khons ‘the moon’ !) ;

[and by?] the light particles (or: ‘egg’ , CT 165).    +
[..] (is?) he. the divine (matrix-) house. [for] (matrix-) existence to become new. ;
[namely at?-] this (his). mountain. [of] the east. [above (‘north’)]. as. Bakhu.    +
II 376
[of] the crocodile Sebek. [for] (matrix-) existence to become new. ;
[by?] it’s. width. [..] (is) 150 (or: 120). stadia (‘measures’). [and] it’s. length. [..]. 300. stadia.
[óf?] the crystal stone (?, type of sea of glass?). [..] he. existence to become new. ;
[because by?] he. the speech. above.
[as?] the real adm-soul’s (-one) (?). to rest. this. (matrix-) sky. [at?] the double-T of existence. ;

II 375
[and so through?] Bakhau. (eden-) existence. [by] this. (eden-) mountain. [by] me. to know. [..]. ;
[and therewith?] the things of the West. [by?] the Ba bird spirit-bodies. to know. ;
[rest : virtually empty]


CT 159


…. mainly posted because of ‘the two eden trees’ ;
where 160 was about ‘the gate itself’ and ‘speech’ , this 159 is about ‘the word’ 
and the ‘two places-T’ which support and “feed” the speech (and the dimension) ;
it seems
that not the eden-trees were moved “but their sapphire standing places” 
(no we neither understand how) ,
and it seems now ‘grain grows on those two matrix places supporting the gate’ 
yet they still need a constant supply of words (‘light particles’) fróm eden ,
hence they talk about “a south and north pool” where the south one is eden’s ,
and the particles are conveyed to the north “by the winds (-to there)”  —
we have the cardinal points theme also in Zecheriah 
(prophets mention how Adam makes the winds to rise up to their land ,
and also Rg-Veda describes this – see page) ;  
much is unclear still but we’re getting there …

ct 159
II 372
this. matrix dawn (as the god) (T’UA+). 
[as] the (eden type-) speech for the word of the (matrix-) KH-house. [of] the calf.
[for?] the (now matrix-) eden sceptre. [at] the island of the horizon (‘gate region’). 
[of] Horus. ;
II 371
the NT-spirits of the East. [for?] the Ba bird spirits. [by] me. to know. [..]. ; 
the NT-spirits of the East. [for] the Ba birds. [at] the side. [of] (eden-) speech of hail. 
a length. [of] 9. cubits. [of] the real adm-soul’s (-one). to reap.
[to be?] inside (?). the island of the horizon of the NT-spirits (?). ;
II 370
—————— lines about “a stalk of 1 cubit to become 5 cubits to become 7 etc” ,
—————— we don’t know what it means and therefore has no sense to translate ;
II 369 (!)
b (!)
…. [to be] the spelt (-at the double matrix-place-T) (BET’TT). ,
[and] (matrix-) existence. to rejoice by the word on the (matrix-) high place (‘north’). [..]. ; 
………… note the ‘grain’ and ‘the double-T’ and the concept “the word” ;
[and so to be?] the iron.        +                                                [<< the matrix-word now?]
for. the real adm-soul’s. (dimensional-) background’s. double place-T of (eden-) existence. 
[as] the fortress (-land). [..]. ; 
II 368
[because] Râ. who is. [by] the (eden-) one. [for] the field of reeds. [by] me. to know. [..]. , 
[and by] he (=eden one). within (-the matrix). ,
[for] Râ. the word of (matrix-) speech to manifest. ; 
[namely by] the double-T of the East. [..] [at?] the stargate. [of] speech. ; 
II 367
[because for] Shu (‘matrix atmosphere’).        +
the double (matrix-) place-T to make for the shot one (=eden gate). above (‘north’). , 
[and] (to there-) the (eden-) double-place-T to wander-astray. ; 
[and so] double (matrix-) existence to make (‘as concept’). [by] the double-T of eden-within. 
[and therewith] Râ’s. (matrix-) place-T for speech to manifest. ; 
the sapphire. (matrix-) double-place-T of existence. 
[bý] the (eden-) double place-T of existence. [of] these. (two-) (eden-) trees (NEHT\\). 
[by] me. to know. [..]. ;
II 366
[yet for] Râ. the construct (‘boat’). for. he. existence. [by] the (eden-) passive great speech. 
nót. to ferry-over. [..]. , 
but the wormhole construct (‘boat’). [..]. the made cord alike-adam. to doorkeep.   
[and so to be] the ferried-over construct (‘boat’). [by, as?] the winds. [..] [to be] wthin (-the matrix). 
[for] Râ. ; 
…………… the above makes only sense when compared to next lines :
…………… it talks about “a pool in the south (=eden) and in the north” so it’s about “supplying”,
————- hence that boat is not ferried-over to their north – and it seems ‘the wind’ is the conveyor ;
II 365
the construct of the word by the hand to make to build. [for] the (matrix-) word of the solarplane. ,
as.     +
the son (-constructs). [of] the mouth (‘matrix-gate’). 
[namely] the pools (‘for the workable matrix-word’). in. he. the north. , 
[and] the winds (to blow to-). [..] within (-the matrix).       +
[into] Râ’s. construct of the hand to make to build. [for] the word of the solarplane. [..]. ; 
II 364
[fróm] the son (-construct) (..unknown..). [of] the (eden-) pool(-s). in. he. the south. ;
[and so by] the East. as. he. within (-the matrix). 
[for] Râ. the word of (matrix-) speech to manifest.
the vessel. above (‘north’). [as?] this. stargate. [by] me. to know. [..]. ; 
II 363