CT 188: the eden moon :
place of stealing energy ,
as sandal and tail ;
axis as tail ST’ and THN ;

[food + speech theme]
+ graph and legenda



legenda :
– to the east of the depiction is Heaven (‘the sunrise; , in prophets) , 
– the region
    between mt. tsiun and Heaven is “the false east”
    as (-qdm) in prophets ; as the region where the Beast armies will fall ;
    and in that region is ‘the tree of good and evil’, according to Enoch ;
– the land West of mt tsiun
    belongs to the evil dimension as “the West”, to the west of the depiction ,
    but Mystery-Babylon , here in the north, has the náture of ‘the West’ ;
– note
    how”the evil realm makes contact WITH Heaven” 
    by placing their ‘foot’ upon the eastern land , to can feed-off upon Heaven
    (if you imagine another ‘leg’ into the West – and Babylon in the north ; 
– the place of seizing the eden moon :
    Enoch describes “a pool, a small sea in this eastern land” ,
    and a river towards the north-east (from or to there)” :
    how this may well be the axis towards Mystery-Babylon 
    (solid theme ; we’ll work that out more)

reading the glyphs of this spell :
original page at III 95 ; PDF page 111 ,
but remember to read UPwards ; 
‘official’ translation :
see annex

CT 188 [the ‘you’ is the eden-moon]

III 95
my. speech. [is by] the things through making the (matrix-) axis in the equillibrium. ,
[in order]     +
[to be] the (matrix-) willpower. by. [means of] [to] the (eden-) one to connect to. ; 
[and therewith to become] the opened (matrix-) word. 
(which-) [to] me. (matrix-) existence to bring. 
    (‘which brings [matrix-] existence to me’)

[and so] to be] the beauty. [of] the West (‘evil dimension’). , 
to unite (adj.) – the (matrix-) speech. [with] the (matrix-) land. [of] me. ; 
d-c :
[d : see next ; c : a repeat]
[and] the (matrix-) sky. , 
by [means of for] Râ. the cord in the equilibrium. to tie together. ; 
    b :
    equilibrium , ÂQA : unusual , not appearing often in spells ; 
    it can very well “an inbetween-realm” – between eden and matrix , 
    also because of the ‘throwstick’ (=axis) glyph ,
    and supports the interpretation as the eden moon theme ; 

next theme ,
III 94
[for] me. [are] the toiled things. made (ÁR). [by] (eden-) existence. ,
[being]   + 
the (matrix-) foods. (which to-) me. to give. (matrix-) speech. ; 

[and to] me. 
the toiled things. made (ÁR). [by] (eden-) existence. ,
[being]   + 
the (matrix-) foods. (which to-) me. to give. (matrix-) speech. , to hurry. [..]. ;
    (= ‘they hurry to me’ ;       
    compare lateron , where “they swim in a hurry”)

[because] (by-) thou (‘eden moon’). house.      + 
the (matrix-) houses (‘in matrix gate region’). [for] (matrix-) existences. to build. ,
[and by] thou. things of the neHt tree (‘the eden tree / or an eden axis’). ,     +
(matrix-) existences. to make to grow (‘by matrix’). ;    
    h :
    this tree is definitely eden’s here ; the H-glyph (eden sky dome) follows áfter
    the tree glyph , so it is the situation of original eden 
    (before that dome ran away to serve the matrix – see prophets ; as Jer. 2) ; 
[see next]
[by] thou (‘eden moon’). , (being-) the vessel (‘moon’) of sinful things. ,
[to be] the (matrix-) vessel (‘matrix moon ÁÂH”) of things of slaughtered (eden-) willpower. , 
as. these things. to can drink (-by matrix). ; 
[because for] thou. [is] the prison in the (dimensional-) background (=H’AT). ,
[and so]
[for] (matrix-) existence. [to be] the (eden-) aspects for the (matrix-) high-place (‘north’).
[in order] for. [to be] my. (matrix-) ânkh life. ; 

    b :
    the H’AT : in many spells , or as ‘field’ or as ‘place’ or as ‘forest’ 
    but each denotes the place where the moon’s energies are stolen ; 
III 93
[by] thou (eden moon’). tail (‘see top of page’, ST’). [to] above (‘north’).
existences. to swim away. , 
swimming. [tó] the (…?…). [like?] the hurrying. ‘word’. [for] to come hail (-by). ; 
[because]       +
[by] the place. [of] the real adm-soul. [is] the ‘word’. [for] (matrix-) beauty. ,
[as] the breeze. [from] below (‘south’). ; 

    h-g :
    there is no escape from glyph ‘U’ “word” yet the theme is NOT about that ;
    perhaps used symbolically ;
      2.  the (..?..) :
      showing a sheep or other cattle , as strange glyph and undeductible ,
      any proposition would give a wrong idea so we left it open ;
[and therewith] the (matrix-) myrrh (‘eden-essence for matrix-willpower’).       +
which is. [by] the one. neHt tree (=eden’s ; see previous). below (‘south’). ,
[by] me. to eat. ; 
[because] my. (matrix-) speech.
[is by] the NT-spirits of the (island of the-) horizon. making existence. ,
[as] (matrix-) existence of hail. ;

next theme ,
[by means of]      +
the road as the alighting [matrix-] axis for to [matrix-] existence to connect to. ,
thou (‘eden moon’). [to] (matrix-) existence. to give. speech. ;       +

     d :
     first long term is the full meaning of THEN+bird+axis+way ,
     and is the same concept as the SET’-tail ;
     2. no “[by] thou. to eat” here because too complicated ; B1L is the most correct ; 
[and so for] Geb (‘Chaldea’). [to be] the (matrix-) speech and nature. 
[by means of]      +
[for] the land (‘Geb’). (matrix-) speech to make (S-R). [of] 3 aspects. [..]. ; 
[and for] Râ (‘this sun’). [to be] the (matrix-) speech and nature. 
[by means of]      +
[for] the (matrix-) sky. (matrix-) speech to make (S-R). [of] 4 aspects. [..]. ; 

    c-b :
    we don’t know what are these aspects nor where they come from ;
[because for] Ôn (‘Mystery-Babylon’). [of] the Ba-spirit birds
    (=bodies for the corrupt-adm-souls)
[to be] the great (matrix-) speech. 
[by means of] the altar (-house). above (‘north’). to manifest. ,       +

III 92
[and by] that one. [are] the seven aspects. for. my. (matrix-) ânkh-life. ;   

[by] my. (matrix-) speech. [of] (matrix-) spirits-consciousness. existence to make. 
[as] (matrix-) existence of hail. ,
[because by] he. within. , [=to]. (matrix-) existence. (has) come hail. ,
[as] this. (matrix-) word for the solarplane (BU). for.      + 
[+to make] the (dimensional-) garment (‘matrix environment’ ; and see PT 187). ;
[because] he. the (matrix-) speech of hail. [is] [=this]. ânkh life. ; 

closing :
[but several terms / phrases unclear :
in next i) the “fingers” seem to be “two (?) separate matrix axes” 
(‘the finger [=axis] of (?) willpower for the solarplane’) ,
– that they “must not be united” 
does this refer back to “the 3 aspects and 4 aspects” ?
.. is the phrasing in i) because he hás ‘creational powers’ ((=’existence to make’) ? ,
and is this some Note To Self – read : to the candidate ?
(line sounds like Ghostbusters I , “..do not cross the (particle-) streams !” , grin)
my. fingers (2 (?) matrix axis). for. he. the (matrix-) speech. [me]. to unite. nót. ; 
my. sandal (-as the double-T tó the [matrix-] solarplane to connect to).       +
fór. he. the speech. above (‘north’).  
[me]. [= to plough-over ] (‘to destroy’) (=KHENT’+). nót. ;

   h :
   equally difficult : it requires to be a Verb , and the only KHENT’ 
   apart from ‘throne’ is “to plough” used in spells ;
   we never found what means the enigmatic ‘sandal’  —  
   but since their solarplane is B and this sandal TH-B-TT ,
   it may just mean ‘the field where the eden moon is seized’ ;
next , must be a bit different colour :
[because]    +
my. double (matrix-) willpower. of. he. (matrix-) existence. 
[me]. to elevate (‘misuse’). nót. ;
[because by] he (‘double willpower’). within. ,
[me]. (to have-) adam-like ignorance. nót. ; 

    (so – “hé will nót be so stupid to destroy his own environment” ..?)
g-f :
… the problem with reading those glyphs is that “none have an eden colour” 
so the theme must be about him and his ówn environment 
(unlike spells as “and he (eden) will destroy me nót”) ;
here ,
you see that KHEMI shows a ‘to build’ det. , but considered the context
it is more likely that glyph neg+KHEM was intended ; 
next ,
(torture of interpreting isn’t over yet …)  :
if you look at e-d , the “to eat” could look negative as in b) “I will not eat dirt” ;
but the thing is that “the doubled – essences” in d) are pósitive (matrix-wise) ;
– and could explain the restraining he described in the previous lines ;
also , even IF it wrote 
“bý the (eden) essences to double is (matrix) peace ,
[but] me. to eat (-it). nót.” , 
this line does not make sense ; hence :

[previous line was ‘adam-like destroy. nót’ :]
[because by] the doubled (adj., KA) – essences. [of] (matrix-) peace.     +
me (passive !). to be devoured. nót. ; 

next : the juxtaposition       [-about the ‘untreated’ eden aspects] :
please consider
how this “not eating (eden-) dirt” ties in to ‘tasting the other realm’ ,
exactly what Eve and Adam DID !
[also] : the dirt (‘essences of the real-adm-soul for the matrix’). [is] my. abhorrence. ;
[therefore by] me. to eat (-it). nót. ; 
to repeat : [because] (it is-) my. abhorrence. 




annex : 
‘official’ translation (Faulkner) :
but remember he read it upside down ,
and disregarding MANY glyphs ,
note :
… you will see – for example – that because of the wrong reading
he made ‘faeces’ the subject : hence “dont thread on it” etc ;
“What I doubly detest, I will not eat. Faeces is my detestation and I will not eat;
Iwill not consume filth. I will not go up for it with my hands, I will not tread on it
with my sandals, touch it with my fingers. 
“What will you live on in the place into which you have come ?” 
say the horizon-dwellers to me. 
“I will live on those seven portions which have gone forth from upon the great 
altars of the Souls of Ôn. Their four portions are in the sky with Rê, their three
portions are on earth with Geb”.
“Where has it been granted to you to eat ?” say the horizon-dwellers to me. 
“I will eat under this myrrh-tree, having the breezes of Nefrusi”. 
“Welcome, O swimmer of sheep ! We will swim on your tail. We will live on the
cakes of your store-chest, we will drink of the content of your jars”. 
“How shall I act ? You will live on the cakes of my store-chest, you will drink the
contents of my jars”. 
“Act when you dig ponds, when we plant your trees and build your mansions”. 
“There is bread for him who does my work; I will give bread to him who does
my work”. 
I will knot the ropes for Rê in the sky, I will bring him to land in the beautiful West.
I will knit my ropes in the sky like Rê, I will land in the beautiful West. 
Bring me this !
“who are you ?” say the […….] to me.”

– headache.