CT 195 : the seven Torches 
 making (?) the New Moon ;
the sons of Ammon , Khens

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CT 195
spell description :
– first he tells how their realm now has livable aspects ,
– which are “words (‘light-particles)” in their atmosphere ,
– and how “a couple of hundred” of them work this for their brothers north ,
  the first group is the direct enemy of the 144 in prophets ; 
– then how the stolen edenmoon (-gate) ascends to their region PUNT ,
  rising to their realm via the watercourse (‘Nile’) ,
– then “4 aspects are given to the land and 4 to the sky” deriving fróm “7”
  which can only be the Torches (see Revelation and prophets)
  and though in the eden-situation these are ‘in’ the moon (-gate)
  it is unclear where they are placed now ;
– because the Torches ‘sing’ (to create) , compare ‘words’ , they make the
  environmental garment – and they probably “start at their New Moon” 
  (but we need more about this theme)
to read along ,
PDF page 130 , real page III 114 , and scroll upwards ,
‘official’ translation + notes in annex
CT 195 
III 114
[by being] within (-the matrix). ,                                      [<< the eden construct]
[to be] the drink (adj.) – [for] (matrix-) existences. ,
[in order] for. thou (=candidate). to drink. ; 
[and by being] within (-the matrix). ,                 
[to be] the thing to eat (adj.) – [for] (matrix-) existences. ,
[in order] for. thou. to eat. ,          
[and by being] within (-the matrix). ,                 
[to be] the ânkh life – [for] (matrix-) existences. ,
[in order] for. thou. to live (-the ânkh life). ;
[because for] this. N (‘candidate’). [to be] the (matrix-) speech. 
[by means of] the new moon (-month). (matrix-) existence to make (‘as concept’). 
[through] the (matrix-) voice. ,                                                  [<< perhaps : ‘by sound’]
[in order for] the (matrix-) word to come. [to] the (matrix-) atmosphere. ; 
next , the ones who cause this (‘the sons of Ammon’) ,
[because by?] the divine ones at the location. fór (?). the divine brothers (‘north’?). ,
by [means of].      +
the hundreds. dwelling (-there) (adj.) – [for] this. N’s. (matrix-) existence.   [<< in location?]
[fór?]       +
the thousands. as. this. N’s. (matrix-) existence. to stand upright (‘at matrix vector’).
[by means of] he (=eden construct). [to] (matrix-) existence. to give. (matrix-) speech. ; 
…………… it seems he describes “the priests section of the sons of Ammon” here
…………… who ‘work’ in the south to obtain the eden aspects
…………… fór their people who dwell in M-Babylon etc ; 
[because tó] the foreign-land Punt.                 [<< ‘the one to become new at the root’] 
[..]. he. to descend. ,                                                                                [<< the eden construct]
[and] by [means of].        +
he. the watercourse (‘Nile’). [..] to stand upright (-at matrix-vector). ,
[and by] the (now-) KHENSU moon (‘gate’). this. N. (matrix-) existence. to discover. ;   + 
…………… so he’s talking about “a new moon” – implying that each start of their month
…………… the eden moon (-gate) energetically ‘comes to their north’ , to PUNT ,
…………… following the road as ‘the watercourse’ to come to there ; 
…………… (PUNT ‘on earth’ may have been ‘Somalia’ or ‘Madagascar’) ;
[by being át] the island of the horizon.      +                                   [<< matrix gate region] 
[of] the foremost (matrix-) KH-house. ,
[because]        +
(it-) at. the (matrix-) throne-G (GET). above (‘north’). [of] this. N. to dwell (=the moon). ; 
[and therewith]          +
(eden-) existence to make (‘as concept’).                  +
[bý] the divine firstborn ones (=Ammon sons). to strike (-eden) (‘w/ matrix-word’). ;
(likely) :
[who?] are wearing (?, glyph ; adj.) – the (eden type physical-) garment (?, glyph). 
having been (adj.) – made (=by eden, ÁR ; adj.) – [for] he. the (matrix-) existence. ;
…………… last line seems correct , concerning the glyphs but also the context :
…………… it are “the sons of Ammon priests” who obtained an eden type body
…………… (as mixture) who are obtaining the original aspects of the moon ; 
next ,
[a-b : tricky :]
[because by]       +
Pteh’ (Ptah). [to be] (matrix-) quality. [as] (matrix-) existence. alike-adam’s. ,
[and so] [to] this. N’s. (matrix-) existence. to come hail. ;
III 113
[and by being] within (-the matrix). 
the one. existence. [through?] the royal south (or: king). [for] this. N. ; 
…………… it’s unclear in “which moon” now is Pteh’ : the eden one or the stolen one
…………… (eventhough SEKER must be in the eden one below) ;
…………..  the serious question here is if Pteh’ (‘creator’) could be a title of Adam :
…………… considered his attributes it’s possible – but we need to investigate ;
next, description how the eden construct moves to their north :
[p : not easy :]
the real adm-soul’s. construct (‘boat’ = gate). to be filled. 
[and] the real adm-soul’s (-one). [for] this. N. to pull up (-by the tackle) (‘to the north’)
         (as the cord of essence for to make the root)
[being] the cord (‘axis’) of willpower by the real adm-soul’s (-one). 
[becoming ?]          +
the cord (‘axis’) of (matrix-) willpower. [for] (matrix-) existence. [of] this. N. 
[as?] the slaughtered (-lights of eden willpower) (SHÂ+). ; 
[and so to] this. N’s. (matrix-) existence. to come hail. ; 

[virtual repeat]
then – the ‘7 aspects for sky and land’ : likely from the 7 Torches ,
[then for] Geb (‘land of Mystery-Babylon’). [to be] the (matrix-) quality. 
[by] becoming (adj.) – the (matrix-) land. [of] (matrix-) speech.         +
[through] three aspects. ; 
[and] Râ. the (matrix-) quality. 
[by] becoming (adj.) – the (matrix-) sky. [of] (matrix-) speech. 
[through] four aspects. ; 
[to be] Ôn (‘Mystery-Babylon’). [of] the Ba bird spirit-beings.           [<< see 114 g]
[by means of]          +
the ones (at?) the altar (-house). above (‘north’). to manifest. ;         +
[namely]         +
these. seven (-untied from eden) ones (Torches). [for] this. N’s. ânkh life. ; 
next : these start to make existence át the new moon (-month) ? :
[and] (they?-) [at?] the new moon (-months). (matrix-) existence to make.        +
[through] the voice. ,                                                                                      [<< as sound ?]
to become the dimensional environment (-garment). 
by. this. N’s. (matrix-) speech of hail. [of] ânkh life. ; 
……………. so the 7 Torches “sing” as “to create aspects of creation”
……………. but those aspects are “fixed ; directed” by ‘spéech’ ;
……………  that 3 Torches are ‘responsible for the land’ and ‘4 for the sky’ 
……………. can be explained by “the 7 cows” theme  —
……………. we did an attempt to that but have to evaluate again ;
……………. but : they were ‘in’ the eden moon : not sure yet where they are here ; 
                                                   – end of theme – 
                                                  PART II – closing
[skipped ; explanation :]
… after the above he now repeats “how he will nót eat foulness (eden aspects)”
said in a series of negations as juxtaposed to the start of this spell ; 
‘official’ translation 
(by Faulkner – but remember he read the text upside-down ;
note : the man was preoccupied with the ‘(magical-) boat’ theme
hence the ‘hull’ etc after the boat-glyph appeared)
“What N double detests, he will not eat. Faeces is N’s detestation, N will not eat;
N will not partake of filth. N will not eat it with his mouth, this N will not touch it
with his fingers. 
{text above :}
‘On what will this N live ?’ say the gods of the New Moon festival. This N will live
on these seven (portions) which are issued from the altars of the Souls of Ôn ;
four portions are in the sky with Rê and three portions on earth with Geb. O N, 
cut the papyrus-stems, twist the lacings (?) , N has frapped the hull, N is king 
of those who are yonder. N has come today to Ptah, he has made a baton which
beats their great ones. N sits on a throne in front of the horizon, N found Khons
standing in his path when he came down from Punt, and he has caused N to
have stood with thousands and to have sat with hundreds of brethren and fellow-
citizens. “The Follower has come’ say they of the New Moon festival.; ‘He lives on
what we live on, he eats of what we eat of, he drinks of what we drink of.”