CT 219 : the stolen eden gate :
as spherical dome of serpents

    [useful ; 2020-04apr.12]
CT 219

main theme : 
…………… a stolen eden gate as “spherical dome of light , of energy” which has ‘coverings’
…………… which exists out of ‘serpents’ (fiery eden-uraei : ‘filaments’ ?) which “spit out words” 
…………… but understóod as “light-particles” which “are their bread and food” ;
– however bizarre at least this is what we get from it ;
we’ll look for other ones w/ this theme
and óur question ofcourse always is “does this match with some event in prophets ?”
(the ‘urine and foulness’ – see f. CT 218/220 – must be the ántipodes of this ‘beer and food’ ;

to read along , 
PDF page 216 , real page 200 , and read upwards ,
CT 219
III 200
[to] the West (-dimension). side. above (‘north’). the one to give. , 
[namely by] the East. side. [to] above. [as] the one by the support pillar (-to there). ; 
[and then by being] within (-the matrix). 
[to] my. (matrix-) existence. the word (‘light-particles’). to be given. 
[to be] all. the (matrix-) words of the solarplane.          +
[as] the beer. [and] food. [to] me. this. to give. ; 
next , ‘the god’ is this stolen construct :
[by] the god. (matrix-) existence. to beget. [of] beauty. ;      [<< or ‘at double-T for beauty’]
[as] existence to make (‘as concept’).          +
[by means of?] the coverings (‘veils’ ; or ‘tresses’ ?). [to] me. to come. , 
[and by] the divine Ba bird spirit-beings. [as] me. (eden-) existence. to carry-off. [..]. ; 
[because by] the (eden-) uraei. [for] existence to make. within (-it?). 
[through] me. to manifest. ,         + 
[when?] the ones (?, uraei?) of the egg (‘energy torus’). [for] existence to make. within. 
[to] me. to descend. ; 
…………… so we must have “a spherical dome of light , of energy” which has ‘coverings’
…………… which exists out of ‘serpents’ (uraei) which ‘make the bread and food’ ;
…………… the reading can be that it is “a layered dome” and hence “more serpents”
…………… and it was probably HENKT ‘coverings’ not HENSKT ‘tresses’ 
…………… (well so where does the ‘medusa’ concept originate from ?) ; 
III 199
[and so at] the island of the horizon (‘gate region’).        +
[to be] things of (?) the pool. [as] my. fire-drill construct (‘boat’). ,
[as] the ferried-over construct (‘boat’). by. the cord of the tackle (-into the north).  
[into?]       +
the equillibrium. (by-) me. (having) tied together. ;     [<< to matrix high place QA ; CT 218]
[and by it being] within (-the matrix). , 
[to] my. (matrix-) existence. the word. to be given.
[as] all. the words for the solarplane.       +
by [means of] me. the vessel. [for] (matrix-) existence. to acquire. ; 
…………….. it’s unclear “if he tied the cords” or “they were tied fór him” 
…………….. (so that his job is to work with it – that is what the sons of Ammon do) ;
…………….. considered text below he is not thát humble :
[so that factually by?] me. to (matrix-) existence. to give. speech. 
[through?] the (matrix-) word of hail. ,
[and because of] me. (matrix-) existence. to (can) drink. , 
[and] the foods. [through] me. to (can) eat. ; 
[because] me. the West (-dimension). side. above (‘north’). the word. to give. , 
[because by] me. [is] the East’s. side. word by the support pillar (adj.) – [to] above.



      CT 204 : as Apis bull
(‘causing the half-moon’?)

CT 204
main theme : the Apis bull (as ‘strong construct’) as the dome of the matrix gate (?) ;

……. interesting  —
though in previous spell it was described as ‘uraei’ this bull represents “a nature” 
and is directly linked to “the (covering of the-) top of the head” UPT+ 
and factually “the ópened covering”  :
in III 140
– the “eye” seems correct – as matrix gate
   (Apis is depicted with the red sun – eye – almost as part of him) , 
– he is often shown ‘kneeling on a base’ which can be him as covering ,
– he is shown with the UATCH-goddess , ‘green’ (=maimed emerald) ,
– he wears the same MENÁT as Khons (KHENSU) – which is now the matrix gate ;

– it writes on murals and plaquettes “that he comes from Seker-Ptah” , that is from the eden gate ,

Apis cáusing the half-moon … ?
…. just an idea for we don’t know still —
the eden-half-moon (‘month’?) makes the matrix-moon – and therewith their seasons ,
but suppose that this “top bow of the moon” (as gate)
can be linked to that concept ?
question , 
was ‘the golden calf’ in Egypt ‘Apis’ ?
it would fit the main theme of “speech” … 
– besides ‘the double chevron’ glyph of H’EP (Apis) looks lot like a compass
perhaps as the square used in the masonic logo – where ‘G’ is just ‘gate’ ,
that logo depicting the matrix-gate mixed with eden aspects ?
to read along , 
PDF page 158 , real page III 142 , and scroll upwards , 
CT 204
eden-existence only rises up until (-as high as) the matrix dimensional-centre ,
III 142
my. (matrix-) existence. to be made upside-down (‘like eden’s). nót. ;
[but] (it-) [by] the legs (‘axis’). [to] above (‘north’). [to] me. to wander-astray. :
[úntil] my. sandal (-as the double (matrix-) place-T for the solarplane to connect to. 
[and so to be]         + 
the real adm-type speech above (‘north’).       + 
[but] (it-) to step. [upon] me (adj.) – nót. ; 
[likely :]
[because] (it-) (higher-) to rise. [as] the two fingers (‘axis’). [for] my. existence. nót. ; 
…………… the ‘legs’ are “the two risen up eden-ram horns” just as the ‘fingers’ ;
III 141
[and therefore] the (eden-) dimension of urine.          +
(by-) me. to drink. nót. ;
f (!)
[+and] [+the foulness (‘eden aspects’)]. me. to eat. nót. ; 
g (!)
[but instead] , [by] to untie the (eden-) essences (-from eden). , 
[as] the essences (‘as words’) of the (eden-) mountain. [for] (matrix-) speech.    +
(which are-) my. abomination (-eden-T). , 
[to be] the divine (matrix-) ones by being connected to (matrix-) place-T of vulture-rule.   +
to become (adj.) – [for] me (adj.) – above (‘north’).
……………… so he says
……………… that the unclean essences (of the eden mountain) are his ‘abomination’ (B-UT)
……………… but because they are produced by the eden-place-T ;
[and because of] the nurse (‘matrix-T for stability’). above. [for] me. to become. , 
[to come] the mutilated (eden-) things. [for to be] (matrix dimensional-) wideness. ; 
[to be] the things by the eye (‘matrix-gate’) (?). [in?] the celestial region. 
[as?] (matrix-) existences of speech. [of] beauty. ;                                   [<< unlikely ‘names’?]
III 140
[because by] the coverings of the top of the head. (which is-) [at] the (matrix-) high place. 
[is] the (matrix-) sky. [of] eden-within. ,
[ás] this. Apis bull. ; 
(now as-) this. divine descended one (=to the north). [for] me. ; 
………………. see notes in top ;
closing :
[and therewith] ‘the workable (matrix-) word’ . [to] my. existence to bring. ; 
[tricky :]
[to be] the ânkh life. [by?] (eden-) to destroy. [for] (matrix-) hail. ; 
a = i
the cemetary below (eden). as. the upside-down (-one). to wander-astray.
[in order for] to complete (-the matrix). ; 


PT 594 : the stolen gate : as
 ‘gate of speech’ and ‘sceptre’

PT 594
main theme : the eden gate now as ‘matrix gate of speech’ 
to read along ,
PDF page 370 , real page 1638 , and read upwards , 
[to be] he. the (matrix-) existence. 
[by] (the star of-) the (eden-) [=hand] of great speech. nót. ;                       [<< eden gate]
[but instead] , 
[by] (eden-) existence. [to be] thou. (matrix-) existence. [of] splendour. ;
[because by]        +
UPUAT (‘the jackal perch-standard of the watercourse (‘Nile’) opening the eden root’).
[..]. [to be] the eden sceptre (TÁ). [at] the (matrix-) high place. , 
[namely as]     +
the royal south. [..]. (where is-) the risen up (adj.) – (now matrix-) sceptre (T). ;        + 
[as] the gate (-of speech). [for] (matrix-) speech of hail.       +
[for] thou. (matrix-) existence. to manifest. 
the “star of the hand” usually as URT’ (not URTCH) and a star ;
the “jackal upon the perch” indicates already that his standing place is ‘in the north’ 
stressed by the term “high place” QA ;
the difference between TÁ and T is subtile but the reading must be correct