CT 221 : as ‘lion-mouth’ 
(Zech 9:7 but corrupted)
   and as “great door” 

CT 221

main theme : the “mouth (=gate) to clean” – Zech. 9:7 but corrupted , 
………………… and “the great door (or ‘bar’) of the mouth” – several prophets ;
… in this tempo we’ll restore Zechariah in only a decade
but you see that many terms there fit the gate theme ; 

to read along , 
PDF page 223 , real page III 207 , and scroll upwards ;

III 207
[by] the hidden one (or: mysterious one). 
[as] the mouth (‘gate’). [in] the foreign land (as ST).             [<< probably the eden gate]           
[to be] (matrix-) existence. ,
[by means of] (its) great (adj.) – door. to doorkeep. ; 
[because by?] the (….) foreign land for the ‘workable (matrix-) word’.      +
[to be] the (matrix-) place-T (‘gate’) for the ‘workable word’.      +
(matrix-) existence. to make to value. ; 
……………. it totally depends whether this is the original eden-gate or the stolen copy 
……………. (next to SET – compare the eden Set-stone – also sometimes KENST is used)
……………. while the “doorkeeping” can be either be passive or active guarding ;
……………. yet “the slaughtering spirits” in next d should make this the eden gate ;   
III 206
[because by] Osiris’ (‘matrix’). slaughtering spirits. 
[is] for. [..] this. N (‘candidate’). the (matrix-) existence becoming new. , 
[by means of] he (‘eden gate’). to make to cease (T’ER). ; 
[and so to] he. (matrix-) existence. he (‘eden gate’). willpower. to give. , 
[as] the divine (matrix-) light of the word of willpower. [for] (matrix-) existence of hail. ; 
……………… so , we are STILL not sure if the eden gate – in theory – still exists below
……………… but is “constantly made to cease” and now constantly re-appears
……………… as copied one in their north (-and now with their qualities) ; but see next : 
[therewith by]       +
the Nu dome (‘lower register = eden!’). [to be] the (matrix-) word of eden-within. 
[as] the (eden-) willpower for (matrix-) existence. [as] he. the (matrix-) light. ; 
[and by] he (‘that light’). [as] the divine aspects. [of] the word of eden-within. ,
[is] the (eden-) willpower for (matrix-) existence. for. [..]. my. (matrix-) existence to become new. ;
now about the matrix gate ,
III 205
[and fór] Râ (‘which is “speech”).        +
the word of (stolen eden-) Sight. [to] me. to wander-astray. , 
[and] my. (eden-) willpower of (matrix-) existence. to make (=by eden ; ÁR). ,
[through?] the (………) (eden-) Q-axis for (matrix-) hail (?). ;                          [<< eden vector]
…………… unlikely Cain was intended (QÂN or ÂQN , here 1 x ÁQN) but the axis theme
…………… in CT 210 is also the ÁQ+crocodile – representing a powerful construct
…………… and related to ‘the four cardinal points’ when horizontal ;
…………… because next line starts with ‘a location’ :
[because by] the divine location of nursing (matrix-) the adam-like place-T.        +   
for. my. (matrix-) existence. 
the (eden-) dome to sleep. ;                                                                         [<< the lower register] 
[and by] the (matrix-) place of the root. [..] my. existence. to manifest. ; 
[and for] me. above (‘north’). [..] (matrix-) existence. [of] (stolen eden-) Sight. to become. ;
[because by being] within (-in the matrix). ,
my. existence to become new. 
[as] my. existence. manifesting. 
III 204 f : as stolen gate  – now as ‘lion-mouth’ ,
[at] the ÁAT region (-at the perch-standard). [is] the purified (adj.) – foreign land’s. pool.
[in order]       + 
to be the solarplane by the pool for the (matrix-) word. ,           [<< literal ; USHB+ ; unknown]
[as] the divine lion-mouth. [of] me. ;                                                                                 [<< matrix gate]
[and by] he (‘lion gate’). above (‘north’). 
he. (matrix-) existence. [of] (stolen eden-) Sight. to become. , 
[and by being] within (-the matrix). my. existence to become new. ; 
[because]       +
[fór] he. the desired (matrix-) place-T for (matrix-) speech (MERRT).  +      [<< matrix gate]
he. the (eden-) existence. the speech. to make (=by eden ; ÁR). ;
[but] the one of the land in the (dimensional-) background.     +           [<< eden gate in eden]
[..]. (now-) [to be] purified.  
to be for the solarplane by the pool the (matrix-) word. ,
[as] (this-) lion-mouth. [of] me. ;
[by] the cemetary below (‘eden, mt. tsiun’).         +
fór. he. the desired (matrix-) place-T for (matrix-) speech (MERRT). my. speech. to make (ÁR).