themes : the eden nostril (hebrew -aph)
now doubled at their copied-hand north (Damascus / (TEM) ;
notes : for each subsequent paragraph ; below main text ;
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CT 223


III 210
d) the morning-light [as eden’s, to double for the solarplane] (bKa). [for] the divine all. ;
to become. +
c) [by] the divine he the egg [suh’t/orion]. [in] the dimensional background [=eden]. ,
[for] speech. [this N. existence]. to revolve (pkhr). ,
b) [as] the offering [eden’s]. to be judged. [by this N]. :
a) to make the word of breath-air [for matrix]. [in order for] to make [the matrix] to breath. ;

III 209
d) [and so, by] the word of breath-air. this N [=candidate]. to make to breathe. ,
c) [and] the adamite-soul’s. old age. [to be] this N’s. old age. ,
b) [and] the adamite-soul’s. [ãnkh-] life. [to be] this N’s. ãnkh-life. :
a) [by] the divine dome of place-T for the word-inside (nut). the speech. [for] Geb [=land]. ,
[through] place-T as eden-root to open (upt). [as] place-T of the pillar [=eden’s, likely]. ,
[for?] the one. place-T of the support (skhnt). [as this] place-T for the [eden-] word to guard. ,
[in order] of [=for]. this N’s. word of hail. ;

III 208
e) this. divine place-T of great speech [north]. [for] existence. [as] the essence to can cackle (ngng). ,
[being] place-T of adam-within. , [as] the one. egg [suh’t/orion]. [for] this N. ;
d) [namely] thou. [previous eden-] Nostril [now as double-place-T + sherr]. [of] adam-within. ,
[being] the sweetness (ntchm). [for] this N’s. existence [=matrix]. ,
[namely as] the word of breath-air. within [the matrix]. :
c) Tem-rã [Damascus, copied-hand north]. to be hail. ;
b) [conclusion:] the cemetary below [=eden]. of [=for]. the word of breath-air. ,
[through] place-T for to make to breathe. , [for] [matrix-] existence. [by] the mouth [gate].

a) [added,1x:] the word of breath-air. , [by] the [eden-] word to transform (kheperu). , to recite.

End CT 223


context :

nostril (at new-hand north) :
.. we saw often in scripture the (-aph) ‘nostril’ , related to ‘fury’
and even to ‘the ephah’ (suffix -ah) as their evil construct , in book of Zecheriah) ;
the glyph for eden’s nostril is then SHER , SHERÁ or SHER-T ,
while the ascended nostril (= the réason of the fury) is SHER-TT , double-place-T :
this their doubled-construct will be placed in the land of Shinar (to be posted) ;
their transformation-construct may well be Tutankhámen’s alabaster vase
(looking a bit like a two-way jet engine) .

to right this SHER section ;
note in first position ‘the swallow’, telling there “the evil nostril” (eden’s) ;
and though it seems logical that there are also ‘two nostrils’ (next position) ,
the double end-glyph links to the \\ in front of the -T ,
reading “the doubled nostril at doubled-place-T” .
Below that is ‘a goddess’, always shown with the egg-determinative ,
where ‘a goddess’ is always “a new created construct” ; and in this chapter
is also refereed to ‘the egg’ (SUH’T) .
Last position shows “breath-air by the doubled nostril” (read right to left) ;

the nostril as ‘egg’ ?
the many type disks, stars, moons and lights are difficult to place ,
but this SUH’T is in the same cluster as Orion , SSAH’ ;
where Orion is “the acquired (eden-) star to inverse” (at new hand) ,
perhaps this egg (at the same place) is the star’s halo , containing aspects to can use .

(click pic to view large)
III 310
— morning-light ,
to right , B-KA ; Budge makes a link to the old-hebrew (-bqr) ‘eden-morning’,
but we consider it in this case coincidental –
the KA ‘to double’ is important , but the real false dawn is T’UA (+deity) ,
in scripture mentioned as Remphan the star as your god ;
— breath-air to breathe ,
very often occurring in spells ; the “breath-air” consists out of eden-words
(glyph U) which is brought tó their north by the split-off watercourse
(represented as the Nile : the river of which the dragon said ‘it is mine – I made it’) ;
when the split-off watercourse (U-A) reaches the new-hand (north, as TEM) ,
perhaps this “breath-air” is to be envisioned as “vapour” – or, say ‘dew’ ;

III 209
— pillar and supports ,
…like with the disks and moons, there are many (types) dimensional-axes and ‘supports’ ;
if one imagines the 6-armed lampstand of the tabernacle ,
then the centre-column must have carried “four flames” (apart from the 2 x 3) ,
because this “4” theme returns in many variations in the spells .
Also here – the support as SKHN are factually “4 supports” (SEKHENU IV) ,
as “extension upón the main column of the lampstand” –
in order to can bring these vital 4 flames to their north ;

III 208
— to cackle ,
bit weird, but presumably “to can speak now using eden-words”, since that was the theme ;
but speaking invérsed eden-words : see next chapter ;



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