CT 229 : as ‘head’ and ‘mouth’ 
    (‘what’ was ‘in’ the ephah
            in Zecheriah 5 ?)

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question concerning Zechariah : “what” was “in” the ephah …?
…. IF the reading below is correct , the stolen gate (ark) is enwrapped 
by a construct of theirs — likely by “coverings, veils” (ÁAKB+) ; 
but if true then the angel “did not push the woman back in the ephah” 
but “took the ark out of the ephah”                                  (is that possible?)
and not “the ephah was brought to Shinar to be put back on it’s place”
but “the ark was brought to EDEN to be put back on it’s fundament” ! 
(also , this spell has the glyph ‘fundament’) ;


CT 229

main theme : the matrix gate (and ‘mouth’) having the eden gate inside him (?) ;


… interesting one for sure
but we’d need to study more the concepts given here 
– the thoughtline in this spell is good but it is us who can’t always follow ; 
for us :
– what is with “the mistress” – linked to the Revelation woman ?
– the difference between “to fowl” H’AM and “slaughterhouse (-above)” NEMMT ; 

to read along ,
PDF page 314 , real page III 298 , and scroll upwards , 


CT 229
he is talking to eden :
III 298
[by] the offered (eden-) aspects. am I. ;
[from] my. nostril (‘gate’). [of] (matrix-) speech.     +
the breath (‘matrix-words of breath-air’). [to be] snatched-away (-by eden). nót. ; 
[because] me. to die. nót. ; 
my. sorceries. [are] by [means of] thou (=eden). word. to equip (-the matrix) (-with). ,
[and so through] me. [to] (matrix-) existence. to come hail. ; 
III 298
the offered (eden-) aspects. [as?] all the words. [by] the retired one (‘eden gate’). 
[to be] for. [..]. Osiris’ (‘matrix’). existence. (……….). ; 
[because by] my. throat (‘axis to eden’). existence. [of] ânkh life. to assemble. ,     + 
me. [to be] the staff of jackal power. above (‘north’). [as] me. the (matrix-) head. ,
[and] me. (matrix-) existence. to give. speech. ; 
………… the ‘throat’ is the axis from the eden gate to where he is now ; 
[because] the head (‘eden gate’). below (‘south’). [is] the portion. [of] (matrix-) existence. 
[by means of] that (-one). to connect to. (matrix-) existence of speech. 
[now-] as. the purified (matrix-) house. 
(being) the (matrix-) sanctuary. as. he. above (‘north’). ,
(having) flown-up as the one of the (dimensional-) background (‘eden’). ;            [<< sic] 
[and now] [to be] Osiris’. (matrix-) existence. [by] the head. [at] the made support pillar. ; 
[and so to be] all – the beautiful (matrix-) things. 
[=by]. (the one-) above for protection of hail. ; 
[to be?] the sinful one (‘as eden gate’?). [is] this. my. abomination. , 
[therefore] the just (matrix-) one. [was] made (‘by eden’, ÁR). (which-) I am. ; 
[as] the house at the adam-like (matrix-) place-T for great (matrix-) speech.         +
making the mysterious things (?, glyph ; adj.) – [for] existence. [by] the sanctuary. ;  (?)    
…………… the ‘just’ as MAÂT “by (eden-) to sacrifice” ; it should be “be the sinful one” 
…………… since he is the copied head – he ‘flew up’ ;
c, b, a
[skipped ; he is ‘clothing’ the matrix]
III 296
(……….) the sorceries. [for] (matrix-) health. [by] the mouth. (which-) I am. ; 
[because from?] the cemetary below (‘eden’).        +
[is] the watercourse (‘Nile’ ; adj.?) – [for] (matrix-) speech. 
[therefore?] me. to be ignorant. nót. ; 
[and] me. [as] the centre. to forget (?). nót. ,
[and] me. the above (-one). to make to mutilate (S-NEM?). nót. ; 
[but instead] , the deadened (eden-) things. above (‘north’). to awaken. , 
[when?] the Ba bird spirit. makes the (eden-) dome to sleep. ; 
[and so?] me. to be the (matrix-) vessel in the (dimensional-) foreground. , 
[so that] the (eden-) vessel. [of, at] the one. fundament. [is] nót. ;                     [<< context ?]
me. the mouth. 
[as] the head. [for] the divine authoritative (matrix-) word. [to be] snatched-away. nót. ; 
[and because of?] the ÁAT’T cord.        +                   [or: ‘like the (eden-) ÁAT’T vineyard’.. ?]
[..] me. [to be] fowled. nót. ; 
………….. this last is important considered the many “fishing spells” : the ÁAT’T is the place
………….. of the eden gate (the ark) so basically it must exist there but is constantly fowled ;
the (matrix-) spirits consciousness.     +
[is] by. [..] my. existence of speech. ignorant. nót. ,   (?)
[because] the staff of jackal power (=he). [is as?] the one. [of?] the (eden-) fundament. nót. ; 
[and as?] the mutilated (adj.) – head. nót. ; 
[impossible :]
[because?] the green (’emerald’?). to eat. 
which is. (done?-) [by?] the slaughterhouse. 
[to be?] the speech. [for?] the the things of (matrix-) spirits consciousness. 
[by means of?] the Ba bird spirits (‘Egyptians there’). the adam-like (-words?) to carry-off. ; 
III 295
[for] Osiris. the fishermen (?, glyph). [..] the (eden-) word. to snatch-away. ,
[and by?] the Ba bird spirit (‘Egyptians there’).       +
to connect to. the built (matrix-) hand (?, glyph). ; 
[and so] me. [to] above (‘north’). to tie together (-to). ; 
[to be] the fat things (‘willpower related’). [..]. to build (-with) (?). ; 
…………… perhaps the interpretation is wrong – but see page III 294 ; 
[then] the (eden-) word. [..]. [for] to make (matrix-) consciousness.    +
[at] the throat (‘axis’). [for] (matrix-) existence. [of] ânkh life. to gather (=words). , 
me. [as] the (matrix-) jackal staff. [am] above (‘north’). , 
[as] me. the head. [to] (matrix-) existence. [..]. to give. ; 
[to be] the (matrix-) lord (NEB ; adj.?) –  [as?] the real adm-soul’s (-one). , 
[by means of] the (eden-) head. [as] the one below (‘south’). [for] (matrix-) existence. , 
[in] this. real adm-soul’s (-one). [in] name [of] :
the (eden-) vessel of the passive (eden-) hand for great (matrix-) speech.  (… unsure…). ; 
             (…unsure – ‘as the built shadow’ (?)….)
…………. this ‘in name of’ is always dangerous , as a “redifining of it’s nature” now as
…………. working for the matrix ; the “shadow” in a) is a concept we don’t get yet
…………. but – if not corrupted – also in prophets , as an Egyptian concept ; 

next , interpretation :
… as if the eden-construct is “inside the matrix one” :
III 294
the house at the adam-like (matrix-) place-T for great (matrix-) speech. 
(having been made) a mystery (?, glyph). 
[as] the (matrix-) sanctuary.
[..]. (being) the divine (matrix-) vessel.       +
(having?-) the passive (eden-) one of the (eden-) hand for great (matrix-) speech. inside. ,
(now?-) distributing (adj.) – double (matrix-) willpower. ; 
[and so to be] the bull (‘strong construct’ ; adj.) – [of] the West (dimension). 
[because of?] the (matrix-) covering causing (eden-) to mourn (ÁAKB+). ; 
[to be] the purified house. for. Osiris (‘matrix’). (…. can’t read….). ; 
………….. this “weeping covering” ÁAKB+ never made sense but now it does , provided that
………….. that the reading “inside the matrix construct” is correct ; in a vision years ago 
………….. a head was inside a circular ‘room’ and many cords from the head to the walls 
………….. siphoned upon the head 
………….. (this explains ‘the slaughterhouse (-above)’ mentioned earlier ?) ;  
………….. if it’s impossible ? – another spell , about “the island of fire for to make speech” 
………….. has a bizarre line that “the eden speech weeps when poured together with matrix
………….. speech into the vessel for to make speech” — if the reading is correct ; 
………….. just to show there is this same ‘mourning’ ;
………….. 2. so if it WAS inside , what is “in the ephah” in Zecheriah ?
[and so by] the sacred foreign land (‘where the gate is ; as Assyria’).       +
[to be] the (matrix-) land (‘Mystery-Babylon’). [of] eden-within. ; 
[because of] the watercourse (‘Nile’). [to] above (‘north’). ; 
[and by] the real adm-soul’s (-one). [is] he. the (stolen eden-) Sight (MAA). 
[as] the divine (matrix-) light. to rejoice in. ; 
the (matrix-) jackal staff’s.        +                                       [<< he himself]
tooth (?, glyph).      +                                                               [<< or ‘horn’ ?]
[is?] the mistress. ;                                                                  [? , H’ENUT]
…………….ofcourse interesting considered Revelation ; would they have made a similar
…………… concept as “the Revelation woman on the moon” ? (or is she imprisoned?) ;
…………… the concept of ‘she as the horn’ is mentioned in prophets ; 
the divine great (matrix-) speech. the head. to doorkeep. , 
to (stay-) connected. [to] the above (‘north’) protection of (matrix-) hail. 



CT 236 : as the head and “image”
(comp. Ezekiel ‘image of jealousy’)
+ “the (matrix-) mouth to close nót”:
too bad – we just did (see Mal.1) ;
                  “close it”, Rev. 3:7

           [useful ; 2022-04apr.07]


CT 236
main theme : see title above (and lines are highlighted in the text below) ;
category : quality thoughtline but not always easy for us to follow
but all in all a well succeeded chapter ;
notes are added in the text so please see there ;
question is — will the seal of “the sky rolled up like a scroll” start now ..? Sir ..?
[parked here :
in the very long CT 228 is the line (see III 278) ,
[for the gods (‘demons’). [to be] (matrix-) existence.      +
[by means of] the (matrix-) mouth (‘gate’). [..]. to open (UN ; matrix term). ; 
[to be] Osiris’ (‘matrix-). [type-] existence.   
[by means of]        +
[at] the (dimensional-) side. below (‘south’). [..]. the one (‘eden gate’). to close. 
[and so] this. (eden-) existence. to seize (SHT’). ;

to read along ,
PDF page 322 (ew, skull&bones) , real page III 306 , and scroll upwards , 

CT 236
he speaks as ‘the (matrix-) mouth’ – the gate of speech :
III 306
the words of breath-air (‘light-particles by eden’). [are by] the lord. [whom] I am. ; 
[because by means of] the watercourse (‘Nile’). [to?] me.         [<< see Ezekiel 29:3]
(matrix-) existence. to make (=by eden ; ÁR). ; 
………. it can also read “all – the words of breath air – are by me” 
………. but if ‘lord’ : in Zecheriah is several times “lord of all the land” ;

[and so to be] the real adm-soul’s. [type-] speech above (‘north’). , 
[because through] me. [by] the reaped (eden-) things. [to be] great (matrix-) speech. ; 
(by being?-) the image (‘as gate’). [through] (matrix-) wisdom.         +
[by means of] me. the one of – (eden-) existence – to know. , 
[and therewith] me. (eden-) existence (-itself). to know. ; 
[and so for] Ôn (‘Mystery-Babylon’). [to be] the (matrix-) speech.    +
[as] the things of the required one (=eden gate). below (‘south’).               [<< eden gate]
having become. me. ;                                                                                                  [<< matrix gate]
………… ‘the image’ : interestingly in Ezekiel is “the image of jealousy”
…………..which is then not ‘sitting in the gate’ but likely AS that gate ; 
…………..context suggests that …’the blueprint of the eden gate is still in eden’ 
…………..but that it is constantly “copied” as the image in their north (as if ‘hologram-like’?) ;
…………..(we’re trying to find out if the ‘carried-off’ is literal or other) ; 
III 305
[very tricky :]
[by?] these. my. legs (‘axis upon eden’). [..]. [to be?] the (eden?-) sekhem-power. nót. ,
[because by] Osiris’ (‘matrix’). slaughtering spirits (‘at the eden gate’?).     +
[to be?] my. (matrix-) speech of hail. 
[and therefore?] (eden-) existence. [to be] far away. ;
[and by] he. [to be] the foul (-yet useful) (eden-) essences. [of] eden-within. (…a verb…). , 
[as?] the light. [by?] Anubis. [for] (matrix-) existence. , 

[because of] the flame to double (from?-) (eden?-) place-T.         +  
[by means of] the shot one (‘eden gate’) to make at the double (matrix-) place-T ; 
…………… the question is still “if sekhem-power can also be eden’s” 
…………… (a type power what rules and commands light-particles) and the answer should
…………… derive from the context ; it makes sense that eden has no sekhem-power
…………… because of the axis by which the slaughtering spirits are at the eden gate ;
…………… the ‘flame to double’ TEKA+ is also used in amduat 5 lower register (=eden) ; 
[and so tó]          +
the purified (matrix-) house. [of] (matrix-) existence. the (eden-) word. to wander-astray. , 
[and] he (‘word’). to manifest (-the matrix way).       +
[by?] arriving. [at?] me. ; 
these. my. legs (‘axis to eden’). [for] to wander-astray (-by) (‘the word’). 
[these] [to be] snatched-away (-by eden). nót. ;                                                                [<< passive]
a                                                                                                                                  [a: passive , conclusion]
[so that]      +
this. me. the (matrix-) mouth. [to be] closed. by. this. (eden-) sekhem-power. nót. ;   
……………. this was the line why we did this spell – see Malachi 1 title ;
……………. even if we leave out the sekhem-power it still is “me the mouth to be closed nót”
……………. (hence the ‘Opening of the Mouth’ event we discussed in the Fatima occult Ritual) ;
……………. so he says : IF my leg (axis) is removed , I (gate) will be closed  —
……………. this leg is the watercourse (Nile) feeding him ; a prophets chapter about Adam
……………. says that God will STOP the watercourse from running to their north ; 
III 304
[because instead] , (forever-)        +
(matrix-) existence to make (‘as concept’). [by] the (matrix-) mouth. [of] eden-within. above. ,
[by means of] the spirits (‘those slaughterers’). the (éden-) mouth. to (‘adam-like-‘) close. ;  + 
…………. 1) this is not the same theme as “the double (eden-) door to open” : 
………….. they need to open the eden-construct to steal it and so the eden-mouth to close 
………….. which “spoke flawlessly (-into their realm) which they hated” (prophets)
………….. and spells álso use that term ‘hated’ in relation to the gate and “painful” ;
………….. 2) we think it is “spirits” here , not ‘spirits-consciousness’ ,
………….. and the multiple-glyph beneath ‘mouth’ likely refers back to them ;

[because] Osiris’ (‘matrix’). slaughtering spirits. the (eden-) one to open (UPT ; eden gate). 
[in order to be] the divine things above (‘north’).     +
[by] the (eden-) word. [of] the (dimensional-) background (=eden). 
[and so for] (matrix-) existence. to be hail. ; 
[because at] the place (‘eden gate’) to tow the things to the (matrix-) mouth.   +     [R-sthau]
[as] the nostril (‘matrix gate’). , 
[and so] his. essences of the mountain (‘tsiun’). [for] (matrix-) speech.    +
[tó] he. the (matrix-) existence. to present. [through] me. ; 
[and by] the (eden-) words. [as] the made mutilated aspects. to give. speech. [as] the light. ; 
………… last line is important : the ‘words’ are ‘light-particles’, ‘light’ (see start of spell)
………… and is the continuation of the Malachi 1 line “who of you will close the gate
………… so that my light will not illuminate their realm for free ?” ;
………… 2) the R-STHAu+ is the theme of amduat 4 , the “slanted corridor” chapter :
………… though most is correct (see page) the moon must represent the eden gate ; 
[very tricky :]
[by means of] the ones (‘those spirits’) encircling the (eden-) place-T (‘gate’).   
[to be] the (matrix-) place-T at the high place. ,
[being?] the stargate. [as me?]. [at] the T’EMIÁ land (‘Assyria’?). ; 
[and therewith to be] the things of divine great (matrix-) speech.         +
[of] (eden-) willpower for matrix-existence. , 
[by means of] the offered (eden-) aspects. me. to acquire. ; 
……….. this SHENUT+ is problematic reading but the line does run now ;
……….. T’MIÁ is “the land alike-adam’s of (?) the (matrix?-) hand” so probably Assyria 
……….. as the middle-register in amduat – and see prophets ;  
next ,
this is a bit too much – we’ve no idea how to interpret this ‘Orion’ theme ; 
[and AS?] the Orion star. [of] (eden-) willpower for matrix-existence. 
[for] the (matrix-) sky. [of] speech. 
[by] me. the (matrix-) speech to manifest. ; 
………… lit. “the acquired (eden-) star [for matrix-wick-H’] to make to inverse”
………… and we saw in other spells that this place is “inversed” ;
………… from ‘stargate’ (line a) to ‘Orion’ isn’t such a big step but the problem is
………… the coupling with ‘Sothis’ (Sirius ; SEPT’T) — as eden gate ?
………… 2) interesting : the shafts of the Giza pyramid seem to switch Sirius with
………… Orion : what happened is what they built in stone as ‘anchor for earth’ ?
………… (=so that the earth would keep being ruled by the matrix) ;
III 303 
i [=damaged]
[and as?] the (matrix-) gate. [in?] the T’uat house (‘middle-register’).      +
me. [to be] driven away. nót. ; 
[but instead] , 
[to be] he. the desirable (matrix-) speech. [at] the border (-of realm). ,
[by] to come the things of the mutilated one (?) (‘eden-gate’).             +
[for to be?] the spacious (matrix-) word. [by] me. ; 
[by] (=through) my. legs. the (eden-) word. to wander-astray. ,
[and as] the (matrix-) one of eden-within. me. (it-) [to] (matrix-) existence. to present. ; 
existence to make (‘as concept’). [to] me (adj.) – above (‘north’). to wander-astray. , 
[and by] my. legs. (-it) [to] (matrix-) existence. [..]. to give. ; 
[because by] the legs (‘axis’). [to? at?] the one below (‘eden gate’). 
[to be] (matrix-) existence. [in] this. [..]. name [of] :
[unsure :]
the festival of the united (matrix-) land.                           [<< having eden aspects ?]
[by] which is. he. the olden (matrix-) time (?). ,
by (-means of).    + 
the (eden-) words. [to] the (matrix-) dimension. to wander-astray. , 
[and by] the mutilated one having come (‘eden gate’). (matrix-) existence. to make (=by eden). ; 
[and so to be] the real adm-soul’s (-one) (‘eden gate’). [type-] speech above (‘north’). 
[for] Osiris’ (‘matrix’). [type-] (matrix-) existence. 
[by] the one at the thigh. ;
[namely] the (eden-) vessel of the passive hand for great (matrix-) speech.    +     [<<or: star]
[and so to be?] (matrix-) existence.        +
[because of] the portion (‘for the matrix’) (adj.) – [by?] the weary one (‘eden/tsiun’). ;                   
………….. ‘thigh’ KHENT’ as “upper part of that leg axis” where is their “iron throne”
………….. as ‘the ship’ also mentioned in Ezekiel ; 
closing :
III 302
[to be] the real adm-soul’s. [type-] (stolen eden-) Sight (MAA).              +
through. the spirits of the Tuat house. 
[as] the one to rejoice in (=the Sight). ;
[as] the beautiful (matrix-) things. 
[by] the one lord (?, glyph). [..] [as] the above (‘north’). protection of (matrix-) hail. 
………… this ‘all-seeing-Sight’ is mysterious , related to the (eden) words as light-particles ;




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