CT 247 : the stolen eden gate :
    the ‘box’ part of the Ark 
 (four vessels – for ‘sound’?)

   [useful : 2022-04apr.06]

CT 247

main theme : the “box” part of the ark ;

… here as ÂFT (or ÂFT’T)

“the box of the hand of he (=eden) for (matrix-) willpower”
where ‘the hand’ is ‘the executive region’, often so termed in prophets ; 
here linked to “four (-vessels)” for ‘words’ 
and perhaps an explanation for the square form ; 
said here is that these “make the words for speech” 
yet this must be another type as SU “to make the (matrix-) words” ;
in the (still not posted) Akhenaten stele show ‘four goddesses’ ‘making sound’ 
where these four likely represent the now matrix nature
but it doesn’t help us in determining whát can be this sound / these words about
(it’s an option that these four will be the NEMÁST vessels)
– perhaps – in our case – the original is linked to ‘the four eden cardinal points’ …?
(the Zechariah chapter mentions “four crowns” – though in a corrupted section)
[placed here :
ÂFTT+scroll is in CT 234 ,
“[by] the cemetary below (=eden). [is] the one of (matrix-) existence.
[as] the box (-the double one of he (=eden) for (matrix-) willpower.
[for] to equip (-the matrix with).”]

to read along ,
PDF page 356 , real page III 340 , and scroll upwards , 

III 340
the (matrix-) word to make. [as] he. the desired (one).      + 
[by] he. the main (adj.) – (matrix-) mouth (‘gate’). ,
[by means of] the word. [of] the passive ones (‘eden horns’ NN). [of] he. existence (‘eden’). 
the word. [to] (matrix-) existence to bring. ; 
……… for ‘the two passive eden roots’ NN see other spells and Introduction ; 
III 339
[and therefore]     +
[for] Râ. which is. [by] the one. box (‘chest’ ; former eden construct’). [of] the word of eden within. , 
(matrix-) existence to make (‘as concept’). [by] (matrix-) speech.     +
[by means of] the words for speech to make (=by eden ; ÁR). 
[in order to be] the (matrix-) words of jackal power (‘to make matrix-speech for the word’). ; 
………… the chest “is making words (-for the matrix speech)” 
………… is this ‘a lower section of the ark’ perhaps linked to ‘four vessels’ ? (see below) ; 
[see Sq3C:]
[and so as] Horus’. eye.     +                                                    [<< this entire stolen construct]
[to be] the word. [for] (matrix-) existence. 
[by] these. four. (whose-) names. I. know. [..]. ; 
[because by] the divine sistrum / moon           [ÁH’ or ÁÂH’, sic ; as ‘vessel’ see below]
[as] the (matrix-) house.                                   
[is?] the divine union.                                               [<< or ‘construct united with the house’?]
[because by] the opened (eden-) root. [as?] the (matrix-) mouth (‘gate’). 
[is] all. the jackal power. [for] me. ; 
[by] the Thoth perch (‘still unknown axis but obviously coming from eden’).      +
[to be] the vessel. above (‘north’). ,
[and so] this. olden (?) (matrix-) word. [for] my. (matrix-) existence. to manifest. ; 
[and] the protected – divine things. in. my. existence. to enter. ;      (?)
[closing :]
the great (matrix-) god.        +
[as] the ceased flame (adj.) – [of] the (dimensional-) background (=eden). [..] to manifest.