CT 257 : stolen gate Khens :
              Adam speaks
 [links to Zech. and Ezekiel]

CT 257
main theme : Adam speaks : the stolen moon Khens ; 

why Adam could have said this spell :
(or , why they could have repeated what he said) ;
– syntax reading :
… personal pronouns are not always interpreted the sáme way by coffins :
a “me” can refer to the writer , to the candidate or to the subject in question
and likewise with ‘he (or she)’, ‘the one’, etc ; 
at the start , B2L and B1C have “[bymeans of] me. within (-the matrix)” 
so they understood that Khensu himsélf as the ‘me’ is speaking this spell 
– ÁMAKHI : a title (!) :
… a curious phrase appears in this one , officially translated as ‘honour’ —
the glyph is “a folded up cloth” but our interpretation is “to be retired”
confirmed by the sickle-glyph MAA ;
this term appears also in BD as ÁMAKH + scribe-glyph + name , 
so “the retired scribe (..name..)” followed by his written text ;
the difference here is the ‘I’ , the double-reed glyph : we found that this one
is often used in spells (especially in verbs) referring to eden , coming from
the one-reed glyph meaning “hail” but linked to the concept “soul , core” ;
in the beginning we described the double reeed as “the-most-beautiful-soul”
referring to Adam – but that description turned out to be too complicated
to use and changed it into “adam-like” to hint to Adam himself :
however ,
the nature of ÁMAKH ánd the -I prefix , together with the “..am I” in the text
makes a 90% chance that indeed Adam was made to say this spell !
spell context :
… this 257 is short – which isn’t unusual – but the théme is also “uncomplicated”,
making us to think that the májor subject here was ‘Adam’ while the things 
he did – Khensu – was intended only sécondary here ;  

interesting used term : ‘the divine image’ 
… immediately reminding to “the gate as image of jealousy”, Ezekiel ,
and the used glyph ÂSHEM+crocodile shows that “a construct” was intended
literally as “the crocodile / to wander-astray / for to be matrix-willpower”
(instead of the common glyph for ‘image’ ÁRU) ;

interesting link to Zecheriah :
… these chapters are all about the Gate ; and in chapter 1 appears a figure
which can only be Adam – we’ll do that one soon ;
another prophets describes “that Adam will fall when God stops the watercourse”
and compare what is said here ; 
linked to that is Ezekiel – perhaps not “the Dragon made the river” – but Adam ; 
to read along ,
PDF page 386 , real page III 370 , and scroll upwards,
‘official’ translation + notes in annex
CT 257
III 370
b1 [see intro]
the sweetness. [of] (matrix-) existence to make (‘as concept’). ,
[by means of]          +
[through] the (eden-) vessel (‘moon/gate’). [fór] the (matrix-) sky.           +
the (matrix-) word. [for,and] (matrix-) speech. above (‘north’). to become. ; 
[see later]
III 369
[because] [at] the (matrix-) sky.       +
the vessel. above (‘north’). [..] to stand upright (-at matrix-vector). , 
[in order to be]        +
Râ’s. (dimensional-) side. [of] (matrix-) speech. 
[because fór] he (‘Râ’). the mouth (‘matrix gate’). [..]. became (adj.) – to manifest. ;

[and therewith]         + 
[to be] the (matrix-) sky. [of] (matrix-) existence. ,
[by means of] KHENSu (‘stolen moon’). [for] (matrix-) existence. 
[bý] adam the (honourable-) retired one. (whom-) I am. ;                       [<< do see note below]
III 368
[and by] the real adm-soul’s (-one). within (-the matrix). ,                                [<< stolen moon]
[then] (by-) me. to make the watercourse (‘Nile’). ,                                                [<< to the gate]
[because by] the watercourse.        +
me. existence. to make (=by eden ; ÁR). [for] the gods (‘demons’). ;
[and] the wrongs (?). [of] (eden-) existence. [by] me. to repulse.      +  
III 367 
[because by?] me. [is?] the divine (powerful-) (matrix-) image. ;            [<< SIC ! , new gate]
                                         PART II
closing (but a bit a mess ; see note) ,
[reading unsure – but also coffins didn’t understand :]
[by] [=the double] tree. [is] my. (eden-) existence. [for] (matrix-) existence. ,
[to be] the divine tree. ;
[for 2 coffins : repeated line]
369 a :
‘adam the (honourable-) retired one’ :
… the ‘double reed’ glyph (‘II’) is often used in spells when denoting eden 
and is linked to ‘the (one-) reed’ as the concept ‘hail’ but ‘for the soul’ of beings ;
however , Á-MA-KH-I is a title , sparsely used ,
and though listed in the dictionary as ‘honour’ etc , “the folded cloth” indicates
a “retirement”, especially when coupled here with the sickle-glyph ;
add the ‘I’ + the line syntax and it CAN be very well ‘Adam’ 
and we know that those egyptian souls had a strange but close relation with him ; 
367 c :
the ‘image’ :
… immediately reminds to “the gate as image of jealousy”, Ezekiel ;
wondering why he used that term – and he can hardly talk about himsélf here ; 
… the “willowtree” THERT is shown here , another description for the watercourse ;
but you see that in c) instead of ‘double’ they used “to repeat” (and they did – in b)  —
yet likely “the 2 neHt trees” were meant , the olive-trees in Zechariah ,
by which is the watercourse – culminating in the 1 neHt tree ; see posted spell ;
however , these lines do not fit the theme that well after the solid first part ;
‘official’ translation
(by Faulkner – but remember he read it upside-down)
“To become one honoured with the king. O you two of the willow (?), you belong
to me, for I am made divine, I drive off the slaughterers; prepare a path for me
that I may pass on it, for I am one honoured of Khons, I issue from his mouth
in the presence of Rê, I stand up in the midst of the sky, and those who are above
the sky, their hearts are glad.”