CT 257 : the gate as ‘mouth’

CT 256 : as ‘stolen crown of speech’

CT 257

main theme : eden gate ‘to stand upright’ now as matrix mouth (-and vessel) ; 
to read along ,
PDF page 386 , original page III 370 ; and scroll upwards ; 


III 370
the (matrix-) sweetness. [of] existence to make (‘as concept’). ,
[by means of] the (eden-) vessel. [at] the (matrix-) sky.     +
to become (adj.) – the (matrix-) word of speech above (‘north’). ; 
III 369
[because at] the (matrix-) sky. , 
the (eden-) vessel. for. above (‘north’). to stand upright (-at matrix vector). ;
[and so for] Râ’s. side. [of] speech.     +                                                   [<< matrix side]
he. the mouth (‘matrix gate’). [..] to manifest. [..]. ; 
[and so to be] (matrix-) existence (adj.) – [for] the (matrix-) sky.        +  
[through] Khens (‘moon’).                                                                [<< or: the royal south]
[as]     +
(matrix-) existence. [by] the adam-like retired one (‘eden’s). (which-) I am. ; 
III 368
[and because of?] the real adm-soul’s (one) (=gate). within (-the matrix). ,
me. to (can) make the watercourse (‘the Nile’). ;                                [<< see Ezekiel]
[and through] the watercourse. [to] me.       +
(matrix-) existence. to make (=by eden, ÁR). [for] the gods. ;
[and] the beings (?). [of] (eden?-) existence. [by] me. to repulse.        + 
III 367 
[through] my. divine (matrix-) image. ; 
[by means of the]           +
divine willow tree (‘speech to connect to (-eden)’ ; THRT, an axis). [of] me. ,    
[by] thou (=eden!). (eden-) existence. [to be] (matrix-) existence. ;
[by] the divine willow tree.          + 
[to] the royal (matrix-) south. [is] the (matrix-) speech and nature. , 
[because]            +
by] the divine adam-like retired one. [..] (eden-) speech to transform (-for matrix). 


CT 256

main theme : the matrix mouth (stolen eden gate , as crown of great speech , as royal south)

III 366
[by] me. [is] the word (‘light-particles’). [of] ânkh life. 
[by means of] the throat. [for] my. existence. to tie together. ;
…….. this ‘throat’ must be ‘fróm the previous place of eden gate’ to theirs now ;
………… compare how their gate is ‘the mouth’ so ‘the throat’ goes south ;  
[namely] [to?] the island of the horizon (‘gate region’). 
[to be] my. (matrix-) existence. [by] the carried-off one (or: eden place-T). ; 
[because by] to offer. the ÂABT vineyard.       +                       [<< the stolen eden gate?]
my. (matrix-) existence. [by] he. to make (=by eden ; ÁR). ;
………. syntax is always tricky : is “the ÂABT-vineyard offered” or is the carried-off one
………. offered to bé the ÂABT-vineyard (as now matrix one) ..?
………. we searched long time ‘what’ is this ÂABT vineyard , a pun on ‘East’ (ÁABT)
………. but there is also the ÁAT’T-vineyard which is being “fowled” :
[because by?] the slaughtering sprits (-for essence?).          +
[to be?] my. existence. [by] he (‘vineyard’?). to shoot. ,                  [<< just ‘arrow’ ? then how ?]
III 365
[and so to be] the things of the throne (adj.) – [of] Horus. above (‘north’). ,
[as] the royal south (‘that construct’). [to] me. adam-like (matrix-) existence. to give. ; 
[because?] the double Ennead.      +                     [<< 9 main matrix-constructs (but double?)]
[are] [by?] the (now matrix-) crown of great speech. ,                                            [<< stolen gate] 
[and also?] Râ. [is by] the house of matrix-dawn (T’UAT). ;                           [<< as ‘Assyria’?]
my. (matrix-) mouth (‘gate’). [is] at. the island of the horizon (‘gate region’). 
[to be] my. (matrix-) existence. [by] the one (having been) carried-off. ,
[as] [to] my. existence. to give. [for] hail. ; 
[for] the (matrix-) sky (read: above eden). 
[to be] (matrix-) existence. [by] the royal south. as. the transformed (-one). 



CT 1182 : as R-STHAU
into the copied matrix gate

[short ; 2022-04apr.20]
CT 1182
main theme : as RSTHAU but taken apart and rebuilt as copied matrix gate ; 
to read along ,
PDF page 537 , real page VII 519 ,
‘official’ translation – see annex ,
VII 519
[by] the location of R-STHAu-U (‘eden gate’). ,
[through] the flint-knife (‘corridor’). inside. the fortressed lands (?, ÁNB+). 
[to be] (matrix-) existence.        +
[by] to become (adj.) – the (matrix-) word at the (matrix-) high place. ; 
…………. from R-STHAU , the eden gate
…………..as “the place of the eden-word to tow them to the (matrix-) mouth (‘gate’)” , 
…………..it goes slanted corridor – the T’ES knife – see amduat 4 – to the north ; 
…………..then the ‘fortressed lands’ may be “the registers” where -B is ‘solarplane’ ;
[and therewith] (eden-) existence to make (‘as concept’). 
[through] the things of the watercourse (‘Nile’). 
[now as?-] (matrix-) existence to make (‘as concept’). [..]. to discover. ,
[by means of] the real adm-soul’s (-one) (‘eden gate’). to know. , 
[and so to be] (matrix-) speech of hail. ; 
[because by] to come ‘the taken apart (-one)’ (NEM+).                          [<< eden gate]
to make the the one (matrix-) place-T.      +                                            [<< S-T reading?]
as. the copied one (-T) (adj.) – [of] the real adm-soul’s (-one). 
[namely] as. the (matrix-) one (-T) for to repulse (-eden). , 
(now being-) the (captured-) One (-T) (UÂ ; adj.) – within (-the matrix). ; 
……………. glyph-T (‘the droplet on surface’) reads as ‘T’, ‘the one’ or ‘a place’ ;
……………. we chose “taken apart” because the copied gate is rebuilt in their north ;
……………. the ‘captured’ here with harpoon-glyph ;
……………. while the ‘to know’ in f) always refers to ‘something of eden’ ;
[and therewith to be-] the ‘workable (matrix-) word’. alike-adam’s. , 
[because of] this (matrix-) one (-T).            +                                       [<< ‘this one’, T-PU]
[at] this. watercourse (‘Nile’). ;                                                        [<< ‘this’ , the usual PU]
[as] this. watercourse. [for] (matrix-) existence. [by] the (matrix-) mouth (‘gate’). 
‘official’ translation 
(by Faulkner – but remember he read the wrong direction)
“It is a spell for the path. These paths are thus. One of them is opposed to its fellow
in confusion. As for those who know them, they shall find their paths. Their walls of
flint are high in Rostau.”

CT 1150 
by the eden gate as Resthau
is the island of the horizon

CT 1150
main theme : the island of the horizon is by Resthau (see amduat 4) ;
to read along ,
PDF page 518 , real page VII 500 ,
VII 500
existence to make (‘as concept’). [through] the divine (matrix-) word to guide (-it). ,
by [means of] the divine (matrix-) One. (which-) I am. ;                         [<< matrix gate]
[because for] Osiris (‘matrix’).   
the one (-place-T) of the (dimensional-) background. [by] the slaughterers to encircle. ,
for.    +
[to be] the things of the watercourse (‘Nile’). [by] the gods. [to] (matrix-) place-T to guide. ,
[and so]      +
from the location R-STHAu-U. to become (adj.) – the (matrix-) olden praised (-one) (‘word’). ; 
………… RSTHAU “the place of / the (eden-) word / to tow them / to the mouth (‘matrix gate’)”
[because for] Osiris (‘matrix’). [to be] the purified (adj.) – (matrix-) word. alike-adam’s. 
[at] the location of the root (P). for. (matrix-) nobility (SÂH’ ; adj.) – [by] me. ;
[namely as] the island of the horizon.                                                 [<< matrix gate region]
[for] all the divine. (matrix-) existence of hail. ,
[because at] the island of the horizon. me. (to-) (matrix-) existence. to give. speech. ; 
[to be] the island of the horizon. 
[by means of] the location R-STHAu-U (‘eden gate’). [..]. to (adam-like) birth. me. 
we take him as ‘the One’ to be “the matrix gate” (óf the island of the horizon)
juxtaposed to ‘the encircled one’ , and because “he gives speech” ;
is the second time we see ‘root P’ so what is T’EPU – the eden gate ?
the “slaughterers encircling it” 
again suggests that the eden gate still exists as energetic blueprint
(and probably the fishing-spells will support that as well) ;
the ‘to birth’ – likely in this syntax because he is passive here