themes : Adam , willow-tree
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CT 257

III 370
b) the sweetness (ntchm). [of] existence to make [via adamite-soul] (s-n). ,
[by] the torso (M-Babylon). [for] the sky (matrix). ,
(through) the word (eden’s). [for] speech, above (north). [to be] the word of hail (áu). ,
a) empty-line. ;

III 369
b) the sky. [by] the torso of the face (matrix, north). of [=for]. to stand upright. ,
[for] the divine light (rã). [at] the side (matrix). [of] speech. ,
[by] he. the mouth (here matrix). of [=for]. to manifest (per). ,
to become (áu). +
a) the sky. [of] existence (matrix). [being] the kingship. [for] existence (matrix). ;
[by] the most-beautified-soul-adam (being) retired. (whom) I am. ;

III 368
c) (in order for) the adamite-soul. (to be) within (the matrix). , +
me. to make the split-off watercourse to come (s-ua, as ‘the Nile’). ,
b) [and by] place-T of the split-off watercourse (ua-t). me. existence. to make. [for] the gods. ;
a) [and so through] the divine words of saturn for to destroy (to destroy eden; h’u). +
(being) the eden-word for the word-inside to become new (for matrix). , +
existence (eden’s). [by] me. to repulse (khsf). ;

III 367
d) [by] me. the divine image (for kh-house of willpower). ,
c) [through) the willow-tree (place-T of eden-speech to connect to; thert). ,
[and so] my. existence (eden’s). [for] existence (matrix). +
b) [through] the willow-tree (thert). ;
a) [and so] the kingship. [of] speech and nature (matrix; kher). ,
[by] me. , the [divine] most-beautified-soul-adam (being) retired. of [=for]. to transform (kheper).

End CT 257


context :

III 370
— existence to make [via adamite-soul] (s-n) ,
very often mentioned ; referring to the imprisoned adamite-Originals
(‘the flock’, tzn) and using them as hostage to get eden-aspects ;
— torso ,
as ÁB, emending into AB ‘cauldron’, into Abaddon etc ;

III 369
— face ,
the entire region north of eden is described “as if a giant stood upon eden” ,
one leg upon the eden-mountain (‘tsiun’) , one leg on their mountain
(and compare how the angel in Revelation does similar !) ;
the ‘belly’ is just above eden , the torso a bit higher up, and the ‘face’
[H’ER, as Horus H’ERU] somewhere above Tyre ;
the concept of ‘face’ as a kind of “the nature of the dimension showing” ,
— most-beautified-soul-adam ,
as the double-reed (II) (or Y) ; since there are several type ‘reeds’
we had to search a term suitable for use ;
in B1C you see, in red, as the lást line of this spell
the (seated person) “me”, (double-reed) “adam” +
to it’s right the “retired” as ÁMAKH-I ;
above that, to left, the owl “for, by, as, m-realm” and the beetle to right.
Often the several versions differ slightly – and at times very much –
so we usually choose the most common version depicted ;
2) in the smaller picture you see a stopline inbetween the double-reed
and the glyph above it ; making the double-reed ‘to be a separate term’,
literally as “the divine most-beautified-soul-adam” ;


III 368
— split-off watercourse ,
compare “the dragon who said : that river is mine, I made it” (Ezekiel) ;

III 367
— the willow ,
in pic to right ; the set of black glyphs ;
standing upon the eden-vine as extension into their north ,
carrying atop of him the grapes of the eden-vine (see index) ;

credit: Glyphafbeeldingen komen ofwel uit oi.uchicago edu ,
danwel Budge’s Hieroglyphic Dictionary Vol.I and II .

submitted 01.27.01 —- het-report