CT 335

[15.02feb.2021 : CT 335 posted in sections – long spell , difficult themes]

part F :

  • 1. after (again) describing how the words of the 7 torches
    are mutilated to become the matrix-words (of willpower) ,
    now these words are given to Râ (‘our sun’) who “speaks them” ;
  • 2. Râ is “the copy of the eden-sun”,
    as having the same authority and power – but now ‘in their matrix realm’ ;
  • 3. astronomy section :
    Râ’s light fills the heliopause ;
  • 4. next section :
    we can’t read it in any other way but that within Râ is their habitat ;
    Râ being described as “the terrifying dome” protecting “the ones within him”
    (but it’s true that the connection with ‘matrix-land’ is not mentioned – yet) ;


starting at page IV 253, and read from down to up

[next theme : now their type words become for Râ (‘our sun’) :]

[=IV 253]
b) all of – [=them] (‘now as matrix-words’).
[as] the most (‘head’) – desirable one(-s). above (‘north’). to command. ;
[because by] Horus’. type. [matrix-] words of eden-within. ,       +
[is] [matrix-] existence. [through] the opened-word-inside (‘of matrix’). ,
fór. “the one” (‘a concept’ ; UÂ). [having] this. speech of light (-ter). ;           [..+1x..]
IV 252 [repeat]
IV 251
b) [but also] ,    +
[by] Horus’. type. [matrix-] words of eden-within. ,
[is] [matrix-] existence. [through] the opened-word-inside (‘of matrix’).       +
bý. “the one” (‘a concept’ ; UÂ). [whom] I am. ,                              [<< subject speaking]
[as] the doubled-one [for] [matrix-] existence. above (‘in their north’). ;

context so far : “the one” – likely “as copy of the eden-sun” :
… the glyph UÂ is very strange , because it includes “a harpoon”,
where a harpoon is typically aimed at ‘some moving object’   —
in this case “harpooned eden-willpower” (because of the line-up of  in -UÂ) ;
… the theme in this part E is ‘Râ’ (see next) ,
while this strange (-UÂ) glyph is also listed as
“(a heavenly body) to rise and shine. [as] “the one” (see BD) ,
or listed as “the evil one + the divine one” (as ‘by the evil one is the divine one’)  —
therefore it makes sense Râ is ‘the one’ as copy from ‘the eden-sun’ (the other ‘one’) ;
… in the Isaiah sun-chapters the eden-sun is described as
the one who will burn their matrix-land and them spirits forever :
this is why their Râ is such an extreme power (and compare Rg-Veda) ;

a) [because by me as ‘the one’ being] this. utchat-eye.     +
IV 250 [repeat]
IV 249
b) [to be] the great cow [as] the filled (adj.) – [matrix-] dimension (‘Space’). ;
[being?] the established. [matrix-] speech of hail. ;                                            [<< in Space]
[because by] all of. the light of Râ. he. to birth. the [matrix-] dawn (‘as dimension’). ,
[through] Râ (‘our sun’). [as] the eye (‘a construct’). [for] [matrix-] existence. ,   
[by Râ-] [being] this. image (‘of the eden-sun’). ;                       [glyph T-U-T = an inversal]
IV 248 [repeat]

context so far :
… the ‘cow’ can represent “the heliosphere” (region the sun influences) ,
Because ‘outside that’ he obviously doesn’t “fill” anything
(the heliosphere as “the wall of Shu (=atmosphere)” in amduat hour 12) ;

the heliosphere as (the stolen-) eden-house-H
… the concept of “Râ sitting in the centre of
the [dimensionally-] wide stolen house-H”
is most probable :
Jer.2 – and others – tell how the ‘sky-house’
of eden left to serve the matrix , and in spells
this very situation is termed “the Hen-Hen-nu boat”
(as a construct which ferried-over to them)

where the (-H) in (-HenHennu) is the hebrew letter H as ‘house’ ;
the relation of the sun’s heliosphere to ‘outer space’ :
… you know that we don’t give a t*ss about ‘science’       —
a prophet chapter tells “how the matrix teared windows in that (stolen-) house”,
while the Sumerian epos reads
how “Marduk installed the Zodiacal signs” :
so this house has been (optically-) linked to ‘outer space’ ,
where the latter is – likely – the endless and empty West-dimension
(next this 335 will say that Râ is the eye of the West !) ;

[next 247 : very tricky :]

IV 247
b) the great cow [as] the filled (adj.) – [matrix-] dimension (‘Space’).    +
[being?] the double essence (?, khpt’+). [of?] speech. ,
[by means of?] he the [eden-] dawn  (‘light made by he-eden’, as ‘yesterday’ ;-sef+).
as (?). (the one when?) Adam was born (?, all consistently mes-i). ,
[now to be?] this. (light of-) Râ. [as] this (-one). to come to the [corrupt-] adm-soul. (?). ;
[and by?] the tied-together one (‘light’? ; ?, glyph). [as] he. the healthy one. ,
[for] me. to become health. ;

IV 246 [repeat]                                                                                             [above 247 : possible context]

[next : VERY PROBABLY : Râ as ‘habitat’ :]

IV 245
a) [a repeat of previous 247 b]
a2) [and therefore] ,     +
[by] this. (light of-) Râ. [to be] my. [matrix-] existence. [of] (2nd-) Sight. ;
IV 244 [repeat]
IV 243
c) [because?]      +
the [=corrupt-] adm-soul (‘M57C’). [to be] within (-him). ,                        [<< as “inside Râ”?]
[as in?] this. encircling covering (-shn+). [upon] the support-pillar (-thes). ,
[which is?] [+upon?] the Thoth-perch (+tt).      +                                                    [<< comp. part B]
[as?] the established one. [for] [matrix-] existence of hail. ;       [c2: referring to part A+B]

b) [and so] he (‘the word?’, see BqCa). [to] the solarplane to descend (-Hab). ,
[as] the type (-matrix-word). for.        +
a) he. the [matrix-] speech of hail to make. ;
[to be?] the terrifying encircling dome (‘as Râ?’,-nshn+). as.     +                                         [<< !!]
IV 242 [repeat]
IV 241
d) (‘our sun’). ,
which is. this. West. [this]. eye. ;                                     [<< “the eye of the West-dimension” ]
c) [1x :]
[as] the utchat-eye. [for] [matrix-] speech of hail. ;       +

context so far :
… they wouldn’t say “Râ is the eye of the West (=evil dimension)”,
if there wasn’t his counterpart ‘the eden-sun’   —
prophets distinguish the eden-sun as the one “of the sunrise” (=Heaven) ,
while Henoch mentions Râ “as the pursuing light of the West [-dimension]” ;
2) the “encircling dome”,
… this “terrifying encircling (‘the matrix- land’) dome” must be Râ himsélf :
if it is NOT Râ – then what terrifying dome he talks about …? ,
and see how (-NSHEN) derives from (-SHEN) ;
3) the ‘(corrupt-) adm-soul’ ,
… the two S-glyphs are interchangable ,
but only the ‘bar-glyph-S’ as “corrupt-adm-soul” makes sense here ;

b) [and] the [=corrupt-] adm-soul. [to be] within (-it). ,                            [<< IN the eye]
[as in?] this. encircling covering (-shn+). [upon] the support-pillar (-thes). ,
[as?] the established one. [for] [matrix-] existence of hail. ;
[being] the terrifying encircling dome (-nshn).     +
[for] [matrix-] existence to make (‘as concept’). [of] [matrix-] speech of light. ;
[namely] as.    +
IV 240 [repeat]
IV 239
d) the made \\ utchat-eye. [of] speech of light (+’as the root’). ;                      [<< sic !]
[because by] the terrifying dome (-nshn). [matrix-] existence to make. to awaken. ,
by [means of].      +
the surrounding covering (now adj., -shen) – [of] the utchat-eye. [of] hail. ;
[as] [matrix-] existence. having become – [by] the support-pillar (-thes).


end of part F – next, he returns to the themes in part A and B , as “how Râ became”